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The 7 Time Sensitive Cultural Zones In At 24 Hour Day Travel Tip - Living Abroad

Living Abroad is an art, you need to optimize your lifestyle by choosing the correct time compartments for you, not me, but for you.

Tue, 5 Feb 2013 00:06:12

The 7 Time Senstive Cultural Zones in at 24 hour Day Travel Tip

I am going to publish this under the topic “Living Abroad,” on However, I am going to leave it incomplete because this is my travelogue, and at this time I am tired of writing, and wish to think more on the subject. Maybe with some thought, I can simplify for readers who expect neat littlle packages.

This is more about the study of culture, than living abroad, and general readers are wanting entertained.

However, there are some good topics for thought, if you are thinking about moving abroad, so worth reading.

The Prime Diretive of Travel
I am a world traveler, and the prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself, to live an optimized lifestyle. There are seven major cultural time zones whereby one can anticipate the general type of people you will encouter.

If one wished to study the culture of countries, language groups, religions, and ethnic groups one must same from all seven time compartments. To enjoy visiting people one must have a general knowledge of how to find the people you wish to study, or share time.

Diurnal Travel Time

The Travel Tip
To optimize your travel experience one must search for the social groups you wish to share time with in all seven compartments. If I endeaver to find University Educated people, I must choose the proper times of day, and locations.
The Culture Tip
One can make and hold radically false opinions about people and judge a whole country and cultural false by sampling small groups, and missing the large segments of a society. To spend your time with tourists is not the people of the country.

I could be lead to false conclusions, and believe the general education of a country is high, because I live next to University, and meet the students in the morning for breakfast. I can believe people are educated more than real, if I do not speak the local language and only socialize with English speaking locals.

For example, many people believe that Thai people speak good English, because the mass groups of people live in Tourist Hotels, whereby the staff must speak English. And many men socialize with bar girl that learn English to work their trade. While the general population of Thailand does not speak a word of English, the Tourists Hotels and Bars full of girls in Thailand is an an extremely small percentage group of Thailand people, and almost 95 percetn of foreigners in Thailand only socialize in these areas, this can lead people to have false beliefs about a culture.

And sadly, by following he groups of tourists you will may miss the type of people you wish to find.

travel daily cycles

My parenet for example wake early and generally fall asleep by nine o’clock at night. For them to book a tour to Thailand would be difficult. They could inadvertently find themselves with a group of tourists who only leave the Hotel in the late afternoon, while they wake at 5:00 in the morning and wish to walk around. One needs to be aware, not all people are the same what you antipate in your home country, is not the same in other cultures..

My Present Location on Planet
I am Kara, Togo, West Africa, it is smallish city in the north of the country, maybe 70 percent Islamic, and 30 percent Christian. The people are from the Kabye ethnic group, and speak Kabye, and French is the language of business.

Tourist Bubbles are not Normal
I live 98 percent of my time in close proximity to tourists bubbles. This is the core area of city where tourist visitng a country hangout, live, eat, drink and sleep. I recently noticed I am almost complete outside the tourist bubble, I see almost zero white people here in Kara, Togo. There are no tourists, vacationers, expats or even that many volunteers, and missionaries to be found and avoided.

I have been thinking for the last year or two on ways to upgrade the quality of humans that enter my world. When I lived in the USA, it was easy to select like-kind friends, and avoid the types of people that annoy me.

Every country, and every culture is different, and I need to adapt to the culture I am visiting, and stop believing my American habit work in other countries.

Again, the prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself, while for me, this has nothing to do with drinking alcohol, the mass groups of tourist are involved in this type of entertainment.

However, in Africa, 50-70 percent of the foreigners came to work as Missionaries, Social Projectst, Missions, Non Governmental Agencies. Appoximately 95 percent of the people doing this work are between the age of 20 and 30, not a good place to meet married white people between the ages of 50 and 60, there are few foreigners who are of that age group. This group is seldom walking or out an about the city until after 5:00 PM, they are more night people than day people.

One Hour Before Sunrise until 8:00
This is the go-getters, the strict, the wake up and work hard people, Normally in the developed world, the owners of business, in the under-developed world, it when the woman that own business wake up, clean, and prepare business

but also there are the stragglers, the girls coming home from a night of lying on their backs, or the night people.

800 until 10
This is average joe blow time, when most of the world is supposed to be awake, and arriving to work. This is the time where the people that are forced to work, go to work.

10 until 1:00
10 is for the late risers, any way you do, when a person arrives at 10:00 am in the morning anywhere, they better be on vacation, retired, or

1:00 until 5:00
Truly no clarity, depends on siesta or no siesta people.

5:00 until 8:00
After work people, the people who have office jobs, and more money than the average person may use this time to socialize.

8:00 until 10:
No longer putting in their time at work.

11 PM until Sunrise
Party until you drop, lets get robbed time.

We live our travels with a daily clock.
Peak and off peak times to enjoy life.