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The Cloud Signals End of The Free Information Age

You will soon need to pay the cloud for to use software, read Blogs, read books, read newspapers, unless you pay at the age, the cloud will deny access.


The Ability of Small Companies to Monetize with Ads is Ending

The end of free to read is coming, the squeez is coming.

Here is a true story, a couple of days ago I was trying to test what I thought was a stand alone software program called "Grammarly."

I finally understood, and realize, this program or interface requires an Internet connection, I must be connected to the Internet. This program is hooking up with schools and get them to pay a monthly fee.

Cloud Computing end of free information

I think for roughly 20 U.S.A per month, I can try use the program, but not when I am offline. The have the same marketing plan as You give them your auto-check withdrawal, and it take an act of God to get it to stop.

Memberships to

Memberships to Netflix.

The Mac tablet require you buy from the cloud as I understand.

What is humorous to me, the government wants SOPA to stop the pirating of information, but Mac, and many Tablets have this all wrapped up, they must be working day and night to control information.

Here is an argument that blame SOPA, but the government could never pass enough laws to put the brains behind out of business. But Mac, and the Cloud is already doing it.

There is no choice, the big G is controlling all organic search, they will soon only serve up pay to advertise search results. However, the big International Internet companies will soon squeeze the Internet. You thought was bad, the future is bleaker, they did an end around on users.

The Blogger are already rolling pay to read service on I signed up the other day for the Kindle service, to serve my Travel Blog.


You know why, everyone wants everything for free.

We at Hobo will soon be offering reasonably priced travel gear, and we will sell our gear, books, and other products directly to our members. It is fun, it is interesting, but do not trust the big boys, they are going to soon raise their price, when they have closed the door to the free information age.

Toll Bridge

You will pay the "toll' bridge fee to enter the cloud, the computer will not work without you paying the fee. Robin Hood will never be found, he ran for the forest, and Sheriff monitoring the gate is ruthless. They got it all figure out, this is the end of the free information society

SOPA, and the government is nothing, watch the mulit-national Internet corporations squeeze information for every penny possible.

Here is a company that will "Cloud it Up," convert software, to software that need connect to the Internet. The Christmas Future of Software.

Clouditup convert your software to an online App

I guess I will not buy a new computer for a few years, maybe 10, or I will stockpile a few laptops for the Christmas future of Software, where new operating systems demand I use the Cloud, and pay the toll bridge entrance fees.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

You pay a toll to use the cloud, or you cannot play. title=
The cloud is the end of free software.