I have taken a turn from liking this place to wanting to leave. I am not sure why and that is what is strange. I met a very interesting and intelligent guy that studies engineering here in Sawegram. He spoke excellent English and was able to clarify or explain about the Ashram.

He was saying that an Ashram is not just a Hindu religious retreat but also a place where people go as more of a retreat. It is a place that is not for study, but a place to think, a place more to experience, and less of a place of research. It is a place where you are separated from real life so you can understand real life, or at least have time to think about real life without the constant noise and clutter of real life.

I made that a little longer than the actual explanation of the boy, but you get the idea it is not just for religious reason, but also for a refuge from the world.

I walked around the Ashram this morning and read all the information signboard and try to understand them. This whole place is like a big private joke and I am not included in the joke. Everyone is under some great conceptual idea that they know what they are doing, and no one seems to want to say that the King has no clothes.

Malta the girl was outright rude today and would not even say Hello. I am not sure of the reason, and I suppose I do not care. I do not take much stock or value in people that change emotional status by the moment. I like the true and steady.

So today is good because I am starting to put together who or what Gandhi the man was up to, but the Ashram is more of a shrine to him, and not really anything in the end. I thought there would be lots of people inside doing things, but so far it is more or less a very nice museum of how Mahatma Gandhi lived in the last years of his life. I looked at his home and office, and where he planned or helped to separate India from England.

I do like the place, but it is very quiet and very boring in the end, because of the lack of people and of any real natural beauty. It is maybe what Gandhi wanted, or desired a lack of temptations of beauty. I am just guessing and do not assume to understand how or why this place is here. I think he needed a home and he made this place his home, and since he wanted a lot of people to be accepted he called it an Ashram. But this is all just opinions of mine, and I am still lost to understand. Weird or strange how difficult it can be to learn about a place even thought I am right at the place. I could go to the library in the USA and in 3 hours have this all figure out. I will probably leave this place not really understanding the whole picture.

Enough of the minor issues of life like Gandhi and Thoreau and such, I am off to find some Puri and Chetnee Coconut. I am farther north and they may have aborted the Coconut idea. (Note, I did not find Puri)


I WOKE UP THINKING - Tuesday Morning
I woke up this morning full of thoughts in my head and mulling, musing and just downright drudging around with thoughts. It would be harder to debate if I were thinking about the Gandhi Ashram or about the fact that I am cold. I now have put 3 blankets on me to try to get warm, and really miss a good gas forced air furnace, that I can crank up and make the air warm.

So am I thinking about the similarity of this wanna-be self-sufficient project of Gandhi and of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond Experiment? Blah blah blah is my head. Trying to group, regroup, and find the consistencies, congruencies, and inconsistencies and rid my mind of the confusion.

Maybe this is what the mediation is about. To stop thinking. But a good drug addict knows how to do that very well also, but let me not be sarcastic.

I will say if I was going to write the prelude or that is not the right word. I cannot think of the right word. I am sure it is not Quaalude, but what I am looking for is the word that would say the conclusion maybe to the story of Gandhi and Thoreau it would be the story of my experiment of curiosity, and how to be curious without going crazy.

In the end, I am not sure, but I think a good cup of coffee in the morning is ok for me. There is some friendship involved in just waking and drinking a cup of coffee, and not worrying about the mess.

I suppose all my thoughts are too much sometimes for me, but I have learned to not care about my thoughts. They are just a lot of noise and give me a way to spend the day, and in the end all I really want is enough money to be curious and / or probably look for girls. I suppose I am looking for a wife like any other man, but the search is long and tedious, but the world is big.

It is nice to be high minded when you have money, but a little more difficult when you are poor. I relax when I am more self-sufficient. But not needing people is to me is silly. Better to be needed.

I am going to go read in my Encyclopedia about Thoreau. In the introduction to my Autobiography it mentions that Gandhi learned from Henry David Thoreau and the Christian bible, and a few other source, and for sure Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and H D Thoreau were in the same play together. But who was the first? That is my curious question. Who had the original ability to combine the thoughts together and come up with civil disobedience?

