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Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Sunday January 21, 2007

I made a GPRS travel jump from Thailand to Katmandu, it was not planned, however, I was able to access the Internet with my cell phone in Thailand, now I can in Nepal.

I will not pay more than about one dollar USA per day for Internet access, as I am cheap, I be Hobo. The GPRS in these two countries gives me unlimited access for about one dollar per day.

This is with the idea that I stay about one month in each country.

I want to go to Africa now, I am trying to find GPRS connections in the various countries of Africa. An annoying process as nobody states the price.

There are many reasons for me to have an Internet connection by GPRS on an unlimited basis in my room. The biggest goal is to be able to blog daily.

I am fighting with small rules of travelers. There is this unwritten rule of the traveler culture.

I need to travel by land, I want to travel by land. I do not need to travel by land, yet I feel like I am letting down the traveler culture if I fly from one country to the next. The cost of planes has often, with a good plan made flying cheaper than the bus, and for sure trains in Europe.

Africa is not the same as Europe, or Southeast Asia and the flights are more expensive, however to achieve my goal of blogging daily. I either need to buy a satellite connection or fly from GPRS enabled country to GPRS country. JUMP

Flying is cheaper than buying a satellite connection, so jumping from GPRS to GPRS country would be cheaper. Yet, still remains the - Go by Land - rule of being a traveler. I suppose I can skip....

I think in terms of Jump, Hops and Skips.
Jumps are big
Hops are small
Skips are longer, yet fast

I can do two day by land trips across countries, sort of skip across them, but not avoiding the country. Then another traveler rule comes into affect...

How long do you have to be in a country to count it as country you visited?

I personally like to say I need 10 days to say I visited, if you want me to start to have an opinion I need a minimum of one month. The size of the country also is important. To have an opinion of any value for India you need to probably have at least three months, but really to even learn a little about India you need a year.

Brazil must be about one year.

IF you really counted the time, you would see I have spent about one month in any country I have visited. Therefore to go to three countries, I need three months of planned time in country. Many visas make the decision for me, I would think about 30 days is an average time allotted by visas to enter a country.

Nigeria is causing a big Africa Visa problem, as they want me to apply for a Visa in the USA only, it is possible that I dollar-my-way-through. Hope if I pay or stay the course longer in Benin, I can talk the Nigerian embassy into giving me a visa to travel in or across Nigeria. I cannot just go to Niger and into Chad to avoid. I can fly around Nigeria.

Africa does not have good backpacker paths established. They just do not make it easy to go overland without tons of research. I am American, the rules change for each country, a German, a Brit, and get even more complicated. If you was Israeli, then life has little land mines.

GPRS for me should cost less than 2 dollars per day.
SATELLITE needs to cost less than 30 dollars per day.

Paying 30 dollars per day to blog, that is paying a lot to blog. On the other hand, Africa is not the same as South America or Southeast Asia where every Tom, Dick and Harry goes and blogs. It does get closer to being an adventure. Plus someone has to forge a path.

I call it an adventure when I could get killed. I do not see Africa as a big adventure, but a lot closer than South America, Southeast Asia is tourist grade all the way, hard to find an adventure.

Rambling and rambling, the cathartic value of blogging, trying to find clarity where none exist.

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS

Three Month Rule

Three Month Rule
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 3, 2007

I am stating, there is a Three Month Rule for travelers, I have nobody else to debate with, I have thought about it for years. I know of only a couple people on the planet that have openly, overtly discussed the rule with me, however, someone has to say,
- There is a rule. -
- There needs to be a rule. -

There are unspoken traveler rules, normally that non-travelers think they qualify to use or apply.

This is about the Three Month Rule.

If I stay more than three months in one location, then I have stopped traveling and have become an expat, I am living in a different country, I am not traveling or a traveler.

1. The counting of days or months is frowned on, no true traveler is clear about what day of the week it is or the date.
2. Doing a Visa run to another country, and returning does not stop or terminate the counting of time.
3. A person must have traveled for over one year, not violated the three month rules, to be considered eligible to think about the rule, talk abut the rule, all others person shall politely admit, they are not travelers.
4. The counting of days, the counting of months is to be very loosely enforce, nobody is allowed to say to a person, show me your passport. This is bad form.
5. The passport is the proof, yet in a accordance with rule 4, no person I allowed to check your passport.
6. This is an honor system, you need to feel guilty proof of purchase system, the only person who enforces the system can be yourself, you are allowed to cheat, lie, get quirky, make up sub-rules, however in the end, you will know if you obeyed the rule. Guilt and shame is your little goblin on your shoulder, telling you what to do.
7. Persons who say the rule do not apply instantly have defined themselves as non-travelers.
8. Travelers are not expatriated or expats.
9. After violating this rule, have lived in one location for six months, a person is required to stop the time count, they must start again, they cannot say, I have traveled for X amount of years as if it was continuous travel.
10. A person is not to discuss these rules with non-travelers.

All the rules above, violate the Prime Directive of Travel which is to do what you enjoy, and not care what anybody else thinks or says, therefore the Three Month Rule is moot.

I have thought two months should be the count for years, decided, this is too short, a Visa is often is for two months to three months. A good visa is offered for 90 days or the three months, a bad visa is for 30 days or less, a great visa is six months or more. There has been many considerations about this rule, however, the biggest one is I start to feel guilty after about two months in one location and say to myself,
- I need to leave. -

This rule and conditions are automatically activated and when I hear the words, I am traveling… or,
- I am traveler. -

If you are talking with me, Andy, and I say,
- Remember to travel. -
You can take it as an insult, because it was. This means you have explained how you are traveler too long and I know, you are not.

Three Month Rule

Telltale Travel Signs

Telltale Travel Signs
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, March 5, 2007

clearly showing something: clearly showing or indicating something that is secret or hidden
telltale signs

There are secrets on the planet, there are thoughts and ideas that people with to hide. I read travel writers and it is obvious that many wish to hide the truth, and just give a rose colored glasses view of a country. Of course a fantasy sells better than the truth.

I want to know about people, I want to understand the cultures of the world including myself, any culture.

I look for the identifiers of how a person is, not how they want to be. Last time I was in Africa, I remember reading in the Lonely Planet Guidebook about the Hover.

The writer for one of the countries said about one hotel.
- You do not even need to Hover. -

To hover is to float of flutter above the toilet, using it somehow, however, never touching it. This tells me how the person views both Africa and other people.

About three days ago a Canadian girl was very excited about finding the perfect pair of pants to buy. She said something, like,
- I really need a second pair. -

Translated, I only have one pair of pants, and I wear them every day.

I Andy have about 6 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of long pants, 1 pair of long fishermen pants from Thailand. It is annoying to see the travelers in the exact same clothing every day, and makes me cringe. I am presently carrying about 15 pairs of underwear, and I hope they are not lost in the wash fast.

I have been changing my t-shirt two to three times per day and washing about two per day for sure as it is very hot and I pit them out fast.

Michael Crichton in his book Travels does not say it much, but he talks about it, he says he has a guide or an interpreter. He even says how something take money and planning, however he never says really says often or I cannot remember him saying in the book.
- I purchased a tour. -

However, it is pretty obvious he purchase a private tour in many of these exclusive and out of the way places a money was not a problem.

There are telltale, or identifiers that tell a tale of what is hidden or secret. Your or my intuition will pick up on them, and if you can turn on the intuition and trust your instincts, you can make a decision about who you meet.

Yesterday, here in Lome, Togo I purchased a half filled soda bottle with some extremely good semi-frozen orange juice. The cost was 50 Franc or CFA. This is about 10 cents USA, a Soda in the same store cost about 300 CFA or about 60 cents USA. In the restaurant in my hotel a cup of coffee is 500 or about one dollars something.

I purchased this extreme great drink by accident, as I saw the two children friends drinking it and thought it looked good.

A pint of Apple Juice cost about 850 CFA or about 1.50 dollars. I somehow purchased about the same amount of Fresh squeeze, and frozen juice for about 200 CFA as I drank four of the bottles.

This is a telltale sign of the true economy of Lome. The normal persons can purchase fresh squeezed orange juice for about 10 cents per glass and I am sure in the hotel here it probably cost around 1.50 dollars for a glass of orange juice.

The truth is, I can also purchase a glass of fresh squeezed and semi-frozen orange juice for 10 cents, they just think that no white man wants to share, eat, or drink what they eat or drink. It is as if nobody white has ever walked into the small store and purchase a bag or sachet of water.

The signs are there, there is a telltale sign, I do not think any white men or women walk into the small stores and order a fresh frozen glass or orange juice for 10 cents USA. It was not that easy, because you need to go knock on the gate next door to the store, say something in French and they will hand the juice out the hole. I am trying to figure out how to be black so there is no price inflation. I normally do not buy if there is a telltale hesitation on telling me the price, it means, I am going to go for the money with you.

What they say, and what they really mean.
What you hear from a person I how they want you to see or view them, what you see is who they are…

A person is mentally healthy by the number of secrets they have.

NOTE: To Sean if you are reading, if I was trying to always be happy, then I would be always lying.

Note: To the person who was commenting on getting more traffic if put in more photos, a telltale sign is I really do not care or I would put in more photos… hehehe

Signs above that I do read some emails sent to me.

Telltale Travel Signs

Togo What Are You Doing

Togo What Are You Doing
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am lacking in a French phrase, word, or words of explanation, I wish to say to people I meet,
- I am a tourist.-

Je suis un touriste.

Masculine of Feminine Touriste
Feminine touristique

I was having a conversation with a highly educated man from Togo last night in English; strangely, he says his name is Joe. Ok, Joe has traveled a lot, for more strange reasons lived in Libya for two years. He is living in the same hotel as me, with his wife and son for a week while they visit his wives parents and family. She is originally from Kpalime, and he is from Lome.

