Writing Books

Writing Books
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 1, 2007

I saw a very mediocre book on travel in Amazon.com about 5 times, it kept recommending it to me, a very annoying experience. Simple format, easy to write, just annoying book, however, the worst part, and I tried to read the book, it is just a bunch of crap.

I will not say the name, as the book is harmless, as are most travel books, they are just fantasy writers and normally should be thought of as fiction, about like CNN and BBC, however for sure as I read the travel writers, I see about an 80 percent fantasy.

However, this is it, I watched a show about Stephen King writing 1500 words a day, I can easily do this, however my skills sucks to say the least. But, I am more an idea man, and someone else can fix the writing.

Just me dwelling on whether to write a book or not write a book or books. Just thoughts, however it is obviously another way to add to my money. I want a pile of money, then I can travel easier into the Heart of Darkness... they always seem to say this when talking about Africa. Nonetheless, DOLLARS, is the only true protection when being a traveler. I can dollar my way out of most danger. Sometimes, it is just so expensive to buy the knowledge I need to travel safely.

Example, I could find a perfect map of Africa, WHILE I am in Africa. I want this, I need a good road map of East and West Africa. They normally suck, so if I had a PILE, I could buy them all and have them all sent to me, then carry the one that is good and dump the rest.

My ideal map of Africa would be in both French and English at the same time, and have every little small road on the map, and come in a few PDF files for my computer, and accompanied by a paper version.

The research, the shipping, the ideas I just said would cost close to 400 dollars, and I would need a person at home that would ship it to me, probably the bigger problem.

Well, on writing a book, there are too many, however maybes someday I can find someone who is a proficient traveler, hopefully a woman, and they can travel along while we pump out some books for fun. Note, I see most writers going home to write books, the bottom line is this is not going to happen. I like to travel more than I like to write.

Writing Books

Militant Geography

Militant Geography
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

I just read an article by Joseph Conrad, the writer of the book Lord Jim.
“Geography and Some Explorers.” National Geographic, March 1924.

I would say this man has a grasp of
- How things work. -
I read this in the Encyclopedia Encarta on my computer.

I download the ebook Lord Jim from the Gutenberg.org site, and seems I should try attain all his work.

Militant Geography

How Boring is Andy of HoboTraveler.com

How Boring is Andy of HoboTraveler.com
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

How boring is my blog?

I have posted maybe 325 times comments in the Help Center or Letters to Editors section of HoboTraveler.com.

While in the same time, I probably posted about 50-100 time on my normal blog.

Therefore, Andy, a.k.a. Me, considers the blog so boring, that three quarters of the time now he-me steers his post to the help center because he, me, considers himself too boring to read.

What a great receptacle for idle thoughts and maybe some are of value to someone, I am a collector, I collect ideas, and I need a place that is safer than my computer, which is always under attack by rain, water, ants and taxi drivers, plus an occasional cup of coffee.

I just posted two Book Review, now only on a too much playing social network would someone want to read my book reviews. However I have a second goal, I want to remember which books I have read, and this will work, and maybe I can remember or forget the book.

I am trying to hand off the torch, allow some more Hobo to help to be pure, to be a Traveler, to share, to mark the path. There are people who will not or cannot remember to go home, or maybe those who dream of escaping the 9-5, there is a way, the world is ours for the taking, but we need to stick together, and remember, are dreams are not for sale.

Help Center, Writing, How to Blog, Togo, About Andy,

How Boring is Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Brave Travel Writers Write Real Budgets

Brave Travel Writers Write Real Budgets
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I do not like to read about travel, I become too annoyed as the travel writers avoid or do not know the real budget costs of travel.

I will admit, I have never tried to tackle the job of explaining global travel budgets. I write about specific costs, I do not go global; I stay in the specifics and have not tried to explain how to travel the world in one areas of the site. I feel I maybe think I need to travel to the Stan Brothers, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea and parts of the Middle east before I can say, I know, or am close to knowing the planet.

The sad part is, let us be real, who has really traveled the whole planet, there are not many who have traveled on a backpacker budget, some who traveled on a Business Budget know the most places, not the cultures. However, off the top of my head, I know only one couple who I would say, comes close to knowing he world.

Why does a travel writer need to be brave to write about real budgets?

