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Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation - How to Learn English

Search for a work in the dictionary, then listen to a person say the word in English.

Where is my Teacher?
How can a non-English speaking person learn to pronounce words correctly when there is nobody around to help?

- If I knew how to spell a word, I would not need a dictionary! Please help me!

I meet people on the planet that want to learn English. I have learned both Spanish and French, and now feel comfortable teaching myself any language. In many ways the teachers just do not get it.

First - You need to learn to sound out words, and phonetics. This means you can read the sign that say do not enter, open the door, stop, etc and have an English person that is close understand you.

Second - A 500 word vocabulary is needed to have an simple conversation. This online site can help you reach your 500 words needed.

I found this great free online page that solves first the spelling problem, it allow for auto-complete. A person only needs to know how to start to spell a word or phrase. Then it confirms in your home language, if you are lucky enough to be one speak one of the major ones.

First you search for the word:

Language Dictionary

Second you click on the speaker to have the word spoken in English.

Talking Dictionary of English Prounciation 

Now, go to this site to play!

Talking Dictionary. Dictionarist provides translations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian,
Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Albanian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dictionaries. 


Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:08:23

Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation, you can listen to the world spoken in English.
This English dictionary auto-completes, if you know how to start to spell it then it will suggest. Then you can read a translation in other languages.

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