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Andy Stay Pure

Andy Stay Pure

I had a girl I met in Guatemala 8 years ago say to me one time to stay pure. I think about this comment, and try to understand what she means. I had another conversation last night with a person that reads my writing and said something about me not being part of a big company, therefore she trusted my opinion more.

I am musing on this, however, I think the gist of the statements is they do not want me too, or they do not think I am selling out to the big companies, whatver that means. I do not like this, as if there is only one choice to be made. To keep something pure, there has to be a constant introspection, and the daily choice.


I suppose a great day to stop and think, I am in Thailand and for sure it is not a white Christmas, there is little in this Buddhist country that makes me know today is Christmas

I get angry sometimes, last night I could have rented and watched the movie, UNITED 93
about the crash of the September 11 plane downed by the terrorist.
I said,
- No -
- I do not want to get angry. -
My friend said,
- Why would you get angry? -
I said,
- Nobody gets to F... with my country.-

I just do not know how I am relating this to Christmas, and a comment to stay pure, or how not to sell out to the big companies.

I guess, most people make too many compromiises, and Christ and all the good Gods say to be pure, be a good boy, do the right thing.

I hope or wish people could remember to do the right thing today. It is not hard to be honest, you must avoid temptations. The choice to be pure comes way before the actual chance to make some compromise.

Somewhere along the line, I have made the choice to respect myself.
- Nobody gets to F... with me being honest..-

Andy Stay Pure

Nobody Trust You Anymore

Nobody Trust You Anymore
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 13, 2007

I heard this comment in a movie about the USA.

The truth is in the middle, not one sided, if a person wants a really great product, they want made in the USA. If the world wants a person to come solve a problem, they want the USA. However, 24/7 the journalist of the planet try to discredit the honest.

When a person tries to make an honest statement, an honest attempt, an honest person look like a liar, there is a problem.


I live outside the USA, what I miss is honesty, I want to buy and talk with people and not spend my whole time checking and thinking about whether they are telling me the truth.

I want to buy some gym shoes, mine are shot, I keep looking at shoes, I even went as far as to look for original Reeboks in Thailand. I did not buy, because I do not trust the stores. I will have to return to the USA to buy shoes. Then sadly the Reeboks are made in Indonesia, yet I cannot buy them in Indonesia.

I do trust the USA, of course not always, but generally I trust the USA.

I am trying to manufacture backpacks in Nepal, I am trying to create a product that I trust. I want to say to myself, there is no way to buy a better bag.

I want the best design.
I then want the best materials possible on the planet to make the backpack with.

First I make the bag with the best possible materials in Nepal. I have to find all the suppliers in Katmandu, Nepal. Then I will trust that I am making the best quality bag in Nepal.

I find this is always the problem with the world. The world thinks...
They tell me, what is wrong with recommending something to make money.

I have a simple test to perform with people.
- A person tells me something. -
I say to myself,
- Do I trust this person? -

The answer is a simple yes or no.

Do I trust President Bush and Tony Blair?

Do I agree with everything they do?

Do I trust the people outside the USA?
The answer is somewhere close to never.

Do I trust Bill Gates and Microsoft?
Yes, if I buy a program from Microsoft, I believe it will work.

Interesting problems on the planet, in reality the world is getting safer, and more honest in a way, yet if I want to find someone to trust, I need to look at the big companies. I find that an individual honesty is normally for sale. I see and hear people say things to make money, this means their voice is for sale.

Nobody Trust You Anymore

HoboTraveler.com Help Center Forum

HoboTraveler.com Help Center Forum
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 13, 2007

Andrew boy Genius in India has made a great system for me to answer emails. I reply to emails and it goes into this form, and I can label them so others can read.

Thanks Andrew,

I feel much better and motivated to answer the many emails when I can share the answers with many people.

HoboTraveler.com Help Center Forum

Old School

Old School
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 30, 2007

I was looking at an iternet page the other day and it said something was - Old School. -

That’s so Old School.
I am trying to remember the first time I heard this or read this.

As I interpret it to mean, or my understanding of this buzzword, trendy type of phrase or combination of words.

Amazing, it is in the dictionary.

Old School:
traditionalists: a group of people who adhere to traditional or old-fashioned values and practices As a disciplinarian of the old school, he was horrified at the laxity of the new regime.

- old skool
reminiscent of earlier style: reminiscent of or inspired by something from a slightly earlier period of popular culture, especially in music (slang)

They call it slang, however it sort of means what it means, this something we learned in the old school of thinking, or the old way of thinking. There is now a new school where we are learning a new way.

I remember when I was in school, there was New Math, it was a new way of learning math or something, I think I never did learn the plot, math to me was math, and it still is math, sort of 0 and 1, yes and no, 1 + 1 = 2 hard to change it.

I really cannot be bothered to listen when someone says this is New School or Old School. I - Cannot be Bothered - is a way the British say or explain, this is somewhat ridiculous, why would I pay attention.

When a person says to me, this is Old School, I think, they are saying to me, you do not know the new way of doing things, the new method, you are old, fuddy duddy. You want to do it the old fashioned way and traditional.

- You are not cool. -
- You are old fashioned. -
- You are not in. -
- You are not trendy. -

This is good.
- As a disciplinarian of the old school, he was horrified at the laxity of the new regime. -

It is sad to me that people in the name of being trendy, will ignore good sound ideas. Ideas are cumulative, I must know the history, all the prior knowledge, and ways of doing things, the methods, and then I must separate what works from what does not work.

The internet is extremely trendy, people jump to the next fashion or trend so fast, I cannot be bothered to listen, by the time I am listening a new fashion is on the horizon and the old one I am learning is out of fashion. Yikes, this is like trying to watch the wind pass.

A young bull says, lets run down and have our way with a cow. The old bull says, let us walk down and see the whole herd.

Tortoise or Hare?

I just purchased a new computer, I purchased with XP and not the new Vista. I use a new computer systems all the time in the internet cafes. I am waiting, when the new school shows me something or a good reason to change, then I will change.

I have been bomb barded to change to this FoxFire; I think that is the name and stop using Internet Explorer as a browser. I have used Foxfire many times in Internet Cafes and personally have not seen a hoot of reason to change, just more information to learn, and not a lot of big benefits. Yes, of course there are some benefits, but it the time I need to learn a new program is not a good trade-off for me.

I think about marketing or promoting information. It is such and easy thing to do. I make a list of every way to do it, and then I go down the list and implement all of them, not just the new ones, the old school, the new school and every possible way of communicating to the audience an idea. I do not put all my toys in one basket and go with the new trend, I do all of them.

I use WIFI when appropriate, even though I consider it sort of a joke and Old School. I do wish I was always in the USA system of things and I could sign up with Sprint and have this all over the USA internet access, but I am in Togo now, not here, so I am with Togocell and I have good access for the country. I have to be as New School as possible, I must be extremely flexible, I adapt faster than believable.

I find the highest and best idea available in the given situation and use it to the optimized level or advantage. I exploit the options, always having my choice open and my mind ready to pounce on an idea that is truly a good idea.

I remember a person in my office one-time saying, the most dangerous words a person can say, is,
- We have always done it this way. -

On the other hand,
- If it works, don’t fix it. -

Trendy ideas are good, great, the future is the new ideas, the new ways of accomplishing task faster and better. Nevertheless, the principle somewhat remain the same; they do not change over time.

If everyone is going the same way, I am going to get nervous, maybe we are all being lemming and there is a cliff to jump off of soon, I think, you first, then I will see, maybe you will survive. Maybe the water is safe to drink, but please you try it first, I will wait, I am patient.

