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I Am Sad, I Believe The USA Will Not Lead The New World, The Future - Living Abroad

Today is October 21, 2018, and the world scares me, I was born into one of the richest, most advanced countries, one of the best places to live on the planet. The USA has been a comforting security blanket for me, as it has always seem invincible, a country impossible to beat.

Mon, 22 Oct 2018 00:44:43


 Can the USA lead the world in the next 100-200 years?

We, the people of the USA are losing on the big 3 variables of business success. What would make the USA weak? What would make the USA incapable of competing globally? It is quite possible the world will no longer want to move to the USA, and Yes, we have the biggest weapons, but wars are becoming smaller. WWII was huge, around 55 million people died, then we have this second Iraq war, around 10,000 Americans died, the world is becoming a safer place, the news media is the problem, not the state of safety on the planet. 

The Big Three

1. Energy.

2. Communication.

3. Cost of labor.

I am positive, there is no doubt in my mind, that within 10 years we will harness super cheap solar energy, and all cars will be electric, all houses will e electric, but more importantly, factories, the industrialized nations can power up with electricity.

The problem for the USA, is the tropical countries, countries like Mauritania, Tunisia, Israel, or even Ghana, Togo, are better suited for solar energy. Sun, large open land spaces, they could take over the electrical production on the planet. They don't have the Mickey Mouse laws to deal with, they can get things done.

When I visited Haiti in 2017, the country had unlimited Internet access for 3-5 U.S. Dollar per month. Please take the time to read this Internet page about where is the cheapest communication on the planet, I am sure the USA, Europe, Germany, and Japan are not even in the game for Internet access, maybe the USA is leading in Tech, but not really...

Then quite by accident, 2017, I go the Ukraine, and discover, amazing high speed Internet, great infrastructure, and none of the social problems, a super stable country full of Ukraine people.

Now, small countries can compete with larger countries.

Cheap Internet

6. Belarus
5. Bulgaria
4. Romania
3. Russia
2. Venezuela
1. Ukraine Number ONE

Now, I understand Venezuela is sort of a joke, but any country with access to oceans, container ships, and cheap labor? Maybe everyone that has invaded England will now move to Eastern Europe, as it is positioned to become a powerhouse. 


Cost of Labor:
Anywhere but the USA is cheaper, the USA citizens are spoiled, and naive, if they don't believe the USA is not losing the battle for factories. A factory can be shipped, then set up in a country like Ghana, have solar grids installed, cheap electricity, a semi-English speaking work force, and container ships can transport products to sell to the USA, which will not have money to buy them.

What is the cost of labor in Ghana? Workers earn around 100-200 USD per month, the cost per hour is almost irrelevant.

The USA is losing on the big three, solar panels, the cost of energy, and now energy is mobile, a company can buy a shipload of solar panels from China, then ship them to any country, except to maybe the USA where solar companies must be subsidized, protected, because well... they just cannot compete globally.

The world will become decentralized, cheap electricity, cheap Internet, and cheap labor will win. Where? Anywhere but the USA.

This will all happen in the next 20 years, and we can move to greener pastures, where the cost of living is cheaper. Or we can hide our head in the sand.

The only guarantee in life is change.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
Wakiki Beach, Hawaii
Way over priced State of the USA, a plane trip to Thailand cost less than 2 nights in a Hotel here.

October 21, 2018

We the USA are losing the game.