Languages Of The World

Learn a Language Blog as explained by Andy Graham, a native English speaking person who now has learned Spanish and French while traveling the planet.

About one in twenty people learn a language without work, these people normally want to teach, or they will tell you how easy it is to learn a language. If you find learning a language difficult if not impossible, than this page is for you

Dominican Republic is the Worst Place to Study Spanish on Planet Earth

I would like to nominate the Dominican Republic as having the worst form of spoken Spanish on planet earth, it really is a separate language.

French Pronunciation Guide

French Pronunciation Guide, all the letters of alphabet, consonants, vowels etc.

I Made an International Traveler Faux Pas by Saying I Am Going to Mozy On Down the Road

I pride myself in being a World Citizen, and knowing that a sophisticated, seasoned world traveler does not use slang, or colloquial English language.

Language Toolkit, Please Learn The Essential Skills First

Learning a language is easy, if you grasp the principle of learning.

Language Translator BBtran for Smartphone on Blackberry Bold

I was able to use the BBTran application on a BlackBerry Bold in Togo, West Africa to assist me in speaking French to a Cote d'Ivoire women.

Languages Of The World

Learn a Language Blog as explained by Andy Graham, a native English speaking person who now has learned Spanish and French while traveling the planet.

Learning French By Reading Signs In Togo

People can learn French by reading the signs along the road, but more about recognizing than recall.

Playing Head and Tails with Coin in Spanish Cara o Escudo in Dominican Republic - Languages

Learning words in Spanish or another foreign language is easy if you learn in a complex situation, like making a video of "Heads and Tails" in Spani

Spanish Pronunciation Guide

First we need to learn how to pronounce the Spanish letters, then you will then be able to sound out words and pronounce them correctly.

Spanish Speaking World

Talk Using a Systran Translation Project

Two people can have a conversation by using a the Systran Translation Project part of the Systran Translation software.

Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation - How to Learn English

Search for a work in the dictionary, then listen to a person say the word in English.

Which Language is the Most Important to Learn I Have Discovered a New Language of Great Importance

Learning a language takes a long time, it is commitment, it is wise to be careful and choose a language that is useful to know.

Your Spanish Speaking Friend Wants to Learn English Point Them to

I speak Spanish, and often locals want me to teach them English, I recommend you send friends to this page to accumulate English Vocabulary.

My name is Andy Graham, I am a perpetual traveler, yes, I speak Spanish and French, however there was nothing easy, it was a lot of hard work.

But, it was easy to learn a language once I stopped listening to the "naturals." There are people who immediately learn languages, they are annoying to listen too. I am a "natural" at computer, I can just look at a computer and learn how it works.

How to learn a language if you are not a natural?

Language - Ways to Learn

FINDING TEACHERS - I have learned two language, the best teacher for the first 500-1000 words is a person who speak English and knows the other language. After you are conversational and can ask questions in the new language, then switch to a native speaker.

Finding FREE not Paid Teachers or Help

  1. Speak English and whoever replies in English can be your teacher.

  2. Put a sign up on wall to do a language exhange.


  1. You do not buy a dictionary.

  2. You do not own a Grammar Book

  3. You always find a person to translate.

  4. You are corrected on your pronunciation, and you do not change

  5. All your friends speak your native language.

  6. You instantly find a girlfriend or boyfriend in a country that speaks your language.


1. They make jokes with friends, and not with you
2. They tell you the wrong word.
3. They refuse to read the word in the dictionary for you.
4. They want to learn your language, but will not help you learn theirs.


  1. List all the letters in the alphabet and write how they sound with an example in your language.

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