My 3 Pieces of Food per Day Diet - Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast - I a positive this diet works, because it is easy to monitor.

I am sure this diet works, and you know when you fail, because it is obvious. There is no fuzzy way of making a juicy rationalization that I did not eat that many calories.

There is no mission creep, I am either obeying the diet, or I am not.

3 piece of food per day diet



Hey Andy,

I'm sure you realize that this is not good "travel" or lose weight fast advice. I think if the three pieces of food had some nutritional value and you know that it is absolutely no way you could become addicted or develop "mission creep" then make it work. Perhaps oatmeal/breakfast, beans/lunch, fish/dinner, so personally with the first two I know that I could not become addicted. Please consider adding fruit or veggies(kale, beets)upping the nutrition value of the three meals. Watch the sodium content of the bread. Going into Africa you should be mentally and physically strong not malnourished.


I said three pieces of food, I did not specify you have to eat bread. I am now on Khaosan Road, I am eating one apple, one chicken breast, and one thing of dried peas. It changes daily, but the idea is to stop your mental games, and to only eat three well defined pieces of food that cannot grow. Generally, people who do not need to diet, never diet, and the people who need to diet, never can learn to lose weight. It is an addiction, and the problem is the mind, not the food.

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