Easy, if you say or recommend Hotels for 500 US dollars per night, you just excluded about 95 percent of your readers. The same is when I talk about finding a room for 4 dollars; I have just annoyed about 95 percent of the click, browse, and click away readers. Say any specific dollar amount and some reader is annoyed and stops reading.

Recommend anything cheap and people complain, they want a Five Star Hotel on a minus One Star budget, geez grow up.

Why am I annoyed with travel writers, they normally only take the fantasy writing route. The fine dining restaurant, dream what I would do if I was rich and famous, Princess Diana, become a King fantasy adventure too safe to be an adventure trips. And a reader has to be brave to say a Five Star Hotel is bad.

I am laughing to myself; do you know why there are not very few travel writers in West Africa? It is because they cannot afford to travel here. Price an air ticket to Lome, Togo from your home round-trip and see if you do not get a little weak in the knees.

99 percent of Travel Writers make 1 percent of the money and 1 percent make 99 percent of the money. It is the rich who get richer and the poor get poorer scenario in as a nut you eat.

Annoyed readers is not a way to sell Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Expensive Tours, Hotels and Airplane Tickets.

I annoy more readers by talking about a 5 dollar room, then I talking about a 50 dollar room, I would annoy even less at 100 and start to annoy more at the 200 level and again to start really annoy if I say good valued rooms for 5000 per night.

Explaining how to cook rice with an alcohol cooker, buying bananas, how to cut up a pineapple in your room, or how I got sick eating does not make prime time travel readers happy.

If I talked about drinking wine on the French Riviera or having dinner in a with the USA Embassy workers in Togo French Restaurant, complete with wine testing, and clean table clothes, this would entice the fantasy travel reader more.

How could I write about real travel budgets? I first have to define the budget of my readers, and then write for them.
(I really thought first the words stereotypical tourist.)

I feel most wanna be travel writers dream about writing in one of these price ranges, and wanna be famous with some of these example of travel market stereotypes.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine Online

Rick Steves' Europe

Conde Nast Traveler on Concierge.com

New York Times Travel T Magazine

American Express

Journeywoman Travel magazine for women

Frommer-s Budget Travel Guides

Visa Everywhere You Want to Be

Thomas Cook

Geo Magazine

These groups are all focused on very specific markets, they are trying to appeal and write to a group with X amount of money, with this X amount of education and has this much time vacation and spend X amount of money per trip.

To write about a global real budget, I then make some general broad comment or copy that somehow appeals to each of ten price levels for real budgets, and then explain how to live within their budgets.

I would the need to explain all ten budgets to adequately explain how much it cost to travel the whole planet. Ergo, think, 10, this is why these magazines only try to manage one to three budget levels and normally where they can make the most money from the most people, it is about money, not about travel.

Learn a budget, ask a Business Traveler, and he will tell you,
- The company gives me this much per diem and I have this much money for room, they require that I normally stay in this Hotel Chain and kiss this mans wife. I can travel with these airlines and they allow me to get the Frequent Flyer miles so I can get a bonus. -

The will tell you their budget, this is what the writer has to keep as the top and bottom of their writing budget, they write about things to do inside this price range… hehehe If this was the groups you wanted to focus on, I would recommend you learn the per diem allowance for hotels for various cities of the planet as dictated by the US Internal Revenue, and have a laugh when you read about Lome, Togo.

I am a stereotype, however, the truth is, I fit in all the above categories better than I do in the one normally write about and truthfully everyone fits into all and none at the same time.

I be Hobo, who cares, I can do what I do, and be anything I wanna be, today, tomorrow or yesterday, because nobody pays attention to a tramp.

Which stereotype do you wish to be today? or maybe go Hobo...

Brave Travel Writers Write Real Budgets

AIDS is Cliche in Asia and Africa

AIDS is Cliché in Asia and Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

- A cliché … is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. The term is generally used in a negative context. -

UNaids. all figures estimates.

I was looking to see if the words hokey and corny are words, they appear to be words and acceptable to use, and more accurate and of more value than words like,

AIDS or SIDA in French and Spanish


I have decided to have fun with these words; I am making a collection of words that I am calling Worthless Words. These are words that have no meaning; however, there is now value in the words. If I read or hear the word,
- Crisis -

I know the Article I am reading is attempting to become worthless, the writer or organization start get my little ticks next to their names. The use of worthless words slowly evolves until the person or organizations using the words are also worthless.