This situation is different, as normally they would be staying at the home of the family. There are few reasons for hotels in cities, and it is not tourism. First is for traveling sales people to spend the night while they sell products to the city, second for a person traveling a long distance from city to city going to visit family, the third is to visit in laws in the city. As I said, they usually they stay with the family. I am sure there are other reasons. These reasons are why I can trust there is a way to live in most places. Just because there is no hotel, does not mean there is no lodging.

Joe speak English very well, he asked,
- What work are you doing in Togo? -

I say,
I am not working.
I am a tourist.

This is in English.
Then I repeat in French to be double sure, because I get the quizzical look, saying, I do no understand.

This goes on for about five minutes, I know better than to be stupid and just repeat the word tourist. I say it many times, in many combinations of words. I understand language is abstract, it is a few feelings, a few ideas, and a group of thoughts mixed up that somehow explains what a person wants or does, not that an explanation is normally given, but wants are expressed often.

I have said, I am visiting the countries of Africa and start on a list, I will go to Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, etc

- Je visite le Togo, le Bénin, le Nigéria, le Cameroun, le Gabon, le Congo. -

I hoped a long list of countries will give them the conceptual meanings of what I am doing.

I sometime resort to saying, I wish to learn about Africa or curious.
- Je suis curieux. -

I learn Africa.
- J'apprends l'Afrique. =

I want to know Africa.
- Je connais l'Afrique. =

When a person says, to another person in another country, culture or language, or they wish to say,
- I traveled to Benin. -

It is not good in my opinion to say,
- I traveled to Benin. -

I just need to say,
- I know Benin. -

People here will ask,
- Do you know Togo? -

If I say,
- I do not know Togo.-
This means, I have not traveled around Togo and therefore I do not know Togo.

Yesterday, I went to the Sunday market, which also is on Monday, I believe, a lot more interesting than the normal city market. I went two times; the first was early in the day. On the second trip, a family snagged me and some girl by the name of Diana asked to accompany me, I thought to myself.
- Well, I suppose if you the whole village gossiping about you, then that is your choice. -

Ok, so this Togo girl walks to the Market with me, and we roam around, this is difficult to do. I had made the mistake of saying I was going to go eat a Pineapple with my new friend.

When we arrive at the market, the girl goes instantly into buying a pineapple mode. I say, I want to buy a pineapple from my friend, she cannot relate to this, finally after many moves from different chubby ladies the girls seems to ask, where is the girl he purchased pineapples before at, and where did she go?

They all seem to know; I purchased the pineapple from the one girl, and said, she went home. Now, it is highly possible they are lying, this is not my first time to look for a repeat sale in a market. I cannot find the girl.

(I think the reason the girls wanted to accompany me, was to have me buy for her. I got off with a Coconut, Pineapple and some Tomatoes.)

I want to be a tourist, I want to look at things, and I want to be curious. This only happens because I just walk this way and that way, and the girl has no choice, she follows with me or I will leave her. She keeps wanting to know, what I want, I say, I am curious, I want to know the market, I am just looking, on and on and on.

She cannot relate, you go to the market to buy something, what do want to buy. I am tempted to say, I want to buy Pizza with lot of cheese and pepperoni and be a smart A…

All of this is about the question.
- What are you doing in Togo? -
(Africa is too big, I must limit or qualify to one country.)

There are about three or four easy answers.

1. Say, what I am doing in French, and not pay attention to their eyes, their actions, the look on their faces, and not care if they understand the answer and ignore them. I would say, about 80 percent of all tourist or travelers this is their method, mainly because when people talk, they do not listen, they just talk to do something or to hear themselves talk. Talking is because we want to be selfish and we go to the market to buy something, the only reason to listen is to be selfish and to find out if the other person can help, this is not ME.

2. I am working, or I am on a project. They do understand this, the reason is because people come and give them things or help them. They want, therefore when someone gives, they like this. They are 99 percent sure they are suffering and life is hard, and that someone should give them help or aid.

3. I live here. This strangely is a good answer, I can live in Kpalime or Togo and do NOTHING, and this is semi normal. To live in a place is ok.

Joe wanted to know my work.

4. I suppose I could say, I buy drums, leather or something way overpriced and nothing of value to export. The cost of items in Africa is about double the same items of Asia, there is not much I have seen that a person could export and it would be feasible. I do think there is about 50-70 percent of the land, sitting empty, and you could grow many foods and sell again to the same people.

I do not get on the subject of business in Africa, because this just leads into them wanting money and on the economic side of life, this is the wrong place to have discussions. I am learning that a person can learn a lot about languages here in Africa, they appear to be able to learn language at hyper speed.

I suspect the majority of tourist, volunteers, or crazies, just lie, or shine them on, and truthfully could give a Rats A.. if they understood. There is this entrenched belief with people that Africans are stupid, even the African people enforce it.

I truly believe anyone can learn, prosper and thrive anywhere on the planet; I do not need to give anyone anything, but a sense of pride in themselves.

I learned lesson in Thailand, Thai people are annoying, they continually ask either in Thai or English
By Nai Kalp?
Where you go?

No answer works, except.
Bye Tio.

It means more or less, I wander around, sort of like who gives a S, I am just walking and it is not important. The Thai people here, Bye Tio and stop asking questions.

There must be a way to say the truth here in Africa, I am a tourist. The problem arises because most tourists go to see a specific thing, then return to their jobs, or ignore them. I think the majority just ignores them, and I am not good at ignoring people, I am getting good at not understanding the word Cadeau, L’agent, or any words leading to give me something idea.

A person wanted to teach me the word for Money in the local Mina language; I almost got up and ran away. The last thing I want to know is when they are saying money in the Mina language, presently it is easy to ignore, and I do not recognize the word. Life was better before, I knew what Cadeau meant or the world gift in French.

Last night a girl said, something about a headache, this translates to I want to have sex with you, you give me money, and I will be happy. Amazing system some days, Joe and everyone was being extremely obnoxious, pushy and shoving, too helpful with this girl. I kept trying to say, I do not know this girl, I do not remember this girl, and I think she is very young. Nothing works, a girl offers a man should accept. They thought she was free, I was positive she wanted something.

The situation is this, the people want to make me happy, they are extremely helpful, and they are trying to think on how to help me. They want to know what I am doing so they can help me, I must NEED something, and maybe I need a person to help, because I am an ONG-NGO that needs to give to feel something.

Maybe I am here to invest, maybe I am here to bonk the girls, maybe I am here to live, and they wish to help me to be happy. They came down and asked me to come up top, and watch the Togo soccer match, I refused, as I am not going to even be curious about football, or I will need to leave the city as everyone will want to talk about soccer with me. Togo won, 2-1 over Sierra Leone.

What am I doing in Africa? What am I doing in Togo?

I tried to explain to Joe, I like people; I like to learn about Ewe, Mina, Dindi, Huasa, etc.

The bottom line is this, people understand what they know how to do, or what they also do, not what they have never done.

Sometimes, I offer a bone on the blog, I put up more than normal amounts of photos about food, because everyone in the world knows how to eat. Then there are the children, everyone can relate to children. I know this, I know what people understand, and I know what they can relate too.

However, out on a limb, way off in the bush, under the stomp is something I know nothing about, and I am sure many people do not know about. I can take a photo of the Eiffel Towers in France, and go figure about 10 Million other people have the photo to offer.

Curious is Africa, the Togo people are very curious about me, however, the do not see this as an activity, something to talk about, they are extremely curious, but that is not what you do. I have been training the 19-year-old boy, in the front of the Hotel, on the American art of Girl Watching. He is a slow start, I try to explain, I am going to club you if you say hello to another girl who is walking with a man.. I then told him, I do not want to do boxing.

They are like a blunt instrument, abrupt, to the point, and not diplomatic. What do you want? Then you take, really, this is easy, but not simple when I do not need anything, a few wants, but no big needs, and curiosity, how does a sense of wanting to learn work into the mind of a person.

Learning is because we are told, we go to school, and we are forced to go to school. We go to school so we can earn money. I was aware the other day; I have this whole encyclopedia on my computer. I will always have something to read, or learn, I will never run out of reading materials. I forgot, I had a lot of reading material, yet I do not see the encyclopedia as reading material, it must be a book, now I know, I have a lot of reading material with me, I am very worried about running out of English books to read, they are impossible to find here.

I am hearing the noise; the people of Africa must work all the time, because they are poor. Crap, they sit around talking 90 percent of the day, this is not true, they have an overabundance of free time, and they may think they are working, but sitting around looking at a pineapple in front of you is not too difficult.

I was thinking, and watching the Citron or Lemon Juice sales women, I make a special trip every day to her stand. She is ultra busy, she has two girls who fill up bag of water, put in a piece of ice, then the roam the area selling cold water. There is bigger than life size women that sells bean and other stuff, with a capital S. There is a back up lemon juice maker, this women is thriving, she is a go-getter from the get go, and if full of energy, no I feel sorry, I suffer with her.

How do I say, in one short sentence, I am wondering across Africa to see and learn about Africa? This is my goal now in French, maybe I can learn in the Mina language.

Yet, the art here is to have them relate to this answer and not continue with questions, until I am forced to just stop and leave, or shine them on a small bit. The easy thing to do would be to lie, and I think this is the common solution, not mine, but common. The world accepts a lie faster than the truth.

Togo What Are You Doing

Traveler Denial

Traveler Denial
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 31, 2007

I met this Swedish girl, yesterday in the Gomido Bar, makes me appreciate the Togo women. There seems to be a propensity for the less-than-up-to-snuff-looks-wise (ugly) white people to come to Africa, however I better be careful, I fit into this category, as I am white.

This woman has traveled many countries, she was annoyingly Swedish, and there are two types, the ones that are balanced, and the ones that are snobs. A country making large weapons, probably selling them to the Islamic world and invaded by 1 million of them on their free money system and she is complaining about the USA system.

I have never eaten in the Gomido, and I suspect it is recommended in the Lonely Planet that was sitting on the table.

