Reality and new reports have very little correlation.

My good friend Chris sent me this article explaining that Taipei is going wireless and talking about the around the Subway to be first. I can see a subway entrance from my window, plus I can also see a default wifi connection on my computer. There is a wifi in the Hostel, however there is no way to connect to any of them. My new friend Computer Science major from Quebec cannot get them to connect either.

Maybe this is a complete pay to play systems like the Airports.

Airports have these wireless connections, that you need to use a credit card to access and pay a lot of money. Like 20 times the normal city rate, so I always pass on them, but think about it, but I am not going to put a credit card on a web site just to have an internet connection for one hour or more. Seems a little on the dangerous side, I have not discovered these countries to be secure, and for that matter I would not trust the USA much with a credit card on the internet. Still a world of scammers, spoofers, hackers, and too smart for their britches computer techies, that cannot do something great, all FLASH and no real professionalism yet.

But the world if full of hype and not much reality between what you read on the internet yet and what I encounter in this real travel life of mine.

Note you people staying in the Hyatt 5 Star Hotels are not inside the country, it is a cave for western cultures to avoid the country. You know, do not leave the resort life.

Internet Offices

I am in Manila, Philippines, there is an Internet Cafe called Station 168 on Adriatico Street on the second floor. It is in the Malate area and across the street from the Starbucks or Malate Pension.

It is open 24 hours per day, I had a reader write me:

READERS comments:

Thanks for all the info you post.
I\'m a self employed person in the U.S. with a business thats portable, so long as I have a broadband internet connection.

I\'ve been planning to open end travel much like you do, on the cheap,, and keep moving to see as much as possible. However my strategy must be different as I need a broadband internet connection.

I can reduce to 3 days a week working, and also work only 11 out of every 13 weeks (one business quarter). The four days in each week I can branch out and explore from the base camp. During the 2 weeks free (4 times a year), I plan to move and establish another base camp. Thus always being a tourist.

I have put together a budget that supports $32 a day in expenses. Thats double what yours is because of my criteria.

Any suggestions? Is this do-able?

Once launched I will be happy to send you source material for your site.

Thanks in advance for all your great ideas.



This is becoming a very important question to me as my site get very big and I am wanting to learn things more. Travel is better when I can find information and collect information. I like to research and read information about places. Internet access is normally good or great in most of the poorer countries. Access is difficult in Europe and USA, however becoming easier with the Wifi connections.

However to travel around the world I need to find places like the Station 168 in Manila or a place that has good Wifi in my room. Now, there are business centers in the Hiltons, Sheratons and all the 5 Star Hotels, however you are not going to have freedom. You must be in a big city and who can afford to pay 100 dollars per day and travel.

I need this:
Less than 20 Dollars U.S. per night
Poor Countries need to be less than 10
A cable to my room or wifi to my room that is free 24 hours per day
Internet Cafe that is open 24 hours per day and less than one dollar per hour.
Broadband or something fast enough is needed.

I am collecting on a page places that are prospective locations. I need to keep earmarking the locations. Some of you are going to point out Wifi connections. Although this is nice, mostly they do not provice and acceptable place to work that cost nothing. A Starbucks cup of coffee cost too much and lets be real, not the best place to work. Good to look at women, however to actually get work or research done, not the place.

I am collecting links on this page or blog:

I know about three places on the planet:
One in Manila
One in Taipei, Taiwan - Taiwanmex Hostel

Many Hostels in Europe advertise this, however I do not know one that actually gave this to me, the walls are concrete, it does not work, it is down, nothing is up to snuff. In the USA you can find Wifi Connections. My solution for the USA is to have a motorhome.

What Eric wishes to do is do-able.
32 Dollars per day is high to me, however I pay this.
2 Dollars per day for internet
No more than 10 Dollars per night for hotel.

The operative thing here is a person has to jump from one "Internet Office" to the next. The idea of a base camp is perfect than move to the next base camp.

I know that many readers think they have the place, however they sometimes think too high on prices. 5 Dollars is one days pay on the planet, I am not going to live in Ecuador and pay 5 dollars per hour for Internet Access.

I posted his comment because there are people that have the money coming in and the portable ability to travel. There needs to be a way to really find these places. I am not going to go there until I get some form of real comment or review. I know all the Hotels and Hostel lie. Trust me I look for Wifi Connections in the Hotel.