I went to read about Gandhi and what I learned is that I was spelling his name wrong. So now the way I was spelling it Ghandi is replaced thanks to Bill Gates and CTRL H with the correct spelling of Gandhi. I really like CTRL H.

I am enjoying my stay here very much so far. I do not think the people have a clue on how to deal with an Indiana boy in the middle of a bunch of people searching for God.

I say,
“Hello, how are you?”
And strangely a lot of people just look at me and stare. I know the greeting is something like amistat or something like that, or marajaba sometime they say to me, but when they say this to me, I give them a nod of the head, and a look in the eye and sometime wave according to the situation. So they got to understand the same idea. When people talk to you… Acknowledge their presence… hehehe…

What good fun.

But Malta has got my number. She is a girl that is somehow connected to the Ashram and was giving me orders. So I called her the boss. I am in a sexist culture and that sort of brought the eyebrows at me, so I said,
“Pretty obvious she is the big boss!”

Men are jerks in the whole world, and this place has more than its share of male jerks, but so be it.

Malta says to me,
“When you was you, I think you be naughty boy.”
I replied,
“I still be naughty boy.”

She has my number, but she is working on instinct and not on some drummed up, I want to analyze and make sure who and what your are, and they I make a judgment sort of thing.

I find the more intellectual a person tries to be the more stupid they become. What is so good about trying to be intellectual? It seems pretty intelligent and high mind, and you may say intellectually astute to me that I must try to enjoy the day. Trying is not part of living or enjoying. I try to find something, but I do not try to be someone. I am me… I think, at least last time I checked.

There is little song and dance here going on, as people are visiting the Ashram. It is a sort of perma-culture environment or you may say it is self-sufficient with the help probably a lot of tourist. I am not sure thought they did not want money for the dinner, but they said something about working tomorrow morning after breakfast. I really would like to go chat with Malta, but I find the idea of working in an Ashram anti cathartic, but I am positive the 3 girls across the way need to have some guidance, and I will encourage them. Maybe?

I do not like to compete with he local workers for jobs, and made up my mind to not do any menial task that could employ locals in poor countries. So.. I will give them some fair money for the food. I already was told I needed to pay 80 Rupees for the room, and the room is great. Has a western style toilet, and it has a pull flush. I am not sure, it maybe the first full on Western toilet I have encountered. I have seen a few flush squat toilets.

The room has a desk, some shelves, and everything but a closet. They included a mosquito net, but I am packing my own newly modified one, which is ready to hang up. I really needed it tonight and have set it up in my room.

I am always wondering about the word empathy. I wish they would empathize with the people that live in hotel rooms. The did give me a mosquito net, but the room is not set up for a mosquito net. It has a lot of plastic conduit on the wall, but the room is a trapezoid or something like that and has to many angles, and 2 single beds. Only one mosquito net. I better check that tomorrow. But you get the point the functionality is missing. (Note - I found 2 mosquito nets in the room, so there is the proper amount of nets, but for sure the proper type of hooks on he walls are missing, or for sure not obvious.)

I will chat up Malta tomorrow and get some of the details. I can say that I do think the drinking, drugs, and noise is down to a minimum here.

I took a sign today of a “No Horn” sign. It was a trumpet with a back slash through it. I had to take a photo of this. The culture of India says that if you have a horn, you must use it at least every 100 meter, or less, and this no horn sign is great. All these signs, and concepts, but I just like I was thinking at dinner tonight.
I said to myself,
“Self, there are a lot of people here searching for God.”
I then though about the people that complain about the people that sin all the time, then go to Church on Sunday.
“At least they are going to the a repair shop, and the ones that do not go are broken also.”

But this is a place for people to search for God and there are people here searching for God. Duh?

I got a kick out of the Ireland girl telling 2 Korean girls tonight about her former French roommate.

The French girl married a Sadhu from Nepal or the Himalayas.

Now the Ireland girl was sort of inferring that this was a holy thing to do, but I was laughing. A Sadhu has or is suppose to have a vow of no women or living a life without possessions. I personally think they make up the rules as they go, but I must be careful with my opinions. But I do know a very drunk one that lives and works the streets begging in Hampi!

