Singapore to Manila Flight

Singapore to Manila Flight

I fly from Sinapore to Manila tonight in one hour with Cebu Pacific, the flight cost about 68 US. They required me to buy a ticket in the airport out of Philippines, what a pain.

Manila to Bangkok on 15 December with Cebu Pacific for 4500 Pesos.

Nice to leave Singapore, not my kind a city. A great place for people who are shopaholics, or people from China.

I am in the Budget Airport and using free internet access.


Singapore to Manila Flight

2006 November 28 Enter Philippines

2006 November 28 Enter Philippines

I entered the Philippines and left Singapore.

2006 November 28 Enter Philippines

Manila Reruns

Manila Reruns
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

There are people that return to the exact same tourist destination every year. I personally have returned to a few places, some many times, call it my vacation from vacation. However, I am aware of this, as there is a traveler’s creed that says, never go back, and never follow the same path, no round trip tickets. We are supposed to go and see the new, never experience reruns of old movies.

Good, bad, and real, the real situation is somewhere in my Hobo search for money, the lost Hobo going from place to place, looking for temporary jobs, day jobs, begging, finding a way to survive, is we need to make compromises. The glamour of travel, is travel, the reality is I need money, everyone needs money.

I am amused when I hear colleagues, partners in crime, persons who desire to be long-term, never-go-home-travelers. I presently know and can list four persons who somewhat wish to travel indefinitely. The four of them have one characteristic in common, they refuse to compromise their travel plans to earn enough money to continue to travel. They also plan their travel; this is an earmark of a person that is planning to go home.

Why do you need to plan, it is endless?

Ok, traveler or tourist, most are tourist and will leave the game and return to a job.

When, they talk with me, they do not like what I say, I say,
- Make some money. -

I am older, I know the compromise is life, the life of being a kid will end, Peter Pan, over the rainbow, delusional ideas of endless summer do end. I want them to be Hoboes. I want them to be tramps, bums, and vagabonds. A person that cannot stay at a job, loses a job, and ends up working temporary jobs all their lives. I want them to make some small compromises so they can continue to travel and not return to that endless rerun of a job they quit.

Somewhere in the USA, everywhere on the planet, some man in a truck is driving into a parking lot, he gets out of the truck, says,
- Who what to pick strawberries? -
- 40 Dollars per day. -

The man makes an offer that is an insult to a person with money, but to the man who needs the work.
- They compromise their values.-

Throw them lofty, I want this; I want that out windows, I want enough money to survive, they get into the back of the truck, and they earn the minimal amount of money to survive.

I do reruns to Manila, it is my vacation compromise, or was, a place where I can go from one hour per day on the internet, to a 24-hour work in an internet café. I compromise my traveler’s value system of never returning to watch a rerun, so I can earn enough money to continue to travel.

I have to work to travel, a traveler works, a tourist does not work. A traveler must make a compromise of tourist; find a way to earn enough money to stay.

Bangkok Thailand is where I save money on plane tickets, Manila is like an office to me, where I do concentrated work on the internet, upload, download the big bandwidth.

It is a temporary job; it is how I make the compromise to continue to travel. I can fly direct and pay too much; however, I fly to Bangkok buy a cheaper ticket. A non-stop flight is not my idea of travel, it a tourist concept, only pleasure. I take the five-stop plane ticket to save any amount of money.


9-5, going to work everyday is what makes money.

It is endless runs, one day, some people say, take this job and shove it.

I suppose this is the cathartic value of a diary, I eventually work my brain to the bottom line. Manila has or is becoming an endless reruns, and on the plane I thought, Thailand with the GPRS cell phone connection is better internet.

The value of Manila is negligible now, both from tourist view, and from a temporary job view. It is just a short-term place to visit and comfortable.

What is great, I saw a path; an explorer looks for a path. I am looking for paths presently to North Asia, Japan, Korea, and other small expensive places. I look for cheap paths, it is easy to find a path, but to find the budget path is difficult. I will find it.

