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There Are Evil Places - Live The Good Life An Online Education Class

There are evil place, we have instincts, we can learn to trust our instinct, there are so many good places on the planet, why would we enter, or stay in any place that feels evil. However, I have noticed, my friends often want to go to evil places.

Tue, 14 Jan 2020 00:04:51

There are places where I don't feel right, where I am positive I don't fit in, and I declare to myself, "no joy."

In a roundabout manner, there was an invitation to go the Circus Bar in Panajachel, Guatemala, a place where I have tried to enter maybe 5 times in my life. One time I actually ate an extremely over-price, pizza with two friends, it was a horrible memory. I was suppose to go along, and say, "I enjoyed paying too much for pizza." Of course, few people have a grip on value, it they want to do something, it is ALWAYS a good value, they are oblivious to value. 90 percent of people...

Well, I committed, to go to the Circus Bar, and eat with a group, but that little voice in my brain said, "Andy, you hate the Circus Bar."

Hate is fear, I know that, my fear is always I will accept evil. I feel the Circus Bar is at it basic nature an un-holy place. It has nothing to do with alcohol, I like to go to the Palapa, a place that is wide open --- why would I go to the dungeon cave of a building the the Circus Bar when in the tropics, it just seems unwise.

I have lived for 22 years, and 112 counties listening to my felling.

There is this psychological concept called: "Approach-avoidance conflict"

Wikipedia Quote:

"Approach-avoidance conflicts occur when there is one goal or event that has both positive and negative effects or characteristics that make the goal appealing and unappealing simultaneously.For example, marriage is a momentous decision that has both positive and negative aspects.


The decision maker might initiate approach toward the goal, but as awareness of the negative factors increases, the desire to avoid the goal may arise, producing indecision. If there are competing feelings to a goal, the stronger of the two will triumph."

Concepts to consider:

1. Why I am afraid, or want to avoid is not important? 
If you trust you instincts, you know you brain has rational feelings, and to mentally over-ride feelings, emotions and fears is, well silly.

2. Humans have fear, and hate to protect them.
We have evolve, to fear and hate, because it protects us from real dangers.

3. What other people do is of little consequence.
Why? We do not have to part, and in agreement with all groups, we have free will, and to live the good life, we must side with the good life.

4. The good life is less of the bad life.
--- If you are not sure something is good, to go forward is a question mark.

5. If you have to ask whether it is a good idea, then probably not.
-- I am an alcoholic, and there are dysfunctional place, like the Circus Bar, where I do not feel good about, "Therefore, if I am asking if the place is good for me?" Then I have my answer.

6. I do not need to give the benefit of being open minded.
This is how people are waylaid, whereby the trolls under the bridge suck you in, and conquer you, and remove the good life from your world. They say, you are not open mind... Please say, "It does not obviously feel like a good idea."

7. There is an overwhelming amount of good ideas.
There is no shortage of obvious good ideas, things to do in life, whereby we do not debate, so do them, persist in making good decisions.

8. People will insult you, they are not your friend.
A lover, a friend does not insult, or belittle you, they allow you to you.

9. The Good Life is Easy.
Avoid places you do not feel good about, what is left over is good.

10. Optimize your happiness, before every decision, think.
Why am I doing this? Do I really want to do this?

11. Evil, non-happy, places that don't feel good, bad feelings are real.


Accept that number 11 is true, and walk on the other side, do not make excuses, or justify what you feel are unhappy, non-good places.

Note: I believe fat people have lost hope, they lost the battle, their compromises, their acceptance of the bad life removed their motivation to believe.

The good life is empowerment, I want you to feel strong, not weak, if you do not feel strong after you do something, don't do it again.

Insanity is doing the same thing again, and expecting a different result, I have entered the Circus Bar 5 times in my life; I am not insane.

Life is good.

This was written in a little 80 dollar per month room in Panajachel, near the Hotel Victoria.
January 14, 2020

Live the good life, thank you, your friend, Andy Lee Graham

Top Gun, there are place we must make a choice, to not go.

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