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Live Abroad, Hoarding Possessions versus Saving Money

To live abroad is easy for the person who hoards money, is it possible for the average human to stop hoarding possessions and save money?


Hoarding "Things," is Human

I believe it is natural for humans to feel superior to animals.

I am cynical today, I believe there is little social status achieved by saving money, to hoard money will cause people in my life to say,
"Andy, you are cheap."

Mockery is a basic human insult, and calling someone cheap is form of mockery. Humans will do about anything to to avoid being called "cheap." It is humorous, we can have this intellectual arrogance on one hand, we can pretend to believe we respect people that save money, Yet, in reality, the majority of humans I know are like animals, we are quick to mock and degrade people we consider cheap. We do not celebrate humans who save money, we celebrate people who buy items to hoard.

Yet, only a person who is cheap or miserly can save money.

In a way, calling another person cheap is a way to get something for nothing. For example, say for example, I have money, and you do not, by calling me cheap, you can maybe convince me to pay for your food.

Hoarding possessions is a way to prove you are not cheap.

However, hoarding things does not prepare a human for bad times, in reality, to hoard things guarantees you do not have enough money, when money is needed. Saving money is a form of hoarding, but not celebrated by the masses.

Brag about Saving Money?
Are you going to go to work today and brag about how much money you have in your bank account? No, because it would not elevate your social status. But, if over the weekend, you purchased an "Ipad." or a new car, or bought a house, then you will have higher social status, and you can go to work on Monday and brag about your new "things."

To me, it is obvious, the person who hoards money has evolved higher than the person who buy cars, homes, and possessions. This person has more brains, and it going to survive better during tough times, he or she is more capable of survival than the person who spends all their money on a house or car.

I tend to believe, there is no greater compliment to be given to another human than to say, you are cheap.

Living abroad is easy for people who save money, and almost impossible for a person who buys using credit. Borrowing money, think about it, what does that say about the average human, we are not capable of survival, we cannot even hoard, we are not capable of survival.


Phil J

Wow. I am just blown away by this blog. I could not have written it myself but it is totally on target. I am going to highlight this blog and print it so I can read it often and keep my life in proper perspective.
Thanks so much for this blog. It validates my way of thinking and doing.


nice blog, well said. The truly wealthy do not need to flaunt it, nor do they put others down for saving, as that is how most of them started. You can't give let morons get to you. It is your life. Freedom is more valuable than posessions. What good is a million dollar home, if you are too busy working to live in it. If you put your value in people it is a better investment in life. I would rather trust the wrong person, than not trust the right one.


Off topic I know, but I was wondering if there were many locally grown fruits and vegetable there in montellano. Does it get cold in the winter or hot in the summer. Also do they have a public library there. Also, what is the price per gallon of gas, I notice more motorcycles than cars. Is clothing ready made, or do the women sew. What do they import, and what do they export?


thank you

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