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100 Percent Guaranteed Way To Meet Women

Love and friends are easy enough to find, if you walk, and are inside a target rich environment.

I really want to tell you the 100 percent sure way to find friends, but the meet girl’s title is more intoxicating, and entrapping. Women or friends, or even women can find men with this tip, and it works in any country, with a few caveats.



I always forget about my male friends back in the USA, but, here goes again, for a second, I was able to empathize with them. I read something like,
“Andy, you need to go to the Philippines to find a wife.”
Or really, the easy to buy way…
“The Philippine and Thailand is full girls you can rent for the night.”

Men, you cannot trust them for a second, they always find the quickest, easiest and sure way of buying love. They are delusional, self-centered jerks; the men on the planet only need a machine to make them happy. If they have boom boom regularly, they are ecstatically happy.

What do men want? They want a pizza delivered women, in 30 minutes or less, and under 40 dollars per boom boom, per treat. They want to take girls out on dates, pay as little as possible, and get it in less than three dates.

If you are man, then go to the Philippines if you need it in 30 minutes or less, and you are dork, who never had women when you were 21.

How to find friends, girls, men, or humans to talk with tip?

I do something sub-consciously, I do not even think about this advice, I just do it. But I realized, I should write this as a travel tip, but in reality, this is a how to meet people tip, and again, this works in any country but best in "Target Rich Environments."

How to meet women? Start walking, and walk until you pass a cluster of people who look friendly, in the USA people are often mall walkers, these people find people. You must walk near clusters of the people you want to meet, if there is no cluster, then keep on walking, do not stop walking.

When I was in the USA, I would get into my van at night, and visit about 5-10 fine dining places, with bars, the yuppie bars more or less. If there was nobody of interest in the place, I did not sit down; I moved onto the next spot. I do not go to bars, restaurants or coffee shops for the drinks, food, or coffee. Yet, I have some rather intelligent friends, who are lonely, yet absolutely insanely stupid and sit like bumps on logs, with not a target in sight. They did not keep walking, they stopped, for no reason.

To find friends, you need to enter to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to pick up women, or find friends, and keep you money in your pockets. If there is nobody inside these spots, kindly excuse yourself, and go onto the next location.

Keep walking, do not loiter, do not settle for nothing, there is always value in have more friends than you need.

- If there is no “bodies” of interest, leave quick, move on, do not try to make the best of a stupid place.

The making the best of a bad situation, or eating the food, drinking the drink, and waiting is how you are ignorant. Move on, if there are no targets, then walk on down the road, find a new environment, with targets.


1. In the USA, after age 30, you are considered a misfit, but in reality, you are not. So you are going to need to walk, drive and search for days, it is possible, but takes real endurance. in many ways; I recommend you think about leaving the USA if you are over 30. There are cultures, the over-developed ones like the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia whereby anyone over 30 is suppose to shut up, and stop chasing women, and get married, my advice is to say goodbye, the environment is beyond redemption. Love is a good thing, friends is good thing, life is way to short, you only have one, and to accept life without friends or lover is not a life worth living...

2. Are you fat? This is an almost hopeless situation, if you are fat, plump, big, I mean ugly, then you get what you deserve, go to the gym, workout, and you can meet girls there.

3. Are you friendly? I want you to say hi to everyone you meet, nod, wink, shake your head, wiggle your face. If you refuse to do this, there is little hope for you, it may be hopeless. Then I recommend you get on Facebook and try to find another social misfit, but again, pitch the meeting in real life thing. Facebook  is a way for two misfits to meet, and arrange safe groud, non competitive locations without other targets in the area.

I will 100 percent guaranteed you can meet new friends, if you walk, and stop working, work is true hindrance to finding girls. If you walk, and talk, say hello, and walk some more, and never give up walking, you will find clusters of humans everwhere on the planet. When you find a location where you met other  friendly humans, return and milk the cow, if you are slow, make a list of locations. You do not need a good excuse to talk to people, you do not need to be hungry, or want to drink or all the other excuses. If you are too busy, then you must accept your fate, you must live with the choices you made in life.

Example on how to meet people?

I am in Lome, Togo, yesterday I walked around the big open air market, stopped to buy a bag of cold water. Three girls started to laugh at me, and play, Matilda, the 23 year old one took my cell number, and later that nght she called me. I was tired, watching a movie, so I let it ring, I did not answer.

Ooops, I am inside and incredible target rich environment here in Togo, there is no shortage of girls, and nothing makes people like you more, than when you are not needy. I do not need a girl, or woman, I just love them.

Also, last night, I walked down to the Galion Hotel, the local Frenchie, NGO, Peace Corp and wanna be rich watering hole. There are always a few French wankers there, with some girls hanging around trying to find a rich man who will give them a cadeau. (Gift) The USA Peace Corp girls for the most part are in need of a good spanking for being rude, or drunks, or worst yet, skanks, they are the “Tramp Stamp” type, fat, frumpy, and full of themselves. I give them a nod, not a wink, and keep my distance, I do not need my mental state contaminate, think about this idea of contamination, you do not meet friends because you allow bad thoughts to enter your brain.