I love when a person thinks I am stupid, this means, I have them just where I want them… hehehe

I am hiding in plan sight, ready to pounce, predatory by nature, survival skills on and ready to go.

It is like saying Bill Gates is stupid, or President Bush, they have you just where they want you, underestimating them, thinking you are so smart, and whack, you do not know what hit you.

I wish they would invent some great travel gear, so I did not have to make it, instead, just more and more trendy and stupid. A different way of doing the same thing, and very expensive, like the more I pay the smarter I am. I truly believe the more I pay, the more stupid I am.

Old School

Traveler Denial

Traveler Denial
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 31, 2007

I met this Swedish girl, yesterday in the Gomido Bar, makes me appreciate the Togo women. There seems to be a propensity for the less-than-up-to-snuff-looks-wise (ugly) white people to come to Africa, however I better be careful, I fit into this category, as I am white.

This woman has traveled many countries, she was annoyingly Swedish, and there are two types, the ones that are balanced, and the ones that are snobs. A country making large weapons, probably selling them to the Islamic world and invaded by 1 million of them on their free money system and she is complaining about the USA system.

I have never eaten in the Gomido, and I suspect it is recommended in the Lonely Planet that was sitting on the table.

I made a comment about Africa being expensive, she said,
- I have no problem finding cheap rooms. -

I think she is in DENIAL.
Or her Ego Defense mechanism is kicking in.



I think his name is Oliver, a smart man, and I hope to meet again. I was discussing solar this, and solar that, and all sorts of fun things and somehow he is working with one of the exceptionally pretty white girls in Africa and I forget here name.

I was making a small comment about the Africans Men being Macho and trying to intimidate. He said,
- I have not noticed this. -

I think he is in DENIAL.
Or his Ego Defense mechanism is kicking in.

I am trying to remember, I have this Farmer Tan, it is very annoying, I laid out in Lome, trying to get one of them deep dark brown tans on my body, to look the true surfer boy image I promote and try to emulate.

Now, back to this stupid Farmer Tan. A Farmer Tan is where a person is wearing a t-shirt or some shirt all day and his or her face, mostly him get a tan on his arms and face that are very brown, yet when he takes off his shirt, (I have never taken off her farmer shirt), there is a distinct separation. The arms are very brown, the face is very brown and you can see the outline of the collar around the neck.

I have this now again, very annoying to get rid of, because I have to lay on the roof and sweat, read a book, and get thoroughly hot and bored, no beach bikinis to watch.

I do not remember, I do not remember a farmer’s tan on either the Swedish girl or Oliver the Belgium Solar worker or project worker.

It would be very difficult to walk around and see all the people of Africa and not get a farmer tan, unless you did not walk around and see all the people of Africa.

I walk way too much, I would never pay for a trek, it just seems like a stupid thing to pay for, when all I do is walk and trek around the country of Togo, unless I wanted to avoid people then I could go and look at a waterfall and a mountain.

I know a girl by the name of Joscella, she is from Bristol England and she could tell me every way in the world to travel and live cheap. She as an amazingly good traveler, probably the best I ever met, she knew everything about how to live in any type or room, any place, and cheap. With a true traveler, there is not a minute that goes by, when they are not telling you a tip, an idea or some fruit of an idea on how to travel better, this is what we do.

This was not the Swedish girl, she did not tell me one hint on how to travel cheap, she just said,
- I have no problem finding cheap rooms? -

I judge people by their fruit, if she was telling me idea, tips, and specific examples; I would and could believe her. I am terrible, I trust people too much, I am from Indiana, and we trust people. I think she is in denial she wants to pass herself off as a cheap traveler, yet she was sitting in the Gomido buying an expensive salad, and telling me about paying 200 dollars to go on a 4-wheel tour in Benin.

Her fruit says she is full of crap, she pays a lot for rooms, and I gave an example of how to find a cheap room, the boom boom example. She gave me nothing, and is pretending, or lying or in denial.

The Ego Defense mechanism is the idea, I am very smart, I would never say or do something, I would never give an example of how I am stupid, because I must protect my ego, I must retain my self-image or I will have a problem.

Oliver the Belgium guy is maybe doing the same, he does not want to admit or accept a person tried to intimidate him. It is frightening and scary to have this big man come up to you and ask for money, you can just give and hope they go away or you can say no.

IF you admit they are frightening, then you might say to yourself, I should go home.

I say no, but I suspect that most just pay the Piper, and try to pretend it did not happen, and heaven forbid, they would ever say something bad about a country or a culture.

I will, the African men are macho, they will try to intimidate you and I think women can travel better in Africa maybe… The African men are also very or extremely sexist and would never intimidate a woman for power, for sex yes, but not for power no, they see women as powerless and something to be used.

A person intimidates a person that challenges them for power; I personally am quite used to being the Alpha Male and will take the position easily and often. Normally by brains, not brawn, but if be so, I use brawn.

I am going to try to listen for the fruit, try to find the travelers that help me to travel, try to find the people who give me gifts, not asking for gifts. I had this very nice girl give me some peanuts the other day, I will never forget this, it was nice, no agenda.

Sometimes a person will say, I had this really great taxi driver, or this restaurant was exceptional. I want to holler at them.
- HEY stupid, you paid a fortune, what do you want, they kept sucking up because you kept giving them big money. -

To test the fruit of a person, they need to have zero agenda or reason to help or give, not with a reason to give good service as part of their job.

It is very interesting to listen to people and then try to remember who I am, so I do not accidentally trust their opinions and have problems. Recommendations from a Hobo cheap person is not going to cost me or YOU a small fortune, a recommendation from a Swedish paying through the nose person will, if I followed her advice, I would have to pay my way out of danger, and not finesse my way if I followed the people in Denial advice.

Just because you think there is no danger does not mean it not dangerous, just because you think it is cheap, does not mean the next person does not think it is expensive.

A cheap room is one dollar per night in the word, 10 dollars is very expensive on the planet.

Note the Belgium guy was installing a 700 U.S. dollars Solar panel, and admitted, nobody from here could afford it, and his school was paying. I said, it does not work for good on the sustainable word idea, but keep trying, someday; somewhere someone will come up with a good idea, probably by accident, not by design.

I want to hear how a person saved money, how to spend money is easy.

Traveler Denial

Hotel Recommendations Stress

Hotel Recommendations Stress
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I have been having a good laugh at myself, I also think about how naïve I have been over the years about hotels. HoboTraveler.com is not a guide that recommends hotels and restaurants; it is more or less a site that helps guide on how to travel.

Hobohideout.com will recommend rooms.
Hoboguide.com will recommend rooms.

This whole recommendation thing has come full circle; my brain is finally becoming the master of the idea.

I am a master at real estate. I am a master at search engine optimization on the internet and architectural design. I am not a master at writing.

I am mastering the art of room recommendations, without taking the easy route and recommending something I do not believe is the good choice.

The guidebooks do a very good job within the limitations that they have. They write on paper, and they cannot edit always as the internet can, it is a guide that need to last about 6 years on the shelf and passed down to friends. This is not a webpage; a webpage can be edited on the fly, however not as easy as I am explaining.

Most Hotel sites go for the expensive, nobody will ever complain about hotels to recommend, they paid too much, and it would be an admission they made a stupid choice if they complain. Therefore, they will not complain. Funny how this is, the price will keep the reputation good, because nobody will admit; I paid 300 dollars per night and hated the place.

Like admitting, I lost 10,000 on the stock market, like saying to your friend, I a make bad investments, because I am stupid.

Well, the good of the internet is also the bad. If I recommend a hotel without thinking, a reader can go there, spend a lot of money, and then write me hate mail, as if I forced them to go. I am reachable.