I made a comment about Africa being expensive, she said,
- I have no problem finding cheap rooms. -

I think she is in DENIAL.
Or her Ego Defense mechanism is kicking in.



I think his name is Oliver, a smart man, and I hope to meet again. I was discussing solar this, and solar that, and all sorts of fun things and somehow he is working with one of the exceptionally pretty white girls in Africa and I forget here name.

I was making a small comment about the Africans Men being Macho and trying to intimidate. He said,
- I have not noticed this. -

I think he is in DENIAL.
Or his Ego Defense mechanism is kicking in.

I am trying to remember, I have this Farmer Tan, it is very annoying, I laid out in Lome, trying to get one of them deep dark brown tans on my body, to look the true surfer boy image I promote and try to emulate.

Now, back to this stupid Farmer Tan. A Farmer Tan is where a person is wearing a t-shirt or some shirt all day and his or her face, mostly him get a tan on his arms and face that are very brown, yet when he takes off his shirt, (I have never taken off her farmer shirt), there is a distinct separation. The arms are very brown, the face is very brown and you can see the outline of the collar around the neck.

I have this now again, very annoying to get rid of, because I have to lay on the roof and sweat, read a book, and get thoroughly hot and bored, no beach bikinis to watch.

I do not remember, I do not remember a farmer’s tan on either the Swedish girl or Oliver the Belgium Solar worker or project worker.

It would be very difficult to walk around and see all the people of Africa and not get a farmer tan, unless you did not walk around and see all the people of Africa.

I walk way too much, I would never pay for a trek, it just seems like a stupid thing to pay for, when all I do is walk and trek around the country of Togo, unless I wanted to avoid people then I could go and look at a waterfall and a mountain.

I know a girl by the name of Joscella, she is from Bristol England and she could tell me every way in the world to travel and live cheap. She as an amazingly good traveler, probably the best I ever met, she knew everything about how to live in any type or room, any place, and cheap. With a true traveler, there is not a minute that goes by, when they are not telling you a tip, an idea or some fruit of an idea on how to travel better, this is what we do.

This was not the Swedish girl, she did not tell me one hint on how to travel cheap, she just said,
- I have no problem finding cheap rooms? -

I judge people by their fruit, if she was telling me idea, tips, and specific examples; I would and could believe her. I am terrible, I trust people too much, I am from Indiana, and we trust people. I think she is in denial she wants to pass herself off as a cheap traveler, yet she was sitting in the Gomido buying an expensive salad, and telling me about paying 200 dollars to go on a 4-wheel tour in Benin.

Her fruit says she is full of crap, she pays a lot for rooms, and I gave an example of how to find a cheap room, the boom boom example. She gave me nothing, and is pretending, or lying or in denial.

The Ego Defense mechanism is the idea, I am very smart, I would never say or do something, I would never give an example of how I am stupid, because I must protect my ego, I must retain my self-image or I will have a problem.

Oliver the Belgium guy is maybe doing the same, he does not want to admit or accept a person tried to intimidate him. It is frightening and scary to have this big man come up to you and ask for money, you can just give and hope they go away or you can say no.

IF you admit they are frightening, then you might say to yourself, I should go home.

I say no, but I suspect that most just pay the Piper, and try to pretend it did not happen, and heaven forbid, they would ever say something bad about a country or a culture.

I will, the African men are macho, they will try to intimidate you and I think women can travel better in Africa maybe… The African men are also very or extremely sexist and would never intimidate a woman for power, for sex yes, but not for power no, they see women as powerless and something to be used.

A person intimidates a person that challenges them for power; I personally am quite used to being the Alpha Male and will take the position easily and often. Normally by brains, not brawn, but if be so, I use brawn.

I am going to try to listen for the fruit, try to find the travelers that help me to travel, try to find the people who give me gifts, not asking for gifts. I had this very nice girl give me some peanuts the other day, I will never forget this, it was nice, no agenda.

Sometimes a person will say, I had this really great taxi driver, or this restaurant was exceptional. I want to holler at them.
- HEY stupid, you paid a fortune, what do you want, they kept sucking up because you kept giving them big money. -

To test the fruit of a person, they need to have zero agenda or reason to help or give, not with a reason to give good service as part of their job.

It is very interesting to listen to people and then try to remember who I am, so I do not accidentally trust their opinions and have problems. Recommendations from a Hobo cheap person is not going to cost me or YOU a small fortune, a recommendation from a Swedish paying through the nose person will, if I followed her advice, I would have to pay my way out of danger, and not finesse my way if I followed the people in Denial advice.

Just because you think there is no danger does not mean it not dangerous, just because you think it is cheap, does not mean the next person does not think it is expensive.

A cheap room is one dollar per night in the word, 10 dollars is very expensive on the planet.

Note the Belgium guy was installing a 700 U.S. dollars Solar panel, and admitted, nobody from here could afford it, and his school was paying. I said, it does not work for good on the sustainable word idea, but keep trying, someday; somewhere someone will come up with a good idea, probably by accident, not by design.

I want to hear how a person saved money, how to spend money is easy.

Traveler Denial

Reader Comments on Blog

Reader Comments on Blog
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A person posted a comment on my blog.
This is on the bottom, I finally discovered the link, I think blogger orphaned it.

I would say is about 100 percent correct.

He or she wrote, never trust a person that post, they lie..

You travel around the world, yet all you write is ... You travel around the world, yet all you write is ungrammatical drivel about how much money the bus cost or the precise details of how you negotiated the price of a hotel room in Treedanta, Anystan.

You're clearly lonely and quite a depressing person to be around. You're a typical blogger - a boring, narcissistic attention-seeker.

Will you post this comment? No.
(William Reynolds) 23:21


Why is he about 100 percent correct?

Chunked out ideas in his post:

Comment 1:
You travel around the world, yet all you write is ... You travel around the world.

Answer: Yes, I write, I travel around the world, a very general description of what I do, when I am writing in my web log.

Comment 2
yet all you write is ungrammatical drivel about how much money the bus cost or the precise details of how you negotiated the price of a hotel room in Treedanta, Anystan.

Answer: I did not say, I am a professional writer, as in an editor type, I do write, but to be a professional writer, mean more than just typing in an online journal, a web log, or a personal diary. It requires editing, proofing and other type of work. I do not work, I just type my diary.

Negotiating the price is a daily ever encompassing duty, I would be amiss if I left one of the main situations of my day out of my diary. I do think the resolution of why, what, how and to think, introspect is a good use for a journal. By typing, I learn to negotiate better as I take abstract idea and translate into what you would hope is consistent and congruent words.

Comment 3
You're clearly lonely

I think any diary would have comments or the desire for intimate conversations. I do think one of the greatest problems of travel is loneliness, it is horrible the amount of solitude I have. I try to avoid countries whereby, I am exceeding lonely or in need of human conversation. I just left a beautiful mountain place, in the end, I have a few children, one 18 year old man, I think most of the 18-30 have left to work in the cities. I do like to have conversations.

Comment 4
and quite a depressing person to be around.

I do not think I am depressing to be around, I do think I am very trying, difficult and try to minimize my human contact. I tend to ask a 1000 questions per minute, inquire about too much, and try the patience of everyone around me. Am I depressing, I do not think I make people around me happy.

This is interesting, I do not know this William Reynolds man, and if I do, I must have made him remember me, as I do not remember him. To be around, this is the problem here, he takes no responsibility for the fact he is reading my dribble. I truly believe a person that cannot use the mouse and click is a little on the insane side, why would a person continue to read, when they can stop. This is not a class, this is not a subject you need to read, this is pure luxury reading, unless maybe you want to know about long-term travel.

Comment 5
You're a typical blogger - a boring

I consider the reading of my own blog boring. I hate to proof or edit, it really is boring to me.

Comment 6

Narcissism - DEFINED
1. self-admiration: excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness
2. personality disorder: in psychiatry, a personality disorder characterized by the patient's overestimation of his or her own appearance and abilities and an excessive need for admiration.

Yes, I am in love with myself, I like me very much. Excessive need for admiration, hmm you get some of these hate mails and you would be tempted to take the comments option off the blog. I do call this hate mail or to incite or provoke terror… oops, misused word.

I am a recovering alcoholic, the state of Indiana put me on house arrest for one year to punish me for my bad behavior, or drinking and driving. I would say yes, I have a lot of mental problems, but I know this and hope I keep them in remission. My drinking of alcohol was a system of my thinking problem. Note, I own the domain, and .com

Comment 7


I 100 percent am this, I work day and night on this web page to have traffic, I try, I learn, I study how to get the attention of every person on the planet. I want millions or readers, I want everyone to read, listen and comment on my blog. I am a business, the business of the web pages is to get viewers and readers. I started the whole site to make money, so I could continue to travel, enjoy life, and really do nothing the best I can. I try to avoid miserable work, I am doing what I like to do.


I clicked on publish, mainly because I was curious, it appears to be an orphan comment, I have yet to find the page it is associated with, and I like to solve questions to problems.

I find this type of reader, this type or person, who comment on my blog intriguing. What goes on the mind of this person? Sort of make me think of the Korean guy who killed all the people in Virginia.

Rage is my term for this, I know I have rage, I have this under-current of angers and frustrations, that I must try continually resolve. They are a mix of resentments, past pain, and normal run of the day life problems. I would say, I am about normal.

Ok, but there is pro-active rage and re-active rage. The reader that commented here was using pro-active rage. Then again, I may have commented on his hotel or offended him, who is William Reynolds?

I do not know, and really cannot be bothered to know, he is nothing.

Ok, but I am curious, what compels a person to try to provoke, to try to hurt me. When, I was a smaller blogger, I found many people try to help the small Hobo, and I thank them. However, when I started to do well, actually made enough money to stop living on 5 dollars per day, I lost the help-the-poor-hobo people or readers. Like the was helping a Victim. I chose this life, I am 100 percent responsible.

