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Kabye Young Men and Women Travel to Ceremony of Evala in Togo

Kabye Young Men and Women Travel to Ceremony of Evala in Togo
Kara, Togo West Africa
Monday, July 9, 2007

Many young men and women of the Kabye Ethnic group are presently traveling to the Kara area of Togo. They will come from Togo, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, etc to attend the Ceremony of Evala and shortly afterwards the Ceremony of Akpema. This is a week long festival and started I believe on July 7, 2007 and will run through Saturday July 14th.

The Young Kabye men dancing while waiting to wrestle in the Ceremony of Evala.

Sunday, I took about 80 Megs of video of the Ceremony of Evala in a villages close to Kara, Togo. Now, I have some excellent vides clips, and I need to find a way to upload from 2 meg to 20 meg files to the internet without them breaking here in Togo, I will go to Lome, the capital soon and try so I can show the films.

This Wrestling and huge party will last through next Saturday, however anyone going should double-check this information.

This is not a simple story, and is not just one story, I am in the process of trying to mesh this in my mind, and afterwards I hope to explain in detail. Here below is an explanation in French of four related ceremonies as written by a Kabye girl in French on an English keyboard.

This is going to take a lot of work to translate, then probably re-translate to English as the Kabye girl continues to explain and to clarify, however not push whereby my Kabye friend would say words she does know.

Chez Moi - Brune

Ceremonie de evala
Chaque annee dans la region la la kara se deroulent les ceremonie de evala .cette ceremonie permet au jeune garcon de d’emboiter les pas des adultes c’est a dire il est libre d'engager une femme dans son foyer.quelque jours avent la lutte sur le terrain .le chien est l’animal special pour les famille du garcon lui paie un gros chien pour les ceremonie.apres les ceremonie a la maison avec les encetre, le jour de la lutte arrive et toute la famille du garcon on espoir que leur garcon va terrasser son adersaire dans le cas contraire la honte revient a famille.cette ceremonie se deroule par des danses tradditionelle.

Ceremonie de akpema dans la
Region de la kara cette ceremonie permet a la fille de se marier c’est a dire elle est mature elle est adulte ,cela ouvre la porte au mariage. En effet ce jour elle sorte toute nu elle laisse les fesses et les poils et tout le monde regarde.les fille qui ont des poils se glorifie et leur famille sont raison meme de la ceremonie est qu’on veut savoir si cette fille qui assiste a la ceremonie a bien garder sa virginiter c’est a dire y a un lieu ou tout le monde ne va pas et c’est a ce lieu qu’on vera si reelement la fille est vierge.cela se emarque par une force diabolique;c’est a dire sur le coup tu aura uneperte de sang qui coulera de ton vagin et va tacher le caillou sur lequel on at fait la toute at famille aura un grand honte.c’est une grande nos jour depui quelque annee les encetre des village on fermer cette partie du ceremonie parceque les fille consistent vite les garcon.les ceremonie continue chaque annee mais on arrive plus a ce lieu sacre.

Ceremonie de condona
Cette ceremonie se deroule dans la region de la kara chaque 5ans apres.c’est une etape de sagesse.apres avoir fait cette ceremonie cela te ouvre la porte a decider dans un conseil tu peut faire la compagnie des vieux.

Danse Habie
La danse habie c’est une danse de sorcelerie si tu n’est pas sorcier tu ou clervoyant tu ne peux pas participer a cette danse.ce jour dans la sorcerer un individual est capable de prandre la bouche d’un chien d’un porc d’un chat pour aller manger les greunouils pouri ;les serpents. apres la danse il ramenne la bouche du chien et il reprend sa pouche.le meme jour la femme sterile est capable de metre au monde et dans l’immediat avale cet enfant.

Kabye Young Men and Women Travel to Ceremony of Evala in Togo

Video of Togo Ceremony of Evala

Togo Ceremony of Evala

The young men of Kabye Ethnic group dancing before they go wrestle to honor their families and friends to become adults and able to marry. This dance was July of 2007 in the region of Kara, Togo as filmed by Andy of

Togo Ceremony of Evala

Next Time I be Naked Togo

Next Time I be Naked Togo
Kara Togo
July 8, 2007

I took this photo in a small village close to Kara, Togo. I was at one of the wrestling festivals of Evala and there were many girls walking around with just their bras on the top and a small skirt to cover the bottom.

This girl was announcing to the other people participating in the Evala festival that she would soon participate in Akpema.

I showed this photo to a Togo girl.

Blame it on the French, blame it on her English, blame it on something the Togo girl saw in the photo…

The Togo girls jumped up and screamed,


The girl squirmed, jumped up and down and started to dance, she pretended to be naked and climbing a mountain with a stick in her hand. I will never forget the smile on her face. She felt wonderful for this girl in the photo above, was very excited, and said again in broken English again.


I was rolling on the floor laughing and cannot type this without starting to laugh. This is not exactly what she meant, and for sure, anyone reading this is expecting a photo of a naked girl to happen. No photo is coming and there is not going to be any naked Togo girls shown on this page, or I do not anticipate this happening.

Akpema is the day a girls says to the word I am an adult woman, it is rites of passage, and it is a day a girls gets to say to the world,
- I am woman, look at me. -

Somewhere, somehow the Togo girls was saying, I want to scream, I am naked, I am a woman, I will be an adult, I will stop being a child and I am woman.

Said in broken English.


The Togo girls wrapped herself in the moment, for one second she was this girl in the photo and was sharing in the celebration of becoming a woman.

Next Time I be Naked Togo

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