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When is the Sunset or Sunrise

When is the Sunset or Sunrise

I posted a question on a good questions page.

I received some really good answers and now have paid 5 dollars, a reader also posted a very good answer, this worked pretty good, I think I can do some real research, just a little slow.

I posted this on a Geography Page on HoboTraveler.com


Sunset -Myforecast.com - Click on Almanac and it will tell you when the sun is going to set for your present location.
Time and Dates around the World

"Sunrise/Sunset Calculator"
NOAA Surface Radiation Research Branch

"Compute Sunrise/sunset by latitude, longitude"
Live Weather Images

"Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year"
Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory

"Online-Photoperiod Calculator V 1.94," by J. Lammi (last modified on
November 22, 2001)
Jarmo Lammi

You can also use these resources to see a view of the Earth and what
parts or in day or night:


I am going to try to post Nutrition questions about Niger.

When is the Sunset or Sunrise

Arrived to Work on Time

Arrived to Work on Time
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 4, 2007, 5:03 AM

Jet Lag

I am happy, I left the USA on February 22, 2007 and today is the fourth of March. I woke today at around 5:00 AM, and I have arrived on time to work. I have been late for work every day, and some days I did not even to go, just lounged around and did nothing.

I do not work.

However, I normally wake somewhere between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM, then spend the time between waking and going to the internet café typing on the computer, or playing. This time is my get organized for the day time, it is my preparation for life time, it is my clarity of thought time. Here in Lome, Togo is very calm, life is easy, I have very little brain clutter that accumulates during the day, therefore if I wake at my normal time to start play, there is little clutter in the brain to clean. I will be super organized today, not just moderately.

I am looking for the clarity, that brings me serenity.

The problem was my diurnal cycles was off, I had jet lag, the body demands to sleep and wake when it wants to, I am not a person that forces my body to stay awake. I am an easy boss, if the brain wants to rest, it rest, no qualms anymore with doing nothing. I have nothing down well, this is one of the wonders of travel. I have slowly been socialized in these under worked countries to do nothing. I can be just like the locals, or closer, I can languish around, hang out, talk with people and not have a guilt in the world about doing nothing.

I just realized, the men on the corner of the bar downstairs, do the same all day. However, I think the experience of going to the bar, sitting on the corner, drinking the beer somehow feels to them, like they are doing something, they appear to have no problem with doing nothing either.

My workers in the USA , had no problems with doing nothing. I am probably wrong here, I am the weird one, it is not normal to think you should work, the majority of persons probably spend most of their time trying to avoid work, while I am always trying to learn to avoid working.

Not an important issue, unless maybe you have no money, then being lazy has a problem. I work at doing nothing all day, nonetheless, I get more done than most. I feel I am effective.

I have been reading the book TRAVELS, by Michael Crichton, it is interesting to learn how this very accomplished writer thinks. The book is more of a self-revelation or auto-biography story, then intermixes some near death experiences or high adventure tours so the name can be Travels. I truly think the travels is just want is says on the book, the reviewer says something about going to the other end of the earth to “see oneself for the first time.”

Oh, well, not good to start on incomplete thoughts, I will finish the book today, therefore, I am intuitively thinking, this guy will wrap it all up, sum it up, make a tally and a total, and explain why he assembled the book together this way, and how “Spoon Bending” is related to travel.

I think he does not like revisions, he would like my style, no revisions, and, I do not ever reread or change bad wording often, I just let it fly.

I am awake today, and went to work on time, I am able to step to the batters plate and swing at the ball hard. I can try to bang it for the bleachers today, I have tons of reserves, and I took my vitamins.

My body cycles have been adjusted, my body is in synch with Togo, Michael would probably like the idea of good Karma or Kismet.

Arrived to Work on Time

What Time Is It

What Time Is It
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 17, 2007

I know there is a way, I have just not figure out how, I want to know what time it is in Boston and Indiana, the USA. It is the same time.

I use this link constantly, however not much good for other countries besides the USA.

It does not work here, now, the GPRS connection is beyond a crawl, it it child that fell down and cannot move slow. The java in this page, slows it down, I disable it and it breaks.

I would think there is some Palm Pilot, handheld computer program that I can use on my computer that would allow me to do this.

Type in the time now in Togo, the numbers would spin and tell me the time everywhere on the planet mas or menos one hour. More or less close, I do not ever trust them completely, except the USA clock thing and for some reason it is accurate.

More or less, how do I say that in French. I know, but I have never seen is spelled. Hmmm I think it is - come see, come sah, - talk about bad spelling, I have no idea how to spell it in French, this is maybe a phrase I am learning naturally, by the way the people use it.

Maybe, I can find out what time it is, and I would call my one friend, not good when I make accidents and call in the middle of the night.

I was clicking on the little clock, it will synchronize the time, however not so good when a person is changing time zones a lot. I tried to go to the link, this is the next day now, this link does not work.

Having a connection to the internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 24/7 would be nice, however not going to happen for about 5-10 years on a continuous world basis, unless I go Five Star, then I would have no reason to travel.

There is probably a software program that I can install on my computer, whereby I type in the time in once variable. The variable being the time where I am presently located, in example Lome, Togo and it would tell me the time in the majority of cities, I do not think they can do this perfect, but I would be within one hour.

What Time Is It

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