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Talk Using a Systran Translation Project

Two people can have a conversation by using a the Systran Translation Project part of the Systran Translation software.

Sometimes you want to have a conversation with a person who speak another language and truly translators put words in your mouth that are not needed.

Goal: I want to talk with a French speaking person in Ivory Coast:

1. Two people who can read.
2. Systran Program
3. Start two project, one that is French to English and another that English to French.

Simple enough, when I type in English and it translates to French, when my friend want to say something she types in French and translates it to English.

 Systran Project

Warning: Please take care with this, you can lose friends that do not read, try to discover if the person can read and write before you start.


Sat, 23 Oct 2010 01:30:18

Talk Using Translation Software

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