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Inca Kola or Irn-Bru or Cocktail de Fruits

African Freedom When is it Over

Africa is Doomed

To be something A Great French Quote

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Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

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A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World

Africans is for Warriors

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The American Dream is Contagious

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Writing Two Lease Contracts in Africa

One African Cockroach Got Away

A Travel Golf Hole in One in Togo

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Atakpame to Kara Togo

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Intercultural Competence Understanding Good Fun

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Togo on Wing and a Prayer

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Atakpame Togo Restaurant

Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly

Indiana USA Waitress Gets 10000 Dollar Tip

To Do One Thing Right in My Life

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Next Time I be Naked Togo

Africa Developing Too Fast

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AIDS is Cliche in Asia and Africa Traffic Ups and Downs

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Gateau Batoken and Achtomon

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A Hobo with No Cell Phone Internet in Togo

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What is Possible What is Not

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The surest weapon is the eye

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