I had a man go to a Hotel in Quito, Ecuador; he has traveled a lot in Thailand. He wrote later saying the hotel was exactly what I said, He was thinking there was writing between the lines and it was some type of boom boom Thailand hotel, it was just a great family hotel, not the same now, they have remodeled, the manager is not managing, the mother has taken over and the whole neighborhood has been invaded… aagh the world changes.

The mastery of a trade is when you reach a point whereby you can choose the proper words to explain it, with real estate; I can explain the value of property and explain why it will resell easy.

With an internet page, I can explain what makes the search engines happy; this is a very complicated set of variables.

How to recommend hotels is also a problem, the guidebooks must recommend a hotel that stays in business, or they will be sending people to hotels and they will get angry. The also have to deal with the insanely naïve, who need to have nothing change, because they cannot change the paper of the guide. Here in Africa, they need to recommend the hotel with car parking, I believe this because as best I can tell the buyers of guidebooks have cars here in Africa.

Fun stuff learning how to master a trade, how to know you are getting good at it, I am getting comfortable with this recommendation thing, therefore I know I am getting better.

I will sit and tell a person to buy a 500,000-dollar piece of commercial real estate and not flinch.

I can tell a person their website is junk with no problem.

Telling a person to stay in a hotel in Africa still is making me nervous; however, I am learning the variables. It is fun to think, what is the essential ingredients that makes a good value for a person, and then explain them in easy to understand words.

This is the problem, the bundle of joys is not easy, and the bundle of what makes a person happy is not easy. For sure, the majority of travelers are drinking in Africa and banging away if they are French, this is not me, on the other hand I do understand drinking more than most and have master the trade of drinking, I am an expert, in remission… hehehe (I am a recovering alcoholic.)

Ok, back to business, fun and games, because we have a webpage, I can recommend a hotel that could go out of business, could radically change and still stay safe. The guidebooks get wish washy and do not help me when I get to a hotel and because it is in the guidebook, the hotel has greatly increased the price and the hotel if full of gap girls.
(Note the best hotel is normally the new one, just started and trying to get business.)

I am safe in saying gap girls; they are not in Africa… hehehe

Pick on the group that is not reading, there must be something there in the mastery of writing.

I am doing conditional recommendations of Hotels or Rooms, if the main management staff is the same, and the price is this, I am giving a recommendation. I then suppose as I learn how to so this, we need to supply a way to make comments, and then hope to stop the othere hotels from lying and getting on the site and saying the hotel has changed. Hotels lie at a tremendous level, there is very little truth in advertising when you leave the USA.

Do not worry I make joke, (Note, I know that is bad English. I am talking African or Asia English.) I am not stressed on the recommendation thing, my mastery of dysfunctional thinking has me 100 percent convinced you are responsible for your decisions and better yet, I am 100 percent responsible for my decisions. When a person really goes after a guidebook hotel recommendation, I know they are dysfunctional and take no responsibility for their own decisions.

I for some reason write in riddles naturally, sort of annoying to myself, probably could be dysfunctional inherent behavior, very curious thing to do.

Hotel Recommendations Stress

Travel Intuition

Travel Intuition
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 22, 2007

I say and write often about how I rely on my intuition to help me when I travel, I would say, I especially use my intuition to protect me from danger.

I was reading this article about bad science that I picked up on from my Hobo News collection of feeds, I will put the references at the end.

There is an idea that our intuition can help to make decisions.

- Defined -
Instinctive knowledge:
the state of being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it, or the ability to do this. (2)

I need to make a decision.

I read, learn, study, ask sources, contemplate, I used deductive logic, inductive logic, and try to come to a decision.

The big but.

I have less than 2 seconds to make the decision.

In the well written article by Ben Goldacre, Saturday April 21, 2007 for
- The Guardian - News media source, that I found on the internet it states or talks about random information.

Interestingly in the article there are no references to sources, my intuition is nervous. I try to separate the facts from the fiction, and this is in the Bad Science or maybe what I would say is close to explaining aspects of Junk Science.

-I can tell you: facts are not entirely welcome. When all the evidence goes against someone's beliefs, they will tell you, quite plainly, that they just know it to be true. -

I think of Global Warming, I just cannot figure out a way to study this that would be even remotely conclusive. The sample needs to be maybe 1000 to 20,000 years to be adequate. I tend to just dismiss article or comments about the earth warming as silly and have had some people I highly respect tell me this is true.

I really do not think this is an intuition problem though, although my intutition tell me most are lying.

I need to make decisions as I travel and in life, which way to go, what is safe, is this person good or bad, can this source of information be trusted.

I remember a person and best advice maybe I have ever received on whether to trust and opinion of a person.
- IF a person can make money by giving you bad advice, then do not trust them.-

Intuition to me is about trust issues. If I do not feel safe, if for some reason I am questioning myself. If I do not just believe person, completely. I feel my intuition is giving me a nudge, and say,
- Andy, there is something wrong. -

If I feel weak in the decision, then I only have one choice.

IF I want to error on the side of caution. I have only one choice.
- I say no, and do not do it. -

There are many and most decisions that can be delayed, for sure as in the article about gamblers saying they shall win soon because they have been losing all night. They feel a lucky streak coming on, this is claiming knowledge that cannot be access by the facts.

I highly mistrust anyone that gambles, I feel they are relying on impaired sense of common sense. IF a person could win at random games, like the roll of the dice, then the casinos would not exist.

I think intuition is mostly for people, animals and extremely complicated problems and choices that need to be made. In the end, I still recommend a person use their intuition and make choices.

- If all feels good, then it is probably good. - ALL
- Make the choice, I trust or do not trust this person. -
Note - Do not trust anyone to trust or not trusting a person, I do not listen, I refuse to listen to people who say, I have this trusted friend. You cannot delegate the decision on whom to trust or not to trust. Then again, there are people that need babysitters. A guide is a guide, it is not a yes or no answer, and it is not a recommendation, or at least to me a guidebook is not a recommendation, it is more or less a suggested idea of where or what to do, it is listing some options and choices.

Intuition is for when there are just too many variables. Often these are not critical questions and really just a decision to say, do I want to go here or there. I want to know, what I want to do.

I had a choice to make recently in Tsevie, Togo, do I go towards the Benin border to chase the hippos, or do I go to Kpalime and north. I was talking to the taxi driver, he gave me two choices, I decided in that second to go to Kpalime, however all day, all night I was going towards the hippos. It came down to I wanted to go to Kpalime, not I need this or I need that or I told people this or that. I blogged this I planned that, I am traveling for fun; I follow the fun and my intuition.

Something is in the way of my mind, I just did not want to go towards Benin now, and the decision can be delayed forever or now, I can go if and when I want, or never, not anybody really cares, except for me.

I like the flip the coin thing, I choose head or tails then flip the coin, I then know what I wish it to be before I look at the results. I go with my wish, not the coin flip.

The article is about gamblers fallacy, and good, however if you are afraid, you are afraid.

I truly hope this link does not break and continues to exist; I apologize in advance if it breaks, and these news companies make difficult links. I have given essential information for searching, with the hope they do not delete the articles, ever…

Winning streaks that risk losing the plot
By Ben Goldacre
Saturday April 21, 2007
The Guardian

Intuition, Danger, West Africa Danger, What is good advice,
Travel Intuition

Observation Makes Change Happen

Observation Makes Change Happen
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have a problem, when I think of Africa, I instantly think problems. I suspect I am more opens than most, as I have people say to me,
- Why would I go to Africa? -
I am here, they are not… an observation.

Like, why would I go and have problems, AIDS - SIDA - Poverty, Crime, Warlords, Desert, and Black People.