The travel agents will not tell.

I learned that Cebu Pacific flies to Korea from Manila, maybe an easy way to travel to Korea cheap.

In a ways Asia is the same as Europe, I can go to a city, and then take any flight, LCC to anywhere that is less than 75 US Dollars. This to me is a traveler’s mode of travel.

I think today, this morning, I will do this; I will get on Cebu Pacific and buy any plane ticket that is too cheap, going somewhere in Philippines. I think this is actually the best way to travel the Philippines, get a one-way ticket to anywhere in Philippines than take a land path back, never take the same path, no reruns.

The compromise is you have to transit.

Manila Reruns

Annoying Phone Calls

Annoying Phone Calls

If you think the phone ringing is annoying in the USA, come to Philippines. The average young Philippines person has the phone ring about once every 3-5 minutes. They are texting or sending SMS message.

Is getting the call annoying or the ring...
What a nutty world.

Annoying Phone Calls

Newsletter on West Africa from Manila Typhoon Coming

Newsletter on West Africa from Manila Typhoon

There is a Typhoon coming.... I am in Manila, here is my current newsletter.

Newsletter on West Africa from Manila Typhoon

Catch 22 Philippines

Catch 22 Philippines
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 30, 2006

The movie Catch 22 is on HBO, as I am lying here in bed in Manila, typing on my computer, a person has to wonder how this enter the plot.

There is a Typhoon coming towards the Philippines, supposed to arrive around Friday morning. I thought about flying to southern Philippines quickly, however as I like to fly and visit current events sites. It would make sense to stay in Manila or closer to the center so I can see the current events as it happens. However, to choose to stay in the center of a Typhoon does seem to be a Catch 22.

Catch 22 Philippines

BBC Inquiry

BBC Inquiry
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

I am watching BBC or the English TV 24 hour per day news show, same as CNN, they just ended a segment on United Nations in Haiti. They say the words inquiry, like they are the government of the world.

I guess, I have problem with the word - NEWS -

1. recent information
2. current events
3. Program

Now, as the lady says the words,
- BBC Inquiry -
I know and feel, the News Media has indeed become the,
- Fourth Estate -

Quote from Michael Kinsley - (Encarta Encyclopedia)

- The press in America is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Estate. This term dates back to 18th-century Britain. It was meant to suggest that the press was a force in society and government equal to the three recognized “estates” of the time—the nobility, the clergy, and the commoners. Today the term still signifies that the press plays a special role in our system of government. - (2)

This is more of a French thing, and roots of where the term, - Third World - was derived.

The news is the oversight of the government; however, I am now sure there is need for oversight of the press.

It has become impossible to separate innuendo from the truth, I am a currents events traveler because I do wish to learn the truth, and I trust the governments of the world more than I trust the press.

The BBC was reporting that UN Soldiers were going to strip bars and buying girls…
- Duh… -
Be real, you are kidding me, soldiers doing this…

I guess the UN peacekeepers are not big advertising dollars, like the other - save-the-world- UN funds. So they are on the attack, howver, the real problem, is overlooked, their big advertisers, the NGO. They do not seem to find the mass corruption in NGO - ONG of the world.

BBC Inquiry

Manila Typhoon Brownouts

Manila Typhoon Brownouts
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

Morning in the Philippines and the biggest Typhoon maybe related problem is electrical brownouts.

I think it is an electrical outage, not really a dimming, not a brownout.

However, there is not electricity; I am in a very large 24-hour internet Korean managed internet café in the Malate area of Manila.

There are crickets or locust in the room, the squeal of the electrical backup systems make me feel like I am in a tent, the room has zero windows so only the small exits signs and my laptop computer screen provide lights. Fortunately, up to this point, the electricity has only stopped for short times, 5 minutes, I somewhat expect that one of these times it will stop and stay off for hours.

