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The 7 Bad Reasons to Live Abroad are Beach - Mountains - City Life - Girls - Real Estate - Work and Investments

This is a list of the 7 rather romanticized reasons people live abroad, and all of them are sort of silly.

Many, most, the majority of decision are based solely on the proposition of,
"I will give it a try."

"I'm going to give it a try. I've invested too much in this show not to."
- David Lee Roth (October 10, 1954 - )

Throw me some bait, maybe I can bite and get hooked. I am quite sure you are already hooked on something, and you have your teeth biting so hard, you have not time to truly give something else a try.

Here are 7 poor reason to live abroad, however, and they are the seven reasons used by the majority of people who choose to live abroad even though sort of silly.

1. Beach -- I can hear a people saying to themselves about the beach.

"I have never live on the beach in my life, I do not even lay in the sun, and I am white as flour, but I want to give living on the beach and give it a try."

2. Mountains

City Life


Real Estate