Year in Review 2002: world-affairs

President and Prime Minister Saddam Hussein

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Year in Review 2002: world-affairs

President and Prime Minister Saddam Hussein

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, Iraq was virtually alone among countries in failing to offer official condolences to the U.S. In line with his adversarial relationship with the U.S., Pres. Saddam Hussein publicly opposed the U.S.-led war on terrorism and called on other Islamic countries to help defeat it. He also decried the military action in Afghanistan, calling it a spark that could set “the world on fire.” In response, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested that once the U.S. had concluded its campaign in Afghanistan, it would deal with Iraq's weapons program as part of its effort against terrorism.

Kiss your Ass goodbye Saddam

London Bombers - Are they the Devil

London Bombers - Are they the Devil
The people that represent this religion are the Devil, they are evil to kill, then everyone just stands around and does not point their finger at the real problem. A religion that is working hand in hand with the devil.

Al Qaeda, the devil has many faces.

London Bombers

Bali Airport

Bali Airport
Friday June 9, about 8:38 am, I am in the international no-mans land of the Bali, Indonesia airport. Bali has had bombs exploded twice in the last few years, one in killing a large number of tourists.
I am surprised; Airport security is a low as you can get in a way. The only high security part is the cars coming in and out of the airport have to go through an entrance and leaving gate; however, they did not search the car or check the airplane ticket…
Security is bad for the tourist business, however bombs are even worst. Too much security and everyone is complaining like children, this does not create a good party mood in one of the party capitals of the world.
Bali has very few tourists in my opinion. It is obvious that they could support about 20 times the number of tourist that are presently here. When I walk in a shop or anywhere, I am the only foreigner, pretty much deserted. It could be the low season, however I do not think so, and I keep quizzing the taxi, store clerks, staff in hotel and restaurants. One Australian man volunteered the information that a few years ago before the bombs this place was full. This conversation started when I made a joke.
- No Transport -
- No Massage -
I was talking to the Massage people on the streets; there is an almost desperate level of wanting to sell. I got a massage the other day and the other girl followed us to room, they the proceeded to get in an argument.
They also do the,
- You promised me - routine. They will ask, or say,
- Maybe later -
If you do not say,
- NO -
They will go into many comments trying to make you feel guilty. The girl in the CD video shop called me a liar. I am blunt, I say NO, however she was trying to get me to buy a girl. I just did not comment, she went into the question.
- Do you like girls? -
I said,
- Yes.-
I have been harangued by some of the best on the planet, I do not say yes or comment, I feel sorry for the naïve tourist, they are soft target and will feel guilty.
A little too desperate.
I see the Bali as trying to say all is fine, I am just thinking they need to keep the security in and out of this island extremely good. If there is one more bomb it will be three strikes and you are out. Every travel agent in the world will steer people away. I think they already are, it seems to be the more traveled persons here and they young stupid.
Batter up… I am in the airport.
Bali Airport


Andy of HoboTraveler.com
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

Bombs in Bangkok

Bombs in Bangkok
Bangkok Thailannd
January 1, 2007

Last night a few hours before midnight about seven bombs exploded in Bangkok, not sure, could be six. Nonetheless, there we some bombs, as of now, there are two dead, and up to 30 wounded.

All is good in the Khao San Road area, it will be intriguing to see how travelers deal with this.

Last night because of the huge language difference, most travelers were obvious to the bombings and continued to party. Few Thais really speak with the Foreigners, only the girls in tow, I suppose the Sukumvit area where there more "girls in tow" the men understood what happened.

The information did not disseminate down quickly as best I can tell, my guess is very few people were watching either Thai TV which was covered with the reports, or the BBC, CNN news reports.

Therefore it did not stop the party, however some larger areas or venue were shut down by either Thai police of Thai Soldiers.

It is all mostly gossip at this time, however it will be interesting to see if there is a mass exodus from Bangkok. I leave on the 5th of January, have a ticket reserved, so easy for me to leave, because I was already leaving.

Fear is an interesting thing, I truly believe getting caught up in a terrorist bombing is almost impossible odds. I for sure believe I can get hit by a crazy Thai driving a car, that is my big worry of danger.

I told one American friend and said, probably not a good time to go into large bars.

Bombs in Bangkok

Thailand Terrorist

Thailand Terrorist
It bad enough terrorist bomb innocent people, do they have to attack poor defenseless Trash Bins; I used the word Bin to acknowledge our mean older brothers way of talking.

I regularly drop trash on the ground and take great pride in my creative ways of being a litterbug. I would gladly throw all my trash in a can if there is one within 100 meters, if not, let her fly…
(Best Trashcan country is Estonia.)

Khao San Road
Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 15, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I at one times considered a joke post, making a map of all the trashcans in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok. I am annoyed, the world wants me throw trash down, they must, or they would give me an easy solution to trash. Now, of all things, the super dependable 7-11 convenience stores of Khao San Road seem to have removed most of their trash bins.

The scoop is this, Terrorist put bombs in Trash Cans. I found this one off Khao San Road and was happy to find it; 7-11 is as far as I can figure to be one of the most trash responsible stores in Thailand.

There is the recycled tire trash bin that is cool, and I it find them in strange places, and Had Yai seems to be very up to snuff as a city.

As a rule of thumb, I only throw trash down inside a city or village, never in the countryside. Maybe I am helping the world to create jobs, however you do it, and if I drop it in the street somebody will someday come and pick it up, and go dump it in the river for me…

Popular places for trash, backs of trucks that almost hit me, in front of stores I do not like, hand to people, leave on the counter of the store. I for sure leave a lot of trash in front of the hotel, the hotel needs to have a trashcan or in front of the hotel is good enough for me.

I often hand trash to locals, here it is your country, you figure out what to do with it.

It is not good, terrorist are blowing up trash cans, I do hope they continue to blow themselves up, I like the trash cans, and the best justice in their cowardly deed is they die. I seen nothing brave about killing yourself up, fanatical yes, zealot yes, but brave no, I do think there is a Darwin joke here in this mix.

Quick get out of the pool.

Thailand Terrorist

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