Cell Phone Travel Problems

Cell Phone Travel Problems

I am having the never-ending list of cell phone problems. The biggest problem is reception is bad because the world has concrete rooms. The next is the distance from the cell tower.

The biggest problem though it figuring out all these small rules before I leave for the next country. I am using a Tigo cell phone system in Guatemala; I did a couple of test phone calls to my parents. Now I am trying to make a call, and it shows me no signal. Very frustrating, I turned on and off the phone, went out on the balcony, however no signal presently. I am fortunate the location where I purchased the SIM card is close.

The difference between me and most people who have cell phone is this, I do not want to use the phone, I do not use the phone, I do not learn all the problems quickly because I do not want to use or have this phone. It has become a necessity because nobody in the USA picks up the phone; I must have them return a call. Voice mail is not a form of communication that is functional, it is dysfunctional in nature.

Most people that have cell phones are not moving from country to country or are willing to pay the 5 dollar per minute charge of a contract rate.

I am using the cell phone as a way for people to call me back; I am now going to try the Skype system if I can find a headset to purchase. I will do a call over Skype, and then ask them to call me back. IF you live in a five star hotel, the call back number is not a problem, presently most hotels under I have lived in, and including all the Caribbean ones for 50 dollars would not be the answer for receiving telephone calls.

I need a telephone in my room, this is not a normal thing to be in my room, the D and D Hotel on Khao San Road had this for about 12 U.S. per night and a swimming pool on top. Internet Caf� in the Hotel, not in the room.

Next after I figure out how to have a number, then I have to make it a no-brainer for the person in the USA to call me. I have to give them the exact number, totally empathize with them, give them the whole number including all the country codes, etc, and then somehow check to make sure it works. Checking is the big problem; I have to have someone in the USA that can figure out how to make it work. Diligent to call the international operators. I am amazed at what stops the average person.

Cell Phone Travel Problems Praise Praise

2 cent calls around the world... hehehe, best if you carry a computer, headsets, etc.

I am trying to call a person in Singapore; it is about five in the morning here in Guatemala, therefore more or less about five in the afternoon in Singapore or close enough to not have to worry about waking the person. One interesting this about is when I call with the program the dialing wizard allows me think from a USA perspective, ask me the country I am calling and in a way helps to figure out the necessary numbers. On a bad side Skype put in the + sign (Plus or addition sign) automatically. This is not a solution in a way.

I want the actual, real, get me out of the country number.

The plus sign I have finally learned means, dial the access code that is needed to leave the country. However, on my TIGO telephone, here in Guatemala so far it appears to mean, - PLUS does not work - you need to know the actual number.

I can get around this by using the system; however, it still does not teach me the actual numbers I need to dial with my cell phone.

This is or maybe is a solution; however, I have to have an internet connection, which I presently do not have to use this web page.
I am making a war chest of items a person needs offline to work anywhere cheaply. The Hilton or Sheratons in their business centers will make life easier, however not an advantage to live outside the USA and pay 100 dollars per day. The advantage of working outside the USA or Europe is to pay a daily living expense of less than 20 dollars, yet live the same as if you were paying 150 U.S. in the United States.

I was cracking up about people living in the Caribbean; the lifestyle was meager in comparison to my normal lifestyle. The word - Hobo - really creates an impact that is not totally true, yes, I do live cheaply, however it is extremely normal for me to live in better conditions than I did in the Caribbean. I was taking a nosedive in quality of life for 10 times the cost.

Full Time Cleaning person or Gardener

What is possible if a person can work outside the USA or Europe is to have a full time cleaning person? If you earned the Western style of money and live in Guatemala, you would be able to afford to have five persons working to keep up the household. What this does as I learned in the USA is remove the stress of living, thus enabling you to earn even more money. The drudgery of the normal necessary routines like taking the laundry to the cleaners removes the enjoyment of life.

Hoboes travel from place to place as cheaply as possible, looking for work, they are not bums. Praise

Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

I have a FREE wireless connection in my room.

I am in Antigua Guatemala in the Hotel called Don Quijote, I have a Wifi connection in my room with this speed shown by graphic. I am paying 13 U.S. Dollars per night, about 7 more than needed in Guatemala.