Wifi or Wireless Connection in Tobago

Wifi or Wireless Connection in Tobago
Saturday January 21, 2006, 9:20 AM

I am sitting here in an Internet Café in Tobago, every computer in the internet café has a wireless connection. What is normal for the world is for all the computers to be connect by Ethernet cable, with this systems I just unconnected from the back and plug into my computer. Sometimes I have to have help to configure the IP - Internet Protocol addresses.

I ended up leaving the café and going to eat with Craig and Rose, the man roughly worked on the computer from 9:30 to 12:30, he was not able to connect the computer and actually started to cause some problems because he downloaded a driver of sorts, it was a little nerve wracking for me, and I do not download updates. They cause more problems than worth, updates are a risk, and if there is a problem, I could be sitting around for a week trying to find someone smart enough to fix the problem.

FREE WIFI in Trinidad Airport

FREE WIFI in Trinidad Airport

This is my first time I have encountered free Wireless or Wifi Internet in an airport, most of the time it is this pay too much for connection with you credit card, not my idea of safe and secure.

Amazing, and nice, I believe for business or marketing they should do this in all airports as a big welcome sign for the country, we aim to please, this may very well just be an accidental open connection.

I am in the - NO MAN LAND -

I have check out of the country, departed legally, however I am not in Grenada, I am in - NO MAN LAND - the county or lack of country in between countries. I will fly at 10:20 or something with LIAT Airlines, I purchased the ticket online, nobody here on this side has asked about an onward ticket. Many of the travel agents would do this, as they know they can say this and scare you into buying a second ticket.

Free Wifi Antigua Airport

Free Wifi Antigua Airport

I am amazed, I think there are three free connections here in the Antigua Airport, I am in transit, in no-mans land between Barbados and Anguilla, however I am in the country of Antigua, however not in the country, ergo No-Mans Land. I have not idea how long my battery will last, the clock says 8:50 the time is really something like 9:30, I am not sure, I hope I am judging it right, I leave at 10:45 for Anguilla

One slip and I miss a plane, my time I have checked is 10:45 to depart with Liat Airlines. I am ecstatic to find some free wireless, contrary to any myths, the free wireless when really traveling are hard to hop on, the cost here in the airport is 12 Dollars US per hour for the box computer that are available, or 3 Dollars U.S. per 15 minutes.

Maybe Gary wrote me with the address of his friends in Anguilla, like most of the world they only really do email Monday to Friday, so a dollar short and a day late if there is not an email in my box already too late to adjust any plans.

Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

I have a FREE wireless connection in my room.

I am in Antigua Guatemala in the Hotel called Don Quijote, I have a Wifi connection in my room with this speed shown by graphic. I am paying 13 U.S. Dollars per night, about 7 more than needed in Guatemala.

I wish make some telephone calls with Skype.com and to get prepared to quickly enter the USA, do my deeds, then get out fast. I need to contact some persons before to get them up to speed for when I enter the USA.

I am in Room 8 a room without a private bath, however the routers is actually in my room. Wifi is not my preferred type of connection. A regular ethernet cable is more reliable and better. Wifi does not go through concrete walls good, therefore just does not work in most Hotels.

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

WIFI Antennae

WIFI Antennae

Chis sent me a great link on how to make a homemade Antennae for a Wireless connection to my computer.

WIFI Antennae


Wifi is not as easy as the make it.
In the USA it is easy because the telephone company send or sets up a open WIFI for homes as part of DSL. Oops a new open system
However, I purchased a wifi finder.
It found them, but did not say,
- This one is unlocked-
IF I had a little Wifi Finder that told me, this is OPEN or UNlocked I could jump on hot spot easier. Presently I have to turn on my computer in the middle of the street or in the hotel to see if there is one.
IF there was a handheld I would walk in front of the hotel... I should blog this.

I was writing Ash, decided it would be a good idea to open this up and try to find this device.
IF I could walk into the lobby of a hotel or hostel, take a look in my new room. Open the little WIFI Finder, check to see if open, I could then make a decision to rent the room or not to rent the room on the availability of the Wifi.
In the room I am in presently the owner of the Hotel did not know they had WIFI in the room, I turned on the computer by accident and said,

I found it.