I say the Black People because in the real world people pay attention to color. I do not, but they do.

In Thailand; they put cream on their skin that makes them whiter. I like their brown color and it really annoys me. Then in reverse, I have black people here, which think because I am from the USA or White, I am smarter, nothing make sense. I really do not care what color a person skin is. Or if for some stupid reason, I wanted to be around White People, I guess I would go to some Russian Country, I was going to say Sweden, however I think it is invaded now by Palestine people.

I am slowly understanding, there are not big problems in West Africa. Thailand or the USA has more AIDS or at least a better chance of getting it, as they think they do not have it, and this is the dangerous.

However, being here, somehow, for some reason, my free time for enjoyment is optimized in West Africa, I find I think, and the problem is I think of problems to solve… aagh, I really do not care about all these people on the planet, I just want to enjoy life, yet, by nature, I am a problem solver.

I am having trouble finding any real problems to solve here in West Africa and everyone keeps tell me there are problems. I am starting to say,
- Can you be more specific, where, the exact city, the place, the persons, I want to go and see. -

The Togo people and West Africa people can go into a long story on why they are suffering, it is like a canned speech with the hope of free money. Like the lies a person tells he unemployment office to keep them checks coming.

This is why I say,
- Observation Makes Change Happen. -
The more I observer, the clearer I am on the realties, and the easier to accept, I do not want people to have unsolved problems, I know I am not responsible, but I am good problem solver.

I went and looked up the Scientific Method in the Encarta Encyclopedia, and is seems confused.

I decided to go to Wikipedia.org is anyone can grind and issue into the ground and cover every inch, they can.



Scientific method
- is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena and acquiring new knowledge, as well as for correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It is based on gathering observable, empirical, measurable evidence, subject to specific principles of reasoning.

The scientific method involves the following basic facets:
1. Observation. A constant feature of scientific inquiry.
2. Description
3. Prediction
4. Control
5. Falsifiability, or the elimination of plausible alternatives.
6. Causal explanation
7. Identification of causes
8. Covariation of events
9. Time-order relationship

Boring, yet essential for a person to work on a problem, I need a game plan.

Number 1 is observation.

I have many suggestions sent to me, posted on the comments of the blog, on pages, and drilled at me.

I started on this vein of thinking this morning, and then was refocused on it later today for a funny reason. I was walking back from the Truck Stop area, after eating a Gateau, and making sure to flirt with Bernadette in the Telephone Cabine.

A man that I just said hello to, starts to wave at me, and wants me to look back, at another man, I said hello to about 50 meters back. I looked back before I knew what to think, and then said to myself,
- They got me again. -

I ignored them both, and kept walking, I know they are way too lazy to run 50 meters for the stupid reason they want to talk. I have OBSERVED that 99 percent of conversations are of soap opera value, and from a person I do not know, then there is a 1 in 999 chance of benefit, and about 1 in 10 chance of the start of an entangling problem, the problem is to talk with people who want to talk. I find I need to talk with the people who do not want to talk with me.


On a web page we deal a lot with Permissions, how to grant permissions and edit, delete, and ban. It is annoying, and for sure, India and Nigeria are on the list of countries where just a whole country ban would be easier. They are very creative, and come up with ways of being sneaky and corrupt faster than we can change or alter the permissions and filters.

Observation Makes Change Happen

I need to change, I am from Indiana, we say hello, I say hello to everyone it is my nature. The men and sometimes the women here in West Africa can be outrageously Nigeria and India in nature… Hehehe

I need to set up rules of permission to talk with me, and this is difficult, my Yee Boh - White Man culture says, everyone when coming with respect has a right to talk or I will listen.

Nevertheless, I have OBSERVED and maybe this is why New York people can get cold as ice. When you have a never-ending queue of people trying to get your attention, the easy solution is to ignore all of them.

However, this cold as ice, is not me.

Respect and manners, this does NOT have anything to do with educations and for sure, the most well mannered people I meet in West Africa have the least amount of education. Also probably have the lowest caste of West Africa and nobody listens to them.

I have been observing how Togo people try to get my attention.

Yee Bow is the most common, which means White Man in the local language.

Yee Bow said by children, and I listen and pay attention, Yee Bow said by children above the age of 10 and above to 80 and dead, I ignore. Permissions set.

Vra or Va is come here in the local language, I have heard it so many times, and I am able to separate the Ghana from the Togo and Benin versions.

What I have observed, and I am in the Beta Testing of this, is that if I ignore them, they do not get angry, they just think, the White Man did not hear. However, even if I hear, ignoring is a macho thing, and to be more macho, I stare at them and ignore. Second phase.

What they say to get my attention:

Yeh bow
Spsssst sound
Donnez moi
Call Andre
Stare at me
Speak English
Follow you
Grab you
Holler until I turn around, then demand I come
Tell someone else to holler at me, which is closer.

This is my list of observations, or I have observed and paided attention, there is this many ways of trying to get my attention and I will continue to add to the list.

I could also list the lead-in for the people who want to ask for money.

- I am a Catholic Priest
- Fame
- Sufrir
- Hands are out to take from me.
- I work for ONG or NGO or this and that.
- Any preacher
- People that want to look at my cell phone

I want to set the enjoyment level of my day; I want to set the standards of how to have an enjoyable day. Well, to do this, I have to first ignore the list of comments, and then my day is wonderful. Funny thing about nice people, they are shy, smile a lot, and do not holler at me.

West Africa is a wonderful place, and I have observed that only about 1 in 30 people I am walking by will demand I come and talk, the normal in the world, is about 1 in 100 in other countries or 1 in 200. Demanding you come and talk is the operative word, I think this is a class system thing, and there is this domination by men, I am going to be get your attention, and you are going to listen to me, like some police in the USA, same kind of crap.

However, part of being Macho is to ignore the small pups, not my nature, but I have observed I need to change and do this, however keep the door open to enjoy the cultures I like here. Truthfully, just to never talk with the men of Africa is a reasonable set of permissions to apply.

Cities do something to the minds of people.

Fun and games in Togo, I am having a great day, because I do more things in a day that make me happy, then things that make me sad. I think the first thing in happiness is the ability to say no, what is left over is great. Note, these people are amateurs compared to India.

I sometimes call this all my,
- Lead us not into Temptation Theory. -

What is operative here in this, I can see that many judgments or thoughts can be overwhelmed to the point of veracity. I hear about the problems of Africa so long, I assume they are correct. I sometimes pay attention to the bad mannered people of West Africa until I forget to notice the majority of nice people.

I observe, then I change, however I need to apply some reasoning, and I am not sure reasoning can be taught. Can I evaluate correctly, there is always self-doubt.

When making an observation, when I finally observe and understand, there is a path to change opened. Life is very good here in West Africa for the people, how long do I have to be here, until I can forget how many people have told me it bad. Life is very good here, it is obvious.

I was thinking, when I hope, it is not important I observe my environment, I have continually adjusted it until it works. This day in day out adapting to changing environments make the powers of observation more keen and sharp.

An observations, I have many people tell me the USA world policy is causing problems. I ask,
- Tell me specifically which ones. -

Normally they have trouble with one, they are just being Parrots, if you want to know how well a person observed something, ask them to list out specifics.

I Am Perfect Syndrome

I Am Perfect Syndrome
Badou, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

A person brings a family heirloom with them traveling, the ring given to them by their grandmother and they lose it.

They buy 3000 dollars worth of gear and the backpack is stolen.

They trust some Italian guys who are fellow travelers and the steal your Ipod. Thanks Craig for that information.