But none the less people speak of Sadhu with reverence, but I look at them like they should get a job and stop asking me for money. I do not get any holy feeling from them, but I do get a distinct,
“I be a beggar, and you should feel guilty and give me money feeling.” So like the naughty boy I be. I don’t give them money.

God has a lot of work to do here in India and there is a lot of people walking around with no arms, legs, old, and other very ugly problems, and I am going to help God by giving to the ones with serious problems before the Sadhus that do not wish to work. Plus I am not Hindu. Although I do support all the good Gods of the world.

I was laughing at the 3 girls today.
They were talking about there being a prayer in the morning and a prayer in the evening. Now this is an Ashram and I would hope they would do something like that, but I am not going to believe that it is “non-denominational”

Tonight at the 5:00 dinner we had to sit on the floor, cross-legged and eat, and the man said some chant. He said something,
“Hari Krishna.”

I am pretty sure that Krishna is, no I am positive…

1 Sanskrit Krishna one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities, worshipped as the eighth incarnation

Yep he was making a not so non-denominational prayer to Krishna in a Hindu retreat. Now that would make sense, and I would hope in a Hindu retreat they would make this type of prayer. This is good and I respect that, but this malarkey about it being non-denominational is just some not too clear on why they are chanting, but like the feeling so they do chant malarkey.

The Ashram has represented itself correctly, but the other travelers are filling in their misunderstanding gaps as they go. This is very common and if a traveler or anyone does not understand something they make it up as they go. I on the hand drive myself crazy with an overabundance of questions all the time I am researching. I doubt that I can find any clear answers, but I am sure that chatting up Malta can give me some help, and also she has no toe ring. I hope that means she is not married. But if she is living in an Ashram she may be similar to a Monk.

There are some really good “Souls” over there, and they are nice, and the other I will take under advisement. The 3 girls on the other side need to be here, and me. I must need to be here, because I am here, so that would make sense. But I am pretty sure; no I am positive that God is not lost.

I am sure this drives my mother crazy all this talk about Hindus and such, but relax mom. I am pretty sure it all the same God with a different twist to keep think up for guessing. They always said something about faith. I do not think Faith and Logic fit together.

Note that I told Malta I was naughty in a good boy sort of ways, and a not a bad boy. I often think what they mean to say is,
“Andy, you are uncontrollable.”

I know that also.

I was hoping for some Yoga stretching classes.
I will ask Malta. They need to hire a couple more girls over there to answer my questions.

Location: Sevagram or maybe Sewagram, India
Home of an Ashram founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

I think I am living in rooms owned, or maybe managed by the Ashram.

1 : a secluded dwelling of a Hindu sage; also : the group of disciples instructed there
2: a religious retreat

The name of the city is Sevagram. Encyclopedia Britannica says:

town, eastern Maharashtra state, western India. Originally called Segaon, the village was given its present name a HindY: Village of Service) by Mohandas Gandhi, the Indian nationalist leader. In 1936 he left his ashram (a hermitage) on the Sabarmati River, near Ahmadabad, and settled at Sevagram. There he founded another ashram and directed the independence movement. Within this he created a model community that still flourishes, in which the inhabitants live a simple existence.

The town is also the site of the Nai Talimi Sangh, the educational centre established by Gandhi. He gave it the tasks of building a self-sufficient community by providing its own food, clothing, shelter, and tools and of establishing a society able to fulfill its aesthetic, spiritual, and intellectual needs by creating its own art, music, literature, and drama.

Sunday Afternoon
I am jumping a train tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM to Sevagram, India. I asked a few people when the train left for Nagpur and one said at 10:30 and another at 11:30. The both seem extremely reputable and truthful, but the station was only a 10 Rupee Rickshaw away. The man in the station said, something different, but this is the game of travel. I never would trust anyone but the horse’s mouth when traveling, most people do not travel outside there city or village and they are unreliable.