But, this William Reynolds guy is about 100 percent correct on his rendition of my blog, ok maybe 95, I exaggerate.

I think the problem for him is he wants to read entertainment, I am trying to remember my words.

Blog defined on
A blog (short for web log) is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of most early blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual although some focus on photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), or audio (podcasting), and are part of a wider network of social media.
The term "blog" is a portmanteau, or, in other words, a blend of the words web and log (Web log). "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Online Diary defined:
An online diary is a personal diary or journal that is published on the world wide web on a personal website or a diary hosting website. Online diaries began in 1995. As a community formed, these publications came to be almost exclusively known as online journals. Today they are almost exclusively called blogs, though some differentiate by calling them personal blogs. The running updates of online diarists combined with links inspired the term 'web log' which was eventually contracted to form the word blog.
In online diaries, people write their day-to-day experiences, social commentary, complaints, poems, prose, illicit thoughts and any content that might be found in a traditional paper diary or journal. They often allow readers to contribute through comments or community posting.

One of my biggest goals of blogging is to find clarity and as a result of clarity, I find serenity. I tend to think this Willam Reynold man is a sick individual, but who cares, let A..holes be A..holes to quote advice I have received, do not get involved in their desire to be A..holes.

I think he believe he could get his day of fame, by getting a comment posted on my blog. It is like killing yourself to get back at your wife. It is like being bomber to fight injustice. It is the same as blaming the whole group or campus of people of that Virginia campus for his problems. I remember a saying, and I do try to remember, remember, when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back.

Hmmm, solutions, maybe I should call this my personal blog, or my personal diary. I changed the words on the index to say diary, maybe I will insert the words personal in front of all this crap.

I do this for fun and money, now I go to Atakpame to look at girls, enjoy life and to buy motorcycle batteries. Traveling can be amazingly boring, and I need man projects to be happy.

Shall, I edit or proof, no let this William guy read, maybe I can annoy him some more.

The bottom line is this, a person picks up another persons diary and does not like what they read. People have been mislead a little by blogger that make web pages, and call them blog, I really do just post my thoughts, random in a way, project in a way, and annoyingly confusing. I would like to pay an editor, for fun, but I do not make enough money, and I am afraid of editors, they seem to want to change me. I am pro I make money by typing information in the computer. I will try to note, and I have said many times, there is nothing more selfish than travel.

Blogging for Money, Bloggers,, How to Blog, Togo, Traveler Culture,

Reader Comments on Blog

Buying Back Your Life

Buying Back Your Life
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have three friend who are now searching for jobs.

One needs the money.
One doe not need the money.
One lies and says he does not need, but he needs it.

I continue to bargain with my life, the stake are high, if I lose I continue to live and life goes one.

I live on a residual income receive from Advertisements on my internet pages. This has been the same level for two years, does not make me feel good, I want it to grow, not recede, but progress.

I bargain with life, I will continue to be lazy, sit in countries full of exotic this and that and play at work and hope I survive, and if my income ends, then I need to get a job. I calculate how much money, how much do I need to retire, and think of a number, when I have that number I then can stop worrying, however I will continue to play at work, because I am not working, I am playing.

I do not want my face to be famous, or I would put photos on the page of the big I, me.

I just want to sit and think, dwell on my navel, and contemplate the stars, and think about fun projects like Solar Energy, Hydro and why people get so fat. What do people think about in factories and should a person urinate in the shower.

I do wonder too much what people do who go into the bush to do the number two and I know they have no toilet paper. I do think India people lie about the washing of their hands, I cannot find the soap.

Is God playing tricks, and is Religion the reason for all war, should some people die, it this normal for evolution of man.

I need time to think, I need the peace of mind to relax long enough to listen to person tell me about who they are, I am in negotiations to have guarantee I have extra time, a surplus of time. I am jealous of the African and underdeveloped people, they do not feel guilty doing nothing, I do.

Maybe I am supposed to do something with my life.

I think this is the question, are you supposed to do something with your life, and when I die, will I think, that was cool, but sort of a waste of my life.

The existential desire to make or define a life as having value, a life less normal, this is what I hold onto in the dark, I am sometimes weak and think, there is something wrong.

I am trying to convince a few of my friends to buy a moment from their jailors call the culture, tradition and society and have an introspective epiphany, get out of the box, stop thinking out of the box, and get out, hell break the box.

Some of you do not have to work, if you just stopped. To get a job and pay a person to be your boss with the sweat of your brow, I know some of my friends, they would be happy working at nothing all day.

I want a person to live the way they wish, however, I am positive some of my friend never needs to report to work again, they have won, the battle has been fought, and they can retire. There is no rule you have to wait until you are 65 to retire, 30 sounds good to me, any age is good when the battle is won.

I try to think of a wise word to tell a few friends, come out and play, you have won, count your chips, pile up the money, buy your freedom, you can pay to be let lose, you have your get out of jail Free card. (Game of Monopoly.)

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Buying Back Your Life

Commonality of Values

Commonality of Values
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 18, 2007

I walked in the TV room of the Hotel Galion, here in Lome, Togo.
I semi-disagree with their prices, but he French are my Sister and we do have Commonality of Values.

There were these three Chinese guys, speaking very loud and watching CNN, where George Bush and Tony Blair was talking at a press conference in the USA

I have never noticed how loud they can be, but I suppose true, the Koreans, and Japanese are segregated on floors in Bangkok so they do not make so much noise as to annoy the other guest.

The Chinese were Watching CNN and sharing the Commonality of Values of mine, not that I trust CNN, but it is Free Press, so what can I say, better they lie and be free than the other choices.

I walked up close to the TV, and listened to Tony, what an amazing man; he can dig deep and touch the pivotal truths, the bottom lines of life. Tony is speaking of the Commonality of Values shared by the USA and the UK and why we must always be friends. Personally, I refer to the UK as my brother, my mean older brother, but nonetheless always my brother.

He also talked of loyalty and the need to remember not to just desert friends when the friend is involved in issue of political problems.

I do see that George W. Bush and Tony Blair will be two of the most famous, and popular, well known and well spoken of leaders of this age, only history will prove me right. They both sacrifice for the love of their people; they gave up the ability to be love by their people, and short-term admiration by the people. They both became hated men to hold to their ideals and the Commonality of Values shared by both. The did the right thing for their people at the cost of their short-term polls and public approval ratings. It was stirring to listen to Tony explain this, how easy it is to pretend you are not a friend when the friend, although doing the good deed, will make you also look bad if you say, this is my freind, even though you know your friend is right.

There is,
your way,
my way,
and the right way.

Politicians seem to often add, the way that gets them the highest public approval rating. I did not hire the President of the USA with a vote to make me happy; I hired him to do the right way. I would personally Thank President Bush and Tony for holding the path. I voted for them and I am responsible for what the do.

Commonality of Values

This is such a pivotal use of words, this is why I was in the TV room of the Hotel Galion, and I came to find some Commonality of Values.

I have realized as I travel Africa, there am a vacuum here, the values of mine, and are different from West Africa. Many are the same, the Christian part of the lower ocean part of West Africa is almost he same, and essentially the common person in the Islamic areas is the same. There is very few Backpacker Ghettos or Centers of the Backpacker Universe, more French Expat communes.

The big divergence between the my values and Africa is this I am King attitude of Males or leaders, and then how they use this systematically, legally, religiously and in the nuclear family against the women. I would say also Racism is rampant between ethnic groups.

Nevertheless, core they are about the same, then we have some serious Commonality of Values problems, but they will come around.

The USA and Europe, Canada, Aussies and New Zealand are so close culturally it is almost impossible for me to say they are different, they are annoyingly the same. East Europe has some big moral issues and drink too much; however, the whole EU is the same culture and has this Commonality of Values with the USA, etc. One reason I do not visit much, like traveling in the USA, and I cannot understand them because they speak a different language, but eat Pizza the same.

There are some core values shared like in the Western Countries:

Not to kill people
Not to beat your wife
Sex with children is taboo
Women are equal
All Races are equal
The Beatles - Music Group
The police are safe and will protect you.
Women can drive cars
Inter-religious dating in possible and they do not kill you if you do.

The countries above share these Commonality of Values, and then you have countries that celebrate the suicide bombers, or the countries where women are just property. 80 percent of the planet, the most dangerous person you can meet is a Policeman.

The camera, interactive internet, TV and creating a great globalization or Common Values. The best thing about TV, it creates global values, look dear, that man treats his wife with respect.

Thanks Tony, a great speech, send me a copy, I think I need to keep is close.

Commonality of Values

Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs
Lome Togo West Africa
Friday, May 18, 2007

This is a comment I feel is referencing what I call the Traveler Nest or maybe now the Hobo Cluster. There is a bundle of needs I have as a person that continually travels. The pivotal or essential grasp a person needs to get their head around to understand me is,



Just came across this while looking at LCC's and had to pass it along. You may already be aware, but Low Cost Carrier Air Asia's Chief Executive Tony Fernandez has recently started the Tune Hotel chain in Kuala Lumpur. More locations are in the works, but prices start at 9.99 Malaysian RM or 3 USD.

It's a no frills deal like the airline, but on the property it has a 24hr food store, a cafe, an ATM, 24hr free internet, and public transport at the curb. The flagship is in a KL central location to boot. Kind of like a ready made Hobo cluster.

(Edited the link, maybe bad. This one is good.)


Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

The needs in my Hobe home are:

MY Kitchen to cook a Pizza or Cheese Omelet
A private room to shag my girl.
Internet Access 24 hours
Books, Movies
I can wash and dry my clothes.
Nobody tells me what I have to pay for!
I want a living room, a common area, a place that is NOT a bar, not a restaurant; I want a TV room with a clicker.
NO Reservation needed, I just go home.

What I do not want in my home is.

- A bar that dominates the place
- A restaurant that dominates the place
- Tour Packages being sold in the Hotel are almost a NO NO, I just have never seen the management respect or help me.
- Reservations needed.
- I do not want to give my credit card to ASIA.
- NOT a dorm bed.

