Charles de Gaulle Kennedy King and George

Charles de Gaulle Kennedy King and George
Ouagadougou or Ouaga, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 8, 2007

There is a street in Ouagadougou named Charles de Gaulle.

Charles de Gaulle
John F. Kennedy
and King George
Martin Luther King

I am not sure who is the winner, however, Charles de Gaulle is a good contender on Street Name Immortality.

King George has a good lock on City Name Immortality and Island Name Immortality.

Kennedy and de Gaulle are whooping it up as Airport Name Immortality.

Martin Luther King and Kennedy are neck and neck on Name the Bridge Immortality.

Charles de Gaulle, maybe a wanna be King, and King George did the put my name on everything to be immortal, and Kennedy and King got shot to be immortal, however, Kennedy was good at the Airports and Bridges before he got shot.

Who will live in the memory of man the longest, who can keep their name on the lips of man forever?

I suppose George Washington also done a fine job, don’t make me King, but please name your child and a street after me.

I suppose there has to be a Make a Movie Immortality also, I am sure Kennedy does well in this in this age, but who can say 500 years from now who will be the immortal giant of the name being remembered far into the future.

I guess, my vote is on…. Jefferson, Einstein and Edison.

Kennedy and De Gaulle will lose, Martin Luther King will flop out of sight and George Washington will hold his own.

I think Thomas Jefferson may continue to rise and bloom with time.

Charles de Gaulle Kennedy King and George

Pros or Cons Versus your Travel Speed

Pros or Cons Versus your Travel Speed
Orodara, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You have lived in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso for a year… ?
You have lived in Cape Coast, Ghana for three months… ?

What are you doing here in Togo?
What are you doing here in Ghana?

Reading some real questions I asked of people I met while some volunteer workers or NGO workers were being tourist, I must accept, I enjoy a small prod or provoke here and there to observe neural speed and efficiency. Yes, it is having a reaction to stimuli.

Travel is not a one time event, travel is movement, I suppose going to a Resort in Cancun, Mexico could be called an event, or going to a Festival is an event, and being a volunteer can be a long-term event, somewhere wrapped up in the time spent in a location starts to tell me whether you are a traveler or a you are living somewhere to what is the truth?

I ask questions to volunteers that are 90 percent travelers and 10 percent volunteers, as I listen, they have never stay at the event, and they voted with their feet and left the Volunteer Event.

There are Pros and Cons of any Travel Destination. Travel is about time and speed controls, when you stay a long time in one place the speed control is on low, and when you stay one day, the speed control is on high. I for sure believe the majority of tourist and travelers have a faulty speed control that is jammed on high speed, which means those flowers have no smell.

When the Pros are up, turn the speed down, when the Cons are up, then turn the speed up, accelerate, full speed ahead.

I think there is some inside, traveler question, and stated like,
- How long to do the country? -
In the world language, not English.
- How long to know the place? -
The world asked the question,
- Do you know Burkina Faso? -

I say
- I arrived yesterday. -
I want to say,
- Connect your brain to your mouth, there is a severe lack of neural efficiency, how can I know a place until I have spent at least one day, you saw me get off the bus. -

Velocity, speed, I have no need for speed, unless it feels bad, when life is good, I go slow and eat every piece of pie, and save some for tomorrow. When life sucks, I raise my mast and sail away, praying to all the good Gods there are no doldrums.

When the cons outweigh the pros I go fast, when the pros outweigh the cons, I go slow, sometimes I stop, a very good sign about a place.

When I have seen NGO and Volunteers who are sailing ships with three masts, and trying to find ways to erect more, I some times tell them,
- I saw the Air Moroc office down the street. -

Do I really need to weigh the pros and cons of a country, I just need remember I am the Captain of this Ship, and can say, Scotty, engage, go to Warp Speed, or I can stay an watch a very bad movie because I paid the money, and know I have been demoted.

To be an Alpha Male, there has to be other letters in the alphabet.

Pros or Cons Versus your Travel Speed

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