A person has a man, women, somebody they have never met in their live copy photos taken from 10 countries, from a camera to a CD Rom.
1. The CD Rom is broken.
2. The CD Rom is corrupted or has a problem.
3. The man or women does not copy, and before they check the CD Rom, they delete the photos.

I am perfect syndrome, 100 percent guarantees you will lose items, forget, make errors, and you will deny it, because you do not want people to know you are human, you are not perfect.

I was laughing my butt off, as I read,
- Transportation Security Administration has lost a computer hard drive containing Social Security numbers, bank data and payroll information for about 100,000 employees. -

People have this really stupid, insane, and utterly ridiculous notion, idea and belief they never make a mistake. Then in their utter stupidity they carry around all the most valuable information on the planet on a laptop computer.

I am perfect.

People want me to buy gear, I think, why, so I can break it or lose it, I buy gear I know I am willing to lose, break, or leave in the room. Everything I carry is junk, I am ready to junk all of it, if it gets in the way of my day or enjoying the day, it is junk to make my life better, not junk to make my life miserable. I protect my junk, I care for my junk, but if it annoys me, I prove to it, it is junk, and I junk it.

I have a laptop, there is nothing on it, that is not somewhere else, or backed up, and then we have some dingaling with a suit on, who goes around carrying 100,000 peoples information on a computer or somewhere.

Transportation Security Administration
Is that word Security…?

I am not angry at the person, I think he or she who lost this is normal, they just cannot be trusted, nobody can be trusted with information anymore, it is too complicated for the average suit to understand.

I have lost 11 umbrella or broke 11, I am ready to buy number 12, the one I have is broke, accidents with umbrellas is 100 percent guaranteed in life.

There is no umbrella policy, it is a shell game.

I continually have people want me to agree with their decision making abilities, I could disagree with them 99 in 100 times and be safe. The older I get, the more I know, the better I know me, and you, and the world. The more I am positive, I am just a monkey that got out of my cage. You are just abbig monkey who reads, logic, common sense, and good redundant policies are 1 in 1000, a person 1 in 1000, the rest are monkeys wearing suits.

We all think or believe we are better, I get really angry to hear someone say to me, this person doe not speak English, or they cannot write, the do not know how to read. There is no correlation between reading and brains, it is just something a lucky person learns to do, or unlucky.

One of the smartest business men I ever met, a client of mine, could not read. He would call me up and pay me 50 dollars to come to his office and read a letter, explain it, and discuss it.

He said, why don’t you treat me like others, why does it not make you think I am stupid to not read. I said, anybody that can pay me 50 dollars per hour to read a letter of no importance, and have the ability to earn this much money so easily is stupid, you are obviously brilliant.

He accepted he was not perfect, and made a few million.

Up there with saying President Bush is stupid, I say, you may not like him, think he makes bad decisions, but nobody stupid gets to be the ruler of the free world.

One of the biggest reasons why a blogger lies is because they will not admit they are not perfect. Anything that sounds too good, it too sharp, it to clear, I get nervous, what is the problem, who are they trying to fool, I know I am not perfect, people do things perfect when the want to sell me something or to believe their lies.

I am perfect, I am perfect, I am perfect!

If you believe that, you will walk around with a computer full of 100,000 people personal information. Or it the truth, you think I am not perfect, but your trust yourself, I look for this in people, the person who knows the are correct when everyone else is wrong.

There is a fine line between confidence and being a monkey, I like to be a monkey.

My one friend told me some great advice,
He said,
- Andy, I tell women, I lie, I cheat, I drink, I smoke, and I run around with other women. -

- Then when they later tell me I am not perfect, I say to them, I told you that the day I met you. -

To expect perfection in people is to say they are God, I heard another saying, there is only one thing I know, there is a God, and it is not me.

I know one thing, I am on an endless vacation, and I lay money you are at work right now.

What is good advice, Togo, Webmaster,

I Am Perfect Syndrome

The Trouble with Travel

The Trouble with Travel
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ironic coincidence, is this a proof of Gods existence?

I received this comment in an email:

It is an amazing relationship, isn't it? The fixer and the traveler...to rely on those that can’t be trusted. Does it get exhausting? Is there anyone you can release yourself with, where you aren't worried,
fearful, plotting, manipulating or being manipulated, someone you are not having to bargain with just to get by? Anyone you can just BE with, where presence is a mutually shared gift?...I guess I'm now writing about you, the forever traveler, and not just someone going
on a month-long vacation.

Until later...safe journeys!


I would say in a brief paragraph she has explained the trouble with travel, not the fixer, the whole experience. (And to always sleep in a different bed.)

My relationship between me and the people I meet on the planet earth. A good person does not walk up to a stranger, a foreigner, a person they do not know. It is the people with bad manners.

Maybe the started after this post:
I have been having this email conversation with Sarah, most of the emails are posted somewhere in the Help Center.

This comment is ironic; I am in Atakpame to take a vacation from all the concepts in the quote:

I become exhausted with people, the people of the planet can be extremely trying, they can be so frustrating you start to envision or have a desire to capture them, tie them up, then turn over to God and get a bounty for finding sinners. When a new person, ME, enters a culture he or she is not protected by the culture, this means any nefarious, bad, evil person that wishes to come up and try to manipulate, maneuver, sell me something has an opportunity. Nobody is going to say, do not do this to the person.
- They often think, allow Joe with no money to make some money, he need it, and will help or encourage the person. -

On 20 percent of the planet, not where I travel, in the so-called developed world you can turn them into the police. On the rest of the planet, they are normal people.

The art of travel in so many ways to avoid the bad people. If you avoid the bad, then what is left over is great.

I become very annoyed with Guidebooks, Travel Writers, and Adventure Writers who do not give me hints. Hell, I do not want hints; I want to know specific clear ways to identify the scammers and avoid.

I want to know who to avoid, MORE than what to do, what to do is easy to learn, everyone is writing about that. I want to know how to avoid people. I know in West Africa there are two easy ways, one is drive a car, and he second is to live in Tourist Hotels, the ones that cost above 10 Mille or about 20 US per night. Then life is insulated. The car would easily insulate me from the people. Then why come here?

I have seen very few people, I think one Swiss girl, maybe two French Canadians in my travel experience in Africa using public transportation, and me. This is three people in about 6 months of my life living in West Africa. In Ghana you have many volunteers that travel or leave the project and go on brief trips, they are not crossing borders. I have met one bike rider.

Africa men are very annoying, the closer I get, the more they know me, and the more they annoy me. I would suppose the Philippines men are often the same, and this makes the women love me here and there.

I am taking a pause here in Atakpame, Togo, I am in a controlled environment, and I am in a place where it is difficult to have a casual annoying conversation. I must pay a moto taxi to take me to the annoying cultural conversations. (Also boring, but good.)

This is a vacation from what you perceive as a vacation. I actually live here today, then tomorrow maybe somewhere else. I do not get to go home and recharge, I must re-charge here. No go home bivouac.

I love West Africa, the genuine normal people after I am able to somehow avoid the large gauntlet of annoying men, sometimes women are fun. Innocent, joyful, playful and curious, they do not now foreigners. I think the reason is also because they do not want money. They think 99 percent of the time about eating, talking, enjoying life or lying around like a big dog. What a wonderful society or culture, the majority of time is leisure. The do their leisure while disguised as work.

This is really 80 percent of the world, the under-developed part, the 20 percent in the USA, Europe and Australia etc are crazy, no time, I have no time, call me later. Here in Togo they would stop and talk all day if you would talk. The always have time, they do not let work interfere with the enjoyment of life and food is plentiful as the Garden of Eden, you can see the fat on the body, they do very little exercise and eat tremendously, if they have a problem, I think it is boredom.

