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Do Expats Need To Stay Angry At USA To Live Abroad - Living Abroad

As a person who has lived abroad for over 19 plus years, it seems silly to be angry at the USA, it is just another country, with a lot of rules.

Sun, 3 Aug 2014 03:59:23

I interviewed Dennis, a man who has lived in Vilcabamba, Ecuador for 20 years, and he said, "Everyone who lives here, wants to be here."

Which is funny to me, because everyone that lives in Vilcabamba, also believes they escaped the trap of the USA. There is a very prevalent feeling that they were smart enough to cut the strings. But really, there is always 1-3 of them returning to the USA to get medical treatments. In the end, they do not trust the Ecuadorian system of medical treatment, unless they are forced to accept it. To live abroad is as easy as people believe.

Angry American Expats
(Photo I took, of two American hippies, doomed to relive the 1960's anti-anything, an endless loop of anger. Is this why they live abroad?)

There are so many inconsistencies, as they try to stay angry, to justify their decision to move here. In the end, what is common, it they all think they are smarter than people living in the USA, and their anger at the USA is the common bond.

Yes, I am Andy Lee Graham, and yes, I have lives abroad, outside the USA for over 19 plus years, but one does slowly forgive, and forget.

Yet, I am not angry at the USA, I love the country in many ways, it is so clean, quiet, safe, and easy to live there. Yet, it bores me to buy things, as is the customs of the people who live there, as if shopping is the national entertainment.

Yet in the end, the number one reason I live abroad is because of woman, there is just no woman for a man of 58, and since I never married, the rest of the world is a better market.

Yes, there is nothing better than being a rich American, living in one of the 200 cheap countries on the planet, it is a great joy to be rich.

Yet, I do know that I can go on Medicaid after age 65, or something like that, and have most of my medical paid for in the USA, that is a comfort to know. So, there will be a great temptation to move back to the USA when I am very old and sick. The medical services, the doctors tend to get more scary as we live abroad in old age.

But, if we are sane enough, intellectual enough, we learn that every country on the planet has problems. And, that staying angry at everything, and everyone in the USA is only harming the person who is angry. The USA is more than happy to get rid of this type of citizen.

I am not proud to live abroad, I am not proud to live in the USA, I am instead proud to make the best decision for my own happiness. I hope one day some of these angry American expats can put down the club. It is always good fun to have a label, mainly because I do not take myself serious.

AAA Angry Arrogant Americans, and trust me, they are arrogant, you are either with them, or against them in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, the cost of admission to live in this city is you must agree to listen, and be angry at the USA.

Yet, in my 90 countries, and 16 non-stop travel, I have never been to a city outside the USA that was more USA-centric, politically correct American. This is a more American place, than America.

There is often rage in humans, and enlightenment is knowing why you are angry, then walking away to another place to avoid being angry.

Sadly, there are people with long, never ending lists of why they are angry, the longer the list, the more I want to avoid them. The art form of living, is to stay away from people who list out their angers, who take pride in having them.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham August 3, 2014 in Vilcabamba, a place that is too American for me to live. I do not like political correctness, where people feel the need to constantly correct me, as if I am living wrong. 

Saying that, I want you to also know, I have written a city guide to Vilcabamba, and you could easy say why? But, there is a place for everyone, and this is heaven to many people living here.

 As always, these are suggestions. 
 Please realize I am  giving guidance, 
 and there are always other opinions.  
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

- Andy Lee Graham - Ending to over 200 newsletters 1998-2002, before the invention of the Blog, we had newsletters.

Old hippies doomed to repeat their anger from age 18.