There are writers who are credible, however they are ignored because of they refuse to use these words. I also realize, I have used these words in the past and this is a learning experience. I can start to apply some critical reasoning to my own selection of words.

Writing, Cliches, How to Blog, How-to-be-a-Travel-Writer, Togo, AIDS,

AIDS is Cliché in Asia and Africa

The Allude to Writing Style

The Allude to Writing Style
Po, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 9, 2007

It has been revealed, as I plug away, write away, type away on the computer, I learn to write.

In University I had many Professors and a couple of friends tell me to write in a Journal, I started about four times and stopped four times. I postulate today, I stopped because there was no reason to write in a Journal, and I agree with myself, there was not any reason for me to write in a Journal.

The simple reason to write in a Journal is the more a person writes, the better they become. However, reading is trying to be the yang to the ying of learning to write.

I have read two John Carre books, with an accent on his name, that is lost in translation with a computer. It was not my choice, I read the defaults, I read what is possible to read in my travel world, or any port in a storm.

John likes to use words, put words in people mouths I have never heard a person say out loud. Realistic speech is overlooked by John, as he mumbles his way through writing a book, more or less a personal narrative with characters thinking and talking as he thinks and talks.

I consider the form of writing a type of private dancing, done only for an audience that understand the words.

It has been revealed to me that people do want the opportunity to be the only one who understands. If I write to clearly, a John Grisham style, than the story had to very good, the story leads the way. However, a description of a country can be a heavy load of allusions, references and inferences to obscure knowledge.

Fair or just is questionable, however, I do realize, some readers do revel in knowing they understood some wild comments I make and do not explain. Maybe this is the definition of cheeky, to get away with saying something that in politically correct speech would be frowned on, but no yellow flags.

It is easier to write by alluding to something, than explaining it clear for the majority of readers to understand. However, I will now crack the gate and allow myself the convenience being oblique, an easy and lazy way for me to write. Just for kicks, so readers can revel in cognitive dissonance.

Is alluding to the differences of the Mekong to the Amazon to the Niger fair game or bourgeois?

The Allude to Writing Style

Helping Travelers Travel in Africa

Helping Travelers Travel in Africa
Orodara, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I now am now reading quite a few Travel Journals thanks to the RSS reader.

I hear many things,

I want to be famous.
I am an authority.
I am here; this is a good or bad place.
I am not writing a travelogue, I am writing an article.
Here, look at my photos. ( I am on Flickr.)
These are the facts, because I said so.
I hate my country, and so should you.
I am sorry, I do not post, I want to, but I am too busy.
I have this all planned, I will be here on this date, and leave on this date.

All these reasons are good; the one I like to hear is most, what I want to hear is,

…hello how are you, what do you think, did you hear this, and maybe this idea will help others travelers travel…
(Passive voice)

I know he or she is in a different country, however I know we are on the same path, yes, I will follow you, and thank you.

Helping Travelers Travel in Africa

Smile When You're Lying

Smile When You're Lying
A book called - - - Smile When You're Lying- Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer. An email was not sent to me explaining this book title and author.

I think one of them public relations type people, no he has a title, ok the Marketing Coordinator sent me this ready to go written statement, I call these Public Relations Releases. I think it was a compliment and the book does sound interesting. I for sure do not like Travel Writers. Hmm, is this guy a travel writer?

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

Sending me good book information is funny, it is almost impossible for me to read a new book published, so... Maybe if I am nice, publish this, they will send me a paper copy by UPS or Fedex... I would love a PDF file.

The book is about something I say or allude to all the time, and one of the reason I consider when a person calls me a travel writer an insult.

Chuck Thompson, travel writer, editor, and photographer, has finally decided to come clean about the travel industry. After more than a decade in the industry he had enough of the half truths that were demanded by his editors and was especially annoyed that the best stories didn’t make it into the articles.

In Smile When You’re Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer Thompson recounts his career as a travel writer and dishes the dirt on what really happened while he was abroad. From getting swindled in Thailand to running into trouble with customs inspectors in Belarus and media junkets in the Caribbean to experiencing the penis Olympics in Japan. Chuck’s work has appeared in Maxim, The Atlantic, Esquire, National Geographic Adventure, and Escape, among many others, but the stories you’ll read in this book never made it to the pages of those magazines.