I am going to give an example of a list I am making, I thought I already posted, maybe I did, and I cannot find or remember clearly.

I am making a list of how to avoid the problem people in West Africa. Pretty much, it goes like this, if a person does any of these things, pretend you did not hear, and continue to walk. They will give up quickly and forget.

IF you obey and avoid these comment, what you will have left over is well mannered and good people.

Togo Starting A Conversation - How they start an annoying conversation.

Yeh bow by an Adult - It means White Man
VA - I means come in Ewe or Kabrye, etc.
Spsssst sound
Cadeau - Gift
Donnez moi - Give me
Horn - On moto
Call Andre - Somehow learned my name.
Stare at me
Rastas - Always annoying and believe I want to talk.
Speak English to you.
Follow you
Grab you
Patron - Means like owner or boss
Blanc - White
Holler until I turn around, then demand I come
Tell someone else to holler at me, that is closer.
Walk into you - This is done as macho tactics.
Shake you hand - Pretend not to speak any language they know.
Have a friend introduce you, - Do not talk -

OK, this is a great way to avoid everyone.

How do you meet people.
I listen to the voices, children, and happy voices, inquisitive voices; there is also the polite person. I had a girl following me in Kpalime, she was a pain, she was so polite, and it was close to impossible to avoid her. She did everything right, the problem was she was 17 and wanted to come in my room to get a Gift, I was successful, I talked politely until she gave up. I find that about one day is the diligence level of West Africa, three days is an exceptional person. To annoy me for three days and me consistently say no is difficult.

The other good thing now, my French is improving, I can say no easier.

I am on vacation, the trouble with travel is the people you meet, and I guess I am tolerant, or I would leave. There is this somewhat idiot idea that tolerance is good. Tolerance enables people to continue to act badly, and intolerance of bad manners is what the world needs. Not a tolerance for bad manners and un-civilized behavior. I try to make a one-path entry into my life, by good manners only, if no manners, not behaved, they do not enter. What is amazing to me, the lesser the education in West Africa, the better their manners.

Togo Annoyances, Togo, Planning Africa, Annoyances, What is good advice, Why Travel, Why Not Travel

The Trouble with Travel

Togo Closer to Perfect

Togo Closer to Perfect
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I sometimes feel like a Preacher, I debate whether I capitalize the word Preacher or is preacher correct.

I have two Togo friends, Michel a man from Ghana and a girl in Atakpame, Togo. I feel semi-weak, maybe sad; they both have expressed the same sentiments to me. They say,
- Andre, I do not want you to leave, I trust you. -
Then continue and say,
- I like this. -

I have this lead us not into temptation speech I use and it hits a homer here in Togo as at the base, most people feel a deep need for religion. This mean in their ideal world, or if they had a perfect world they would be closer to God. They want one person to be honest with them.

I am no saint and have no desire for the job; however, I truly do work hard to avoid feeling guilty. I feel that guilt is hell, and if there is a hell, it the facing a person after you have sinned at them. Done something unfair, unjust or hurt them in a willful manner. I had this conversation about lies, and said, hmm… Please do not lie, it make me lose confidence in you.

I will work harder to avoid guilt than I will to be good.

On most of the planet a small white lie or real good lie is given in every sentence, and very annoying. I told my friend, please do not do give me petty and silly lies, please think a little, and when you are tempted to feed me some bullshit lie, just do nothing. Do not accept the temptation to lie, say no, and it is easy, just do nothing.

There is this cultural need here to feel everyone deserves an answer. The problem is the answers are about 90 percent not worth listening too. If I ask a person here a question, and I do not see an instant look in their eyes of understanding, I move on down the line, otherwise I will be there ten minutes later listening to totally ridiculous comments, then soon there will be three, then five people, next thing I know, I am in a soap opera and I am the lead actor.

I rely totally on my bullshit meter, a surgically inserted meter, in my heart and soul that says to me,
- True -
- Not True -
- 80 - whatever true? - Maybe

I am amiss why people do not trust their feelings, they seem more reliable than brains. A brain is full of convoluted waves of abstract ideas, and it takes a long time to find the calm waters. With my feelings, I can just sense, this feels good or bad, if I am not sure, and then the answer is, it is bad. Yes, I do lose or miss some opportunities in life by these instant decisions, however the good people continue and the bad people avoid me as a bad person really is looking for bad, and good are looking for good. It is a natural preclusion of culture, we find people that are like us, and we do become the same as the friends we keep.

Closer to perfection, the amusing aspect here is a very bad and sinister type person from the USA, could be of higher moral turpitude than a normal base level person of Togo. There seems to be a belief in the USA that perfection is possible and a good goal.

Europe has this we will fail attitude, they believe all marriages fail, and people in the Middle East need dictators to keep them in line. There is no trust in good, that a good idea can take hold. The cultures of the planet are somewhere on a continuum between evil and good.

I truly believe some cultures are more evil than others are, or more good than others are. Togo is a good culture, very little true problems, they just are overwhelmed with the small lies and the big type of sins they rather avoid, however there is not many needs here, they have few wants or desires, they have what they need.

The best way though to lose friends on the planet is to encourage them to behave and stop being bad. The best way to get a friend that will never leave you, is to be closer to perfect, amazing how one small white lie can destroy trust.

I guess there is a bargain, if I tell you the truth, will you continue to like me. I personally make this bargain, you need to like the brutal truth, or you cannot be my friend. I do not have a shortage of friends, even my enemies trust me too much now, and it has not always been this way.

Nothing worst than having an honest person talking about you, everyone will believe them.

I remember a women saying to me, a long time ago, to a group of people getting on the elevator. One, said, I never ask Andy’s opinion, why would I do that, he would tell me the truth, I want to hear what I want to hear, not the truth.

Not lying is so easy, just do not talk.

Note for travel safety, if you are in a place where it is dangerous, the social group, the neighborhood, the band, the community will protect you if they believe you are good person. If you are bad, they will allow what happens to happen, they have to believe you lend good to the culture, not bad, and strange at it may seem, bad people respect good people more than they respect themselves.

What is good advice, Togo, Honesty, Truth, Lies

Togo Closer to Perfect

0 or 1 People

0 or 1 People
Atakpame, Togo West Africa

I keep trying to emphasize or think of the people who are yes or no, black or white. I am calling them the 0 or 1 people.

The Zero or Ones.

They are incapable of seeing a person is both good and bad, a culture is advanced and primitive.

Zero or One people, off or on.

0 or 1 People

Should Hobo Experts Answer Questions

Should Hobo Experts Answer Questions
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

HoboTraveler.com site has developed a way for experts to answer questions easily, just by responding to emails. Each email answer is posted or filed in a way readers can find, therefore another reader does not need to sift through piles of comments to find their answers. There is a logical filing system or the hope of one.

A Forum can be great; however, for a person like me who is using the Internet and is paying in an internet café a forum is not good. I need to know today, not tomorrow, or at least soon, and the hope of help.

An example,
- How do I get a Visa to Cameroon? -

A good place to find the personal answer is the Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum.

I can find the answer to this question, how to get a Visa to Cameroon in this forum, and if I pushed, I would know the answer to this question after say about two weeks, for the Congo, maybe never. If for France, Peru, or common country, where I do not need an answer, today. A form is random and impossible to find answer, and amazingly they delete old and very good answers because of age of the post, more of a social network than a way to find good answers.

I have questions, which only an expert can see or understand all the implications and give a broad open answer with options.

Here is an example, I have asked many travelers, how to do I fly from Europe to West Africa, this is an expensive path to travel.

