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Video explaining to take your time when living abroad.

 Andy Graham Patience



I think the video blog is a great idea and thank you for moving to that medium. It would be great if you would show us would be travelers how you come to a place and find a hotel. The process of arriving and finding your place to stay could be a topic of your video blog. You talk about how your in a great place, and you haven't taught us how to duplicate what you do. I know we can never be where you are with all the years experience you have, but the reason we follow you everyday is to learn through you. I would like to learn more about finding a hotel thats clean, cheap, and safe. Thanks TL

Phil J

Good question. And usually number one item on the to do list. First thing I do is call Andy and say I have arrived. Then he and I meet and he shows me the hotel where he is staying. That is supposed to be funny. LOL. But actually in Guatemala it was like that. I was lucky enough to visit when Andy was there.
My first priority is to look for a place that is safe, good location close to where I need to be, and reasonably priced. It helps to do a little looking on the computer before you acutally fly there. In Lago Atitlan/Panajachel Guatemala I had a hotel only 100 yards from main street. It was totally safe and owned by the family that ran it. They lived on the ground floor. I will look for a similiar place in Sosua in the Dominican Republic when I go there. There may be some travel books that might help a little.
You are right about one thing. Andy is a wealth of knowledge about a whole host of countries to go to and not to go to. And he is so linear sequential that life for him just kind of falls into place almost effortlessly.
I really really enjoyed the month I spent in Panajachel meeting all of Andy,s friends and getting to know the little city. It was a blast and now I have the contacts and the knowledge to go there alone and be totally safe.
Thanks Andy for adding to my traveling knowledge. I have been traveling since 1968 and cannot stop. I always want to see just what is over the next horizon and around the next corner. But I have a list of places to go and the places NOT TO GO.
Happy traveling

Phil J

Life for me is travel. I used to fly for a living. I had the little roll away luggage that you see pilots, stews, and air crews pulling along at airports. I already know when I buy my ticket what I want to do and pretty much where I want to stay. It helps to know a little bit about the different areas of a city. So you can kind of head for the right area before you start looking for a hotel.
And take your time. You might rent a room for a night then do a little looking and rent one for a week. Then you might have the knowledge you need to rent one for a month. My expectations when traveling are that I will enjoy the scenery, the people, and the food. When I go to Sosua Dominican Republic I will want a place close to the beach, clost to food, and close to shopping that I need to do. And some night life will be nice. Sosua has it all. Andy has told me the night life is easy, food is good and a hotel near the beach is easily had.
I like women so I think Sosua will be lots of fun. I hope to meet some one who wants to spend quality time with an older american gentleman. I guess that I have traveled enough that I know what to expect in some places, and what I want. I love flying. I loved it when I was flying air crew in the navy and as a civilian. I just love take offs and landings and the feeling you have when airborn. And above all I just love travel. I will travel till my doctor says I should stop. LOL.
I have learned through experiance what to pack and what not to pack. I try to travel light. It costs less and is just easier. I have traveled so much for so long that I do not own a home. I have no desire to own a home. I feel totally at home in a stateroom aboard a cruise liner or in a twin size bet in a nice beach hotel in Subic Bay in the Philippines.
And speaking of the Philippines. I love the place. I love the people , the food, and the scenery. Filipino women are some of the most beautiful in the world and are incredibly friendly. I actually kind of use it and Los Angeles as my places to settle down when not traveling a lot. I can live there very inexpensively and just relax and rest. Then I can decide where to travel next and the rest is history. I just check the schedule of air craft going out of Airforce City at Clark International and usually fly on an air force C 17, KC 135 or a C5 to Okinawa, Guam or Hawaii. Then once I am in Guam or Hawaii the world is my oyster. I can go anyway from there.
So I guess I would say, stop worrying and pack a bag and go. Things will work out and you will have a blast. Any questions, ask me or Andy.
Good luck

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