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My Weight is Stuck at 180 Pounds and at Age 56 it is Hard to Feel Hope of it Dropping

I seem to be stuck at 180 pounds, and I keep dwelling on ways to get it drop.

Sat, 25 Feb 2012 02:20:05

Andy Lee Graham 180 pounds

Here I am at age 56 and I feel almost hopelessly stuck at 180 pounds. I better go and check what the nuts say is my optimum weight.


Small Frame
Medium Frame
Large Frame

OK, I am quite sure I am not a small frame, but this information is lacking, on the page there is no guide on how I am supposed to know what type of frame I have... But let me assume I am Medium. Therefore, I am still 10 pounds overweight, and I say the "nuts," because all these tables give me excuses, what I am saying is this, they they give me a number, and if I am OK on the scale, then I have an excuse, I can somehow stop and give myself a break.

That is nuts, I do not care about the scale, my goal is to feel correctly.

Dominican Republic People are Honest About Fat Talk

I was sitting at a table in a restaurant the other day here in Sosua, Dominican Republic and my friends boom boom girlfriend says,
"Tu estas gorda."

She pointed at the fat on the back of my arm, there is an area with more than needed loose skin. I am not sure what to do about this skin, I think my skin is slowly falling down, it is getting softer. I bought some skin lotion the other day and it seems to help it look better.

Well, she was being honest, but she is a boom boom girl, and rather silly, she is only 18 years old, hanging out with older men, she does not think very clearly. But, I do appreciate her opinion in a way, she wants me to look 18, even though I am 56, I am always surround by childish opinions.

How to become, or how have more vanity?

There are people who look in the mirror a lot, I was looking a man here who had shaved his beard to special points. It was obvious he was insanely vain, there is no way to shave a beard that way without hours of looking at yourself. I on the other hand forget to look in the mirror for days. Next thing I know, there is piece of hair or something that has been cut bad sticking up. I cut my own hair about 90 percent of the time, and after it is washed, it is not always better.

Pain occupies my brain.

I have a pain that centers around my left sacroiliac joint, and it never seems to stop.

My goal or theory as of today is this. I am going to get down to 165, and maybe is the fat around the inflamed muscle is less, than maybe it will stop pushing against my sciatic nerve.

15 Pounds, I am going to Brute Force it.

OK, I am at 180, I am going down to 165 pounds, I need to know if the pain will stop.

I truly do not care what all the lose weight people say, exercise, eat this, eat that, at the end of the day, there is one guaranteed way to lose weight.

I do not put food in my mouth.

Generally, people who talk about this stuff sound like highly dysfunctional alcoholics, the talk and talk and talk and never truly look at themselves in the mirror. And they cannot even think... I am only 15 pounds overweight at age 15 and at six foot tall. The truth is this, I am not truly even fat, I am just big.

But, I go for optimums, right now the reason to lose weight is for pain.

I will keep this simple today.

I will eat only three piece of food today.

1. One cheese sandwich for breakfast.

2. Can of peas for lunch.

3. Can of string beans for dinner.

I think dieting is the word vigilance.

Vigilance Defined:  Vigilance, also termed sustained attention, is defined as the ability to maintain attention and alertness over prolonged periods of time.

Wow, is losing the plot --- the wiki tweakers are continually adding information, and they never stop. There is no editors slowing the nuts, and they often take the information too far, until it is overdone, I am hoping wiki comes up with a solution to their German idiots overdoing this.

Dieting is Vigilance

A person who is vigilant can try to stay on diet, there are times when he or she goes astray, but there is no shame, just point the ship back toward the goal. On the other hand, to not eat for two days is easier than constant vigilance.

Wether you are 1 pound overweight, or you are 100 pounds overweight, if you try to make a good vigilant decision in the next ten minutes, and drop the guilt crap, you can lose weight. In the end, if you put less food in your mouth, you will lose weight.

My Weight is Stuck at 180 Pounds and at Age 56 it is Hard to Feel Hope of it Dropping,