While debunking the myths that the travel industry forces down our throats, Thompson also dispenses some brutally honest advice. His tips include how to get the best accommodations (you pay for it), how to get bulkhead seats (bribe the departure-gate agent with chocolate), why you must always hang up on morons (100 percent annual turnover at call centers means you most likely aren’t gonna get a dedicated helper), and that spicy is never as spicy as you expect (unless it’s in Thailand where “when they tell you it’s spicy, it’s going to taste like someone shoving a blowtorch down your throat for the next twenty-five minutes”).

Smile When You’re Lying is a laugh out loud behind the scenes look at the travel industry. If you would like a review copy of this book, please reply to this message with your preferred mailing address. Please visit
for more information.


Ok, that was nice, I am a traveler, I travel, a little difficult to say if this book is good or bad, or the truth is this, for a traveler it is almost impossible to buy these books. Then again I am a traveler... not a travel writer.

Andy in Manila, Philippines

Smile When You're Lying

Sanitizing My Travel Writing

Sanitizing My Travel Writing
My time in the Philippines has left me feeling like a hypocrite; therefore, I went to the dictionary to make sure I as calling myself the correct insult.

somebody feigning high principles: somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise

Philippines - Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I am sanitizing my travel writing.

One of my small goals for coming to the Philippines was to make small videos of the street children.

Then next I ironically blogged about this book,
Smile When You‘re Lying

More or less saying, and implying I am better than the normal travel writer and journalist. Agreeing that travel writers lie, and then being sarcastic about these fantasies, they write about. I have also use the word sanitize; I use it to describe the explanations people have of West African countries.

I am not clear, these are all fuzzy, unclear thoughts, there is no crispness to my beliefs and feelings.

I see things in the Philippines, I think thoughts, I have opinions that I refuse to write about, I guess I sanitize or clean up my writing, I leave out the whole truths. I do not lie, however I omit, maybe it is dishonesty by omission. I do not lie, but I do omit.

For example, I do not want to make videos about street children, and I am positive I do not want to sit around explaining, editing and writing about this subject. Maybe it is because there is no way to do this without taking a moral stance, then in some cosmic, take over the planet attempt to be good. I think of the term ahimsa. First do no harm, I find I sanitize what I write about because it could cause harm.

If I point my finger, blame someone, this is easy, and stupid, I would be lying, I also to not want to help the liars by taking the photos or videos they need. I know people distort the truth to make money, and the NGOs are the champion of this tactic.

There is nobody to blame for street children, it is very difficult to blame anyone or some government for poverty. If I were going to blame someone, I would blame or say the poor person is responsible for himself or herself.

See, hard to even talk or write about this, without taking a moral or blame stance, blaming poor people for their plight will not help them, and moralizing that they are responsible for their destiny is not going to help either.

I am in this mess of thoughts; I suppose all this could be filed under the thoughts,
- If I can’t say something good, why say it at all? -
Or my daily goal
- Wake up and be a good boy. -
- Do the right thing. -

The first goal of a 12-step call, is for you not to get drunk.

Sanitizing My Travel Writing

Getting your Book Published is Easy

Getting your Book Published is Easy
A person does not need to get accepted by a publisher now to write a book. There are POD Books, nowadays you pay between 500 and 2000 and you have a book.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Saturday, December 22, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I just feel a need to say this, I researched this for months a few years and in the last few weeks people keep talking about writing books.

Not easy to write one, but the publishing part is getting easy. If you are good on a computer and can type the book, you probably can work through the process. As best I can estimate, a person can publish their own book, and can get listed in Amazon.com and sold all the other book.

More or less you write the book and with the new world of computers, a computer file is made, and this big machine can take the file, and print it out as one book. POD Print on Demand

The big publishers wait until you boom the book, and when you are big enough, they may sign you up… More or less, when you prove the book will sell, then they will help.

More or less I think they wait until you are famous already before the bet on you, I have never written a book, however if and when I do, I think I will just pay about 1000 dollars and publish it.

The number one printer seems to be:

Wiki Explains well
Print on Demand

I collected some information:
Print on Demand


Getting your Book Published is Easy

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