Delhi, India Asia
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I found this quote by accident searching for Never Never land.


If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms,—never—never—never!

William Pitt the Elder (1708 - 1778)
British prime minister.


Delhi to Chicago Flight

Delhi to Chicago Flight
American Airlines Airplane
Above Russia or North Pole
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am on about hour eight of a sixteen hour flight from Delhi to Chicago, airplanes are often more uncomfortable than the buses. The airplane has private Television Screens so I can choose from about 8-12 movies or shows to watch.

There is some info-commercials on about travel, and I am musing and wondering where I fit into this commercial. There is a long presentation of a resorts or the inside of Hotels, showing the swimming pools, the beach, the rooms, the bar everything inside a normal resort. At the end or near the end is says something about choosing the travel destination.

I am mixed up, it was the name of resort or the Villas or something.

I am becoming increasing concerned with the general public. I am not sure, I guess the world wants to be entertained, and they want to dream, and then they figure out if they can afford to pay for it.

The salespeople of the world sit around thinking, hmmm, what can we sell that will be the new hot and trendy product that everyone will buy and we can make lots of money.

A Vacation Package, a Resort, or a Tour Packages is a product, something sold to entertain people. I think the idea of a resort is great, I remember working 12 hour days, busy, too much of everything and I need a separation from work so I could recharge my batteries. I do not want to call a resort though a destination, more that I checked myself into a resort like a fat farm to help me feel better.

The product of selling tours, the product of selling ideas.
The product of selling vacations packages, the product of selling ideas.

I am trying to think, what am I selling? I hope I am selling a truthful look of the world and my honest interpretations. I do not get paid for this, rather I make money now by the creation of a page that can index, categorize and people finds. If a person does not read, just gets annoyed and clicks on an advertisement and leaves, I make more money. Keeping readers on pages does not make more money, not in the short run, however, the long term readers yes, because they have multiple chances to click.

I am trying to understand in my mind, what is the travel industry selling. I think the product is a wonderful idea, then some way of making a location free of reality. It would be very hard to take persons on a tour of India and somehow stop them from seeing men urinating in the streets or more.

I told a friend Lynn in a push of idea, that people travel to be voyeurs. They want to look at people that are different and India is a great place for this, a billion people radically different than the rest of the planet, they do not know that, however I do.

She was apologizing for complaining about some issues of India, and I said, please you are not complaining, you are just not totally happy. Everyone should search for happiness and if you are not happy, then search. However, if you are in the dump, and you cannot find happiness, change dumps.

I have people want to know my favorite places, in some abstract way my favorite place is in a room reading a book or watching a movie. I like to be entertained. The second favorite it walking around in machinery type areas or industrial sales type areas of funky under-developed countries. I love to look, play, try to understand all the weird gadgets the world uses to work and make things.

I do not like loud noise, and I do not like bad mannered people.

I suppose I should ask myself, where are the most gadgets and at the same time the best mannered people, need to throw in a beach with girls in bikinis?

This is my perfect place, while many want to listen to some poor person in India tell their sad story. Neither is better, just different and if you like to listen to sad stories, then listen to sad stories.

I have made my own sad stories, drunken stupid stories full of punishment and anger, and people frustrated and hateful. I have lived that soap opera. I found it was easier to find people who want to live in a soap opera and say how miserable they are than the ones who want to say,
- I am a winner, I succeed and prosper and thrive at life, therefore life is good. -

This is an endless endorphin rush, and addiction to misery, I wish they would go jump out of planes with a parachute, it would be the same rush.

So, I am watching on Television, it is not over, but I was watching the sales of a rush of ideas, the idea of a paradise inside a building, the creation of a paradise you can buy. Not a bad idea, I wish it would never end.

16 hours on a plane, this is a record I think for me, we are flying over the north pole I think because it is a shorter distance than flying over Northern Africa or Europe to fly to Chicago.

I am very excited to buy the product of Africa, they do a horrible job of selling this product, they sell AIDS, Poverty, drudgery and people with nothing. This is great, I am so happy I went there and it is not what I see on the News and Television. It has almost zero tourist, and I am developing some revulsion to tourist. I am a tourist, I like to go look at things, however I am in a real problem area, I do not want to suffer to listen to their stories of what they watch on TV or read in a Travel Magazine. The ideas they have purchased to me seem more illusion and dysfunctional, a never ending soap opera.

I like to read the encyclopedia to journey to discover the world, then I like to go find on the earth what I read about. I do see the ideas inside of the Encyclopedia as something of value, a good value for my money. However, there is little to sell to people, most things in the Encyclopedia are free to go see.

Hmm.. I am going to read about the Congo to make the time pass faster.

