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Please Read 1 in 20 Newsletters to Learn

Learn about any subject by subscribing to newsletters, Blogs or websites.

A write a daily newsletter, and I hope you do not read it daily.

I subscribe to 50-100  newsletters
--- I can "monitor" them all in about 10 minutes per day.


Generally, I do not learn diddle from CNN, BBC, or news channels, they are just exaggerations of gossip. They are written to make me angry, therefore I do not read them, because I want to learn how to live happily.

Scientific American sends me a Daily Digest

I read the Scientific American titles daily, I actually read only about 1 in 40, they truly are not very good, strangely so-called scientist are now writing exaggerations. But, 1 in 40 is rather good, well written and worth reading.


I get update from Instructables, I think maybe I read about 1 in 3 of them, I truly get a kick out of what they teach me to do. I learned the othe day how to melt my toothbrush, to make it hangable.


In my opinion, learning is not about reading, as much as it is about monitoring subjects. I only read about 1 in 20 of the newsletters sent to me.

Current events on CNN come and go, more or less gossip on steroids this is not learning, it is selling anger.

However, we all can learn about anything we want, if you want to read about bears, there is probably a newsletter. If you want to learn about how to knit, I am sure there is something to read.

Learning does not make me angry!

Life is good, and there are many paths to take, but it seems to me, that walking down path that make me angry should be avoided.


Only closed minds refuse to keep learning. Unfortunately it seems there is a multitude of such minds around the world today.

As for media news it has become either or both entertainment and propaganda rather than what is really happening. Not that a lot of real news gets out to the public but it often is secondary and/or never fully explained.

Then there are the outright lies that are covered with more lies, innuendo, gossip and stupidity.

I worked briefly for a small paper once and quit when I wrote an article critical of a local business (with backup proof).
The editor insisted I make changes saying the opposite as this business was a top advertiser, etc.

He said if I did not do so it would not be published and I may be fired. I said OK and went back and wrote my letter of immediate resignation and called the local State Office of Human Resources (employment) where I had a couple of friends so my rear was covered then went and gave it to the editor along with a few choice words of his worthless reporting of the truth.
He said I was fired, I just laughed as I happily left for the local bar where a lot of media truth is available along with a lot more fish stories.

This is something that happens daily in the vast world of media where the truth is not always out there.

Look back at the Viet Nam War when so much was reported about how we were winning all the time and the low body counts of our troops, etc, etc.

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