ATM is an interesting idea, I am so so on the need in the hotel, but would be nice.

IF this is 3 US, and feels like my home, then great. is one of the tricky LCC, so I am cautious, they are not just shooting straight arrows.

Travelers Nest, Traveler Culture, Hostels,, Togo,
Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

Africa is Doomed

Africa is Doomed
Lome Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 2, 2007

I would think, many people would say yes, or agree.

I am learning to how to love listen to Volunteers in Africa, as they explain their experiences and their projects. I now see there is an epidemic in Africa of “Confirmation Bias.” The volunteers, ONG, NGO, and other project workers, the well intended ones tell me stories, and I try to be kind, yet I am thinking, where in the world did they come up with that one, and I think, they read about West Africa before they came, now they have found what they read.

Confirmation Bias:

In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions and avoid information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs. It is a type of cognitive bias and represents an error of inductive inference, or as a form of selection bias toward confirmation of the hypothesis under study or disconfirmation of an alternative hypothesis.

Confirmation bias is an area of interest in the teaching of critical thinking as the skill is misused when rigorous critical scrutiny is applied to evidence supporting a preconceived idea but not to evidence challenging the same preconception.

Decision-making and behavioral biases
Many of these biases are studied for how they affect belief formation and business decisions and scientific research.

Bandwagon effect — the tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. Related to groupthink, herd behaviour, and manias.
Bias blind spot — the tendency not to compensate for one's own cognitive biases.
Choice-supportive bias — the tendency to remember one's choices as better than they actually were.
Confirmation bias — the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions.
Congruence bias — the tendency to test hypotheses exclusively through direct testing, in contrast to tests of possible alternative hypotheses.
Contrast effect — the enhancement or diminishment of a weight or other measurement when compared with recently observed contrasting object.
Déformation professionnelle — the tendency to look at things according to the conventions of one's own profession, forgetting any broader point of view.
Endowment effect — "the fact that people often demand much more to give up an object than they would be willing to pay to acquire it".
Focusing effect — prediction bias occurring when people place too much importance on one aspect of an event; causes error in accurately predicting the utility of a future outcome.
Hyperbolic discounting — the tendency for people to have a stronger preference for more immediate payoffs relative to later payoffs, the closer to the present both payoffs are.
Illusion of control — the tendency for human beings to believe they can control or at least influence outcomes that they clearly cannot.
Impact bias — the tendency for people to overestimate the length or the intensity of the impact of future feeling states.
Information bias — the tendency to seek information even when it cannot affect action.
Loss aversion — "the disutility of giving up an object is greater than the utility associated with acquiring it".[2] (see also sunk cost effects and Endowment effect).
Neglect of probability — the tendency to completely disregard probability when making a decision under uncertainty.
Mere exposure effect — the tendency for people to express undue liking for things merely because they are familiar with them.
Omission bias — The tendency to judge harmful actions as worse, or less moral, than equally harmful omissions (inactions).
Outcome bias — the tendency to judge a decision by its eventual outcome instead of based on the quality of the decision at the time it was made.
Planning fallacy — the tendency to underestimate task-completion times.
Post-purchase rationalization — the tendency to persuade oneself through rational argument that a purchase was a good value.
Pseudocertainty effect — the tendency to make risk-averse choices if the expected outcome is positive, but make risk-seeking choices to avoid negative outcomes.
Reactance - the urge to do the opposite of what someone wants you to do out of a need to reassert a perceived attempt to constrain your freedom of choice.
Selective perception — the tendency for expectations to affect perception.
Status quo bias — the tendency for people to like things to stay relatively the same (see also Loss aversion and Endowment effect).
Von Restorff effect — the tendency for an item that "stands out like a sore thumb" to be more likely to be remembered than other items.
Zero-risk bias — preference for reducing a small risk to zero over a greater reduction in a larger risk.

NOTE: Africa is not doomed, it is actually in great shape.

Africa is Doomed

West Africa by Land Air or Sea

West Africa by Land Air or Sea
Lome Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 2, 2007

I am haunted by words told be by Mark in Bangkok, Thailand, of:

Something like,
- You take planes all the time; therefore, it must be acceptable for a traveler to fly and not do a land trip. -

I am now thinking about flying from Lome, Togo to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to avoid using my Ghana visa now, save for the future, and also to avoid a road I already know, I have this funny feeling, like I am disobeying a rule, and maybe I helped make them.

There are some weird rules in my head, I do not know how they got there, and one is,
- Never return the same way you went.

This more or less means , if I took highway 66 there, I would take highway 70 back , if for some reason I need to return to the same location. Somehow, this has involved to the traveler term,
- Loops -

What is your loop?

My brain, it is not as young as before, all the thoughts are starting to mash together, this is ok, but annoying to me.

Well, if I go directly by road from Lome to Abidjan, then I am on the same path, it is not a loop. If I fly, I can jump to a good starting point and travel from Abidjan, Ivory coast to Liberia and onward to Senegal.

Mark, I now I am thinking about violating some non-defined, non-existent groups of rules on how to travel, how to say, I am a traveler. I am avoiding the pain of the hard road, I want to jump and start the hard road on a new path, one I have not crossed.

I do believe land trips are somehow what a real traveler does, I would hate to say, I flew into Lagos, Nigeria, therefore I understand Nigeria. I guess, I would know, think, I did not get dirty, I did not touch the people, I just glared at them out the window of a taxi. It is also a dilemma with driving a car, I can look out the window from inside my aquarium and maybe I say, I know Togo or West Africa, or maybe I know what a 4-wheel drive is like.

To buy a motorcycle or drive a car, seem of very little value if you go from big city to big city, I want a car or bike to go off-road where the public transportation slows from three hours for 100 kilometers to 10 hours for 100 kilometers, and again, I guess to save the pain.

Does a traveler need to feel pain to say he did it?

Somebody moved into my brain, set up housekeeping, and now they are playing Ping Pong.

West Africa by Land Air or Sea

I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found

I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I have been lost wondering in the wilderness. It does not feel good be lost, there is a sense of being weak, traveling by nature leads to a feeling of being lost or separated from the pack. Yes, although we make a free will choice, I do sometimes feel like I am not included, I am being excluded from groups. I feel a little ostracized from my own tribe, culture, ethnic group or caste.
My goal to travel was never to escape my family, friends or many of the small social groups, I personally did not see it as leaving home, just living a different way. I probably talk more with some of my family by internet than I did when I live close to them, because we write letters. I did want to escape the I-HAVE-TO-WORK or I am not OK mentality of the USA.

I do not want to return to the USA, I do want some of the benefits. I have found that living abroad has some problems.

The rapid change of the internet from sending newsletter to RSS feeds and blogs has cut me off from reading the current news of the world. I used to be able to read many newsletters, now they are almost gone. I found a solution, to the lack of empathy for the world that makes RSS feeds. The real global world or 80 percent of the planet does not have a 24/7 connection, we still need to download and read emails to do so cheaply. Now I have a work around and can read their RSS feeds offline.

Cut of from the Internet!
West Africa internet café or cyber cafes are so bad, I would almost say, there is no internet in West Africa. Now there is, as I am almost positive within the next two years all of West Africa will have GPRS internet connection by using a cell phone, so I am back.

Cut off from the Travelers in Africa!
Africa cut me off from Travelers, I have not be able to find them, I was not excited to look, but I found it strange an a little unnerving to not be able to ask them a few questions.

This isolation from travelers or better yet, people doing multiple country trips. In Africa there are these wanna be something’s that travel or are tourist but just do a 1-2 or 1-3 country shuffle, they do not do a good 5-10 country dance. I think a traveler is a person that at least gets beyond 3, maybe I am making up some more rules… as I go.

I think I found the Travelers in West Africa; I keep reading the guidebooks and thinking.
- A person has to be a Fou, has to be a NUT, and has to want to die to live in a tent and camp in West Africa. -

NOTE: Just because you never heard of a person, dying when they are camping does not mean it does not happen! A missing traveler is only missed by his family and friends, they just vanish.

However, duh, it finally hit me, this is not for camping, it is for his motor home, caravan, 4-wheel drive with piles of junk on their roofs to park, it is not for camping, and it is for parking a motor home. Parking is the need, not the camping; they need to park their home, then maybe a little camping.

I am found 4 travelers, they are in a camp site. I can now make first contact with the multiple country travelers in West Africa. I will go to the Camp Sites or Parking lots for the 4-wheel drive people.

Nobody wants to be in any forced seclusion, I know deserted islands, it is not a great place, unless you want to go crazy, the perfect.

I can tell you many stories of people getting robbed who camped.

Maybe all this information in somewhere in the Christian Bible:
Joshua 5:9–12; Psalm 32; II Corinthians 5:16–21; Luke 15:1–3, 11b–32; III Nephi 4:44–52; Doctrine and Covenants 152:4a

hehehe, want to get brownie points with my Mom, quote the bible.

I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found

Going Crazy While on the Road

Going Crazy While on the Road
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I call it losing the plot, Alex Garland in the book, The Beach continually alludes to this danger, I think about it, I feel it, and there is always a creeping worry.
Will I go crazy?

Here are a couple of comments from people who wrote personal email to me about this real danger. I think they both wrote these comments as something to say, or as or of some sub-conscious knowledge of a real danger.

I have seen many people go crazy from travel, it is not a joke, I am not joking, and this is a real danger.


Hello Andy, I have been following your site and newsletter for many years- congratulations on staying human. (… )
Bonne Chance Tony
June 05, 2007

Peace, Andy. I hope you are doing well. I think often about you and your travels and the times that we met. Keep doing what you need to do to ward off going crazy while on the road
(… )
May 31, 2007


Why do people go crazy? I could write a 225-page book, full of the many ways and real example, I do not know where to start so I will finish.