I CANNOT OPEN a computer in the lobby of hotels. I have a front backpack, a backpack and who cares what the hotel advertises that never works.


How good is WIFI in your Hotel

How good is WIFI in your Hotel
I make webpages, then I publish them to the internet. Let me explain in another analogous way. Pretend you opened a Microsoft Word program to write a letter, than you clicked on file, save as, and named the file, than clicked on OK. The letter you wrote would be saved to the computer. I do the same, except I save it on a computer that is on a Relio.com server in Wales in the UK or Great Britain.
When I am sending the information from my computer to the computer in Wales, there are many ways this connection can break or have problems. Normally 99 percent of the problems are on my end of the lake. In the end, what I want is a rock solid connection, no stalls, no slowing of the signal, then at the very end of the trail, I want a fast connect. I first want solid steady rock solid signal, I want the tortoise. I do not need the rabbit, I want extreme consistency.
ONE little stall and the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) will hiccup, cut, make it so one of the files does not send.
ONE little hiccup during a download or upload of emails will cause them to break.
1. All the emails will not be downloaded and then removed from my online email box.
2. When I send the emails they will not send.
(Warning - YOU think you sent the email, it was not received, you could be blaming
your employee for what was your fault.)
IF I am blogging and a photos has not published correctly, a broken picture or a half picture could show. Whatever the case, people do not care, they just want the photo to show and be happy.
This says... LOW, it should say if I am to be very happy. EXCELLENT.
I am in a Days Inn, a very clean, nice, wonderful Hotel, however I still want the EXCELLENT signal, I do not want low. This has been cause me numerous problems, yesterday I blogged to the internet by email, I did not check to see if the email when through. I got to the class to start talking and the page was not showing. I had not sent an email. I went to computer and looked. I was sending to three emails at one time, I think 2 was sent, then the last broke. The wrong one to break.
Bottom line, I have learned a lesson on WIFI in a Hotel, I need to check for the words EXCELLENT, maybe I need to do the same as I would in any other hotel. Assume I need to check signal, strength, does this really work. I have to decide today. Do I ask to move to a better location in the Hotel here in the Days Inn in the city of State College close to the University of Penn State.
I am paying for a signal as part of my package, I want a rock solid connection. I know there is a router or box that is sending this signal. Somewhere I normally could get closer to the signal. This is why I rented a room in the Don Quijote Hotel in Antigua, the router was in my room. I had the words Excellent 24 hours per day. It was a screamer.
Many signals available in the room, some open and some closed. Hard to say if I am actually on the Hotel signal, except for an obnoxious reason I keep getting the next graphics. They end with an advertisement, I do not like to pay for a pop up, take my screen advertisement.
I had trouble with the stronger, one opened that I-Hotel, sent this email. IT did not send.  I am suspecting their firewall ate it.. I am not sure, the bottom line is my foxmail email client says it is sent, I should be getting three emails in my Yahoo box. I should be hear little whooshing noises. Aagh, I cannot guarantee the emails sent. This is an extremely bad problem.
I have to click on this annoying thing, when the signal breaks which it has done a lot, because it does not say EXCELLENT it says low. Then they make me look at some advertisement page.
The signal keeps breaking, I am having trouble getting these graphics to show in my email client.
This is the little speed thingy. Someone wrote or posted when I was in Antigua wanting to know the speed. I normally do not pay attention to speed. I am wanting only a good solid, uninterrupted signal with no stalls. I tell by the feel if the connection is good or bad, I do not need to read these screens, I can see the speed by looking at how fast emails send, or how fast my Cute FTP program is working.
I think, not positive always I understand how this work, but I believe my signal if you looked this link was 10 time faster in the room in Guatemala.
IF I owned a Hotel, I would put wire ethernet in every room, this WIFI so fars is a nice toy, however many times just a toy.
How good is WIFI in your Hotel

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the HoboTraveler.com
Travel Journal

Open but Not Open Wifi Connections on Ohio Toll Road

Open but Not Open Wifi Connections on Ohio Toll Road

I stopped at a service plaza, I am not sure what you call these places. I stopped to buy a Hamburger at Burger King while on the Ohio Turnpike or Toll Road. It is a captive audience, pay to play, eat and buy more expensive than normal place.