I asked a Peace Corps person how to fly from Europe to Togo and she said,
- Air France. -

She said something like, I flew with American Airlines to Paris and then with Air France to Lome, Togo.

I think… to myself, Oops, I asked the wrong person, then she goes on to explain how easy it was to buy the ticket, all the travel agents sell them and how many flights per day or something. Then she tells me Air Franc is the Airlines the Peace Corps uses to fly to Africa.

I think to myself,
-- There goes my tax dollars! ---
I say nothing; I wanted to end the conversation.

A better answer would have been Air Moroc, and one-third the cost or something.

If she would have said,
Afriqiyah Airways

I would start to think, she knows a lot, if she gave me some real weird option like take a charter flight to Agadez, Niger, then go by Togo Embassy bus from Niamey to Lome, I would say, voila, an expert on Flights in Africa.

When I ask what the best way to fly is, I mean and imply, what is the cheapest, not what is easy and expensive. I am always amazed a person will recommend a flight that cost more than 1000 US or one that cost 3000. I semi-think anyone who pays more than about 1500 Dollars round-trip for a ticket anywhere on the planet is somebody I have a bridge to sell too.

I can find some experts with no agendas, who love to help, and they can earn money with the ads that surround the post. The contextual advertisements will give them some small cash, and eventually big cash. The person can help to drive traffic to their only pages and we weave two sites together, or many site together. This would allow me lend my skill of making good SEO pages for the search engine, and allow the person to be an expert, and not think about how to make pages.

The task here for me, is to find experts who will not lie to make money, that do not have a money agenda that overwhelms them to give bad advice in the hope of money.

I think I have the technology and now I need to find the people, I am asking for opinions and ideas here, if you want to write to me personally, write the help center.

This is also the area of the site where I could put Experts to answer the questions.

I need these experts, I need expert advice, an expert is an expert on one area of focus, not the whole planet of questions.

Should Hobo Experts Answer Questions

Dysfunctional Travel Expert

Dysfunctional Travel Expert
What is an Expert
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How to become an EXPERT?

Rent an office
Hang a sign
Buy business cards
Tell everyone
Get a website
Write a book
Get some letters after your name PHD, CPA,
Join and organization
Major or get a University Degree
Buy an NGO or ONG
Say you are…

ALTERNATIVELY, to be quoted somewhere… hehehe

I get a bullshit is coming on feeling every time

I say I am an expert in
…Travel, Internet, Real Estate, Dysfunctional Behaviors

I hear someone say
…. I am an Expert

I hear someone say,
…This person is an expert

Or the worst way to decide a person is an expert…

This person is an expert because, they have a Master, PHD or Degree in this on X subject.

I am saying, and I did say, I get a bullshit is coming on feeling every time I say about myself, I am an expert in I say I am an expert in
…Travel, Internet, Real Estate, Dysfunctional Behaviors

I think it is the number four on this list, that make me know, saying I am an expert is bullshit. I was having and I am having one of them shake all over and try to say, do something days. I went by accident yesterday to a page in the Wikipedia.org online encyclopedia.

I have an account, I can edit, however I read the comment at the top of the page.

I started, then I stopped, I wanted to re-write the introduction that in my opinion is 100 percent backwards.

Correctly said,
Family members develop addictions, these are the symptoms of people who have behaviors that are dysfunctional or come from families with shared dysfunctional behaviors.

This page dysfunctionally attempts to define a dysfunctional family… I was having a good laugh as I thought what dysfunctional page. First, you have two words in Dysfunctional Family, the words

-- ? Where is the link?

To function here they need to first define and make a link defining the word Dysfunctional and then at the link to the word for family.
Simple as it gets a dysfunctional behavior does not function. The person asks for a horse and family member gives them a camel.

I am for sure a Dysfunctional Travel Expert, and for sure, I know the answers I write in the help center are often very dysfunctional. I know they do not work for the person, they are just answers to guide, not to answer.

If you have traveled in other foreign countries, you may laugh and tell the funny stories of your trip. A great book and one that to me explains the dysfunctional nature of travel is the book "No shitting in the toilet." By Peter Moore.

As I understand, I am not positive why he named the book this, but I think what happened he was in Japan or somewhere on the planet and he came upon a sign on the toilet that said,


I would say this is about as good as it gets, this is one of the best explanations of travel I have ever read. By example, he explains how travel is inherently dysfunctional. This is my life, I ask how much the room cost and they tell me how to get a massage. Therefore, when people ask me a question, I know I am answering wrong, however I just give it a try and hope the answer flies.

I have people ask, how much do I buy a ticket from the USA to Thailand?

I think to myself, hmmm, I sure hope this person does not want me write a book on the subject as an answer. The question is toogeneral and all I can do is answer in very broad and general terms. I know he or she is not going to be happy. They are doing the dysfunctional thing; they want someone to take responsibility for their work of finding a ticket. To be functional, they need to ask extremely specific questions, and then maybe I could give very specific answers.

What gear to carry is not a very good question, however what gear to take to Togo may be a good question, or better.

I have been having fun, I know the Wikipedia.org site, I know them, I will not volunteer to be a victims of an editor, I know I do have not written a book on the subject of dysfunctional families, however, I am know this subject. It would be very dysfunctional to correct a page, then have the editor remove the comments, it would not function… hehehe

The functional answer, the answer that is not dysfunctional is the answer that works for you, however remember, you may be dysfunctional and what is wrong may seem right. Too much fun for one day.

(Too much fun for one day is a sentence fragment, but think, did it function?)

Dysfunctional Travel Expert

Lining Up the Volunteer Victims

Lining Up the Volunteer Victims
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 27, 2007

I was musing away on the word Savvy the other day and wondering to myself,
- Am I a savvy traveler? -

I would propose that most people believe they are savvy, the general population of the planet thinks they make better decisions than their neighbors do. I have questions about myself, which I cannot answer.

Am I good looking?
Am I smart?
Do I know how to not be robbed when traveling?
Am I a good budget traveler?
Am I a saavy traveler?

I want to say,
- Yes, I am all of these things. -
People say things to me,
- I am a good traveler. -
I will make a wisecrack,
- Do you have references of people that would agree? -

Am I smart; good-looking, good at budgets, savvy, and all the other word are opinions? When referencing myself, I think to be savvy, I need to say,
- This is a comparison, am I savvy compared to whom? -

To really prove I am Savvy is close to impossible; therefore, I better just evade this word, and for sure take care when I use it to describe myself. I sometime have people say,
- You are a professional traveler. -

I have no idea what this means, however I do think maybe I am an Independent traveler. People take polls; this to me is a popularity test, not good reasoning.

I have been reading the Wikipedia.org Encyclopedia often and really enjoy this source of information. I keep thinking, I need to write a book to promote my site, I am observant enough to know, the Wikipedia.org references, citations, or sources believe people that write books are more intelligent than people who Blog.

I cannot just say something and quote myself as an authority, a person must interview me, then make me an authority, or a third person can quote me and define me as an authority on the subject. Google.com has a great system; they define a person internet site by the sites that link to the site.

Then what do people do, they go and pay people to link to their site.

I read all them endorsements of books at the front or back of books, the Public Relations people will write or call up people and ask them to read a book, then give a review, I have my own section now for fun.

What I am saying to myself is,
- Do not read your own review of yourself. -

- Andy, you are not a good traveler, you do not know what you are doing, and you will be robbed next week. -

- Andy, you are NOT a savvy traveler. -

Now, after I give myself a humility pep talk, I am thinking of all this noise because of a conversation last night about the Consular Information Sheets on Togo. Yesterday, I was grinning, I received a Consular Information Sheet on Togo in my email box, I was delighted, and normally I receive these updates on all the countries I am not visiting presently. Yesterday, I received one on Togo.

