Exercising and Travel

Exercising and Travel

I am not 22, life is not the same as when I was 22, I am excessively introspective, both a curse and a wonder. When I was 22, I could live on my laurels, everything was simple, I did nothing and excelled.

I would like to be as physically fit as I was when I was 22, however, I have every excuse to not be, I suppose I take every excuse also.

I am not sure what to do; I can sit here and list all the excuses why it is difficult to exercise when I am traveling. Since, I never stop traveling, and then the excuses never stop. No point in listing excuses, that is the problem.

I am on the third floor of the hotel, I normally try to get on the first level, I just do not like going up and down the step, five times per day, or more.

I have been climbing the stair two steps at a time, trying to exercise my thighs.

What do I do in the next hotel? What do I do when there is only one floor?

This is the nature of excuses; there is always an excuse, why I will not exercise in the next city and hotel.

No excuses.

However, I also need to have options and choices, when I am ready to take one of them excuses; I need the alternative, the best choice that will allow me to not take the excuse.

I can live on the third floor and get some exercise or I can move to the first, this is a choice.

I am making a list of ways to exercise, I am making a list of choices, and the bottom line is there is no excuse.

Exercising and Travel

Philippines Cockfights

Philippines Cockfights
Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was in the General Santos city, Philippines, the public market and saw colorful collection of straps.

These are leg straps, used as a tether for Chickens used in Cockfights in the Philippines.

Now, I do know there are cockfights or chicken fights on the planet, yet when I looked at this display of strap for the chickens. I thought, this is a lot of them, if they have this many, than there is probably more cockfights in the Philippines than I imagined.

A man, with what I assume is his daughter; they are selling chickens to be used for cockfights. I keep wanting to say rooster, yet really, I am no sure, maybe they use both female and male chickens.

Philippines Cockfights

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
December 31, 2006

Around the world motorcycle trip.

I am trying to plan a trip to Africa, my one friend wishes me to go to the country of Sao Tome a former Portuguese colony off the West Central part of Africa.

São Tomé or Sao Tome etc, and so forth, and on and on, searching for information on a place where almost zero American tourists goes is difficult. I suppose if I started, searching only in Portuguese is would be better.

I happened upon a great extreme travel journey of two people on a Motorcycle. I believe they are Australian and their trip is great.

Please look at the map of their trip, and then you can see the magnitude of this

Around the World on Motorcycle

The travelers on this page understand travel; I truly enjoyed their honest deliberations about how many countries on the planet. I do not like to read travel books, I do not like to read travel blog, however the wisdom or true experience in these page tells me these people know, as William Sutcliffe would say,
- Are you experienced? -

These people are experienced, they are travelers.

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle

Togo beats Ghana in Football 2-1

Togo beats Ghana in Football 2-1
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
March 20, 2007, 5:28 PM

Kpalime, Togo is exploding in the streets as Togo just beat Ghana, the neighboring counry a stone throw away from the village of Kpalime, really just over the hills.

I will not be able to leave the Hotel tonight, I think both the Islamic and the Christians will find the Liquor store.

Congratulations Togo, I know they are happy, hard to imagine a football game or soccer match in the underdeveloped countries of the world. However, to say the least, they do not work hard, and when there is a soccer or football game, the world comes to a stop and everyone stands around in front of building looking in at a TV, or standing with a radio to their ear.

Togo beats Ghana in Football 2-1

Togo How Do I Feel

Togo How Do I Feel
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 26, 2007

After my Motorcycle accident.
I am getting these small email from my parents, how do you feel, are you ok, do you need something

How do I feel?

feel like I was doing a two a day American Football practice in August and am very worn and tired.

I was a middle linebacker, I remember when I screamed through the line and sacked the quarterback in scrimmage.

Now, this brings on a torrent of screams from the coach, the Center and the Left Guard are worried, if it happens again, the coach say,
- You are going to run the ridge till Hell Freezes over. -
I have embarrassed them.

On the next play, for some strange reason, I am out of play, I fall down in the backfield around where the safeties would be, as I am getting up, the Left Guard and Center see me, I am out of play. But, I am the threat, they decide to take the cheap shot, as my knees clear the ground, I am hollering, hey, I am out of play. This is just scrimmage we are on the same team.

They take the shot, two fat, overweight, farm boys from Indiana, with a head of steam do a dive block into me at about rib level, I am on my knees, they plough me into the ground, I am punished.

This is a real story and this is how I feel, like I got punished by two very large Farm boys in Indiana who wanted payback.

What can you say, it is over, it happened, I was in a motorcycle accident, I accept it hurts. I really do not have problem with physical pain, it is pretty normal in travel to not be comfortable.

I was trying to avoid the fight with the Peugeot Car Taxis, this is why I was on the Moto, I wanted to be more comfortable. It is real ineffective to talk about pain, explain pain, it passes, I broke my femur in four places and walked around on crutches for a year. I know 99 percent nobody cares, yes they can give platitudes and comments, but who cares, I had to let the time pass, then all was ok. It is very easy to say you care, difficult to show it.

All the comments were just reminders I was damaged. Now, then again, my parents are worried, and they do not see American Football as dangerous, they can relate, understand me feeling pain for the home team.

Time allows all pain to pass, I have no choice, it will go away, I am positive of this, if I wait and try not to push to hard, time will heal all my pains in life, both physical and mental.

Health, Injury, Sports, Togo, Moto, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Taxi, Tranportation

Togo How Do I Feel

Atakpame to Kara Togo

Atakpame to Kara Togo
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 7, 2007

I am going to Kara, Togo tomorrow, I will leave Atakpame, Togo very early, just as the sun rises, I believe this time is best time to catch public transportation in West Africa.

I was asked a reasonable question yesterday while chatting on yahoo messenger with a friend,
- What are you going to see there? -

I thought to myself,
- What a stupid questions. -

Then I realized, this is not a stupid question, this is a normal question, I am the one who is being little stupid. An empathy lapse, as I am a traveler, I cannot for the life of me figure a good reason to go anywhere anymore, other than I go, just seems like the right thing to do, not sure why though. Therefore why would I be crazy to waste my time thinking about why I am going.

I could not walk by an open door with out taking a peek inside, a long time ago in Antigua, Guatemala a girl from France, said,
- We travel until we know why we travel. -

I still do not know why I travel, I can give you thousands of reasons to travel and why not to travel, but to just say,
- I travel because of this reason…. X, that is a difficult question. -

Closest answer I can say is,
- I have nothing better to do. -

I have smelled a fight, boxing they say in French, however the word is lutte or wrestling, I was told for a week or something called Evala will occur. I do not want to spoil the boxing so I will stop thinking and get a real first impression and not a I-expected-to-see this impression, nothing like ruining a first impresion than to run it through a filter of guidebooks, website and gossip. I think the best tourist attractions are those you stumble upon by accident.

A good reason to go for long walks.

Atakpame to Kara Togo

Ludo Togo Board Game

Ludo Togo Board Game
Lome, Togo West Africa
August 5, 2007

Photo of the Board used to play the board game of Ludo in Togo.

Video of Two Togo Girls playing a board game neighborhood of Kodjoviakope on street of Rue Delta.

The Togo girls take turns whereby one person shakes two dice in a cup and bounce slams onto the board and moves board pieces

Yes, the Togo Girl was mocking me in English, her Christian name is Selonge, Mina name is Akpeenie.

Lome Togo is the Capital of Country.

Ludo Togo Board Game

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