I have this New Canary Wireless WIFI sniffer.

It says... a good 4 bar signal, and open on Channel 11.

I think, ok, enough testing, time to really test.

I go to my rental car, pull out my brains, hit the on switch. It will not work in the car. I go back inside, NOTE, there is this SBC sign, I do not know the company, I think the same one that wanted me to sign a contract to purchase my FREE Atom or RSS feeds. It was a long contract, full of too much, and I could not figure out why I was selling something that was FREE.

Probably the same as the sign, SMALL PRINT.

This is OPEN, however if you use your Credit Card. So I strike out, now I need, open, however free, no pay signals.


What is wrong with saying, yes or no, I do not have to pay or I have to pay. I now have a bad taste or a worst taste in my mouth over the SBC, now on the other hand I keep trying to learn or think why does't Mcdonald sell a Charcoal Grilled Hamburger like Burger King.



WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok

WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok
I am using this Canary Wireless Internet Access sniffer or finder, it works pretty good. I found one hotel off Khao San Road where I can pay to have WIFI in my room, it is the Lampu House, only good on the first floor, maybe...? For 30 Baht per hour and many codes and such, probably easier to go the Internet cafe.
I am in the Mango Lagoon or something like that, directly behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple on the one end of Khao San Road.
There is WIFI in my room, I go out sniffing around and when I came back I saw this 2 bar open signal outside my room. I am in an ALL concrete room, this is a problem, I opened the window and the signal works. Not strong, however OK, I am not sure, this is a test, I suspect they turn it off at night.
Last night I turned on my computer, however nothing showed up, who knows, this is not a stable enterprise hopping on free signals.
I purchased an Access Point Thumb-drive thingy in the USA that allows me to put a WIFI collector or receiver on the end of a USB cable. I think I can connect this to my computer and put the cable out the window, it should bring the signal inside the concrete room.
90 percent of the time the problem is concrete, most homes and hotels are built out of concrete on the planet.
I need to get the receiver or antenna outside the room, I am going to buy a longer or about 10 Yard or 10 Meter long USB cable tomorrow at Panthip Plaza, one of the best computer malls in the world about a 120 Baht Taxi ride from Khao San Road.
What is interesting about the sniffer is the names of the signals. I found or matched the name of the signal with the hotel and was able to find it, this is a help when I can read the name of the signal.

WIFI Sniffing Around in Bangkok

WIFI in my room

WIFI in my room
Wireless Internet access.
I was excited, I moved from room 404 to 201, two floors down so I could connect to the Internet. I checked it, it work, however I failed to check correct or the variables changed. It is possible a closer person is sort of robbing the signal. A weak WIFI seems to be a problem.
WIFI in a Hotel is most of time does not work. In the lobby within 30 feet, by line of sight to the router and it works. In my room, almost zero. I need to check the room to guarantee it works. Then the persons need to know how to run the WIFI.
I was in Singapore, my friend says,
- I have WIFI, you can use it from outside the apartment until I arrive. -
He does not tell me the security code, then when he does later, it does not work and we cannot figure it out.
WIFI is a mean joke, I get excited and then in never works.
The GPRS Cell phone connection works good in Thailand, it is closest to wireless I have had anywhere on the planet. It is slow, but dependable. Wifi can be fast, but is not dependable. Never assume the WIFI will work, you must test it, plus make sure you are in room that is close to the router.
An Internet cafe is still a lot easier than WIFI, but there is hope.

GPRS in Thailand
WIFI in my room

WIFI In Hotel Room in Bangkok

WIFI In Hotel Room in Bangkok

Ridiculous amounts of work to use WIFI, but I seem to have WIFI signal in my room here off of Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. Moved into one, and moved down to a room that functioned when it became available.

The only way to get WIFI to work in the room with off the shelf WIFI routers is to have a room within 10 feet of the router, or less...

Concrete walls stops the signal!

They advertise WIFI in the room, and I never believe until I check the room, the signal and somehow get room very close if not line of site of the WIFI router.

I am in the hotel, behind the Wat, on the little street leading towards the river. The hotel is on the right and has a 24 hour Internet cafe in front.