I subscribe to these sheets and receive by email, I read them with skepticism and try to remember they are guides, I am posting them on the site as they are the best information normally I can find on current visa requirements for the country.


I am remembering, I am not a savvy traveler…

I read the comments on Togo, which are similar to most Consular Information Sheets, after reading them; you do not want to go the country. The USA government somewhat sends out disclaimers, the country sucks, and if you go, remembers we told you so.

I am remembering, I am not a savvy traveler…

I do however, believe there are people who volunteer to be Victims of Crime. I personally as a person who is not a savvy traveler, a person who knows he will be robbed, I am 100 percent sure one day all my possession will be robbed, I know it. As a person who knows I am not a savvy traveler, I believe some people step up, get in line and ask to be robbed. Normally the ones who think they are savvy, the ones who think they know what they are doing, which in my opinion is about 98 percent.

I think I am the 2 percent, I know I do not know what I am doing, and I am positive I will be robbed.

However, I have not been robbed in Togo, I have not been accosted, and nobody has attacked me in Togo. I do not know anybody that has been robbed in Togo.

There are some really jerks in Lome, Jealousy and Mockery are rampant, however that is also in England, you want to get mocked, go hand around with a bunch of English people.

I just do not know about Togo, I feel and it is only my opinion; however, I would feel this is one of the safest countries on the planet. I am wondering to myself if the types of travelers to Togo are so naïve they are robbed more than other countries.

I suppose that is another story, am I naïve? My instincts tell me the normal traveler to West Africa is very naïve, Volunteers in two ways, Volunteering to Volunteer, and Volunteering to be Victims.

The type of tourist that visit destinations varies, there is a stereotype, there is a generalizations and I think a wise traveler needs to figure out the stereotypes and generalizations, and not pretend they do not exist, profile the problems in life and avoid them.

Lining Up the Volunteer Victims

What is Possible What is Not

What is Possible What is Not
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, August 8, 2007
What is possible and what is not, I am alone here in Lome, Togo and I am not sure where to go to find answers.

I now have a motorcycle here in Togo, it is very convenient in Togo, however, I am not positive I can take it across the Togo-Ghana border and continue traveling on to Accra, Ghana with the motorcycle.

I am positive I can travel without a motorcycle, I am not positive I can travel with a motorcycle.

I suppose that statement made the decision for me, I need to travel without a motorcycle and save the not-so-fun test of taking motorcycles across borders for someone else.

I think of myself as very conservative, I do not take many risk. I think my expertise lies in being able to evaluate the situation and make the proper decision.

If you study my trips, I do not get robbed, I do complain about bad manners. However, at the end of the day, I have made very few bad judgments. I am thinking about bad travel judgments, I think bad travel judgments are can only be measured by money, how much money did it cost because of my judgments.

I make decisions that I know work, what is possible, not what is maybe possible, I make the trip, I go where I want to go.

What is Possible What is Not

Negligent Travel Advice

Negligent Travel Advice
There is bad advice that will cost you money, and there is advice that is dangerous. I believe there is something in the human psyche that protects people.


Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

There typical vision of a Hobo is a person who jumps on trains or Train Hoppers. I considered doing this, however it is very dangerous, and I am afraid some silly person in the USA would go and copy me, then get hurt. There is very little chance a person will follow me to Iraq.

I hold myself responsible, and I hold all humans responsible for their words and actions.

Wisdom is maybe the ability to change advice according to the audience.

I told Craig at travelvice.com to blog, to make web pages and I think he can earn enough money to travel the world.

I was chatting away with him on Skype.com, not a good way to Chat, but the interface we share in common, and I caught myself saying.
- Nobody needs an internet page or site. -

I could only recommend that about 1 in 50,000 people or less should make a webpage with the goal.
- I want to make money. -

If they say, I want to have fun, I am full speed ahead.

As of today, November 2007, I would say 50,00O to 1 internet sites are Vanity Sites. Sites made to make the person feel good. This is like a Vanity Book or Press. One makes money, the others are flops.

I said day one, and I say today, I make internet pages to make money. I make about 1 percent of my money from blogging, but that is enough to money to travel. I need about five USA dollars per day to travel, but 15 is best, or live on 2 per day a lot and earn 5, it balance out. Now, read my lips, I can afford to live in Switzerland.

Epiphany a great word to learn.

I have been working for about 40 days on HoboTraveler.com and HoboHideOut.com.

HoboTrav is up 90 percent in traffic in 40 days.
Hideout is up 148 percent in traffic in 40 days.

I feel like a stockbroker, which made some great picks. HoboTrav is the Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway. Hideout is the ramp them up, I am an Angel, penny stock, get rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I was explaining to Gary on the telephone that I had made HoboTraveler.com go up 90 percent, I said,
- Gee, people would pay me big money to do that. -

However, I realized, I need to keep my mouth shut, or I am negligent.

Two big negligent comments.
- Africa is easy
- Making a web site is easy
(Firefox is too easy for me, and boring.)

Why, because I am not empathizing with the world, however, after masterminding a wild number percentage increase in Traffic on HoboTraveler.com and HoboHideOut.com I was hit by a Mack Truck.

However, remember, everyone is a natural at something!

This is analogous to me listening to a person tell me how French is easy to learn. I say, you are a natural, I am not, it is extremely difficult for me to learn French, and you know nothing about learning French because you are a natural.

I am NOT a natural writer, as I hope you have noticed, and will you ever learn to stop telling me, I know.

I am NOT a natural language learner; every word is fought for and won.

I am a NATURAL at computers, I consider Firefox and HTML, PHP about as boring as you can get. When I say there are problems, I am trying to warn people, it is not a problem for me. It takes extreme will power to read this boring crap, and ONLY when I 100 percent need it to proceed do I proceed. I try to get anyone near me to do it for me!

I think I am 50/50 on photography, I may be a natural, but I would need to go head to head with the exact same professional grade camera to know. I do know I consider learning about cameras absurdly boring.

OK, I will try to stop saying that Africa is easy, I will try to stop inferring that making web pages is easy.

This is the value of a diary, you can take these abstract thoughts, put them in a shaker and when they come out, they are fully blended and ready to use. It helps me to make decisions when I blog, a.k.a. journalize or write in diary. Note, I do not do it to remember, I am old enough to know I will forget everything and wise enough to know I will not care, I will call them up and make them fantasy real when I am very old.

I like to blog, not to make money, but two great reasons. One is I can think out and slice and dice ideas. Second is when I put my dirty thought laundry out, someone read it, and sometimes I a reader installs an epiphany in my brain when they comment.

DO NOT MAKE a blog to make money, just accept you are doing this Vanity Site thing, and if you need protection use this quote.

- Modesty is the opiate of the mediocre.
- Those that think you know are annoying those of us who do. -

I do appreciate those of you who are robbed, it does help me not to be robbed, and the soft targets make them avert their eyes from me. Thanks for being robbed; you helped me to continue to travel.

I do hope none of this makes any sense, and I pray to the good Gods most people quit before they get to here. FINISH

Note Firefox is for the person likes playing with the TV antennae to get a better reception, and all the children are screaming, get out of the way, we are trying to watch. It will mature, and maybe in about three years it will be plug and play. I presently consider it a very dangerous toy for the average person.

I had to do this code thing, so it would stop annoying me and I could use effectively, but just a curious toy.

/* Display the tabbar at the bottom */
#content > tabbox { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

Note: To do good on the internet is not about learning, it is about somehow choosing what is effective use of time to learn.

Negligent Travel Advice

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