If you can keep your head when all about you
- Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too; -
--- Rudyard Kipling

Going Crazy While on the Road

Lucky Travelers

Lucky Travelers
Locus of Control Theory
Traveler Who Need to Stay Home
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you believe in luck.

I think a people who play the lottery may not make a good long-term traveler.

Locus of control theory is a concept that extends between psychology and sociology, which distinguishes between two types of people - internals, who attribute events to their own control, and externals, who attribute events in their life to external circumstances. For example, college students with a strong internal locus of control may believe that their grades were achieved through their own abilities and efforts, whereas those with a strong external locus of control may believe that their grades are the result of good or bad luck, and are hence less likely to work hard for high grades. (It should not be thought however, that internality is linked exclusively with attribution to effort and externality with attribution to luck, as Weiner's work (see below) makes clear). This has obvious implications for differences between internals and externals in terms of their achievement motivation, suggesting that internal locus is linked with higher levels of N-ach. Due to their locating control outside themselves, externals tend to feel they have less control over their fate. People with an external locus of control tend to be more stressed and prone to clinical depression(Benassi, Sweeney & Dafour, 1988; cited in Maltby, Day & Macaskill, 2007).

Although popularly associated with Julian Rotter after his publication in Psychological Monographs where he outlined his now classic "locus of control" scale (1966), work on locus of control actually predates Rotter's paper, as Lefcourt's (1966) review of the same year clarifies. Its roots can be found in the work on typical and atypical expectancy shifts carried out by psychologists in the 1950s.
Stop Quote

Lucky Travelers
Locus of Control Theory
Traveler Who Need to Stay Home

Togo Travel Golf or Chess

Togo Travel Golf or Chess
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 25, 2007

I had a very enjoyable trip yesterday from Lome, Togo to Kpalime, Togo in the back seat of small van with three others people from the USA. I was able to talk natural English for three hours and this is a rare experience for me.

It was a humorous day, one of them days where I remember, the journey is more important than the trip. I plan my travels like a chess match or a round of golf, although I do not really play golf. I plan my moves and hope to anticipate the moves of the opponents, or avoid the sand traps.

There is all game playing, hypothetical thinking and strategic planning; sometimes the military jargon is best.

Yesterday I lost, it was a complete loss, and maybe one of them SAPFU’s for Travel Gaming.

SAPFU - Surpassing All Previous F-Ups.
(Togo Travel Only, I am sure I have done worst.)

Normally, I am playing the game alone, however, I do have to admit, and it more fun to lose as a team than as a solitary independent traveler. There is an enjoyment in losing together, however, I suspect the other three Americans thought it was a victory, hard to say, the game is my game, and normally everyone around me is oblivious I am playing or see travel as a challenging game.

In Travel Golf, one needs to remember and focus on a couple of simple assumptions.

1. Five Star Comfort is the goal.
2. The opponent will give me MINUS five star comforts to make money.

The African people want to make money; I want to go simply from point A to B, quickly, efficiently, in comfort for the least amount of money, yet the most amount of enjoyment. I want optimize my travel by playing a great game of Travel Golf. I see there is a fight in my mind, the games is easier to explain as Golf, but the thinking to me is more of a Chess match.

I got a real thrashing on the trip from Lome to Kplime and for sure, I am not happy about losing a long-term goal of mine. I have this goal of not paying for my bag, yesterday I lost and was abused into paying. I paid 500 CFA for my bag; I have prided myself if refusing to pay for baggage in West Africa, now I have lost one bragging rights.

This explanation is now being interrupted by another game starting, as I need today to travel from Kpalime to Atakpame, Togo.


I would say the three major ways to say I won or lost.
1. Total Travel Time from Hotel to Hotel.
2. Total money spent.
3. The smile on my face. (Priority number one.)

Comparison of winning and losing matches.


3 Hours and 1800 CFA

6:09 AM, I Left Auberge Mandela, in Kpalime, Togo
9:11 AM I arrived at Relais de Plateau Hotel in Atakpame, Togo
Three hours more or less travel time.
95 Kilometers
Cost 600 to Adeta and 1200 from Adeta to Atakpame or 1800 CFA Total


5 hours and 2350 CFA
I had a Smile on my face so I only lost 2 of the three signs of victory and the smile is most important.

9:50 to 12:34 then 3:00 to Kpalime
5 Hours
110 Kilometers
1750 and 500 for bag Total 2350 Total


List of Hazards, Problems and Variables

- Porthole to Porthole, I define this as Hotel-to-Hotel.
- I cannot be Bothered, there are trips when the work needed is too much to be bothered with and afterwards I wish I would have skipped the trip. I want a trip not overwhelmed by working, this often happens to me in Europe as my ability to wonder is reduced from my normal 95 percent ability to wander around to 5 percent. In Europe, I need to plan and reserve everything or I end up sleeping on the train or in the airport…
- Lies - Did I believe any lies and accept them as truths.
- Annoyed by other passengers
- Food, was I able to eat naturally.
- Care for others and not be selfish with my decisions, there are times when I must desert the new friend for safety reasons, or they are going so far off track I am wanting to slap them. This is when I remind myself, nope, do not slap them and do not chastise them. They are not trying to make my life difficult by the constant bad choices. If the travel partner is angry afterwards, then a point loss.
- Safety. I make only safe decision; if I have a choice and all things are, equal I take the safer trips.
- Do not allow lesser to make decisions, there is a problem when I allow the less experienced or a local to make a decision for me, I must think is this person knowledgeable or are they just talking this way. A local does not know about hotels, they do not know maps, they may know about the food.
- Do I have the correct change ready to pay the transport so they do not try to keep the change?
- Saying goodbye to Friends was I able to depart, say goodbyes, thank you ok, and did I leave the Hotel gracefully.
- Interference or willing to sacrifice creature comforts for good trip. This is the number one reason travelers lose at travel gaming, they refuse to wake up early or skip breakfast to travel at the proper times. West African people wake up at 4-5 am and catch a car just after sunrise from city to city; this is the best time in Togo to depart.
- Did I have to rush?
- Did I have to react to people and jump for them?
- Number of Call Audible, this is a change of plans while on the trip. I made a call audible while leaving Kpalime, I was going to grab a car direct between Kpalime and Atackpame, however it was starting to rain, so I took a car to Adeta to avoid the rain and hope it stopped.
- Preparation the night before.
- Which hotel am I going to, what is my next projected porthole or hotel, what is my target.
- Weather - Normally I abort any trip for rain, if caught in rain it for sure is a loss.
- Alcohol problems, this is a hazard for sure, whether the driver shows up late because of drinking, travel partners are hung-over, or there are passengers on the bus who are drinking and annoying.

This was an off the top of my head list and for sure is not complete, I think I would need to sit down with a few cockroach level traveler who have been out for over a year and I could refine the list.

I think on the trip from Lome to Kpalime, I failed the majority of problems listed above. Note, it is not acceptable to blame anyone for failure, as the choices were mine, the big hazard is people.

I suppose I could say, I travel par from Kpalime to Atakpame, I was not under par, I was only a par trip, but acceptable.

Togo Travel Golf or Chess

The Six Languages to Learn

The Six Languages to Learn
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 6, 2007

There is debate about which languages to learn, these six would be a good start of the 6812 or so languages out there to be annoyed you cannot understand.

I really need to stop reading the online Encyclopedia as it is amazing how little I know about the plant earth. Yesterday, I was all excited browsing around on the Francophone page and thinking about Anglophone and Anglosphere and all sorts of fun maps and things, when I ran across what the United Nations considers the Six Official Languages

The UN has six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
Stop Quote

Therefore, to continue with my lesson in Humility and other self-floggings, I decided to try to find a map of all 6 bigger language groups.

So what do I learn about, I now am more positive I know very little, I only have about 1.5 percent of the six big language managed, what a drag, just when I was thinking I knew something, I get slapped back down to reality, the world is bigger than me.

When I see the big picture, the small picture fades away.

This is the Francophone world or the countries that have a big influence by the French Language.

English world or the Anglophone or Angloshere.

The Chinese are coming, do not ignore them, this is a culture that is ancient and thriving.

Arab or Arabic Culture and language, they had a bigger influence in history and not are sort at a standstill. Dubai is trying and Jordan is trying they seem somewhat hogtied by their terrorist problem. The have too much money, however do not seem to put the pieces together.

Probably the last on the list of my want to learn languages sort of like learning to not smile. Some people say, I should do this, I think more about what I should not do, and am happy to remove some off the list of should.

I think Russia has white girls, you know how long it been since I hung around with white women. I keep thinking about the Beatle and back in the USSR… I do not know Russia.

Spanish, I know Spanish.

Ok I get a 1 for Spanish and I am one-half for French, I am only a 1.5 out of a number of 6, so back to work.

The Six Languages to Learn

Ok Coke No Problem Hello

Ok Coke No Problem Hello
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If I do not chicken out, I will buy a Sanya Motorcycle today in Atakpame, Togo. This may be the most painless purchase on the planet of a vehicle, and I will only know after I am finished. I have to be brave and ignore the Togo peoples advice, or accept may be more correct. Whatever, I do, I should stop thinking, I do not want to understand.

They keep saying to me,
“No Problem!”

“Pas Probleme” in the Togo French Language

Alex Garland in the book “The Beach” astutely does the travelers quandary followed by a proposition when he reflects that OK is the most popular term used on the planet, and then closely followed by Coke, as in Coca-Cola.

I am thinking,

Ok is First
Coke is Second
No Problem is Third
Moreover, strangely Hello is Fourth, or Hallo.

And I say strangely because as Taia, the American Volunteer girl keenly noticed the French Togo answer the telephone with a,
- Allo -

I listened to people in Thailand answer the phone and say something as if a Hallo, and here they do the same, a person would surmise in a consistent world the Togo people would say, Bonjour, and the Thailand people would say, Sawadee Kalp, however, nope, they say,
“Allo. -

There is the new culture of the mobile cell phone that has identified that you need to say hello when answering a mobile phone.