Oh well, it is the Erawan Hotel, I do not like to give my address normally, but this is a ridiculously hard thing to find. The room is 850 Baht and not cheap, the price is shared so I guess it is 425, still not cheap. A cheap room on Khao San is less than 220 Baht.

Give me an Ethernet wire in my room any day.

I have found very few room on the planet where I have Internet access in my room in a room that cost less than 25 dollars, less than 10 is almost never. I call this the old bait and switch.

The good part is with 24 hour Internet cafe in front, I have a backup, there are some issue of having a large website, that needs a great connection, at least every few months.

I go to Africa soon, and I expect the worst.

WIFI In Hotel Room in Bangkok

The End of WIFI

The End of WIFI

Wireless connections in hotels, I am predicting will soon be replaced by the truly wireless GPRS or EDGE or some NAME... etc.

I am in Katmandu, Nepal.

When the HDI rated 136th county on the planet, out of a list of 177 can provide me with more or less countrywide access for less than 30 US Dollars per month. I cannot imagine why I would live in a hotel with WIFI, when I can live ANYWHERE I want. The world is implementing this at rocket speeds.

Freedom is the goal, however, freedom with the least amount of compromises. A person can go to the Mero Mobile here in Katmandu, and have their computer set up for true wireless connection and travel the country.

NTC has mobile, but they want me to buy a 200 PCMIA card to use, - NOT -

There is a belief that technology in poorer countries bad, but with cell phone towers, or cells, the poorer countries are better than many modern countries. In a country like Nepal, they do not have to compete with landlines, therefore the poor countries often are installing more cells than modern countries.

Yes, the speed is slower, yet who cares, I can travel...!

The End of WIFI

Types of Internet Connections

Types of Internet Connections
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

There are many ways to connect the the Internet and work when in Africa, Nepal, or some country.


- Walk into Internet cafe, pull the Ethernet wire from the back of the computer and connect it to you computer, maybe it connect automatically or you need to have the Internet cafe worker configure for you. If they do not know how to do, go to another cafe.

EXTREMELY DIFFICULT - Finding a telephone line to use is difficult.

- Find a land line, plug the telephone line into the the back of you computer, then buy a connection from a local Internet provider, then connect.

- Find a land line, then dial a long distance telephone call to an Internet provider in your home country and connect. (I do not know if works, never done this.)

WIFI - DIFFICULT - Because not available - Really just a replacement for the Ethernet wire system that is easy to do in an Internet cafe.

- Mostly just a toy and nice to have sometimes, but to be in the back concrete room of a hotel, it is not going to work.

- A truly wireless connection the Internet.

- A connection using a cell phone with a cell phone company that has GPRS.
Computer to Bluetooth to Cell Phone to Cell Phone company.
(The problem is most cell phone countries in Africa do not offer the GPRS connection, although as of February 2007, they are expanding rapidly, I expect within about 5 year most will offer.

Sometime the cost is nuts, a good fee is about 1 dollar per day, only two countries I know so far that work I have confirmed work are Thailand and Nepal.

- A person should take a taxi to the cell phone headquarters in the city and have them connect the computer, the cell phone and the SIM card together and explain the cost. The cost in Indonesia where there are many Internet cafes was 3 dollars per meg, outrageously expensive.


I thought this would be very easy, I did just this 10 years ago, however I think the whole planet is anal. I try to say, I am going to dial up a telephone number of an Internet service provider, that is NOT my cell phone company, nothing to do with my cell phone company. How doe the cell phone work as a modem?

Blue tooth is just a wireless connection between my cell phone and a computer, it is not an Internet connection. GPRS is part of the cell phone company services. IF they company does not offer GPRS, than it is not going to work on the cell phone.

SATELLITE - Extremely difficult
- Need to pay about 8 dollars USA per meg of transfer.
- Need to have contract for one year
- Need to pay about 2000 US for the device
- I do not know, my GPS hand held reference marker does not work unless I am top of a building, I think I would need to be on top of a building.
- I was ready to purchase this, for true worldwide wireless connection, the company wants me to buy before before they demo.

- I do not know how this works, but seems to be a good option.

I want to use a cell phone connection, that does NOT offer GPRS to connect. I want to use my cell phone and somehow have a modem to connect the computer to the Internet by way of cell phone.