I am looking to stay 3 nights in Sevagram and clean up a little. There are these Mahatma Gandhi signs around saying something to the extent of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Being that there is a Mahatma Gandhi founded Ashram or Hindu Religious Retreat in Sevagram it will be interesting to see if it is cleaner.

I am learning a lot by necessity on how to clean up while traveling, how to find a clean restaurant, what are the signs of a clean place, and how to look or inspect people for good hygiene. India training ground for people that would want to learn about how to view or inspect for good healthy cleaning habits. The country of India is both one of the cleanest countries and dirtiest in one place. The water is controlled more than most, but the smells, dust, and waste management is disastrous.

I am really expanding my Tips area of my page. I write, add, enlarge, and create tons of small tips daily, then add to the index of tips. I am really happy to be able to capture so many concepts daily.
I was just thinking,
“What I need is a beach full of women, and not so much learning.”

The Internet Café here in Sitpur is or will not open. He said he would open at 2:00 and then I took a Taxi to the place and he would not open. Do not for a minute think that the people of India are hungry for money; in most ways they are exactly the same as the rest of the world. If the money is easy they are ready, but if they have to work no.

But I do not understand this “Holiday.”
Friday is Muslim day, and I am not sure what is Hindu day, and then there are bunches of Tribal people that are having a big market day. Sunday is a Christian day and I have found nothing in this city that resembles or smells of Christians. There are pigs everywhere and that is because of the Tribal people. Some Muslim guy said if the pig touched them they would go shower. I am in favor that everyone in India taking a shower, but that is a whole other issue.

The level of dirt is getting to me, and I thought I could live with anything. The only clean place is in my room, and I would not say that I am in a clean room.

Katmandu Temple

Katmandu Temple
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 8, 2007

I went with the owner of a backpack factory yesterday to visit a fabric supplier, after crossing the river, and driving up the hills, at the top was this view.

I am not sure, I think this is of Buddhist construction, however could be Hindu.

Hindu (Hinduism is the official religion) 86 percent
Buddhist 8 percent
Muslim 4 percent
Other 2 percent

The Hindu religion is the largest religion here, yet Buddhism has a big influence. I personally do not like to look at religious buildings, statues, or any type of monument to religions. However, I do enjoy studying the architecture of these buildings. There is always a constant confusion when viewing religious things, a confusion in the tourist that makes it difficult to observe, without listening to them.

I do enjoy to study religions, I am annoyed to listen to the public discuss religions. It normally appears to me that the majority of people when either worshiping, sharing, or explaining concentrate on the symbols and not the doctrines. Therefore, this building is a symbol of maybe Buddhism and is often made more important than the teachings of how to live by the religion.

In the Christian religion it would be to say the Vatican is important, and if you think of about it would the destruction of the Vatican City destroy the religion, or would the belief survive the destruction of the symbols.

In the ten commandments, I find it very interesting that one of the commandments I remember:

- Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: -

the worship of a material image that is held to be the abode of a superhuman personality.

This goes on and on, however it is to me the separation of things of God and the things of Man. When I view or see something I look at it in the perspective, is this a thing of Man or thing of God. I consider buildings a thing of man.
To me to hold any esteem or reverence for any of these buildings is the temptation to violate one of the Ten Commandments. I see temptations as the problem in life, and much more insidious and problematic than the actual symbols.

Katmandu Temple

Easter in Togo

Easter in Togo
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 8, 2007

In the name of love…
- Bono

Photo of a band playing and a mob of people celebrating Easter and walking around the city waking everyone.

5:00 AM, or earlier, the noise, I suppose I finally awoke around this time…

In the name of love.

Aagh, right when I am hoping to clarify and find the correct lyrics the internet stop working.

I will go for the Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer, it is better in a way than the internet.

Quote from another song of the group U2 and the singer by the name or maybe taken name of Bono

I have climbed highest mountains,
I have run through the fields,
Only to be with you...
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

Irish rock group.
Song lyric.
The Joshua Tree, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

Ok, those words could be the motto or any traveler.

Bono is more or less means good in French, or some adaptation of the Latin, Spanish, or Italian of the word good. His real name appears to be
- Paul Hewson, known as Bono -

Does it mean good, I have no idea.

