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Live Abroad portal, how to live abroad, with all the benefits? If you have lived abroad for more than seven years, I would like to interview you. is a travel community, whereby travelers who wish to live abroad chat about the pros and cons of being an expat. We want to live abroad. If you wish to live abroad, click on the home link, become a member, and you too can learn how to live abroad, live the great life, cheap, and affordable. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham, as the founder, I have lived abroad for 19 years and counting, and lived abroad in 107 countries.

Welcome! I live the good life, anywhere, and everywhere on the planet.

List of 100 Best Expat Communities

1-2 of Your Friends Will Go Live Abroad in the Next Five Years

1 in 50 American will live abroad in next 5 Years: I anticipate an explosion in the number of people who go live abroad, it has started.

50-70 Percent Of Foreigners Who Live Abroad in Sosua Domincan Republic Smoke Cigarettes, the USA Average Is 21 Percent What Does This Tell Us? Live Abroad

What does it tell us about expats, or foreigners who live abroad, when the percent of cigarettes smokers is double the normal Americans?

Avoiding Shopaholics in the USA is One Great Benefits For Expats Who Live Abroad

It is impossible to avoid people thinking about buying things, but when you scramble the languages, if we live abroad it does slow the talk.

Can you Believe it, they Deliver the Chlorine to your Door, this is an Incredible Advantage of Living Abroad

This video shows Chlorine, you know, the Chlorox bleach for washing clothes delivered to the home of residents of Dominican Republic.

Custom Made Solid Teak Bed For 75 Dollars

People living abroad in Kara, Togo can design, and have made custom furniture from solid teak, providing you have the patience of Job.

Do Expats Need To Stay Angry At USA To Live Abroad - Living Abroad

As a person who has lived abroad for over 19 plus years, it seems silly to be angry at the USA, it is just another country, with a lot of rules.

Escaping U.S. Legal Injustices by World Travel - Living Abroad

For fun and profit, I will write how to escape the USA machine, the evil empire called the USA, and the country I love.

Expat Bookstores That Sells Used Books in English is a Sign of Good Live Abroad City

How to know the expat infrastructure exist for a live abroad community?

Forrest Gump Is A Hobo Traveler He Loves People

It was amazing, Forrest Gump just started talking to anyone. He never met a person that was not his friend. He is a “Hobo Traveler,” we love people, we talk with anyone as friends, as equals, we just don’t understand. To live anywhere, we must respect people.

I Am Sad, I Believe The USA Will Not Lead The New World, The Future - Living Abroad

Today is October 21, 2018, and the world scares me, I was born into one of the richest, most advanced countries, one of the best places to live on the planet. The USA has been a comforting security blanket for me, as it has always seem invincible, a country impossible to beat.

Live Abroad

Live Abroad portal, how to live abroad, with all the benefits? If you have lived abroad for more than seven years, I would like to interview you.

Live Abroad, Hoarding Possessions versus Saving Money

To live abroad is easy for the person who hoards money, is it possible for the average human to stop hoarding possessions and save money?

Living Abroad is Seldom Boring or Lonely

Living Abroad has different challenges, the normal 80 percent of the planet, the non-over-developed countries are full of challenges.

Over 50-90 Percent of People that Move Abroad Return Back to Their Home Country

Living abroad is not the answer for everyone, that is why I recommend you say, I am going to go hang out for a few years abroad and not fool yourself.

Take Your Time When Living Abroad -- Only Month to Month Contracts For 2 Years

Video explaining to take your time when living abroad.

The 5 Star Rating System For Expat Colonies

A 5 Star Expat Colony has: 1. English Bookstore 2. Expat Super Market 3. Expat Internet Forum 4. Gated Communities 5: Mail Forwarding.

The 7 Bad Reasons to Live Abroad are Beach - Mountains - City Life - Girls - Real Estate - Work and Investments

This is a list of the 7 rather romanticized reasons people live abroad, and all of them are sort of silly.

The 7 Time Sensitive Cultural Zones In At 24 Hour Day Travel Tip - Living Abroad

Living Abroad is an art, you need to optimize your lifestyle by choosing the correct time compartments for you, not me, but for you.

We Are the Kings and Queens That Live Abroad

To live abroad often gives us culture shock, or we can accept that country has made us into kings and queens, though we are reluctant to accept the crown.

Live Abroad, "Life is good."

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Living with 220 USD per Month Apartment

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