Delhi to Chicago Flight

USA Dialup Connection

USA Dialup Connection
Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am in the United States of America and trying to connect to the internet. It is annoying as I realize how helpless I am here in the USA. There is no internet café whereby I can bypass all the other problems. I could drive 150 miles to Chicago and find an internet café, or 50 miles to a library to find a connection or sit on a telephone line for hours trying to connect.

There is a I cannot be bothered time limit to get an internet connection, I am often amazed at the amount of time a person will indulge in what they consider is a high-speed connection, yet they had to go to drive, travel, pay a fortune to get this high speed connection. I am just looking for a simple connection, oh well, I will be back in India in 7 days and there are many internet cafes.

USA Dialup Connection

2007 February 14 Enter USA

2007 February 14 Enter USA
Born in the USA

I left India on the 14th of February, and entered the USA on February 14, 2007

This is a memory marker, a way to remember....

Entered a snowstorm in the Chicago, Airport and quickly remember the Tropical worlds.

2007 February 14 Enter USA

The Problem with USA

The Problem with USA
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The USA is annoying, 24/7 complaining about a perfect life.

The whole planet fights, gets angry and frustrated, the USA is the has, and they are the have nots.

Some Amish guy asked me what they do in other countries, I said,

Same as the USA.
Complain about no money.
Talk about problems with politicians.
Go pray to some God, and hope he, she or it fixes the problems.

Then they go and buy something and talk about how life is terrible.

But they do where different clothes, eat different foods, and talk different languages. This is what is fun.

I am in a plush world, and everyone is telling me their problems.

I have realized normally a person will only complain about things they can change, it is as if there is the annoying hope, the ever present hope for change.

Why do they always hope for more, they annoy me, I am tired of wanting more and more. I want less and less, I am wanting leave so I am not overwhelmed with having everything.

A complainer has hope.
A person with no hope stops complaining, and accepts.

The USA has anything and everything, I tried to buy knockoff Reeboks made in Indonesia when I was there. I could not find my style, or the style I wanted. Why do I need to return to the USA to buy what is made in Indonesia?

Only in the USA…

Only in the USA can I be what I want to be, a Hobo and travel around the planet… hehehe

Does not make sense, but it makes sense, thanks to the overabundance in the USA and the never give up Americanism, I have created my niche in life.

Now, I can go out and annoy the rest of the planet, complain about everything and always have hope.

The Problem with USA

Blogging About Home

Blogging About Home
February 21, 2007

I was asked today,
- If the Hobo is home, then who is blogging? -

I was evasive and said,
- I have decided to lighten up on blogging while in the USA, as not so good to have the whole world know my home town. -

I live in somewhere, somehow, small town USA, a great place to live and everyone knows my name. I am a legacy, I have the inherent right to membership to this ethnic group, I am part of the tribe. I will never lose my colors or rights to membership.

I however, what is information of the tribe, should in a way stay with the tribe.

There is a responsibility to the human race, I naturally deny it, nonetheless, I continually need to accept, a person does not just have the right to say anything for anybody to read.

Blogging About Home

Brett Conrad February 20 2007

Brett Conrad February 20 2007

My friend Brett Conrad died yesterday, ironically I called his home the day after his death. Brett was instrumental in the founding of the web site He was a friend who donated his time to help create the first databases and PHP work on the site.

He died of cancer, I am not sure how to explain, yet I know he helped to me on the path to my Hobo freedom. He was like a younger brother to me, full of questions, ideas and hopes.

He wrote me to explain he was dying, we exchanged a few words between friends.

No worries for Brett, he was a good man.
He is my friend.

Brett Conrad February 20 2007

2007 Feb 22 Leave USA Enter Togo

2007 Feb 22 Leave USA Enter Togo

I will leave the USA today February 22, 2007 and fly with American Airlines to Delhi, India and enter on the 23rd of February. I will switch to the low cost carrier Spice Jet and fly to Mumbai, India. Then later in the night on the 24th, I will fly from Mumbai to Togo, Africa.

It is not that simple, yet more or less that, I am guessing I will fly around 13,000 miles and in and out of airplanes and airports for 48 hours.

This is the longest groups of flights I think I have ever done in one stint.

Fort Wayne to Chicago to Delhi, Delhi to Mumbai, Mumbai to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, then to Lome, Togo.

I will fall asleep at the wrong time, at every airport I will have my foot through the straps of my backpack or chain it to my body.

2007 Feb 22 Leave USA Enter Togo

Go Ahead and Jump

Go Ahead and Jump
Airplane Flight above Norwegian Sea
Friday, February 23, 2007

I am on a plane flying from Chicago, USA, to Delhi, India, I can feel it, I am making a jump. I prepared too much this time, I took packing too serious, I know I was leaving home for a long time.

However, I am going home, this journey ends inTogo, Africa. I will be in a country that does not speak English, and a place full of Black people and a few remnants of French men, who forgot to go home.

