Rain Forest

Togo Rainfall

Togo Rainfall
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, April 7, 2007

I started raining about 10:00 am and has turned into a daylong drencher here in Togo.

There is GREEN at the bottom of Togo.
The green on this map is where there is rain forest.

Rainforest (2)
- Tropical rain forests are located near the equator where the temperature hovers around 27° C (80° F) year-round. Although they cover, less than 10 percent of the Earth’s surface, tropical rain forests provide habitat for 50 to 90 percent of the world’s plant and animal species. -

Then another

Togo Climate
- The climate of Togo is tropical. Average annual temperatures range from 27°C (81°F) at the coast to 30°C (86°F) in the north. The south has two rainy seasons, from March to July and from October to November; the average annual rainfall on the coast is about 890 mm (about 35 in). It doubles in the mountains a few kilometers inland. The north has one rainy season (April to July) and receives nearly all of its annual precipitation (1,140 mm/45 in) during this period. - (2)

I would say, the prediction is rain. It is cooler now.

A rain forest is in fun in way, too wet sometimes; however, when there is an extremely good rain forest the overabundance of green is amazing. Water plus Soil equals green.

Of all the places on the planet to complain about lack of food, the one place I am not too excited to hear, is in a rain forest. The green explodes in a true rainforest, I am not going to say that Togo is a true rainforest, for one thing, most of the forest is missing, long ago logged for the Mahogany and other woods, and now used as the fuel to cook. There has been an environmental shock given to this area by my guess the loggers, and continues for firewood.

I believe the food grows so easily in Togo; they do not even weed the gardens or care to clear the land properly. They in a way just turn the soil over; plant the seeds in big mounds and hope.

This is a photo of a large mound of dirt, as I understand in each mound they planted a Yam. The mounds are made in this teepee fashion so the heavy and persistent rain has a trough for the water to flow around the mounds, however allowing the yam to remain. This is not as easy to learn about as you think.

I have been talking with a friend in the USA about Africa farmland. There is something missing in this puzzle, or there is some confusion here. The land is flat, too much water, plenty of cheap labor, and the land under tilled or cultivated. As best I can farm is less than 25 percent of the land that could be farmed, and I am being nice.

I do not see this country and having any cash crops, they have garden crops they sell in the local markets. However, the actual, we grow this for cash, and sell to the world is hard to see. Ivory Coast or the areas closer to Ivory Coast are better, while in the Ivory Coast I could see cash crops grown easily.

Togo eats rice as one of their staple diets, and I do not remember ever seeing rice grown here. Now, it does require more work to grow rice and working hard is not culturally normal, or I do not see it.

I see most of the rice imported from Thailand or from a bag, that says the USA, but I think from India or Thailand and sold an Uncle Sam Rice, they also have Uncle Bob.

I am not sure, seems like a great place in Togo, Ghana and Benin to start a large farm business. I think the Ivory Coast is already doing well.

I have never seen a typical rain forest in Togo; however, they are doing an exceptionally good job of burning West Africa to cook. In addition, the loggers did and exceptionally good job of cutting down all the trees for lumber. This place is flat, easy to do all this.

Togo Rainfall

Ranong Hot Springs Rain Forest

Ranong Hot Springs Rain Forest
Ranong, Thailand on the border of Thailand and Burma has Hot Springs. There is rain forest near Coca Ecuador I visited; there are many places on the planet they call rain forest. I think there is a close variation of a rain forest next to the river and this Hot Springs Park in Ranong Thailand.

Ranong Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, October 29, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

A Gazebo surrounded by river with footbridges at Ranong Hot Springs.

I was walking back from the Hot Springs here in Ranong, Thailand and talking with a Thailand girl who has been my good friend for three years. I said, this would be an interesting place to have trekking paths, the Farang love to trek. (Maybe there is, and I did not see.) I said this jungle to the right looks a lot like Koh Tarotao in the South of Thailand. As I was talking about trekking, and a desire to walk through hot forest, a desire I do not have, I thought to myself. This forest or jungle is not normal.

This forest is too dense, too much vegetation. When you see a full on rainforest like the ones near Coca Ecuador the air is wet, the trees are wet, it is like living in a steam bath. It rains so much you assume it going to rain, and the world is green, very green, no way to stop the growth, and hard to grow food as the weeds or vegetation reclaims too quickly any claim made.

This area is a small steam bath forested area, it is hot and humid, however only one part of the city.

To see a real rainforest can be a lot of work, I am not sure; this may be what I am calling a mist forest. When a waterfalls drops from high points on a mountain, the falling water creates a mist. This mist is similar to a rainforest, it makes everything grow.

Well, there is some interesting ecological happening here along the river, all the trees, and the vegetation is growing wildly. Now, I believe it is now the rainy season, however I think the combination of being a river, hot waters, and just few miles from the ocean has created a special type of eco-system. This seems to simulate a rainforest without all the problems of visiting a real rain forest.

Note, maps, explanations will give wildly large areas of land the definition of being a rain forest. I am not a person who formally studies rainforest; however, I have been in them too many times. A rainforest is recognized in my opinion when the vegetation is growing so fast, it is hard to farm, or stop. You can log a rainforest, but hard to stop the re-growth of almost the equal amount of green. Water, warm temperatures, living a cloud, and green things, say wow, thank you.

Area where people can sit and place their feet in the hot waters.

This woman is panning some black rock or something I have not been able to be translated into English yet, I took a nice video and will put up the panning process when I return to Bangkok.

If you were in Ranong and wanted to see this area of the planet, I think you could print this photo, show to a taxi driver, and expedite your trip there. At the hot springs are many restaurants, a spa, a big Wat and other walk around and have a day trip things to do. There is a hotel up by the road that is also a spa the in the past allowed non-residents to use.

Not many places on the planet, you can take a taxi and go visit what is similar to a rain forest.

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Ranong Hot Springs Rain Forest

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