What I learn, when I have no reason to learn…

No Problem

The most common terms on the planet are above,

“No problem.”

This is the problem, there is no way a person can say no problem is third, there is a problem with saying there is no problem, because there really is no way to know, no problem is third, that is the problem.

No problem means, do not think about it, or you will write a sentence like the one above.

Reference “The Beach” by Alex Garland

Ok Coke No Problem Hello

20-80 Rule of Travel

20-80 Rule of Travel
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 28, 2007

20-80 Rule of Travel

20 percent of the planet thinks they are the 80 percent majority.

20 percent of the planet make the rules, which do NOT apply to 80 percent of the planet.

If you remember this first, this will help your common sense to function properly.

Ask yourself am I the 20 percent or the 80 percent area of the planet?

This is a map of the Human Development Index, and trust me, Mexico, Argentina and Chile are part of the 80 percent.

What I can buy in on 20 percent of the planet, I cannot buy in the other 80 percent of the planet. What I can buy on 80 percent of the planet, I cannot buy on the other 20 percent.

What is needed on 20 percent of the planet is not needed on 80 percent of the planet. Moreover, what the 80 percent need is not necessary for the 20 percent. What you can do on 80 percent of the planet you cannot do in the 80 percent.

Drive a car on 80 percent of the planet, you will learn, the rules are not the same.

I receive all sorts of silly well-intended advice from 20 percent of the planet; some of the best is to go to Home Depot and buy something, or to order a book from

The Europeans like to think 80 percent of the planet agrees with their opinions of the USA, and this is crazy.

If you can buy it easy in Asia or South America, you probably cannot buy it in Europe or the USA and the converse.

In some ways, you can apply the 20-80 percent rules to any country, what I can buy in the biggest city in the country, the 20 percent; I cannot buy in the other 80 percent.

I listen to the Expats here in Lome, Togo and think to myself,
- Have you ever left the compound, have you left Lome? -

Map with the a better color perspective, please also try to count the number of people, not just land mass, Canada and Australia are big countries with very few people.

20-80 Rule of Travel

The Outside World

The Outside World
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, August 11, 2007

- Through travel I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it. -
------- Eudora Welty

Introspection takes work, it is easier to get angry, kick the dog, get in a fight with all my girlfriends, or better yet go find a new one.

Happiness Formula
- Do more things in a day that makes you happy, than things that make you sad. -

The formula is easy to understand, difficult to remember.

I know I am an endorphin addict. I need my rush. How I will get the rush, I can be a good boy or a bad boy; I am sure my body does not care, however with introspection, I can make the choice and go learn about the outside world.

We live our lives on a small precipice, we dream of escaping, we sit and plan our escape, then we continue to sit on the small the small ledge, and if we were honest, we do not want to fall off. The modern buzzword is to say, think outside the box, the problem is this, outside the box is dangerous, because this so-called box is on the precipice, and if we leave the box we can fall into the outside world.

I have prodded and provoked people to try to see the outside world, to accept they are not aware of the outside world. People hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest, we see the inside wall of the box and think we are looking at the box.

I am delusion, and I am very clear, I am sure I am somewhere close to the edge of the planet, I can see the Dragons. There is nothing insane about West Africa or the outside world, the problem is all the rules of my culture I find are of no value, I am aware of the outside world.

“C'est l'Afrique” or “Bienvenue l’Afrique”

The happiness formula is easy to understand, difficult to remember.

For me to be happy, I need to learn, solve many problems, meet new interesting people, read a good book watch a good movie, surf on the internet, flirt with a couple of girls and travel to the most dangerous country I can find.

I am not doing any of these things, so I become frustrated and aware of the outside world.

I watch normal African people act normal in Africa in the outside world, I think I am bored.

The Outside World

Are There World Nomads

Are There World Nomads
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My answer is no.

Some I would say are so disorganized they are resemble Nomads. They will enter a continent and just follow around anyone or any groups of people that says this is the way to go. They travel until they run out of money and they go home, not really ever leaving one continent or region of his planet. I call them cling ons, a person who follows or clings so they have a path.

Characteristics of a Nomad

1. No Fixed Home
2. No planned destinations
3. Search for food or in today world money.
4. Do not need a house, they carry their hotel on their backs, can more or less stop and sleep where they wish.
5. Live or advantage from the resources available at present location.
6. Does not have pre-knowledge of the destination, must arrange all the living, food, shelter on his or her own without prior preparation.
7. Weather, move in accordance with the weather or seasons.
8. The travel plans change daily.
9. They return to good resource areas.
10. They do not leave on rain days or travel in bad weather.

I would say the pivotal phrase, needed to hear, is probably no fixed home.

The money, get me the money, the money is the problem, how can a traveler be a Nomad unless they have never ending source of money. I suppose I am moving technically more from a Hobo to a Nomad.

I do know a few close to Nomadic world dwellers, or people who go from place to place and establish fixed home for times between six months and two years. I met one in Lome, he more or less travels from Teaching position to Teaching position around the planet.

The greatest travel challenge I could envision would be to grab my passport, leave all the money behind, walk out the door with only the clothes on my back, and try to travel around the planet using no prior friendships or relationships to find help.

I am sure the Nomad conditions above, haphazardly listed is lacking, however, again, I will say, I do not know any Nomadic world Travelers. There are probably a few Nomadic wonderers in some countries, however even in Mongolia with their Ger or the Tuaregs of Niger transform and utilize a tent for a fixed home.

I tend to think their be Hobo more, people who travel from place in search of work. I am 100 percent sure there tramps and bums are very easy to find.

Are There World Nomads

Boring Reality of Travel

Boring Reality of Travel
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I left my room early this morning to work in the internet café for a few hours, upon returning it started to rain. It slows, I start to walk around the block, I am caught in the rain, and I need to return to my room. I left a long umbrella in Lome, and have not purchased a small packable size yet, an umbrella is my standard gear, it is abnormal for me not to have an umbrella with me, and I do not wish to walk around with my poncho on, just too uncomfortable.

I am slowly reading the book Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy and the day is slowly passing. The boring reality of travel is I worry more about how to find something to do, then to having too much to do. Long-term travel is like being retired and watching shuffleboard, you want to say it is interesting, however some days you have to admit, you are just passing time.

I am very happy; I now have 13 books in English to read, to keep the shuffleboard travel blues away.

Boring Reality of Travel

Traveler’s Rites of Passage

Traveler’s Rites of Passage
Sikasso, Mali, West Africa
Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am drinking an ice-cold glass of fresh ground ginger mixed in water, and then frozen to slush. I am lying on the bed in this Hotel, not in the guidebook, and feeling a sense of Victory.

I was being cynical about the Hostel Fondation Charles Dunfour in Ouaga, Burkina Faso, and as I continue to focus with the hindsight zoom at maximum magnification, I think,
- I guess I enjoyed the place in a nostalgic sort of way. -

I thought about editing the post and adding the comment, you need to go stay there, say you love it, and understand, to live in this type of lodging is a,
- A Travelers Rites of Passage. -

I am not looking forward to it, however I know one day I will have both my backpacks stolen, another of them, it goes with the terrain situations, I guess I trudge forward, knowing this will happen, but not today.

Today is Victory

Maybe I could call these A Travelers Rites of Passage.

Leaving when told there is no way to leave.
- I got up this morning, on the road at sunrise, standing and waiting for my transportation to Mali. I asked two bus stations, about 10 people how to travel to Mali, they all told me the exact same advice, you must wait until 5:00 PM for the buses coming from Bobo. I defied all advice and what do you know I am in Sikasso, Mali about 12:00.

Riding in the back of Fruit Truck
- I got a ride from Orodara to the Border of Mali with about 20 other people in the back of a big truck loaded with assorted items, hover mostly lemon.

Having two big Border Guard take you in the back room
- I entered Mali and these two Border Guards take me to this back corner where I could not even see the Mali Visa stamp and proceeded to ask questions, nothing to do with crossing a border.
Guidebook Recommend out of the question hotel.

Taxi drops you off outside of city

I pulled into the Hotel, drank the water

Mosquito Net

Maggots in squat toilet

Scream in a foreign language and learn later you were saying the wrong words. Voler, then thinking did I say thief of flying.

Traveler’s Rites of Passage

Song of the Open Road

Song of the Open Road
A Traveller…
Bamako, Mali, West Africa
Friday, September 28, 2007

What is a traveller?

I was slowing plowing through my emails when I came upon a true traveler Blog post by Wade about what is a traveler.

I have a discussion with a one to two long-term travelers per year about what is a traveler, and here many mumbling to me that they are traveler and I politely ignore. Wade spoke, and I was obligated to listen, as I know he is a traveler.

Now read! To me it is quite clear, he knows the path.

My page on what is a traveler is located at:

Song of the Open Road

Aging Khao San Road

Aging Khao San Road
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Anyway, I think about it, I would say I am in an older Hippie Backpacker Ghetto; Khao San Road is not the new one on the block. Khao San Road is now an institution with the world class backpacker, it is old hat, there are backpacker here as old as 65 years old, however fortunately for the girl watching, the mean age is closer to 23-24, with some jumps to 30.

I am the old man of backpacking, I think my eyes have been altered, the naïve Indiana boy has been removed, and the I know the world has been inserted. It is not a good feeling, I like to be USA, Indian naïve, it was less jaded and I made simple assessments of people. I did not look at their body form, their nose, the way a person walk and say,
- European, probability the Netherlands. -

Last night I was with Craig of, and to girls would hump up three-four bags per girl. Craig astutely said to the girls,
- Hey, Rain Covers. -
More or less saying, put on your rain covers.
I piped up,
- You have the wrong sandals one, why? -

The one for sure was Israeli, and they are known to always have rain covers on their bags, it is some national backpacker rule, a backpack has a rain cover. The other one spoke French at me, because the other day I forgot and said,
- Ca Va -

Naïve is good, even when I have to try to be naïve. Khao San Road is freak city, full of frumpy young people, not in good shape, to fat for their age, and all have tattoos. It is the place where a person without a tattoo does not fit in, I am drastically conservative here.