I wish make some telephone calls with and to get prepared to quickly enter the USA, do my deeds, then get out fast. I need to contact some persons before to get them up to speed for when I enter the USA.

I am in Room 8 a room without a private bath, however the routers is actually in my room. Wifi is not my preferred type of connection. A regular ethernet cable is more reliable and better. Wifi does not go through concrete walls good, therefore just does not work in most Hotels.

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala and Intimacy and Intimacy

I need to talk with people, one problem of traveling all the time is the lack of a good intimate conversation with a good friend. I avoided recommendation of for a long time. allows me to call the USA for 2 cents per minute, this is a good enough deal that I do not get sticker shock, then avoid making the calls. Many times a telephone call to the USA can cost a small fortune, and the calls to Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, Europe can be off the charts

I have been making calls to friends around the planet. I feel like I am again connected to my friends. They are all married, have little time for me, they are just busy with their families. They are my friend, and a good phone call is about all the time we spend together.

I am grateful to for this services. What is funny is I used to do this with, I just looked they are still in business.

The used to give free calls to land lines, I forgot them for years when they stopped this.

Nonetheless, is the name of the town, the buzz of the world.

Why did I avoid
Because most of the recommendation for this was coming from the Chatters.
There are these people who thrive on talking with persons they do not know, I personally like a real people, chatting or talking with an unknown persons on the other side of the planet is rewarding.

What is bad about cell phones and, chatting or talking with persons at home is this, you never leave home. It is possible to live in a hotel like or better than your home, talk constantly with people from home and never meet the country you are visiting.

There is a balance to life to be achieved. I am thankful for for putting my world back into balance. This is going to be especially helpful in them truly lonely places when I cannot speak the language and the locals do not speak English. It make more willing to travel to Africa, China or many places where it best to go with a friend.

What is painful or frustrating is to hear or receive comments from person who say things like
- What is wrong with you? -
- Why do you needy? -

Spoken by a person that has never left home because they would panic if they had to be alone with themselves. Moving from place to place is a challenge, there is never the same situation. Each new place I have to search for my proper Grocery Store, Laundry, Internet Cafe, and a good hotel where I meet people.

Money will make some of this easier, however the friends is the hard part. I am not sure all people want or need friendship. and Intimacy

Trip Planning to Penn State University

Trip Planning

I fly soon to JFK airport in New York City, April 2nd, then by land to Penn State University, back to JFK, then on the 10th of April I fly to Budapest, Hungary.

I do not wish to stay long in Europe, just a few weeks, however to jump in and out of Europe fast, it is best if I start my research or an exit strategy. I never buy my tickets until about 3 weeks or less before I leave, therefore if I am only in Europe for three weeks, now is the time to start. I have not discovered the price to be better when I order earlier, sometimes, however nothing guaranteed.

I called up Jeroen the owner of Nat Tours in Bangkok, Thailand with my telephone service to get his ideas, he recommended I the Turkmenistan Airlines as they fly to Bangkok cheaply. I am not sure of the link for the airlines, or if they have a link, however I have a notion now on how to proceed. There are a couple of options, I can go for Istanbul, Turkey or maybe for Frankfurt, Germany to fly to Thailand. The discount airlines are making some very strange paths or options available. I can actually go backwards and then forward cheaper.

Joroem was helpful in planning as I need to search for a gate from Europe to Southeast Asia. Frankfurt is the best gate, however Istanbul is good also, however I am not sure, Turkey may still be charging USA people 100 dollars to enter their country. (Basically an Anti-USA type thingy)

I think I have Joroen's telephone correct, funny, I have been calling him Nat for a couple of years and he never corrected me, he is not a person that seems to worry about these types of details, although a stickler for other details.

Nat Tour and Travel Co
Bangkok Thailand
+662 629-4122 With
From USA 011 662 629-4122
Map to Nats just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr Joe is also a good option, however you must shop all of them, keep them honest, go to all and find a price. Note, I never would recommend a Travel Agency, I only would say, this PERSON, not agency has helped me. What is a problem is most will size you up, think, - will this person pay the normal published price and I can get a hit? -

Budapest to Istanbul is 650 Miles as the crow flies, I have trouble averaging more than 50 miles per hour in a bus or train, therefore this is a 13 hour trip, not a very long trip and a walk in the park in normal situation. I will need to suss out how difficult they make life in Eastern Europe for transportation before I make many decisions.

