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1-2 of Your Friends Will Go Live Abroad in the Next Five Years

1 in 50 American will live abroad in next 5 Years: I anticipate an explosion in the number of people who go live abroad, it has started.

Are you going to live abroad soon, will it suddenly become a great idea, even though you never considered it in your plans. I have been trying to evaluate the situation, there truly are no good facts on living abroad, these are my estimates.

The loyalty to the USA is decreasing, the number of people getting passports is growing, and moving abroad is becoming as easy as moving to another state. When I think of the choices, whether to live in the USA or Guatemala, the answer is obvious, Lago Atilan is the best choice. whether to live in Sosua, Dominican Republic, or Indiana, not a problem.

It is snowing in Indiana, why would I want to deal with snow?


Right now, about 1 in 200 Americans go live abroad for between 1 and 7 years.

Right now in 2011, 1 in 20 British go live abroad.

109,780,364 people in America have passports:
(Pasport Statisics)

If you take into consideration in Britain the European Union allows for them to move around, and the number of India or Pakistan and other factors. Then for America there 15 plus are Mexican who may be going home, yet be an American citizen, these are my estimates

1 in 50 Americans is going to Live Abroad in the next Five Years.

Has our Pension been sabotaged?
Does it seem impossible to live on your Social Security check?

There is myth that living abroad is expensive, while in reality a person can live abroad for about one-fifth the cost of living in the USA.

I alway remember one of my friends saying,
"I need 2000 US per month to live in the Philippines."

I did not reply, it was too stupid.
I wanted to say, you got your wants and needs totally confused.

94 Million people in the Philippines, and less most live on less than 300 USD per month, but my American friend cannot.

I guess, 95 Million Filipinos are smarter than him.

He is surrounded by people living cheaper.

I have been thinking for years, and I am surrounded by people spending 20-100 times more than needed. As the USA turns into Detroit, and all the business move to countries like China that earns 300 USD per month. an increasing number of people are going to outsource their cost of living.

Why pay 2000 USD to live in the USA, when you can pay 500 and have the same quality of life, plus not fight the weather?

NOTE: The Seven Year Itch is Enforced for People Living Abroad

Generally, as I see it, very few people live abroad longer than seven years abroad, then most reconsider their options. Think about it and realize, they could live in the USA a lot cheaper, and move back home to be with friends and family.

What is going to happen though is millions of American shall start searching for alternative ways of living, what was impossible is not possible.

10,000 Dollars and you can go on vacation for three years, at least stop working, live meager, simple and be rich in time.

We need people to work, if not they would get drunk, make babies, and spend all their money on stupid things. However, there is the 1 in 50 who can control their urges, stop the crazy spending and enjoy a life of leisure. I am always painfully aware I am only talking to the 1 in 50 or the 1 in 500 who can rise above the masses and live a life worth living.



"As America turns into Detroit," there are not going to be enough workers and businesses to pay $3T+ for 100M Americans either on SSI, disability, "improverished" and in unemployment. They may feel entitled and owed this money, but the only way the government will be able to pay for these receipts benefits is to print money. The $12 to 14T US economy is not going to grow fast enough. The economy may indeed contract, as American producers become tired of being "leached off" from the "entitled" and move to more appealing places. Bottom line: Hyperinflation will cause a drastic fall in living standards for most Americans living at home within 5 years. The $500-2,000/mo. retirements in foreign countries may not be possible.

Americans living overseas are the easiest targets since they don't have any Congressional delegation looking out for their interests, and the easiest to call unpatriotic since they choose to live abroad. Expat = scapegoat for America's woes.

Viva the old American work ethic and idea of not becoming a "burden on society."

On a smiling note: John and Paul may have sung, "Money can't Buy me Love..." but it sure attracts the golddiggers and helps the old men and women to suffer and age in comfort. Got love the free market in companionship...


I am not worried about dying from lack of money. I will always be OK because of my low expectations. Generally, people can become very depressed and angry when they do not have all the normal types of things cars, houses, a trip to the mall. I believe the next 10 years could be decade of discontent for America.


It is true most americans seem really behind in International trends. I have met so many well educated and hard working young people whilst traveling and they are willing to work for less money than a fast food worker in the United States. Sadly, Americans are not very efficient workers and have horrible money management skills compared to the workers of developing nations.

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