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Custom Made Solid Teak Bed For 75 Dollars

People living abroad in Kara, Togo can design, and have made custom furniture from solid teak, providing you have the patience of Job.

Mon, 6 Jan 2014 23:13:27

A solid 1x12, 8 foot long rough cut plank of solid teak cost 9 U.S. dollars.
Or more correctly, “3x30x230 centimeters”

And for sure, I do not know all the words in French to describe this plank of solid teak board, half less all the furniture making processes words needed to make a bed from teak.

This is quite an amazing experience for a carpenter, or cabinet maker. The teak wood arrives rough cut, not properly dried.

Solid Teak Bed

Steps: (Does not include designing the bed… Hehehe)

1. Buy the rough cut teak planks.
- Haul home.
2. Stack the teak wood properly to air dry.
3. Wait 6 weeks for the teak to air dry. (Question mark?)
- Haul boards to a dressing business.
4. Have the teak boards cut to dimensions, and planed.
- Haul boards back to home.
5. Build the teak bed, etc, and so forth, all that is included in the skills of making furniture.
6. Somewhere along the line, find a good wood finish that will harden, dry, and protect the teak wood. This is problematic, because the locals use watered down versions, sold in small coffee cans.

Sleep on my new solid teak bed.

Please note, daily I search for anyone here in Kara that does anything even slightly close to correct. Most just buy the wood, nail it together, and hope to sell is before is dries and cracks. Fun stuff, and all in French, but sort of sad in the end, so much potential gone to waste.


Andy Lee Graham

Custom Made Solid Teak Bed For 75 Dollars