Trip Planning

Secret Cell Phone Rules

Secret Cell Phone Rules

I am sure, quite sure, in fact, I am positive; there are rules on how to handle or ride a cell phone. I am sure, quite sure, in fact, I am positive, everyone knows them but me. The Philippines has a distinct cell phone culture, it is rumored and bragged to me, that the Philippines is the text message capital of the world. There are more text message sent here than anywhere on the planet.

Now, I have this play toy, it is a cell phone, I thought I was buying a great methodology for receiving some sort of get rich money making scheme offers by advertisers on my web site. I find most of the time; the world is not smart enough to call another country. Therefore, I am forgetting and forgiving them; I will call them on and track them down. Not a good way to play coy, however I do not really want to talk with them anyway.

The rules.

What are the rules?

Some girl just called me and hung up� it must be a signal, I think it means.
- I have no money, you call me -
Someone called it a dropped call, I call it a hang up, or test, are your there, is your cell phone working, why have you not called me. There is some evil monster queen out there of the cell phones who wants my number and if I give them my number, they proceed to play.

I received a text this morning at 6:00 am; I was awake in the internet caf�. They were the lyrics to a song from Cecile. I did not reply, then another came, then another, finally in the afternoon I text back,
- Hello, where are you -

I figured it out, it was the 20-year-old maid in the house in Cebu, but what is up with the text, and she is flirting with me.

I know, it has to be a rule, text messages are flirtatious because they are not real, people are not real. I do not know, I had another girl who wanted a job with my friend Chris and she started talking crap on the text. It is as if the pushing of the button is connected to a vibration, it runs there mind to a frenzy.

Dropped call, I will ignore, I have no dysfunctional hooks or insatiable curiosity to find out what is in the mind of a person with a cell phone weapon in their hand. I know they are not thinking, it is just a barking dog. I will not bark back or enter the fray.

Cell Phone Culture

I have been playing, nosing around, why do they do this, why would you make an insane clatter on someone else�s cell phone to say nothing.

I would say,
- Meet me here -

I have given up, I just call them back, but there is a rule.
- Do not call -
It cost you 50 cents USA and that is too much money.

Rules, I will figure them out, however I know I am saved, I will leave the Philippines in 10 days and the text message will stop, because even though the cell phone company advertises international roaming. I know this,
- It is only for the top five places that Philippine people roam -

They export girls to Singapore and Macao and Hong Kong to work, sometimes at night and sometimes as a maid, sometimes I wish my mother did not read this�

What they export is not for prime time or general audiences. They exports nurses to the world, I do not know how they get out of in the countries, I just know they export nurses.

Truthfully, I know, or I have learned.
- IF you want to like a country, do not to learn too much. -

The more you learn about a country, the more you will not respect them; you really do not want to know. It will become impossible for me to overlook the big and small things of the country if I understand.

I just want to appreciate what I imagine, not what is real.

I had a great experience in Indiana culture today. When a person in Indiana says hello to me, I have this overwhelming compulsion to answer. I do not ignore, if they are respectful, I say,
- Hello, how are you, I am fine, etc -

I went to Robinson mall today; I was the first person to enter the Supermarket to buy some instant coffee before I need to make a midnight run.

When I enter,
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -

I guess I needed to answer a minimum of 40 times. I wish I were exaggerating; however, I was the only foreigner in the store. They have one target. Me, they all must have taking - Hello Sir - lessons. It was an amazing gauntlet. I wanted to stop and say, leave me alone, or how do I say hello back one time to all of you.

Every aisle has another Hello Sir.

In a country that is full of street scammers, I have to admit, they have some really good-natured persons, which love to say Hello Sir. It is ying and yang world. Who could comment, they was just too funny.

