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one   thirty five   sixty nine  
two   thirty six   seventy  
three   thirty seven   seventy one  
four   thirty eight   seventy two  
five   thirty nine   seventy three  
six   forty   seventy four  
seven   forty one   seventy five  
eight   forty two   seventy six  
nine   forty three   seventy seven  
ten   forty four   seventy eight  
eleven   forty five   seventy nine  
twelve   forty six   eighty  
thirteen   forty seven   eighty one  
fourteen   forty eight   eighty two  
fifteen   forty nine   eighty three  
sixteen   fifty   eighty four  
seventeen   fifty one   eighty five  
eighteen   fifty two   eighty six  
nineteen   fifty three   eighty seven  
twenty   fifty four   eighty eight  
twenty one   fifty five   eighty nine  
twenty two   fifty six   ninety  
twenty three   fifty seven   ninety one  
twenty four   fifty eight   ninety two  
twenty five   fifty nine   ninety three  
twenty six   sixty   ninety four  
twenty seven   sixty one   ninety five  
twenty eight   sixty two   ninety six  
twenty nine   sixty three   ninety seven  
thirty   sixty four   ninety eight  
thirty one   sixty five   ninety nine  
thirty two   sixty six   one hundred  
thirty three   sixty seven   one thousand  
thirty four   sixty eight   million  

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My name is Ibeth Granda, I live in Quito- Ecuador, I am professional and experienced teacher of Spanish. You can study in the comfort of you hotel, or house while on vacations you can to know and the same time you learn another language  in the city, jungle and the beach. with me. Where do you prefer?? Or where would be confortable for you? My systems is very easy, and practical. I have an efficient program, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation, lecture and exercises,  with an active participation of you.

You can call me or write me!!!!


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My telephone is: 2603-148

My e-mail is: ibethgv@hotmail.com



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