101-200 BLANK Cheat Sheet  Blank 100 Blank 200 Blank 300 Numbers

Fax   Bag   Rice  
Internet   Carry On - Airplane - Bus - Train   Small  
How do you call this?   Luggage   Spaghetti  
Write it please   Small Backpack   Tomato  
A Block   Good Afternoon   Traveler Checks  
Bridge   Good Morning   Long Time  
Corner   Good Night   Short Time  
Here   Let me introduce   Today  
Meter   bar   Tomorrow  
Sign   beach   Yesterday  
Subway   hardware   Blocks  
There   laundry   Board - Airplane - Bus - Train  
Breakfast   mountain   Bus Stop  
Dinner   park   Car  
Lunch   doctor   Close  
Snack   lawyer   Far  
Beautiful   travel agent   Motorcycle  
Cute   Broke   One Way  
Fear   lock   Round Trip  
Horrible   safe   Taxi  
Love   secure   Tourist  
Pretty   storage room   Tourist Information  
Scared   To Protect   To Catch  
Thirsty   Cheap   To Do  
Ugly   Closed   To Find  
Air Conditioning   Credit Card   To hurt  
Hot Water   Expensive   To Live  
Hotel   Large   To Return  
Manager   Laundry Soap   To Say  
Receptionist   Medium   To See  
Television   Money   To Sleep  
Towel   Open   To Smell  
How many   Potato   To Travel  

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