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I Want to Have Respect for You, Not Assume You are Stupid

Learning requires we know there are both sides, the good and the bad of a situation, a wise student know to also look for the bad.

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:57:07

I was having a conversation with Andrew, my partner, and coder from India. He was commenting on this travel blogger he appears to like to read. And generally he said,
"X only writes about the good of a country."

I suppose it helped, that the guy just took a tour group into India, no matter what we say, we do not enjoy anyone ragging on our own country.

I said, 99 percent of travel writers write romanticized and wondrous stories about countries to sell tours.

Apple sells stupid

I have zero desire to be this type of writer, in reality, if you just walked up to me and said,
"You are a travel writer."

It is possible, I would want to hit, ignore you, or walk away, this to me is an insult, I do not want to be a travel writer. Yet, if I ever write about travel, then I am being a travel writer, so I do understand why I would be called a travel writer. (I have no desire to talk with travel writers, they are not to trusted.)

I will continue to explain this to Andrew...

Andrew, I am a travel spoiler, this makes people very angry, people make a decision to travel to India. They then search for travel writers that tell them all the wonderful  reasons to go to India. Now, remember the person has already made the decision to go to India, and wants validation that they made a good decision. Do not tell them anything bad, or they will be angry.

If a person writes like me, and tell them something bad about India, the reader will get angry, they want validation, they do not want to make a bad travel decision, any objecions to India will cause them to second guess their decision.

I want people to learn about India, and all learning has both the good and the bad, while 99 percent of travel writing is just a fancy advertisement.

This is fun stuff folks.

So, in my opinion 99 percent of travel writers consider the readers stupid, and want you to accept a world where everything is perfect, and romantically wonderful.

Why? They make more money, the tour companies buy advertising, and all the comments on their blog are miraculously supportive.

Supportive of a lie, that India is wonderful.

It is both, as is all countries, they are all wondeful and horrible at the same time. A person that writes without explaining some of the bad assumes you are stupid and cannot handle the truth. But, for some, they need this, because in a way, travel is always a vacation, and a time of illusion, we go on vacations to escape real life.

Andrew is not a traveler, he goes on vacations, I am the traveler.

Sometimes I get hooked in by one of these travel writers, who makes a place really sound wondeful. I go there, it is not, and I remember that travel writer, and think badly of him or her for the rest of my life.

99 percent of readers are never going to go, the travel writer wil never be call on the rug to explain, yet I will go, and realized they lied. They let me down, but they did not let down 99 percent of the reader. Now, also remember, I do not go on tours, they are not real cultures or real life, a good tour is just a wonderful experience, a romantic tour of the travel destination, it is not the culture of the country.

I assume you are smart enough to handle the truth, I also assume it will make a few of you angry. And, I assume some of you will get banned from making comments when you attack me when you are angry, too bad, but that is life.

If a writer never gets an ugly bad comment, the writer did not make the readers feel, they just gave them a pat on the back, and send them down their happy little stupid path under the assumption the reader is stupid, and cannot or should not hear the truth.

They assume that patronizing you work, and it does, and that is sad.

Enjoy learning in life, because real life is both good and bad, in balance. Any  extreme attack, or a person who revels in contradicting is not a fun person to around and we are best to distance ourselves from them.

I do not care about making money, I care about treating people with respect. And please, do not call me a travel writer if you ever meet me in person, call me a writer. And never call me Dude, I guarantee I will not talk with you.


Andy Graham

If I do not use an Apple, then I am stupid, that is not a great way to make friends with me... hehehe