I found the Nescafe, ran for the counter, made a few joke with the girl at the checkout, explained in English how everyone is saying Hello Sir to me, and what does she do, she says,
- Hello Sir -

I think it is the Philippines version of the Stepford Wives.

RULES, there rules, I am sure, I am positive, I know for sure, they all know them and I do not. I am becoming a geek or nerd. I need to lose 20 years of age, I need to be younger. I try my best to date younger girls, this is not working.

Cell Phones, the secret rules, and the hidden tax of the Philippines.

Secret Cell Phone Rules Target of Opportunity Target of Opportunity

7:30 in an Internet Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The computer has headsets with a mouthpiece.
There is nobody in the cafe, the speed may be high enough to talk.
It is the correct time in the USA to call, about 12 hours difference, or maybe 7:30 at night more or less one hour.
I say this is a target of opportunity.
I am a traveler, I move. is very good if you do not move, use your own computer and are very savvy.
Finding an Internet cafe open at 7:00 in the morning is not normal, I can go the opposite better, 7:00 at night. However, then the speed drops.
I downloaded the program, the headset was not connected and strangely the skype test did not show. It says the user could be blocking.
High speed connections in Nepal are hard to find, I have been to 10 Internet cafes. Target of Opportunity


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

Skype Problem Mute Checked

Skype Problem Mute Checked
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
5:35 AM January 3, 2007

I enter many Internet cafes, and there are numerous reasons why I am not able to use to make a phone call. I think the number one reason is the headset. I am going to try to carry my own into the Internet cafes and see if this overrides some problems.

I have now tried 10 machines, in two separate cafes. One machine that was working good, now is not. I know the location of good machine, however, it is 5:21 in the morning in Bangkok and that Internet Cafe is closed. The one lady keeps trying to give me my ten baht back, I say, that is not the goal, I want to make a phone call to the USA while the time is 5:00 in the afternoon.

The Internet cafe has the mute checked. There are two adjustments. Click the little speaker one time and a little volume thing will come up, twice and this one come up.

I am collecting problems, very difficult to find them all, however with the new labels, I can continue to collect and on this page may be all the problems I encounter.
Skype Problems

Skype Problem Mute Checked

Skype Not on Machines

Skype Not on Machines
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I am trying to chat, not telephone with my friend in Brazil. I am on an Internet connection in Nepal that goes through my cell phone. It is not strong enough to call, but I can chat. Skype is not on the machines or downloaded onto machines, I would say about 90 percent of the time when I wish to chat with him.

Yahoo Messenger seems to be the best system to chat, or even call with presently in the world, the calling is free from yahoo to yahoo. Now, if I could get my friend in Boston to log in...

And DUMP that crazy, ridiculous and troublesome, and pay to have email account, He must like to change emails every year or two.

Yahoo Mail and are the two best Emails presently, in my opinion.

They techies all understand how to do anything, I am wondering if the world will ever figure a way to allow the non-technical minded person how to do the same. I think 85 percent of the population will come into the fold if they can every get a voice command operated computer to function easy.

I see the Internet only being truly available to 10-15 percent of the modern world presently. I would say less than 1-3 percent of the planet actually can function and use the Internet.

I wonder why or if has email, it would be a natural progression.

Skype Not on Machines
Katmandu Nepal Asia
February 10, 2007

Talk to people in other countries, almost free, just the cost of the internet. I can call from anywhere to the USA for two cents US per minute.

This is one of my choices for Top Travel Sites of 2006, a year in review for sites in the English Language. A list of needed sites for travelers, not generally for tourist, however surely encompasses their needs.

Tourist because of only going on two to four week vacations normally do not have needs, more wants. The return ticket guarantees they are programmed and hard coded in their thinking.
Not a new idea, however finally one that works, seems to earn money and I hope stays in business. Now, they have competition from companies like, and the prices shall drop.

Talking to people from internet connection to internet connection is not a new idea.

Calling a person from the internet is not a new idea, there has been many. I sent what I labeled a Hot Tip.

ISSUE: 012b
DATE: July 17, 2000
TITLE: Andy's Travel Tips HOT TIP

There were two sites where I could call the USA and a landline free. USA Europe, and USA

I clicked on and it looks like purchased the site:

It also appears that is cheaper than

Why I like is because of a few reason, however the big reason is because they have made the words,
- - well know, the internet cafes, the managers know these words.