The lyrics of one of the song, is something about what we do for love, and I love this song, there is something of an inspiration to say, or to think, what we do in the name of love. Love is the ingredient that pushes a person to obsessive levels.

Somerset Maugham wrote a book or play called the Razors Edge, where somehow over the rainbow I discovered in a movie by the same name with Bill Murray in it, in the movie to quote incorrect or badly, Bill Murray says,

- Love without passion is not love. -

The Razor’s Edge, motion picture about a young man who searches for the meaning of life after being disillusioned by his experiences during World War I (1914-1918), based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham.

As best I can surmise, in 1984 there was a remake of the movie and it starred Bill Murray. Maybe it cannot be viewed as starred as I think the world considers this movie a flop or failure. I on the other hand, consider it one of the greatest movies ever made, but then again, it is my passion, therefore my love. The movies to me is imbued with profound insights.

I find the concepts and loves of the movies, the searching and drifting of the main character as a awe inspiring explanation of the true nature of people in the world.

Passion, I just had a band of 10 people walking, playing instruments, and making enough noise to wake me, visit the church next door to the Auberge Mandela, and next to room 4 window playing music.

- In the name of love. -
Passion.. Love without passion, is not love.

When a suicide bomber, kills himself or herself in the middle of a pizza parlor in Israel. They do in in the name of love, maybe obsessive love, but in the name of Love.

When a band plays, waking me up, and every other person in the neighborhood as an EASTER or Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A very confusing celebration for me, Andy a Christian.

They killed Christ on the cross and he suffered a human death, and was sacrificed by God, the father, gave his son to die a human death. This bargain as made it return for the ability to give humans paradise or heaven.

That part that evades me, is if you die for me, then stay dead, do not wake up or arise after three days and we call it Easter. But, I do not argue with Gods and think, nope, I am to accept.

Oh well, not really important me, Michael was asking me about God the other day, and I said,
- Look at that girl. -

I said,
- Is she good or bad? -
Michael looks, at me, and says,
- I cannot know. -

I say,
- Stop thinking, and tell me, -
I push him, shove him emotionally to make a decision,
- Is she good or bad. -

He denies knowledge, again, and I say,
- YOU know. -

Ok, she is good.

This knowledge is God to me, is no more, no less, the ability to know good from bad. The refusal to see good is a small fight with God, the denial of good in the person the refusal to accept the girl was more or less a good girl is difficult, and a fight with God.

There is a good spot and a bad spot in all people, the dominant force in the person is my view of God. If I see and can see good and evil, I am accepting of the powers of God, to see a brother or sister.

I see my job on the planet, is to not fight with God, but to obey, do the next right thing. (Note, I am not saying what is written in books is what God wants me to do.) Thereby keeping the monkey off my back, that goes by the name… Guilt or Shame.

I can go on and say, when I do a bad deed, I need to say I am sorry and change.

Simple as I can say how to live, take a look at the person next you, give them a feel, if good, then continue, if bad try to avoid. If you do something bad, say you sorry and stop it. If you continue, you are a bad person. I believe a person understand this, and a good person understands, and now while reading this the bad person is starting to get angry.

However, the truly bad, stopped reading at the mere mention of Easter, in anger.

Fun stuff, there is this big whirlwind over the planet, and it spins out good and bad, and in the name of God people go and kill, and kill, and kill and continue to kill. But there is a lot more good than killing.

I see the mob of Christians waking me as about the same as a suicide bomber, but a small bit safer. If I disagreed or ask them to stop, or to told them to love me as their neighbor, they could kill me in their protection of their right to invade my space and disturb me.

Taking a photos is safe 1 in 100 times because we naturally would afraid and run if there was danger, or obey demands made. Give me you camera, or give me money, or placate them to appease and stop the anger. Safe, but in the harms way.

Like they said in the movie the Razors edge, the path or road to salvation is long and narrow, like a Razors Edge.