I walked on into the Galion Hotel last night, I looked around, went into the TV room, and there is a hot Togo girl. I think she is a boom boom girl, who does it strictly for the money, she does not smile, a zero. Note, I do not try make the situation work, I do not try to engage another person into a conversation, who has not desire. I am looking for the clusters of smiling face, who are ready to engage in friendships.

Again, this is the point, if there is not a smile on anyone’s face, then why are you trying to push the issue, walk on down the street in search of smiles.

Every day of my life, I have walked, or cruised the world in search of smiling faces, if there are none. Then I will be damned if I am stupid enough to spend money in the business. I can eat great food, cheaper, better, by myself, I ALWAYS enter a restaurant for friendship, or to share friendship, I feel no remorse or shame in leaving, if they are not serving friendship.

A place where people meet people is a friendly place, do not try to make excuses that the food is good, you need to keep your priorities straight.

Never be so stupid as to think eating the food is the reason to go out, it has to be about people, and the reason for living is human contact, go search for a smiling face, a cluster, and say hello.

Or accept the truth, you do not like people, and then for sure, there is no reason to enter into social arenas, like restaurants, or bars.

I am here, and you are there for reason, you get the bargain out of life you asked for, I get what I asked for, I am responsible for what I get out of my life, and if there are no targets in my life, if the environment sucks, I walk on down the road.

Walk away, or walk on down the road, but keep moving, do not stop until you find the smiling faces you need to see.

Andy Graham


You are right on about "walking". You have to go where and when there are people around.
When still single I never had a problem of finding either conversational or boom, boom girls. LOL!
I really like that boom, boom bit Andy! I'm still in the the 50s but no more, I'll use boom, boom from now on rather than "score".
One of the major hangups most men seem to have is just saying "Hello, my name is Joe Schmo, etc".
Forget the stupid pick up lines, be yourself and get the idea that good looking, beautiful women don't bother with men who are now great looking in one way or the other.
Most are interested in someone who acts like a gentleman, has some reasonable intelligence and is not shy/afraid to say hello, etc.
Single from about 20 I discovered how easy it was. You develop one main trait for yourself (other than get over your fear) and that
is, if a woman says, anything negative, go away, no, don't bother me, etc or ignores you, so what? Walk away look for someone else.
The trait you need is "What is the worse thing that can happen? Nothing" other than you are lucky you don't have to waste any more
time on a negative female.
I have had friends who would take anything they were so damn insecure, not me. Always I found good looking/beautiful women in my life by not being afraid to try to talk with them.
Some people use church, super mkts, bars to find someone.
I used coffee shops, libraries, and outdoor areas with people doing things. When traveling I have used Train Depots and hostels, great spot in Europe.

Good luck to those who need to change for the better life.


Hi Andy,
Ive been following your blog for a few years. I dont believe i have ever commented on one of your blog posts yet. However, what you wrote here is profound and true. I actually in many ways admire your lifestyle and in a few ways would do it a little differently but that is not the point.
I am am somewhat of a hobo world traveler myself. I meet girls from all around the world and experience the same unfortunate excuses that women give. Everyone seems to be in a
Race to become rich and make a name for them selves in the hustle and bustle of this world. Its very rare to fined an attractive woman with a great personality that simple wants to "stop and smell the roses". Its sad, in fact. I always question women about their goals and ambitions and their answers always seem to be filled with vain ambitions. Busy busy busy.
Many say they want to fall im love and travel the world. BUT their idea of accomplishing this is an illusion. They believe that by getting a great job and finding a guy with a great high paying job will allow them to oneday travel the world and "Play". How can one travel when they are a slave to their job and valuable possesions?
The best way to travel is the hobo way. The majority of the world is in poverty, so why not just travel and live modestly as the poeple do. Thats my theory. Thats what I do.

Btw I will be traveling to the Dominican in december. Will u still be there?


Hi Andy

I have to take exception to: 2. Are you fat? This is an almost hopeless situation, if you are fat, plump, big, I mean ugly, then you get what you deserve, go to the gym, workout, and you can meet girls there.

The situation is only hopeless if you are also a fat head. I am 67 and (we've met in DR) overweight, have been all my life, but that has never stopped me from being with beautiful intelligent women and not going for boom boom.

I had a very good friend who taught me when I was 19 that the way to a woman's heart is to get her to laugh and help her feel secure with you - that your one main goal is not to get directly into her pants - like you said don't be needy. And he also said you can only get so many NOs - on the average I get 5 NOs before I get a yes.

I'm in Cyprus now and I have gotten 3 NOs so far :-) One of the NOs and I are going into business together she's 29, and a beautiful Romanian that speaks 5 languages. Will she stay a NO? - I don't know, and I do know that I hope it becomes a YES, but if not, so what she's great to be with.

SW SW SW - some will, some won't, so what?

Take care

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