100 School Dropouts, And Description Of Leaders

Leaders study leaders I believe less than 1 in 50 people are self-employed. I believe 1 in 1000 has more than 10 employees, and is growing. These large employers are the business leaders. I believe a company that lives on after the death of the founder, is a company.

Leaders Explain So We Understand - Leadership

It’s best we avoid talking until sixth graders understand. There is always a simpler explanation. Confusion is the reason that anger exists, if we remove the confusion people are happy.



Learn To Write, --- A Letter To University Students - Leadership

What I have learned in 66 years of life? If I can write simple, then I can talk simple. If I can talk simple, then I can lead people. Great writers, and talkers become leaders. Students learn to write simple enough for a six-year-old to understand.

Management By Members Being Able To Complain - Leadership

Soon our site, 100 percent created remotely, There are no workers on this site that live in the same city. Me, Andy Lee Graham in 114 countries. Soon we will go ballistic, therefore I am working on 3-10 books for fun. I love to learn, so writing a book makes fuzzy thoughts clear.

Seth Godin Explains, The 5 Percent Change The World - Leadership

Seth is genius at K.I.S.S - Keeping It Simple Stupid – And, I am Andy Lee Graham, i.e. the “Stupid.” I wish to be a continuous learner, as Naval Ravikant, and Charlie Munger explained.

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