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Fixing Up A Van For Living by Ed Teja

A Van for Travel explained by Ed Teja, a member of

We like living on the road for a time but it's important to have the right vehicle for the way you want to live. We wanted something comfortable and efficient, but not a motor home. We settled on a Nissan HD 2500 cargo van. It's tall enough for me to stand up in (I'm six feet tall).

We insulated the van with Oregon sheep's wool, then covered that with saddle blankets on the walls and plywood on the ceiling. The temperature stays nice in the van now. We installed a Kitchen Chef camp stove and oven, built in cabinets and bunkbeds (called disco beds) and it is a really comfortable place. We wake in the morning and make our coffee with an espresso pot. We can bake soda bread (yummy) and do all our own cooking, which saves money and lets us eat well. 

We carry a screen tent for a "living room." It takes a couple of minutes to set up and we put in reclining chairs in so I can write and Dagny can make art when we are camping. The van has a small inverter for charging cell phones or running a coffee grinder, although we got a hand grinder that makes better coffee.

The van is easy to drive, and gets about 16 mpg. We have a senior pass (it cost $10) which gets us half off when we need to go to most pay camp sites and the van is maneuverable enough to get into a lot of undeveloped sites. 

We find camping much more comfortable than using motels, especially since we travel with a miniature Schnauzer, named Carl Roberts. 



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The interior being fixed up.