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How To Use Quotes From Famous People To Become Wise? - Learning

Reading quotes from wise famous people can give us insight into greatness. This page is to demonstrate how to use to self-teach.

Sat, 4 Feb 2017 05:11:41


Hello friends,

Reading Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and 1000's of other well know people is beyond our capacity. However, say you want to learn the the point of view of a specific person, then reading famous quotes from a person is an insightful way to understand why these people are great.

Why are people quoted? Because their words reverberate long after they are dead, what they say, what they said gave us insight into our humanity. Here is how to learn the essence of their thinking, without reading all of their writings, books, which would take a lifetime.

Step One:

Search on Google for: (Name of Person) and the word quote.

Example:   Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Often, will be at the top, and many other quotes sites, for this DIY, Do It Yourself learning example, I will use one of my favorite quote sites,

Ben Franklin Quote

Step Two:

Yes, you can go directly to, and search for the person you want to know about, or search on and read about the person. Wiki is sort of too much, too many details, and the editors can add way too many edits, and often try to smear the person, so quotes is the essence, without any bias added.

Goal: The goal is to click on one of the quotes, then have it open in a specific page for only that one quote. Then you can click on arrow for next page,
next page,
next page.


Study it.

Step Three:

Here are some ready to go links, you click on them, then click the arrow like the one in the image.

Next page,
Next page,
Next page.

Enjoy, thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Albert Einstein

Benjamin Frankline

Bill Gates

Thomas Edison

Right Click Google


Le vie est belle,

Andy Lee Graham on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
February 3, 2017

Can you highlight the Lake Atitlan Guatemala, and search for Wikipedia page?


Right Click on Google then Search
Benjamin Franklin