The only website that even comes close to trying to explain these differences is:


People dial home all the time with their cell phone.

I want my computer to dial home and connect, I am frustrated, I do not see why this is so hard, I am wondering if the problem is I need to always dial an ISP from a local telephone number, somehow the computer knows.

Types of Internet Connections

WIFI Annoys Me

WIFI Annoys Me
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 29, 2007

WIFI is a way to give a few users access to one internet connection point, serves as a LAN - Local Area Network, another toy and a nice toy in certain instances, but not a tool, not a sledge hammer, a small Childs hammer.

I am sending 25 U.S. Dollars to my friend Craig of Travelvice.com from my paypal.com account.

Hobo pays up.

There was an offer made, and I think technically he won the offer.

FROM Craig’s site:

WIFI is like Fools Gold to me a Traveler. Looks like Gold, but is not what I need and want, not all that glitters is gold.

Quote from Craig:

Amazon River Wi-Fi
Several weeks ago my buddy Andy left a comment that he'd give me US$25 if I found Wi-Fi access on my boat trip up the Amazon. Well, look what I came across...

Then later Craig says,

Quote from Craig:
- I could connect, but couldn't use the Internet, as the signal required authentication that I didn't possess.-

WIFI she does not give it up! The goal is an internet connection, not WIFI, this is just a a ways to a means.

WIFI is like a big excuse, I will meet you and they do not show up, I will call you and they never call. It is a big promise, which never gives results.

When I do not need a connection, when I am in a location where high speed internet access is everywhere, there I find a WIFI connection. A WIFI is a good Local Area Network a great way to allow a few people to connect to the same internet connection.

This is not the future of Wireless Internet Connection. I think the end will land around a Satellite Connection or a Cell Tower connection, not a router set up.

WIFI is a great suggestion that does not work as a way of providing internet to the whole planet, it is just a fancy way to replace an Ethernet wire, and if you want to give me access in a hotel. PLEASE wire the hotel with Ethernet and do not give me WIFI, unless you are putting the transmitter in MY room.

Annoying and annoying, you never call, you never write, promises, promise and I just sit here waiting, dreams that never come true.

I wish I had never heard your name WIFI.

WIFI Annoys Me

Khao San Road WIFI

Khao San Road WIFI
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have moved into a hotel with WIFI, and somehow got the WIFI to work, all is good so far. The Hotel WIFI requiresd a key, password, this always require I travel with my own private tech staff, open systems are 500 percent better, as the staff of Hotels never seem to understand the Key. This one is a keyed one, however, the staff is very helpful and I heard the man calling some techie to try to suss out the problem.

It took about one hour to connect, using every combination, permutation and hope of finding the right combination. I suspect the WIFI may work in about 4-6 room, they are installing one on the third floor. I truly believe an Ethernet wire is better.

As long as there is concrete, there is a problem, WIFI is stopped by concrete. I really hope they jump to second-generation home WIFI routers, where the whole block is covered and not just 25 meters in line of sight. WIFI will go through a wood door, and if the wall is not too far from the router. Bottom line, you rent a specific room close to the WIFI router, and not just land in the hotel, only specific well-positioned room work.

Alternatively, I suppose you can go work in the common areas, but then why not just live in a room and go to the internet café.

I think the best internet is with Ethernet wire to all rooms, then WIFI in the common areas, and an open, non-key required system, with a some techie on staff… hee hee

I think in reality only about 1 in 10 WIFI works adequately to say, I have a dependable connection. The verdict is still being made here in the (Hotel Name Edited) near Khao San Road, but so far, I think the staff will keep it up and running.

WIFI sucks, but I need a connections, I am using flashget to download my 3.5 gig site as backup from some Tar file. We now have a designated server, and it does not provide backup, go figure… Well, we already have a system to synchronize send the site to another company server.

I am looking for my mobile office:

Khao San Road WIFI

Letting Go of Control

Letting Go of Control
I am 100 percent sure I control nothing, and when I think I am in control, I know I am delusional. When I finally admitted I was powerless over my life, and life had become unmanageable. I then was in good shape to know, darn,
- Life is Good! -
When I am not in a fight to control it.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com --- Promote Hotel

There are our places of power, there is our ground, let the enemy come into our playground; we want them on our playing field. We want the home court advantage.

