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The 25 Grams Of Carbohydrates Per Day Diet - Lose Weight Fast

People must lose weight fast, fat people have trouble emotionally handling doing it slow, the 25 Gram per day diet is quick loss system.

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 23:58:16

"One meal of CARBS prevents you from losing fat,
for 1-2 days."
- Dr. George Best

I love people --- Telling me how to lose weight:
"Andy, you must cut out on Fats, Sugars, etc, Blah Blah Blah."

This is obvious, and I am 100 percent sure you are a big nut!
"If I was good at that, I would not be fat!."

I am 56, why do these idiots tell me to do the same thing, and expect a different result, that is insanity. Normally, they have never been fat in their life, and think this is just a willpower problem as they sit getting drunk and smoking a cigarette.


Carbohydrates taste sweet, and give you energy.

Non Carbs

Zero Carb foods are meats, and a few vegetable, avoid the beans.

Doctor George Best gives me a Dieting Epiphany

I just went from 198 pounds to 175 pounds in less than 10 day?

I watch many low back pain videos of Dr. George Best, and for some reason he made a video about losing weight. I watched it, thought to myself, truly a smart person is always smart, knowledge and understanding on all issues is possible. He is capable of deriving the savvy way of doing something.

Watch the video, but do not get confused, fat or obese people are dysfunctional and we get confused easy, we have a thinking problem, that causes us to eat.
"My Thinking Problem .COM."

Now, if you have ungodly good willpower, which by the way has kept me from going over 200 pound, and being six foot tall, I am really lightweight for my age of 56, but being over 10 pound about 165 lb is annoying to me.

First, cut calorie down to 1000 per day, and exercise and you will lose weight, but can you stay motivate, and 99 percent of you are so deceitful, dishonest, you are you so F##kppG dumb you cannot count calories. What I find is this, generally because dysfunctional people do, they will not even admit they lie to themselves.

Stop the lie! / The underlying reason, the reason you are going to fail.

George Best

Truly the best name for this diet is,
"Obey the rule, only eat 25 Grams per day diet."

Or, bore yourself to death diet.
"Only eat about five foods, never playing around to make it feel good."

Notes: George Best Video on Dieting

1. Carbs make the body secrete insulin.
2. Insulin makes the body store fat.
3. If no carbs, then no secretion of Insulin, and the body does not store food.

I knew mosst of this, and have been on ALL protein diets since age 19, a chemistry major explained the body does not convert protein to fat good.

What the video told me, that I never heard before in my life until the video!

"One meal of CARBS
prevents me from losing fat for 1-2 days."

If you are eating any carbs, you are sabotaging weight loss.

Wow, what an epiphany to me, one piece of bread, and I need to give up for the day.

What have I been eating for the last 10-14 days?
- My very boring list

String Beans

Sunflower Seeds
Boiled Eggs
Turkey Breast


That is my list of food I have eaten, I am constantly reading labels and trying to find something to add to the list above, it takes a lot of walking around in the store with my glasses on reading labels.

Here is the page I have on List of Low Carb Foods.

Directions for the 25 Carb Per day Diet:

1. Carry a pen and index card paper in your pocket.
2. Find foods, that have about 2-3 Grams or less of Carbs.
3. Add --- Write them on your, "I like these foods list."
4. Eat only these foods.
5. OBEY Rule 4.
6. Look your friends in the eyes, and ask them to be supportive, and leave them if they say, "But you got to eat, that is not love, or respect for your decision."

Do I think you are going to lose weight?

Nope, people want to hear of a way to continue to do the same as always, and get a different result.

I have been a recovering alcoholic for 24 year, and on Feb 12, 2012 it will be 25 years. It is the same as being addicted to food, drugs, work, or girls, you need to dig down into your mind, and not allow even a small excuse to work.

I have failed for years with my all protein diet, it worked, but I had never heard the idea that eating one meal of carbs, one small piece of bread would stop me from losing weight for two days.

I am grateful to hear that coming from a man I respect, I hope it changes my life, and I can go the beach at age 56 and not feel shame taking my shirt off.

Friend who want you to make exception about food, do not have respect for you, often they enjoy pointing out your so-called weakness, or how they are strong and you are weak, this is not true, they have no ability to be kind, they are not your friend, they enjoy the belittling and sense of power they derive.

All addiction are are result of a thinking problem, I have a thinking problem, I do not have an eating problem, I do not have a drinking problem.

"I have a Thinking Problem, and My Thinking problems causes me to eat, drink, smoke, work (Work to avoid emotions.) etc..

My Thinking Problem 

Thank you for reading, I know I seem harsh and brutish, that is because I do not want to give you one excuse, you need honesty, or you can live in shame for the rest of your life. Listening to your friends tell you how to do something, they do not need worry about because they are the genetically gifted.

Note, the nice thing, when you stop eating carbohydrates, you slow down the viscous and addictive circle of sugar addition, and you insatiable need for food, your hunger goes down. Try to fill up your stomach with boring foods, and go exercise your other addictions. We do not give up addictions, we exchange them for a socially acceptable one, ergo the workaholics in the USA.

I hope this works, we all want love and friendships, and the bottom line is this, you are not loved for who you are, but first on how you look. The beautiful people of the planet really do have an easier life, why not stop the excuses, get honest and help you find your powerful place to be, to become what you wanted to be all our life, to be the hero of your own life.

Andy Graham in Sosua, Dominican Republic, on the beach.


Dr. George Best - The 25 25 grams of carbohydrates per day diet.
Protein and Zero Carb Foods are Boring
"One meal of CARBS prevents me from buring fat."