I have this squeeze powered flashlight in my computer bag, this is where I store it, I chose good on that one… hehehe, The electrify just came back on, maybe it is a brown out, and a dimming of an area because of over-use.

Manila Typhoon Brownouts

Philippines Street Children Man and Son

Philippines Street Children
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

This is a man and his son that decided to sleep in front of the Adriatico Pensione Hotel in the Malate area of Manila, Philippines.

My life is a deluge of people walking up and asking for money, there is an endless stream of persons outside the USA that want something. However, even in this deluge, I sometimes stop and think, there are some exceptions. When I first saw this man and his son, what I noticed was the level of grime on the mans feet and legs.

Poverty has some almost quantifiable levels.

Shoes or no shoes?
Clean or not clean?
Clothes or no clothes?
Crazy or sane, normally this is something to me about talking to themselves.
Do they have bum friends?

I suppose the worst is the person, or individual in the streets who are not capable of begging. There is also the level where they become so grimy that that they become an outcast even on some bum scale.

There is a water leak in the street, the water is coming up into a large crater of a hole, many people are either gathering water, or cleaning clothes in the hole, or as you see, taking a bath.

Philippines Street Children

Manila to General Santos Philippines

Manila to General Santos Philippines

I will fly with Cebu Pacific Airlines for about 88 US round trip from Manila to the city of General Santos in southern Philippines on Sunday.

I will stay for about 10 and return on the 13, then fly to Bangkok, Thailand

I like to learn about Ethnic groups and how language evolves, I am presently in the Tagalog language area of the Philippines.

The island of Mindanao or maybe province is one location with Ferdinand Magellen on his around the world trip stopped. I am presuming there is a bigger Spanish influence in this area, and hope to find different Ethnic groups than Manila.

- Magellan, Ferdinand (1480?-1521), Portuguese-born Spanish explorer and navigator, leader of the first expedition to circumnavigate, or sail completely around, the world. He was born in northern Portugal.- (2)

There is hopefully a combination of cultures here, older in nature, less modern, and helpful in my understanding of the evolution of the Philippines nation.

I am going to General Santos, avoiding in a way Davao, the normal destination, and trying to find culture that has not dramatically changed by the influence of the western world. I am not trying to stay away from modern, I am trying to stay away from a tourist culture, whereby it is a man with a girl in tow.

I believe the Philippines, a mystery to me, has some tourism gold to discover, however like any other gold, it comes with a price.

There is this tourist bubble overlaid on Manila, not informative, actually stops people from learning about the good of the Philippines and makes it easy to find the seedy parts of the Philippines. This is one of my first big jumps, I hope outside the tourist bubble. I will probably go along the coast south of General Santos and see what I find.

I purchased a map, but it is not very good, only shows the main road, not the small of the small roads from General Santos to the coast.

There is a boxer from General Santos, and whether I like it or not, I am destined to learn more about him than I ever desired. If I say, I am going to General Santos, the next words out of a Philippines person mouth is something to do with...
- Manny Pacquiao -

They country is very proud of this man.

I am not going there to learn about him, something to do with a look on faces of Mindanao native, is it Indonesia, Chinese, combination of Spanish and other, what is the roots of the language there. Plus what is happening in this area with the Islamic culture, is it soft, moderate, or hard line?

Many interesting aspects to the ethnic groups of the Philippines, and maybe a great place to travel by sailboat.

General Santos

Manila to General Santos Philippines

General Santos Philippines

General Santos Philippines
Sunday, December 3, 2006
Dadiangas was a former name, before General Santos.

I am happy to be in the city of General Santos, nicknamed GenSan in the Philippines. I have so far accomplished my goal, I have entered an area of the Philippines, where there are no tourist men with smaller Philippine girls in tow, at least have not seen any so far.

My hotel is great, they are excited to see me, I do not think there are any tourists here to speak of, and it seems empty. The girls says,
- We have learned to accept change. -

There have been Islamic associated bombing in this area of the world, and more or less has scared off most tourists. The girl in the hotel did not avoid the subject; just matter of fact accepts that General Santos has changed.

