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Can you Believe it, they Deliver the Chlorine to your Door, this is an Incredible Advantage of Living Abroad

This video shows Chlorine, you know, the Chlorox bleach for washing clothes delivered to the home of residents of Dominican Republic.

Fri, 24 Feb 2012 01:56:28


Living of life is incredible simple, and somehow the human makes it more complicated than it needs to be.

We eat food.

We shower.

We dress our body with clothing.

We clean our clothing.

When I was young, we explained our live in simple terms, gut level, down to earth, the boys would says,
"Shit, shower and shave."

What do I appreciate about 85 percent of the planet?

Simplicity, in this video below, you will see a big tank of Chlorine, whereby a man is driving through a neighborhood in Montellano, Dominican Republic. Get this, they recycle the bottle, not because they want to recycle, but because that is the best sustainable method. The bottles are empty, so they bring them out to refill them.

The net cost of a bottle of chlorine sold in this fashion is one-half that of a bottle sold in a supermarket here.

What I am trying to say is this, when you simplify the world, we often have develop an over-developed world that is not better, it is just more complicated.

What we really need in life was delivered to our homes before the fast food convenient, inconvenient world was developed.

50 Year ago in American, there was fresh milk delivered to the home.

If I wanted, I could have a home here in the DR with a Gardener.

I do not like to do yard work, but I do like flowers, plants, and I would love to have pumpkins growing behind my house. Even in my wildest dreams, I cannot afford to pay to have a gardener live on my property in the USA. But because of the insane amount of money I earn in the USA, and the insanely cheap living in a country like this, I can have a gardener.

I can sit in my home here, never get off my butt, and have Chlorine brought to the house, because the cost of "hands" is cheap. I can have services provided to me and never need to go fight the traffic.

Daily, trucks past my room, they have this obnoxious loudspeaker system, I wish that was not there, but they do this, they call out.


The people come out of their homes, the maid, the gardener, the people walk out and buy fresh food, no need for a fridge, the food is so fresh, there is no need buy more than what it needed.

The world delivered to your door.

Can you Believe it, they Deliver the Chlorine to your Door, this is an Incredible Advantage of Living Abroad.