Good fun and interesting and because I feel no guilt today, I can say and do as I feel and think, (Which is to do Good, maybe God.) fully knowing temptation is life, and not a complicated as you think to avoid. I just do not fight or argue with that voice that says,
- Andy, do not do this, this is bad. -

Note, to go around a neighborhood and wake everyone in the name of love is not love, and to do it every day of the week would be hate. Somewhere, on the edge of the razor is the correct path.

The women following up the rear, and older women, all in white came up and shook my hand, whirled, spinning and danced away. See what looks like a moon in the photo… I am not where or why.

Easter in Togo

Savior Syndrome of Africa

Savior Syndrome of Africa
Badou, Africa West Africa
Friday, May 4, 2007

You did not come to save me.
No, I am just a tourist, I am just a friend, and we are equals.

LONG Awaited Messiah Syndrome

Palm Sunday (2)
- On Palm Sunday, Jesus and his disciples entered the city of Jerusalem, where people were gathering for the Jewish festival of Passover. As word of Jesus’ arrival spread through the city, it aroused great excitement because many believed he might be the long-awaited messiah. People welcomed him by spreading palm branches as a carpet before him. Palm Sunday commemorates the event. -

My African epiphany is, the people of Africa think I came here to save them. The epiphany for Africans is when they realize I did not come to save them.

Epiphany Defined:
sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
It came to him in an epiphany what his life's work was to be.

2. appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being

act of saving from harm: the saving of somebody or something from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure
The business was clearly beyond salvation.

2. means of saving somebody or something: somebody or something that protects or delivers another from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure
Those long walks were my salvation.

3. christianity deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ: in the Christian religion, deliverance from sin or the consequences of sin through Jesus Christ's death on the cross


Rescuer Defined:
rescuer: somebody who rescues somebody or something from harm or danger
Salvation from (2) Encarta Encyclopedia
- Salvation, the idea of being saved, as described in various religions. In Christianity, individuals are thought of as being saved from eternal punishment through Christ's death on the cross. In Buddhism, especially in Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, people can be saved from the endless cycle of reincarnation through bodhisattvas or through Amida Buddha. In Hinduism, especially in the bhakti tradition, devotion to a god can bring salvation from reincarnation and is open to those who have realized their true nature as brahman (spirit). -

I do not need saved and think the idea of saving a person seems, well, I am not sure of the word, it sounds sort of racist, like I have the power or superiority they do not. I have been lucky and have a more worldly education, but brains are brains for the most part.

I sort fell though the racism is a reverse here, they do think or believe a White Man can save them, and I am sure, some White Men, mainly women, think they can be the Messiah and bring Africa out of, this is too stupid. I keep realizing.
I think Africa may be the Garden of Eden…

I do a walk like a duck reasoning a lot, you know, if it walks like a duck, quack likes a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck.

In the Garden of Eden, God would allow me to:

Not work
Pick Fruits and eat
Free from want
Talk with the Serpent
Wonder around naked from shame
I guess he allowed the first sin, so sin is included.

So the women, she tempted me, I ate, and he through us out, I am still very close.

Togo people and Benin for sure, to use the Duck reasoning.
- Do not work very much.
- Pick Fruits and do not weed them, food is abundant.
- Free from want - I only hear they want a cell phone and free money in the form of a gift.
- Wonder around naked free from shame, clothes are a fashion here, more than a need,
- Sin, not a lot here, but coveting is a problem, or something to do with love and the S word.

This place walk like the Duck of Eden and to me is Eden.

The proof here of Eden in Togo is the number of ugly street people, there is very few ugly street people, the number of out-cast is small, and this is not a society that takes care of the weak, the opposite. If this were bad, these people would be running around like in Lima, Peru or Belize City in swarms, not so, hard to find. Every easy to find a person that will jump up and take free money given to them for no work, but do the same in the USA, offer to give free money, and the same is true.

I think the whole world is waiting for happiness to arrive, continual happy moments.
Freedom from Want, now when I hear this noise, I know there is some child talking to me about fantasy and never never land. Want is the problem, want begets wants, and give a little, the want more. Look at the USA never stops, wants to consume, never ending consuming.