General Santos seems modern, wide streets, and interesting in a way, however for sure I am in city, however what feels more civilized and less seedy than Manila. Nobody has tried to beg or sell me anything in front of the hotel; I have a swimming pool, not bad for 510 pesos in the Philippines, about 10 US dollars.

I have not found anything to do yet, however I have spotted a larger than normal mountain near here, that has a name, it was highlighted for General Santos, I cannot find the name of it in my guidebook.

I think the big pull here, has to be Tuna, the fish, they even have a Tuna festival, and I should probably go down to some dock somewhere and see where there is Tuna.

My goal is to find smaller more rural towns close to visit.

General Santos Philippines

Philippines Smile for No Reason

Philippines Smile for No Reason
General Santos Southeast Asia
Monday, December 4, 2006

I am amiss to know why I like the Philippines so well; however, I think I may have discovered the essential reason. I am from Indiana, all over the planet, there is a cultural specific way a person greets another person.

Instantly a well-traveled person could think of the Y of Thailand or the bow, or the hand pull of the Arabic countries, a person will learn the formal way of saying hello.

The truth is, the normal greeting is to ignore, there is no greeting, a reception desk and ignore you consistently and forever.

There is a formal greeting, a proper way to meet a person, I believe every culture on the planet, even when you believe there is not, there is a way to be respectful to a person that may allude your discovery.

In my small village, in the specific area centric culture location of Indiana, where I was made to be Andy, there is a greeting. When a person enters your space, to be well mannered you should make eye contact and say hello, acknowledge the existence of the other person.

McDonalds and 7-11 have a small secret that makes them tremendously successful on the planet, when you enter their establishments they say hello.

This is not natural for Europeans, seems awkward, they do not see or feel any reason why a person should say hello.

However, I truly believe manners can make a business; just a welcome to most people can put them at ease.


The reason I enjoy the Filipino person is they will smile for no reason, this is like my home, and I am closer to home. When I enter almost any establishment they acknowledge my presences, look at me, and normally say,
- Hello Sir. -

If you need a reason to be nice, I am worried for your happiness, we do choose to be a happy as we wish.

Philippines Smile for No Reason

Sound Level Meters

Sound Level Meters

I am in an internet cafe, the noise level is extreme, as many childish boys are playing games and music on the computers.

It reminded me of a conversation I was having with Stephen in Singapore about noise levels, Singapore has rules and restraint, in the Philippines you need to hide from people to avoid childish behavior. This is a worldwide situation, not just the Philippines.

I am thinking, the one variable that is ignored, not focused on, just not dealt with properly in renting a hotel room is noise.

It would be interesting to have a sound level meter, whereby, I could measure the noise levels of a Hotel room. I sometimes shut off an air conditioner, just to stop the noise.

Sound Level Meters

General Santos Tuna

General Santos Tuna
General Santos Philippines
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I want to see the tuna fisherman returning from sea, and unloading their boats. Actually, I do not know what I want to see, I want to know how a tuna gets from the ocean to the shore.

Tuna Fishing boat, just a walk towards the water from the Public Market of the city of General Santos, Philippines.

I talked to a girl, she works in a processing plant for tuna, she said it was owned by a Japanese person and employed about 500 people. She earns about 213 Pesos per day for eight hours of work; this is about 4.5 US dollars per day. She is going to text message me on my cell phone later today, she will talk to her boss and see if it is ok for me to go the plant and take photos.

Fish in the public market of city of the General Santos, Philippines.

General Santos Tuna

Manny Pacquiao Pride of Philippines

Manny Pacquiao
General Santos Philippines
Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Pride of the Philippines and hometown boy of the General Santos are of the Philippines.

