Over 50-90 Percent of People that Move Abroad Return Back to Their Home Country

Living abroad is not the answer for everyone, that is why I recommend you say, I am going to go hang out for a few years abroad and not fool yourself.

This is a very difficult statistic to access, yet, I am 100 percent sure that 50 percent of people who "made a decision to move abroad," have move back to their home country. But after seven years, I would estimate it more at 70 percent, it is very rare to meet people who have lived abroad longer than seven years.

I am on my 14th year, but I also move so that cultural fatigue does not wear me down, I have visted 90 countries.


Quote form other web sites:

"Over 50% of people that move abroad return back to their home country within the first year."

"30 percent of global assignees fail and it’s this figure that’s going to dent your bottom line."
Bottom Line



To live abroad has one of the same requirements as living in your home country. That is, you need an income. That is usually in the form of a job, a pension, or maybe you are a trust fund baby. The jobs are often temporary, so the people move back home. The pensionados may live abroad until they get grandkids. Then they move back home to be close to the grandkids. The trust fund babies? I dono. I haven't made a study of them.


I am going to start video inverviewing people who have lived outside the USA for 3 or more years.
The people who buy real estate lie so much, it is amazing.

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