They can point at a machine that has the program downloaded, and IF I am lucky it works. requires many configurations, and everything needs to work perfect. There is no guarantee.

I would guess in ANY internet café, it would work about 10 percent of the time or less when the internet café are NOT offering

For the internet cafés that are offering Skype, I would say you have about a 50 - 50 chance, and better if you call in the early morning, not at 7:00 at night when every other person in the country is on the internet.

There are many problems, however this is a great service, and I can call the USA for 2 cents per minute.

I could talk all day about how to use I will write a tip about this in my newsletter eventually. I am leaning towards the idea of just the warnings.

Log off, or another person can call and you pay! has a good system, I am sure it would work, however the is the trendy and regularly known system. On the internet the bigger the better is my method of choosing sites. I like big sites, that stay in business, function and I can somewhat depend on.

I remember, stopped the free calls.

I hope that the computer-to-computer for free call or internet to internet will remain free. I hope, however the propensity for companies to offer dreams on the internet, then take them back is almost a standard. I almost never believe in free anymore. User Created Content
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Monday, July 16, 2007

An Acronym released an interesting report about e-commerce; this report explains a few winning ways companies make money on the internet. (SIIA)

I was interested to read about as the report has tagged them as the big user generated content site. was the first to benefit greatly from user-generated content, as does I am on, they benefit from user-generated content. I think all of them really, just your point of view is varied.

This means the information on the site is given FREE from the readers. The big controversy generating Blogs do this, they write and provoke comments, then feed them, a way to get emotions to write free on your site.

This is the formula for a web site, you create a system where readers can submit, interact and provide 99 percent of the content free, and the owner of the site does not need to pay the writers.

Then you make money. Google Ad Words, this the kicker here is, until this system was invented the internet was a great way for advertisers to lose money, so in my opinion the year 2000 was the first year of birth of the internet. It started to have functional existence; it provided sustainable meaning starting in year 2000 and was instigated by Thank you

Formula, get the readers to submit, and make money with Ad Words.

There are an annoying number of social networks like and I see no end in sight, I hope the web pages reach some limit on how many of the little icons are on the bottom of pages, I have discovered there is no end to the number of small icons.

Google Ad Words (2000)
User-Generated Content (YouTube 2005)

Closing the deal, I think that is the closing agent for the truly wanna be international company., not a new idea, but the pivotal promoter. has provided a way to call China or Togo cheap, and better yet, it has provided way for China or Togo to call the USA cheap.

The USA is the buyer; China is the manufacturer, not a good trend for the USA, but reality.

There is the secret to internet success wrapped up here, and it is a secret, very few people understand how the internet works. I am in Togo, this information here applies to about 5 percent of the planet, the internet has not even touched the other 95 percent, and the world is your oyster. The internet is just a small little toddler, and trying to say it first word. Children making money.

Andy in Atakpame Togo, boring my mother to tears.

SIIA unveiled its top-ten E-Commerce list.
The Software & Information Industry Association

SIIA’s Top Ten Most Significant eCommerce Developments of the Last 10 Years:

1. Google (Sept. 1998): Google did more to fundamentally change the way we use the Internet than any other event in the last 10 years. The simple search engine that began with a couple of smart guys is now used by 30% of Internet users to help find precisely what we’re looking for online, map our world, create simple yet highly targeted advertisements and much more. Americans conducted 6.9 billion searches online in February 2007 and nearly half of those were on Google

2. Broadband Penetration of US Internet Users Reaches 50% (June 2004): When the Information Superhighway first opened, it felt more like an old dirt road – until broadband released its full potential. Available and affordable broadband took longer than expected to arrive – but when it finally reached 50% penetration in 2004, a milestone was reached that signaled a dramatic change in how commerce gets done online, how consumers use and share content, and how the world communicates. It took broadband roughly 4 years to reach 50% – but it is estimated that it will reach 90% penetration of Internet users by the end of the year.