There is something different, maybe a new life, a new way, a new type of travel is evolving. I am growing older, I have traveled for 10 years, I know I am not a boy, hard to even see the boy. However, my Peter Pan obsession has lead me away from home and to a place I believe is more secure. I earn enough money to go to anywhere and to do anything, the good Gods have not argued with me.

As I was home, I realized I did indeed escape from my Home 10 years ago, there was just too much trash in water to ever purify it again.

I tried my new idea of how to explain to people what I do for work, as a girl with green glasses, going to study Yoga in India, and for sure lost.

I will pass on India, I am going to avoid India, I do no leave happy or a better person, too much of everything, too much of a cluttered life. When I get to Delhi, I will fly quickly to Mumbai, (Bombay) and then after sleeping too many times in Airports, I will fly to Togo.

Leaving the USA as night it falling and entering Togo in midday.

The planning, I know I planned this trip. I do not plan, I needed to leave without excess baggage. French, they speak French or some local language.

Togo is a place I know, it has a large beach, and all the streets seem to be sand, truly a city plopped onto a beach. Walking and talking, and walking and talking. I think the reason I have been dreaming of Africa is because there is no backpackers, or tourist.

Go Ahead and Jump
Maybe this is the new trip, the new jump, to go completely outside the safety and protection of the travelers and tourist life.

American Flag Scarf

American Flag Scarf
Lome, Togo West Africa

A man just walked into the internet cafe, he has a regular size bigger flag of the USA that he has wrapped around his neck like a flag.

Never believe this crap when someone says they do not like the USA, Europe has a P e n ... problem - Envy, Canada the same.

The other 200 countries are in love with the USA, I could not imagine whering a flag around my neck here, the girls would follow me home, and the Europeans would go into a frenzy. That reminds me, I need to put my flags on my bags.... why not invite...

American Flag Scarf

A Day in Kpalime

A Day in Kpalime
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
March 19, 2007

Today was a good day, rather hot and I am tired, yet it is interesting to enter a new city or culture. Moving cities means new friends, not people, not interest and new problems and solutions.

There was a man Michael from Ghana that stopped and tried to sell pants to the girls who manage the Hotel. He spoke great English and listens to the Voice of America, and BBC, was very interested to know my thoughts on the Bama or Obama, not sure of his name, a black or half black man running for President. I seen him speak on TV and was impressed with this directness, and honest appeal or nature. Plus, he did not seem to want to make his running a black / white issue, more of I want to be President of the nation issue, which is what it should be. Michael is paying attention, and I think a little surprised when I said, I think it would be great to have a black President. The problem, I was asking Michael was is he black or half black, I think the black people of the USA are not too open, they need to see him as who he is and not care. I think, or Michael was saying his name is from Kenya, and his mother I think, hmm, I think his mother is White. Not important or I guess, then maybe I would have paid attention.

I notice he was black enough to be categorize, either white or black or non-white or something, I really could care less, yet I would like to have a Black President, more than I would like to have Hillary Clinton as a female President, Condolezza Rice would be good, but I am not sure how to spell her name… hehehe

Girls Black, anyone that represents the country, and not a party, a person, a minority, but the United as States, not Europe, the USA. This is their job, not to be something to any groups, but to be something to the whole group.

Michael wanted me to go and watch the Ghana / Togo soccer game tomorrow, I declined, I was explaining, if the people of Kpalime seem me watching a football game, I would never be able to walk around the city without talking about Soccer, since I know so little, this would be very inhibiting and difficult.

The border to Ghana is close, I am not sure, maybe this is an official border.

A Day in Kpalime

John Debbins is Alive

John Debbins is Alive
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A good man is safe after a plane crash in Malawi over the weekend. I have mentioned or referred to John in newsletters. I hope all is good.

I do hope I have the correct photo, I have not seen John in about 5-6 years, I met him shortly in Brazil, a person your remember, a unique and happy person He is from the USA, who at the time worked teaching English in Paraguay, and has written emails occasionally every since, Andrea Debbins, his sister wrote me:


Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 11:37 AM

Subject: john debbins is alive and okay

Johnny called this morning to say he is okay.

The plane owned by the Nyika Safari company crashed on friday June 15th, 2007. The pilot, Christian, and 5 british tourists were killed in the crash. Christian is a good friend of Johnny's. Johnny called this morning to say he is okay but initial news reports he is the pilot because the Nyika Safari website has not been updated and lists him as the pilot.

Please spread the news that Johnny is okay and please pray for Christian and the other tourists.

If you google Nyika and John Debbins you can see the news reports.

Johnny and Lotte are going to the Netherlands this friday. I told him to call us when he arrives.

The names of the five British tourists killed in a plane crash in Malawi over the weekend were released yesterday as reports indicated they belonged to a larger group of sporting fans who were holidaying in the region.

