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Language Toolkit, Please Learn The Essential Skills First

Learning a language is easy, if you grasp the principle of learning.

Learn a Language Fast:

First accept, and believe...

1 - We do not learn a word by hearing one time, do not allow people to say a word one time, and expect you to know it, make them repeat the word.

2 - We can only learn 1-10 words per day; more, and we are overwhelmed, make it fun, learn 1-3 words per day, words you heard in normal conversations. 

3 - See the Words
For example see the apple above, words are images, no image, and you are just reading scramble letters on a page, we need to make the word relevant.

99 percent of people believe they can learn a word in one listening, and they don’t need repetition. 99 percent of people just say,
“I cannot learn a language.”
Because the dumb asses, want to learn 100 words per day, or will allow a language teacher to drown them in words.
Think, a mother will repeat,
“Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.”
to a baby, why are you different?

How best to learn a word?
One of your friends will start talking about something, or, you can point at something, and then use the toolkit phrases.

Point at the apple, and ask:

1 - How do you say in Spanish?
2. - Repeat
3. - Write it down
4. - Spell it
5. - Louder
6. - Recognize when the teacher appears.

HEY YOU, DO NOT TALK ENGLISH, you need to say the words in Spanish, or the language you want to learn. Use the tools of a language.

1 - ¿Cómo se dice en español?

2. - Repetir

3. - Escríbelo

4. - Deletrea la palabra

5. - Más fuerte, 

Now, be aware, 1 in 50 people will help you to learn a word, will allow you to use the language toolkit, find you teachers.

Who is a Teacher?
Someone who will let you apply the toolkit, they will say the word, they will repeat the word, they will allow you to watch their mouth as they repeat the word. They will write it down on paper, they will spell the word out, they will say louder, when you cannot hear the word.

Most language teachers are too lazy to do this, they want to teach you 100 words in a day, and then you refuse to say,
“I am drowning.”

Please do not believe you are a genius, you need repetition of these videos, until you understand, one time means you do not care!


WIL - What I’ve Learned

Thank you,
“People who care about people, learn their language.”
- Andy Lee Graham

Before you use the Toolkit, you need phonetics; 99 percent of teachers skip phonetics, we need to learn how to pronounce words, how to sound the out.

Thu, 24 Dec 2020 22:43:03

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