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Throw Rocks At Stupid Boys

Throw rocks at stupid boys, that would be fun, but much better to ignore them until they ask the right questions --- What happened to the 5-6 W's?

Five Ws


Yes, saying, “Throw Rocks At Stupid Boys” was a cheap way to get you to read this.

Did you ask yourself "why?"

This Blog post is about learning, and the importance of the “Five-Six W’s.” Making a statement that leads you to ask why, is a good way to write about the W's.

There are days in my life, when I want to throw rocks at people. 

Why? When they ignore The Five Ws, or Five Ws and one H, or sometimes known as the Six Ws. These are questions whose answers are considered basic in information-gathering.







“How much money?”

There are people on the planet that refuses to answer these learning words. I have learned to not trust them. I know that I cannot throw rocks at them. I can listen to them and ignore them, or nod my head a lot, but trust them? No!

Many times, I repeat the question. Sometimes I repeat the question multiple times, just to see the levels of their dishonesty, or to gauge the size of rock needed. 

Traveling the planet is easy; it just requires money. Earning the money can be difficult. Spending the money is easy. It completely baffles me when I ask a question like, “How much money does that cost?” and the person deflect, ignores, or says, “I don't know.” 

Don't throw rocks! Do challenge your children, friends, family, and colleges to answer the 5-6 W's.

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And, if bored, we can learn how to throw rocks better.

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