3. eBay Auctions (Launched Sept. 1997): eBay showed us that the Internet could be used to reach massive national -- and even global -- markets better and faster than ever before. The launch empowered hundreds of thousands of power sellers to quit their day jobs and work exclusively online. Individuals could also compete directly with each other in ways unimaginable in a physical market.

4. (IPO May 1997): Amazon showed the world what an online store would look like and made online shopping popular through its ease of use and wide selection. Amazon’s public offering told the world
that online commerce is legitimate and here to stay. It signaled the increasingly important role that e-commerce would play in the American economy.

5. Google Ad Words (2000) Key word advertising has become the biggest online advertising vehicle, representing 40 percent of that market and $6.8 billion in revenue. Keyword ads are the simplest and most cost-effective mechanism to reach targeted audiences, affordable to even the smallest business.

6. Open Standards (HTML 4.0 released - 1997): The standards for the web embodied in HTML are overseen by the World Wide Web Consortium, which is not controlled by any company or government. The formats are open, well documented and designed to work with different software and hardware. It has probably been the most influential and important data standard in the history of publishing. Open standards can grow an entire industry, leaving more room and more opportunity for everyone.

7. Wi-Fi (802.11 launched - 1997): From desk to board room to beach, connectivity is never lost and communication is never delayed. The development of Wi-Fi removed the limitations of desktops and cables and shifted focus toward mobile solutions. Wireless Internet enabled road warriors to be connected anywhere in industries like real estate, transportation, travel, and financial services.

8. User-Generated Content (YouTube 2005): Right now it is impossible to say what the full ramifications of the “citizen journalist” era will be – but the dramatic impact of YouTube tells us more than any other recent development. At first a playground for kids with video cameras, YouTube is now the embodiment of Web 2.0. It is a must-be-seen place for presidential candidates, a battleground in the copyright wars, a vital distribution point for major media – and most of all, a place where anyone…absolutely anyone…can deliver a message to the world.

9. iTunes (2001): In the aftermath of Napster and the P2P battles, iTunes legitimized the digital music industry, revolutionizing the music industry. The importance of CDs declined while music as digital content grew, leading to developments in everything from Digital Rights Management software to increased bandwidth use. Today, more than US$2 billion worth of music was sold online or through mobile phones in 2006 (trade revenues), almost doubling the market in the last year. Digital sales now account for around 10% of the music market

10. BlackBerry (1999): The BlackBerry makes communication instantaneous, and mobile. A comprehensive communications device creates a new mobile business culture. Giving road warriors the freedom to move to any location and maintain connectivity increases cooperation and efficiency. By having the web in the palm of your hand, Internet connected devices enable ecommerce anywhere, anytime.

Note, is not... blah blah blah

Skype Speed Test Failure

Skype Speed Test Failure
I use to test the speed of internet connections, there are Skype friendly and all the many speeds below. I moved into a room for 500 Pesos and an Ethernet Internet is provided. I will now change houses and move into one for 230 Pesos with Ethernet and WIFI internet because the first connection does not work.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 6, 2007
Andy of ---
---------------------------------- is a way to make cheap phone calls over the internet. IF and providing the speed is fast enough for the telephone call, then it is fast enough to keep me happy on other uses.

I came to this room, checked it out before I rented, I turned on my computer and did the Test Call. The ladies voice was clear, then I made a message and it was clear. I thought great I have a very good connection, my world is in great operating shape.

From 3:00 PM till about 8:00 AM the next day I tried to email this one half meg PDF file, the book called, The Art of War. This is about 16 hours of bad connection. At about 7:30 AM, I tried to make a call and it worked.

This was annoying, I could make a telephone call, but I could not attach and send a mail.

I think filesharing or downloads was robbing the signal or dominating the shared line. I saw a man using in the Taste Bud Free internet area of Robinsons Mall and he could talk easily and I could not email.

My signal reads at 100.0 MBPS.

I am moving to another house today for 230 Peso per night, TV, Cable, AC and both WIFI and Ethernet Internet Connection. I am hoping this is not the same as sharing the shower, maybe I have to wait until one person is off before another can enter.

The Ethernet wire connection really makes me happy as WIFI sucks.

Skype Speed Test Failure

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