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20 Traits Of Good Friends And Lovers - Love

This is our collection of traits, behaviors, signs we are in relationship of friendship, and love. Please help this list to grow, because friends and love is often what defines out life, who we are, was, and will become.

Friends and Lovers

Hello Friends,

The pursuit of happiness.

Ask yourself, "Do you care to have friends?" 

Is the research of how to be a friend, or have a friend important to you? Please be honest, and think, many of us are incapable of friendship, or love, we have given up, we will not longer risk being hurt, or allow others to let us down.

I am Andy Lee Graham, it is my belief that we need friends, and lovers to have the best lifestyle; to live happy, and content. After more than 60 years of living, i now believe that my primary goal in life is to have good friends to share my life with, whether we are talking as friends, or we are lovers. It is my dream, and hope we all can be friends.

Conditions of Friendship, friendship, love, caring is not equality, it is having value for other people.

It my guess, my hope, that we can see that one of these conditions will, or does exist. We need to be realistic in our expectations.

1 Friendship with stronger people.

2. Friendship with weaker people.

3 Being friends with a people who have no friends.

Friendship require us to forgive,forget, and to not keep score.

When talking with divorced friends, the will often say, "my wife, or husband did this X." and, "I will never have this happen again."

To be friends, we must be willing to be emotionally hurt, violated, and, forgive and forget, humans are not perfect, we all will fail others, yet the ability to have friends is a sign of a good life.

We do not need to be friends with everyone. 

There are often unrealistic, almost God like requirements of friendship, as if a friend is to be all good, and strangely, we may want to be forgiven for not being good, but require our friends to be perfect, this causes problems.

As for me I will work the rest of my life, I will vow to be the best friend possible to others, and to forgive, and forget, to let other be who they are, not who I want them to be. 

We can be friends, and I can be your friend, and you can be my friend. i can love you, and you can be loved by me. 

1. Friends who are empathetic.

2. Friends who are selfless.

3. Friends who are trustworthy.

4. Friends with shared interests.

5. Friends with different perspectives and backgrounds.

6. Friends who are humorous.

7. Friends who are a team player.

8 I am trustworthy.

9.  am honest with others.

10. I am generally very dependable.

11. I am loyal to the people I care about.

12. I am easily able to trust others.

13 I experience and express empathy for others.

14. I am able to be non-judgmental.

15. I am a good listener.

16 I am supportive of others in their good times.

17. I am supportive of others in their bad times.

18. I am self-confident.

19. I am usually able to see the humor in life.

20 I am fun to be around.

21. Friends who are empathetic.

22. Friends who are selfless.

23. Friends who are trustworthy.

24. Friends with shared interests.

25. Friends with different perspectives and backgrounds.

26. Friends who are humorous.

27. Friends who are a team player. 

Can we be friends, and lovers, and not expect too much from this article? Can we see that love grows, friendship grows, and like this page, there is no perfect world? If so, we can work on this page together, please add comments, dreams, and hopes, and we will be friends today. Please join, become a member, and post your dreams, hopes, and opinions below. We are always becoming better friends, or we are agreeing to separate.
Please note, we do not need to be friends with everyone!

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I fear I am becoming old, and sentimental, and all I care about anymore is for friends, and lovers, and the hope we can sit around and talk, share, and enjoy life, without any clubs in our hands. Thank you, your new friend, Andy Lee Graham

Wrote this today, October 6, 2018 in the Duck Inn, in Manila, Philippines, today I will go see my friend Steve, and his new wife Ann.


I think that's the beauty of getting older. There is a softening of the hard edges in many people. I find myself saying (and feeling) things that I would never as a young person.


Sounds like you might be reminicing about your ex. It can be healthy to visit such feelings for a time/temporarily. My experience has been that change can be a positive experience, a negative experience, and both at the same time. It is good to look back and cherish the memories but at the same time keep looking forward with arms open to receive future opportunities that are coming.


If that’s true Julie, and I believe you are right I’m really glad I didn’t meet some of these older people before on this Camino that I’ve shared dormitory’s with! They scare the !!!! Out of me! Lol


Sorry that wasn’t very kind of me! I think lm having a sharing dorm room moment!


Yeah Lynn, some of them definitely didn't get the memo!


Julie, and Lynn, I am LOL - Laughing Out Loud here in Dumaguete, Philippines at 5:23 in the morning, what a great way to open the day. I think Julie is pointing out, and I may be wrong, that as we get older, we can become more open, honest, and reveal our feelings. For example, I realized my Mother, Mom Graham will die, so I continually do everything possible to say, Mom, I love you. Which for sure, I did not do when I was younger, I am getting softer, and gentler with the world. The Lynn as best I can surmised, met some older people who STILL have some hard edges. Ouch. -- Now, Lynn, I truly want to hear, read about the pain in the butt people on the Camino, for me, this is 10 times more valuable than telling me the love you found. I want to know how to avoid misery, so what is left is love. And Julie, how nice of you to say, "They did not get the memo." I love it. I am over 60, and will sit with older people who are ranting at people, almost screaming, and then they want to school people, tell them how to live, or what they believe in, or do not believe in, basically say to others for example "You will learn how to love on the Camino." I love listening to old farts who ??-Rant-??. I say to myself, "There, but for the Grace of God go I." It is so tempting, so ever tempting for me, to say to people, "Please, you need to do this." But, I know, I cannot change people, I accept I cannot change people therefore, I bite my tongue if possible, and say, "Andy, you will only alienate the person." Instead, I try to talk about my own experiences, like Mom Graham, showing her love, and hoping the story rubs off. We all do School others, but when I am 60 plus, I do hope I learn to keep my mouth shut. We have these emails that go out to slow down the, "You cannot do this, or that comments on the site" When a Hobo comment on a Hobo, we want only love, if they want to talk about the topic, good, and we are forming a board of directors to make sure, me, Andy, and Andrew are in check. Love you two, real humans, who made me laugh today. I told my one friend on the phone, I vow to stay away from Lake Atitlan more, those old farts are killing me. Yes, I love them, but they are tired, I am not re-tired, and want the fountain of youth, to be forced to continually adapt. And, when I hear old, or young super painful people, I go on.. and as the Brits say so well, "I can't be bothered." Life is good. LOL -- I know people generally only want to see the great photos, the great people stories, but I am different, I almost only care to hear what to avoid, so what remains is great. As for me thinking about old girls friends. I am only thinking about the new prospect Alina in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and I admit, I am in full pursuit, I am trying my best to tempt her. I sure hope she is not reading this, but not really, I told her already, she is my dream woman. Oh well, we dream, and we dream, and if we take action, then dreams do come true, or, we can just be tired. Old people like me in Dorms are generally not much fun, I look in the mirror and say, keep your mouth closed in the Hostel Dorm, you are there at the mercy of the young, and vibrant. Yet, I continue to feel younger than people half my age, many young people are so set in their ways, they cannot even hear.

I want to hear about the pain in the butt stuff on the Camino, because it is a real dream, I will do no the Camino, it is not a fantasy for me.

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