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Avoiding Shopaholics in the USA is One Great Benefits For Expats Who Live Abroad

It is impossible to avoid people thinking about buying things, but when you scramble the languages, if we live abroad it does slow the talk.

Fri, 25 Nov 2011 00:50:46

"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone."
- Henry David Thoreau

Tale for Sale

This piece of tale is for sale in Sosua, and the men talk about what they purchase, 90 percent of the men here bring their USA addiction to buying here to Sosua.

--- When a person continually talks about something, it is a sign of compulsive behavior, we all are addicted to something, what is your drug of choice? I am one of the richest men on planet earth, all my possession are held in one small backpack, it is one of my greatest accomplishments, to give up all the things that I thought protected me... I can live abroad because I am not addicted to buying.

One of my great fears of ever living in the USA again is becoming a normal American who thinks about buying things, I am afraid of compulsive behavior.

I am Andy Graham, and I am a recovering alcoholic, which means I have stopped be a drunk jerk now for 30 years and 5 months.

I am afraid, I am always wise and savvy enough to know when that any type of compulsive, obsessive behavior can become an addiction. Shopping or dwelling on shopping is an addiction of sorts, and a major problem in the USA.

Trading one Addiction for Another
Truly at first when a person gives up drinking or any addiction, they do not stop the addiction, they just trade it in on a new one. Maybe you can stop your addictions if you live abroad?

Some alcoholics when they stop drinking:
- Work all the time and become a workaholic.
- Exercise in the gym
- Eat food
- Talk about not drinking and consume coffee and cigarettes.

70 Percent of Americans are Compulsively Thinking about Buying

When you get into the car, are you going shopping 80 percent of the time, or are you going to eat? The both are addictions... or can be.

Are you prioritizing how to buy, where to buy, what to buy?

If you are caught in a snow storm do you feel less than normal?

Do you go the mall every Saturday or Sunday?

My Biggest Freedom is Living from a Backpack
The biggest revitalization of my mind, the liberation of my soul was minimizing my life to one 40-80 liter backpack, the stuff in my life does not control me or my mind, it is now open to see the world. Because I do not buy, I can live abroad.

Yesterday I worked to Enable People to Shop On line Here in Sosua

We are working at to put up 100 Expatriate or great places to live cities on the planet. For example, we have for Sosua, Dominican Republic the site called "My Sosua." it is ""

The goal it to make a guide to how to move to Sosua, and live in Sosua, and get to know all the foreigner here. Sadly, this is highly needed, because all the Expatriate sites have only one goal, to fee the addiction to shopping and sell real estate, they are almost compulsive in their desire to enable people to buy, buy and never leave the USA.

Escape the USA, the big site called Escape Artist is just trying to tell you how to cheat on taxes, live abroad, and continue being 100 percent an American who has to consume, but without obeying any of the rules.

On line Buying with,, Kindle, and Ipad is an Addiction

Kindle Provides free Internet access worldwide to allow me to buy, to never stop buying.

Did you know that E-bay can send items to India from China, to make all the people in India addicts to buying.

The apple idiots, Steve Jobs not only created the most shopping addicts on the planet, he also convinced them to have conspicuous consumption and pay three times the cost to buy a brand that does nothing much more than a PC at one-third the price. Steve Jobs convinced people that buying was a need, not a want, and that only his products proved you was smart.

How to get products purchased on Amazon or Ebay shipped to Sosua?

The baby boomer's cannot leave the USA, they need to shop, or they need soap operas and sports, these are the religions, the addictions that keep them caught in the USA. To make places like Sosua, an Adult community, a horrible place for a girl for the average family, but a great place for the digital nomad to live is dependent upon buying.

How to allow a person to continue their buying addiction... I just realized, many of these men go to the New Garden Hotel, and talk, show photos of girls they purchased the night before, they are addicts to buying, it is just girls, they want the control of buying women, then doing things with them. It is  annoying to listen too, because they talk like a person who just purchased a couch for their house, how big, how nice, the color, etc.

Mail Forwarding Services are Needed for Expat Colonies

Two major ways to know if you are really in an expatriate colony, a place where there is enough English conversations to keep you from going native or crazy.

1. Used bookstores in English.

2. Mail Forwarding, normally sent to Miami, then sent to the city.

I bleeded out the information from a local buying addict yesterday here in Sosua:

There appears to be three companies in Sosua for Mail Forwarding.

1. Trans Express near the Western Union office

2. EPS near Jolly Rodgers or close, I do not know yet.

3. Bankers Trust, but seem full of headaches, but somewhere.

Ok, so what I am doing is helping people to be shopping addicts, but the same as Boat Mail or other ideas, we need normal mail, like ATM cards sent, we need staples, all addiction normally have value.

Nothing worse than an addiction that I cannot give up 100 percent. I am addicted to eating, and I have to learn to moderate. Well, the truth is, I like to fast and diet, it is easier than moderating my diet.

Shopping is needed, and living out of a backpack slows me down, because throwing good item away is painful, I sometimes or often buy too much to carry to the next location, but 100 less than other people around me.

Fun stuff, and I know you have a 70 percent chance you are about to stand up and go buy something, it is in your brain always, you are always thinking about some purchase, it is your obsession.

I left the USA about 14 years ago, and became obsessed with looking at people, to Chronicle the real world. What is good, it is incredibly cheap to travel the world looking at people, when you do not buy.

I am average man who spends less than 800 USD per month to live, and I can live anywhere on the planet because I am not addicted to buying, or drinking...if you drink, you need 1600 at least in money per month.

Andy Graham in Paradise, because I do not drink or buy.

Note, I also now have a web site called, "My Thinking Problem." with the hope of helping people with compulsions or addictions to understand the underlying dysfunctional behaviors that force them to act out and do something compulsive like drinking, buying, working etc, and the other 50 major type of addition that keeps you from managing your life, and you lost control.

I do not have an addiction, I have thinking problem, and because of these thinking problems I go out an practice my addictions.

My Thinking Problem


Avoiding Shopaholics in the USA is One Great Benefits of Living Abroad