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The 10 Great Mysteries Of Travel - Learning

There are 1000's of unsolved mysteries of travel... When I was in Varanasi, India, the man in the Hotel said, "I can never leave India, it is a giant question mark."

Mysteries of Travel

The 10 Great Mysteries of Travel

  1. Which is cold, left or right on the faucet? And, why not clearly marked in Hotels?

  2. Where to have sex in hostel?

  3. And, when will Hostels owners accept, drunk people are goint to have sex in the Hostel?

  4. Why tourist dont learn people are mostly the same? (Tourists often want to say the people are exceptional, the rose colored glasses problem.)

  5. Why Europe does not have cloths dryers?

  6. Why no clocks in airports?

  7. Why there is music in the background of language videos?

  8. Why do language teachers think I can learn a word said one time?

  9. Can the German culture learn to not start a sentenc with “But?”

  10. Can Americans realize there is nothing worst, then being racist against our own race?

Please add your great mysteries, please understand rule 11…?

11. Why do people be trolls, and flamers on Internet?

Life is Good,

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham
Smart Hostel - Odessa Ukraine
Lying on the couch in the common area, 5:59 AM
August 31, 2018

Bonus mystery...

Why the people, maybe men in Ukraine leave the toilet seat up most of the time, an abnormal amount, as if this is the custom of Ukraine?


A fun travel missive i wrote today, the 10 Great Mysteries of Travel, and please, i know there are 1000's, this is just a great title, tell me your mysterious questions please. -- And here is my personal mystery, why is it super painful for me emotionally to proofread, or reread what I write? Life is good...




Where is the toilet paper?
Where are the street names and numbers?


What is the American race?


Used to be the Indianapolis 500, probably replaced by NASCAR now LOL


Lawrence, belive the American race is the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.


I thought it was the race to the top. Dang.


The American Race is the group that will soon be out of the genetic pool because of self-loathing. The American Race may be the race to the bottom of the pool.

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