The six-seater Cessna took off from the capital Lilongwe early Saturday afternoon and headed towards the Nkiya National Park in the north of the country but crashed shortly after 2pm. An investigation into the cause of the crash has been launched but early indications suggest bad weather may have been to blame.

I do not know, however small planes seem more dangerous than the larger passenger jets.

John Debbins is Alive

The American Dream is Contagious

The American Dream is Contagious
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday USA
July 4 is Independence from England day in the USA.

I was having a discussion with the two Americans last night here in Lome, Togo. The couple signed up and paid about 1200 US dollars per person to volunteers at an orphanage in Kpalime, Togo.

They stopped being volunteers for many reasons, and why they stopped is not as simple as it was a bad experience of it was this or that. I listened and tried to understand why they quit, I want to the travel Lies, truth and honest opinion of their experience.

I listened with the desire to hear some statement or opinion that I could feel is obviously correct, or self-evident. In this statement from the United States of America Declaration of Independence from England it says,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain Inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

I am sure people can pick, debate and choose statement and problems however there is one phrase that I do not think anyone would want to argue over, this the right to the
- pursuit to happiness. -

I search for these little comments, these phrases, these are consensus statements or comments that when in a group of people, few wish to argue about.

I know after talking with the two orphanage volunteers last night a few things.

1. They stopped because they were not happy with the situation.
2. They were not 100 percent positive there was an orphanage.

Number 2, is the pivotal problem here, and if your goal is to volunteer at an orphanage, and have questions whether it is an orphanage, then there is a problem. When traveling I discover things I believe, not just hope to believe, I believe, and I feel the truths to me are self-evident. I search for these self-evident truths as I travel and try to not listen to extra noise or angers. These are the truths that function, they work, they are reliable, they can be used by me.

My mother wrote.

Happy July 4th Andy, Independence Day for the good old USA of America. Tomorrow we will hang the red white and blue out and celebrate. The only country in the world where we can do and say what we desire and not have to worry about getting arrested or thrown in jail. I know lots of bad things go on but we still are the greatest country in the world. If we were not all these strange people would not be crossing our borders to try and have a better life all the time.
Stop Quote

I would say this could be a very controversial comment and I am sure I and find many Europeans would love to argue about, however, the comment here that jumps out is,
- If we were not all these strange people would not be crossing our borders -

I believe there are many people crossing the USA border to enter, and this says, they want to be on the USA side more than the Mexican side. I feel safe in saying, the Mexicans that came across the border wanted to be on the USA side more than the Mexican side.

My mother dreams in Red White and Blue, she is, and I am all of this dream, which is the American Dream, I am my mother’s child and I know this, I know she is optimistic about the USA. This is what being an American is, she believes it is on the right path, she believes in the country, over 70 years old and still has a contagious dream.

The world has an American dream, it is fuzzy, unclear and un-touchable, and I hear and feel the dream from the Togo people. The dream of something easier, of something that is to them obviously good, when they dream of the America it is a dream of what they think is better. Right or wrong, there is the self-evident truth; people want to go to the USA.

I am always happy to say, I am from the USA, to a Togo person, I can see it in their eyes when I say,
- I am from the USA. -

Their eyes say to me, please give me some of the dream, I am not sure what my mother and father put in me, however I know I am the carrier of a dream, I do hope it is contagious.

I am sure tomorrow I will hear endless stories of what is wrong with the USA, however I can always remember more people want to enter the USA than want to leave, these observations stop the travel noise I hear, many refuse to catch this dream, the more they tell me there is no dream, the more I am positive the dream is true. The people outside the USA know it better than me, I am the dream, they have the dream. I do not sit around dreaming about the USA.

The American Dream is Contagious

No Longer Need to Kick City Boy Butt

No Longer Need to Kick City Boy Butt
I am from a town of 400-500 people according to who is counting and whether we include the illegal Mexicans working at the Chicken Farm. I am a Hoosier, by any definition, I am a hick, an unsophisticated person who came from the country. The Farm.

Now, my home city, a.k.a in the world it is a village is on the map. I had to own the map to make it happen, but now a person with a Home Stay will soon be able to rent one room to people in nowhere, center of USA, where people go to church and say excuse me, thank you, hello and goodbye in this island of a town.

Orland is on the MAP

Thank you Google Earth, I do appreciate this too much or in Thailand Mak Mak.
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
By Andy of

What this means in small town USA, where Superboy lives in smallville as anywhere, we want to be a somebody, not a nobody, and we know we are not dumb, we are just naïve, we do not understand, gangs, violence, and treating people with no respect. It just did or does not compute.

I am removing the desire to kick some city boy butt and explain in smallville terms how respect for people works, the end of my personal problems. Maybe, … I hope not, would not have anything to think about.

or maybe Contact Andy

Superboy on

No Longer Need to Kick City Boy Butt

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