I was just having a Skype.com conversation with an overwhelming intelligent person from the USA. He has a war chest of internet links, toys, and ideas on how to travel when outside the USA. This is an amazing collection of small hints, ideas and advice on how to go outside his world and still live in his world.

More or less, he knows how to find his world, in other worlds fast.

I was laughing as we had a conversation about WIFI hotels. I more or less despise owners of WIFI Hotels, as they are empathy impaired, somewhat sterile with left one missing.

However, I am in one of the first WIFI hotels in my life that actually works, 90 percent of the Hotels features are in my acceptable range, and I have some workarounds that get the last 10 percent up to snuff, as I carry things like lights, extension cords, ways to keep the sheet on the bed, clotheslines to hang clothes where there is no hangers, etc. my war chest of ways to make a room work.

I am in GREAT shape, both home and on this unusual WIFI internet in a Hotel that works. ! This connection is a kicker, and I am at warp speed, no need to Beam me up Scotty this planet is nice, I think I will linger a while.

I am in a POWER position.

What is funny is the people in the USA leave a very high power position, the go into the world and return to a power position. I am normally in a very powerless position searching for a powerful place.

I can actually, while I am here, find two to three prospective hotels in the next city that would fit my need about 50-70 percent, hard to get up to 90. Note, if I paid 40 dollars per night in Thailand I could get all my benefits I want, but then for what reason at 40. For this price, I would go travel in Europe, and have more to see of interest, or in the USA, and have an even better package of Benefits. There is no doubt the cheap motel for 30 dollars in the USA is better on a basic room level than a 30 dollar hotel in Thailand, but when you leave the room in Thailand that is where the world changes.

I wish people were in Mali in a 12 dollar hotels, with a wildly slow internet café for about a month, and then try to tell me it is easy to find a fast connection in the next city.

To find a good internet WIFI connection that is at a good value in Thailand is a lottery of Thai headaches unless I just buy a way above the headaches and pay USA prices to live in Thailand.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is this, if you want high-speed connections then you better find them before you leave your high-speed connection. Then you will be happy to learn about 80 percent of the Hotels mis-represent their connections, so only one in five really works. Or you are living in a place, only a hermit would love.

Power to Power, this is the move you want to make, and finally you will have to admit you are powerless. I suspect that some people spend five weeks preparing to go on a two-week vacation and I am being kind not saying one year.

IF you have many personal problems, many personal creature needs, if you want to be in control, stay home, life will be better, you will not have to go home to have a vacation.

The world is a big mystical out of control situation and works just fine, but it has very bad WIFI at less than 15 per day for the hotel, or the normal price of an average hotel on the planet, and does real well when you get above 50, and there is no reason to leave a good country for a better value country and why travel for good value.

If I spent 50 dollars per day, I think I would spend about a year traveling around the USA. If I spent 100 dollars per day, I would go tour Europe, but I am young, and Europe is boring.

However, as my friend German Escobar in the Platypus Bogotá Hostel in Colombia says,
- Andy, you can travel Europe when you are old, it is easy. -

Europe is easy on 100 dollars per day; at 25, it is extremely annoying.

Plan your power plays, from a position of power, plan your search for your next position of power, and then plan on everything going wrong, SNAFU.

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The USA and Europe are about control, not my cup of tea, I gave that idea up.

Letting Go of Control

Rockin in the USA

Rockin in the USA
Screaming, Rockin, spoken as a true person from the Southern Hills of Indiana. Johnny Cougar screams his lyric.
R.O.C.K. in the USA, I can feel it.
I only know how to feel as I was born, in a small town in the USA, and right now, I am Rockin in the USA.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 19, 2007Andy of HoboTraveler.com --- Promote Hotel

Rock-In The USA
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A

A song by John Cougar around Bloomington, Indiana where I went University and drank my way to fame, and made mocking jokes to John Mellencamp ex-wife who managed our apartment complex, think hey winch, you screwed up, that divorce was too early; the man has gone Rockin in the USA, good job hometown boy, Johnny.


