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I Made an International Traveler Faux Pas by Saying I Am Going to Mozy On Down the Road

I pride myself in being a World Citizen, and knowing that a sophisticated, seasoned world traveler does not use slang, or colloquial English language.


I was talking yesterday with Frank, a Swedish man who command of the English language is exceptional. We sat and talk here in Sosua, Dominican Republic in front of the Motorcycle Rental company where he is working.

I caught myself saying,
"Well, I guess I will mozy on down the road."

I looked at him, making sure we had eye contact and a meeting of the minds, and then said,
"I am sorry, do you know the word 'Mozy'?"

He said yes,
I then used an acronymn, to jump charge him,

Too Much Information, there is just no reason on earth, that a non-English speaking person needs to understand Mozy, it is way beyond the call of duty. Plus, I felt a little ashamed, as it was one of them telltale identifier of my cultural background from Indiana.

I did the country hick thing, not that I care, however, generally I am a chameleon speaking person that generates the words I use relevant to the capacity of the person listening.

This speaks highly of Frank, as a Swedish person, his English language knowledge is so high, I often forget he is not a native speaker.

Fun language stuff, and a great empathy test.

Empathy Test: I pride myself in empathy, I talk with people in a language that is optimal for communication.

When you are listening to people talk, listen for slang, colloquial phrase, or non-standard use of phrase. This is how you can sense the abilty of the person to empathize or listen, if they cannot modulate their language when speaking, they cannot empathize and understand either.

Generally, Business Travelers can be extremely anal, I can talk 10 seconds with person traveling overseas and know their abilty to immerse themselve into a culture.

Sun, 4 Dec 2011 03:27:07

I Made an International Traveler Faux Pas by Saying I Am Going to Mozy On Down the Road

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