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Video of Travel Journal and How My Collars are Stretching, I Need to Buy New or Find Dryer

I am in the Dominican Republic, where the laundry cost more than anywhere I have been on Planet Earth.

Laundry should cost about 50 cents per pound, or one dollar per kilo, more than that and you are paying too much. I mean, just count or 10 or 20 pieces, drop it off, regardless of color and it should be machine washed and dried in a dryer.

All the clothes in a backpack normally should be less than 3-4 USD.

I am in Dominican Republic, they charge three times the cost in a poor, and stupid country, for me to pay this, means they are smarter than me. Therefore, I have yet to pay to have laundry done here, I do it myself.

But, my shirt collars are stretching. I am going to go buy shirts today for 1-2 USD, and maybe wash a load here in Luperon, if he has a dryer.

Capt Steve with dryer is 23 Pesos per pound, it is 38 pesos to the USD.

I bought two shirts, one an Izod for 40 pesos each, hehehe.





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