They come from the cities
And they come from the smaller towns
Beat up cars with guitars and drummers
Goin crack boom bam

R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.
R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.
R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., Yeah, Yeah!
Rockin' in the U.S.A.

I am in Bangkok, Thailand, and all I can say, I feel like I am Rockin in the USA. I am on this WIFI connection in the (HOTEL NAME EDITED) for 390 Baht per night, Free WIFI and it screams… Rockin in the USA.

I am connected, I feel the rush. A big Skype.com speed fast, it is really as I feel the world, in my world, as I think and feel…
Rockin in the USA!
(This is my world, in my brain, a neighborhood you should not enter alone... my brain.)

I have never been at Warp Speed Connection I have realized, never in my life have I done this, this is a first, I have never continually surfed at warp speed. What a connectivity additions.

The internet almost stays up with the speed of my brain, or at least follows along, a strange feeling to be in Bangkok, Thailand and feeling the speed of the USA…. Rockin in the USA.


Geez, Johnny talks like me.
Goin crack boom bam

I say, Goin Come-in Rock-in...
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Rockin in the USA

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines
WIFI in the reception area is not WIFI in a hotel, this is the same as going to an internet café.

I think the Hotels on the planet are just plain stupid not to see this is the future, the first to offer good internet in rooms wins in the race to sell benefits, and such an easy one to provide. Note, ethernet wire is better than WIFI. This is an obvious successful tactic by Starbucks.

The price of room are already about 30 percent higher in price than most Southeast Asia countries, so do not say get a more expensive room, the cheap ones are expensive.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I have called three Hotels in Manila, two have internet in the reception or bottom of Hotels, the other has internet in the rooms that does not work, does not know when it will work and is 60 peso per hour.

This service is maybe the best help, however just annoying, finding WIFI and not living in a Five Star Hotel is work.

The Malate area of Manila has this great 24/7 internet café just across from the Malate Pensionne, it has WIFI that is presently broken as of November 2007.

The Friendly Guesthouse has WIFI, however off my list of place in Manila, I think I have more entered the world of Expats and less the world of Backpackers, this is a good place for couples. hehehe

I do feel that 99 percent of the time, the talk about WIFI is just some mean joke. Yes, it works if you are a sit in Starbucks and pay 5 dollars for coffee person, which is not what I want, I get up at 5:00 am and work, I want to work. I do not want to drink extremely trendy coffee.

I fly to Manila in about seven hours and I think the 24-7 internet café is my best option, quiet, good chairs, and air conditioned.

It is hard to believe how stupid the hotels are on the planet, the Friendly Guesthouse in Malate are of Manila I hear is almost always full, he has a guest kitchen and WIFI, nothing offered that is hard to provide like a Swimming Pool, just a kitchen for guest to cook and WIFI that works I am told in all rooms.

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour
The cost of internet in Manila, seems to be about 60 pesos per hour as of November of 2007 in tourist hotel areas of Manila. The best option is probably the Free WIFI at Taste Buds Restaurant area on the second floor of Robinson Mall in a food court providing you do not drink too much over-priced coffee. I have not found any hotels acceptable with WIFI.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

For 70.00 PHP or 1.6 USD I get a cup of coffee with Free WIFI, no key or crazy crap to deal with. Philippines Pesos United States Dollars 1 PHP = 0.0233770 USD 1 USD = 42.7770 PHP

WIFI is not free in Starbucks, or here the San Francisco Coffee. They want you to buy a cup of coffee, thereby your net cost to use the Internet is expensive. If you like to drink overpriced coffee and hang out with people who buy over-priced coffee you are good to go. If you just feel nothing, no guilt, go and use the internet at Taste Buds, and do not buy coffee or food, I will then call you a mooch.. Hehehe

I am as only as good as my battery, if they really wanted me to stay, I would have an electrical plug like the internet café.
Mobile Office

Too clever, the world is always wanting to be too clever. I cannot even blog about some of these things as it takes hours to explain all the catches to deals, as used in the English phrase,
- What is the catch? -

This is the problem with the Philippines and travel in general, there is always a catch.

However for good fun, and real entertainment, stop thinking of them hawkers in the street as annoyance and try think to think of them as the entertainment. I have great fun listening to the scams being explained to me, however they work on many people, so they should be afraid and run, or get angry.

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour

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