Africa is free from many wants, we are teaching them though, soon they will know, and want what we have, natural.

I would love to change the world if I could, if I only knew how. I think the world is made perfect, and imperfection is part of the world. It is fun in Africa to just enjoy the free time of life, I seem to have 10 times more time to enjoy my life, as I spend 10 times less in the consuming and buying, need, wants, hopes.

I never knew I was poor until someone told me.

Someone told them they needed saved, and someone was coming, what a dysfunctional reasoning process. Talk to any 12 step program and the first thing they say, we do not save you, you save yourself.

This is what happens when you allow a committee like the United Nations design a Duck, the take Eden and try to change it to Hell. I am here, and keep looking around, maybe I am in a bad place, I keep waiting for the hammer to drop, to have it unload, for the place to hurt me. I just have to stop looking, I am in the Garden of Eden, and that girl Eve is everywhere, and she has sisters.

Savior Syndrome of Africa

Catholic and Islamic Prayers Similar

Catholic and Islamic Prayers Similar
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

There does appear to be a competition between the Catholics and the Islamic. I woke up this morning, the 3:30 am Islamic Prayer was on the loudspeaker system. A short time later, I hear the Catholic Church Bells ringing, and I thought, they are playing follow the leader.

Later, I am listening to a later various of the Islamic Prayer, this one is clear, and long and I cannot understand a word, I occurred to me,
- What language is this? -

This is Mina, Ewe, Kabye speaking country,with a twist of French, so what language are they doing the call to prayer in? I remember the men in Kpalime, Togo lying around reading in Arabic and there is a large amount of Arabic writing on signs in Togo. I am thinking this is Arabic, sort of strange to me I think, why do these people who do not speak the Arab Language learn the Arab Language for their religions.

Then it dawns on me, the Catholics do the same, they do some type of prayer in Latin, this is curious, I never thought about how both religions have their followers talking in a foreign language.
This is really a waste of good brain waves on my part. I learn for clarity, to clean the cobwebs out of my mind. When I study these subject, one question beget three more and I keep having more questions and there is never an end in sight, so a waste of good brain waves.

I think confusion is not of God. I think I am supposed to obey, and not be lead into temptation.

Catholic and Islamic Prayers Similar

I do not Travel to See Religion Crap

I do not Travel to See Religion Crap
I do not go look at Temples, Mosque, the Wats of Thailand, Voodoo, yes I stroll around, look at small, but to get a good view or to understand too much... You kidding me, I might get something on me, I think the guy down belows lives in these places, religions give me the creeps. God is good, when I do not feel the presences of good, I take a quick step, not that simple, but it is that simple, what I feel is good is simple.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
By Andy of

A great video of the shell game that is being played in the world. Under some shell is the bean, they hide the reality of War. The modern world is a fantasy, 80 percent of the planet is a developing nation using Religion to cause problem. Read up on Marx, a failed idea, an d always corrupted, but insight and understanding was his talent, his solution just does not work, good try though.

I have no problem with the good Gods, it is the people in management... right now as we speak Buddhist Monks in Burma are involved in something, why is a Monk involved in violence, they at that first lays chip, and could not stop themselves from going to door number two.

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Thanks to Craig of for sending the video to watch.

I do not Travel to See Relgions Crap

Canned Buddha

Canned Buddha
Canned History and Breathtaking this and that, packaged opinions, with cliché photos and such are not my forte. I just do not like to look at travel photos, I like to go into hardware stores and see what tools are being used by the people, a Buddhist Temple is boring.

However, here is a couple of photos you can see easily in Thailand.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Andy of ---

I do not know the name of this place, however probably worth the effort, it is about 30 Baht Tuk Tuk ride from Khao San Road or maybe a 20 minute walk. I do not know the name, however it was a five story high Wat or Buddhist Temple and behind the Burger King and keep going to your right.

I do not like to write Thailand names and really do not like to look at religious tourist attractions. I went this place with a Thailand girl to encourage her, and support her as she is Buddhist. The small fair that was happening at the bottom was very funny, eating bugs, and such.

Canned Buddha

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