The idea of Khao San Road, the Center of the Backpacker Universe is lack of clarity; it is a place where people go when they are not sure where to go.

I am a little worried about Khao San Road, the big boys by development attrition are tearing down all the backpacker ghetto building with wooden walls, and replacing them with four story, AC, TV, and sterile hotels, small restaurant in the bottom and boring. Not a rites of passage hotel, a tourist hotel. There is a larger than belief building going up on the walk as you leave the Wat and go towards the Burger King. It will remove a 50-meter section of the street and place in the modern world, maybe I will be walking by a Mall, and the clutter will be replaced.

This is the problem with good Backpacker Ghettos, the renovate and make modern and the flavor changes, and slowly people have lost the right to say,
- I was there. -

They have to admit, I was just in a nice hotel in the area, I did not suffer, and I presently am in a new hotel, the new Four Sons Chain close to the institution called the Peachy, next to the new 7-11. AC, remote control TV, Hot Water Tank, a key card that demands to be used to turn on the electricity, signs saying 150 to bring a Thai girl in the room, they use the word Guest, but I know they mean Thai girl. Rules and more rules, and they know how what the rules should be.

Housekeepers, that clean, I am in a small Chain, the new one on the area, and the successor to the Sawasdee group. The Four Sons has about 5 or 6 in the area, about the same as the Sawasdee chain, and then the Siam One or Two or Three, etc.

Take done freak and put up a chain hotel, take a freak and give them what they want, a nice room in a place where they can pretend to be somebody, however they have lost the plot, they are not unique. When all the people are freaked, then freaked is normal, and old hat. The social norms of Khao San Road are not being an individual; you are not just the sheep.

I found a WIFI hotel for 390 a night, about 200 Baht more than I like to pay, however, I am a business, and I need to do some business. It is the first hotel in the area that I have found that is properly priced with WIFI. I think there are at least 4 rooms where WIFI will work in the room, I HOPE. WIFI is a terrible choice for internet in room, a good Ethernet wire word ten times better in the concrete world of a hotel, and a coffee shop is good for WIFI. I am semi-happy, it is more the old expat area of Khao San, where there are fewer tourists, and they walk slow as Wade says. A freak walking fast, with a reservation in pocket, and an itinerary is not free, they are on schedule.

Goodbye to the ghetto, say hello to modern word. Taking down paradise and putting up a mall, then saying it is mom and pop. Chain hotels will soon rule Khao San Road, maybe time to find a new Ghetto where I can get dirty, be outside.

I do wander to find new place to wonder. Someone will give me a map, Alex Garland knows this.

Aging Khao San Road

Telling a Traveler to Go Home

Telling a Traveler to Go Home
I have people, say,
- Andy, you need to go home. -
This is an annoying comment, where the person saying this is completely unable to empathize with a person that has not lived in the USA for 10 years.

Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 9, 2007
Andy of ---

There is an aspect of this comment that I accept and translate, transliterate or twist until I can see what they do not see or weigh their intentions. What they could be better saying,
- Go to a safe place that you know, and try to relax, become your normal self again. -

The USA is safe for me, but not normal, so I feel abnormal at home and normal traveling. This is the nature of an addiction, when I learned I like the reality of Alcohol more than the reality of normal, I could see there was a problem...

I like the reality of continuous travel more than than home... Addict, I need my rush.

I have been dwelling on some words.
- Sin
- Normal
- Abnormal
- My culture
- Percentage of deviation
- Happiness

In this dwelling I have realized.
The USA is about 95 percent culturally the same as Canada
about 80 percent same as Europe
maybe 20 percent same as Thailand or Asia

To think going to Europe and it being a different culture is in someways naive.

On the other hand, what is the nature of Sin? To disobey. But who makes the rules I need to disobey to do a good job of this... hehehe?

As of today, I believe more a Sin is when you deviate from your fathers and mothers cultural rules more than about 15-25 percent.

I think mental illness is when this is maybe 50 percent or above.

If you look at travelers, it amazes me how a person can live in the USA, Europe or wherever and suddenly do a 90 percent change in their belief systems. I like my clothes, this is why I wear them. I do not see fisherman pants in Thailand as making me feel more comfortable walking around, they make me feel as if people are looking at me. I on the other had do see them as being perfect pants for as pajamas and on the beach.

To review the benefits of a cultural change is the pivotal concept here, a person that introspect, one day decides.... hmmm This type of clothing is better.

I for instance, seldom, except for funerals wear a suit, I just see wearing a suit as some tribal, primitive thing of the Western world and why would I wear a suit when the temperature is above 70 degrees F, not C.

I do not own a suit, and am suspect of a person that needs me to wear one for them to trust me, I really want the respect of individuals that can go to higher levels. But this idea is based on function. I just cannot figure out what a tie does for me, I do not need a tie to function, to be comfortable. I see a sport jacket as pockets and warmth.

Ok, so when a person tells me to go home, they are in a way saying, stop sinning, go to the USA and do what everyone else is doing. I think
- I am, I do what the USA people do, I have the same Reeboks, I wear clothes that are acceptable in the USA, and I do what I do in the USA. -

Contrary to any of the nuts who get on Thailand pages, I do not do what a vast group of people do in Thailand, I do not go to Phuket... I like Thailand because it is what I call a stocking up city.
Ooops, I changed the name to Base Camp on my top 150 needed Travelers subjects.

The art of travel is to retain self as we travel the world, go to the Yellow Pages if you need a shrink, travel if you are curious about the world. The world is always more crazy than at home, because it is a deviation of your norm, not theirs.

People on two week vacations need to go home, to tell me to go home means you are in continuous I am a tourist mentality or you are a Mom... I did not say Dad.

A bad day is when my normal routine world is more than 10 percent different than normal, the coffee, the shower, the food, etc. My computer crashed, I am in an internet cafe at 4:49 am in Bangkok, Thailand, to say the least the group of people in here are normal for this area, I am abnormal. I took a shower already today and they have not slept. I must realize, I am the abnormal here, I need to retain my self of many years of practice. In a way, take the good and leave the bad, but try to think it it really better, is there a good reason to change.

Telling a Traveler to Go Home

Video of Khao San Road

Video of Khao San Road
It takes 9 minutes and 40 seconds to walk from the Temple to the Burger King on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

A Backpackers Rites of Passage

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Andy of ---

Khao San Road is a tourist street, full of tourist things, but it is also a Rites of Passage.

To say, I am a traveler, you want to have walked down Khao San Road, the streets of Lima Peru, San Jose Costa Rica, Tel Aviv etc and so on, maybe the Baghdad, or Cape Coast Ghana, the beaches of Goa,

I going to Katmandu… Bob Seger

Rites of Passage, like losing your girlfriend to a Yoga teacher in India. Alex Garland in his famous book and movie The Beach accurately describes Khao San Road as the….
Center of the Backpacker Universe

Khao San Road Bangkok, Thailand.



Click in the center and wait, if you cannot see a video you are reading in an email or rss feed, you need to go to the online version of the blog and view. Click on this link below:
Khao San Road

Khao San Road

Video of Khao San Road

Hobo Witchcraft

Hobo Witchcraft
Craig wrote me an email and sent this:

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

My first thought was, yes, it is pointed the wrong way.

Boy Genius from India put this up; I am not sure, I think I may point in the other way and keep the branding correct, this is a Favicon.

I think I will celebrate, Craig does not like this small Hobo symbol on the page, he thinks I need to do work. It is one of the few things on the page that I think is close to perfect, it is about 100 percent created the way I want, it portrays a Hobo and the site perfect.

The little Hobo guy is first, I want people to know I am not scary, fun, and like to joke, life is good. Then second, as I told him, I want to say, a Hobo can or I want to say,

F##k off, I am free, I can do what I want, I obey no rules, except the rules I respect.

In addition, from a Marketing point of view, annoying is remembered.

However on a deeper level, a few layers down in the curiosity levels, and for the intellectuals. This symbol is enmeshed in the core essence of travel. This is a real Hobo symbol, that real Hoboes, not some Backpacker, who is traveling the planet, who has analogous behavior. I mean the real close to a bum, maybe sometimes a tramp guy who jumped on a train to travel to look for a job.

This symbol is for all travelers and tourist, we are the same.

NOW… The Five Star, Six Star, or Jet Set Business Traveler

Same Same as they say in Thailand.

We both want a Map, as Alex so brilliantly recognized, and Google Earth spends millions to put on the net because they too understand.

Guidebooks are written, internet sites are made, millions if not billions of dollars are spent to explain what this symbol says.

A Hobo would tell other Hoboes with this symbol, they would take a soft stone, a crayon, paint, whatever was available, and make this mark on a walk, post, doorway, somewhere, I am knowing or feeling like a Hobo I would say wherever they wished.

Saying, Go this Way…

This is the best way to go, and if there is one thing I want to tell people, rich or poor, five stars or minus one, there is a best way to go for you. A Hobo wants to tell Hoboes what is the best way to go for a Hobo.

CNN Business Traveler wants to tell the business traveler what is the best way to go.

Conde Nast wants to tell some very defined audience where to go.

Google Earth wants to show you the path.

So when I say F##K off, I am not saying I do not like you, I am saying, I am Free, I demand, and I will fight to earn money my way, to live my life free. I have worked on this site for about 10 years; I have given my time and life to make it work. I will not be under any person or any government, entity or God that I do not respect.

I will point myself first in the right direction, and I will point you second in the right direction. And what Alex explained so brilliantly in the book The Beach, there is a Map, and we should share it.

His whole book was saying, you cannot hide the map, others will come, and for moment in time, you will find your paradise.

If someone points the way, someone you trust.

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Hobo Witchcraft

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