- We are so proud of you. -

This is Manny Pacquiao; I took this photo in the city of General Santos, Philippines on the front of a convenience store. The name of the store was the Pakman Convenience Store.

Manny is a boxer from the Philippines and an obvious source of great pride for the Philippines people.
Last night, December 5, 2006 here in the T’Boli Hotel in General Santos, Manny Pacquiao came to the Hotel. I personally did not see him; however, there was a lot of big SUV’s in the parking lot, on a Tuesday night, thought something was up. I went next door to buy some cheese and crackers, and the girls starting talking about Manny. I finally said, what is up, they explained, they heard Manny was in the Hotel. I have confirmed, he was in the hotel, but had left before I was aware of his presence.

Nothing like a celebrity to get the gossip mill a running. I am very happy for the people of General Santos and hope that Manny continues to be source of great pride for them.

I was walking in the public market, trying to work my way out of the mass of people, a small boy is in my way, He has on shorts, walking ahead of me, he starts to swing his arms, a taxi driver looks, and I am looking. Then I understand, he is shadow boxing, he is swinging at some imaginary opponent, he is boxing his way out of the market.

Small boys, all over the world are watching, pretending, trying to be like Manny, the pride of the Philippines. I hope that Manny knows and understands the responsibility for this boy’s future, for which he has been rewarded.

This brings back some memories of Pete Maravich and a young man in Indiana, spinning the ball on his finger for hours and hours. I can still do it…

Manny Pacquiao

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 7, 2006

I like to return to the same store, the same restaurant, the same internet café, and sometime the same juice stand. I find I am able to establish friendships and relationships faster when I do so.

I have been stopping in to this Extra Joss or Orange Tang drink stand in the public market to say hello to new friends. There is the interview, the who, when, where, what, and why of things, a normal set of questions that are exchanged between people.
The - INTERVIEW - changes with every culture.

Example: Iraq - 1. Religion 2. Country 3. Name
Philippines: 1. Country 2. Name 3. Are you married?

Ok, number 3 is interchangeable with many questions, however in the Philippines they seem to want to know the country first. However, the family is a major focus in the Catholic and Filipino world, therefore the question, are you married comes up soon.

The lady ask me,
- Do you want a Filipino wife? -

This question is difficult, and somehow they make it simple. I can say yes, and they would have me married off in the next 10 minutes. IF, I say no, then in an indirect way I am saying the women of the Philippines are not acceptable wives.

My answer is more something to do with wanting to find a wife that I love and care about, and the country is not so important.

If you are talking to a man, and he ask if you want a Filipino girl it can mean many things, in some culture they get very angry if you want their women, however they will also get angry if you say they are not a good wife. A true catch 22, and in Islamic culture, when they ask these touch and go, can be dangerous.


I said,
- I think Filipino girls would make good wives. -

She said,
- Filipino girls are, Lovable, Hospitable, and Caring.”

I am one of them recovering alcoholics, read too many self-help books, and know all the psychobabble jargon as deemed necessary by the powers that be.

I believe in the theory of - Garbage in and Garbage out. -

Not sure if I am getting this right, but not important, the idea is this, a thought or word is an object. You can throw something into a garbage pail and if it is garbage when you put it in, it will be garbage when you take it out.

What you throw in your brain is what comes out!
What you ALLOW in your brain is what comes out.

The continual battle or obsession with manners, behavior, hiding from locals, and trying to find good travelers nest is about me trying to control this aspect of my brain.

She said,
- Filipino girls are, Lovable, Hospitable, and Caring.”

This is perfect self-talk and a self-prophesizing; you get what you expect in life, a great way to make good wives.

She ask me,
- Are you honest? -

A good test on her part, I said,
- Yes, of course. -

No hesitation and no reservations.

I am happy, I can almost count on my hands, how many people in have told me they were a lovable. To have a person say they or their culture is lovable, (I am not sure she mean men?) is great.

Fun to hear how a culture views themselves, not normal, normally the conversation is about how poor we are, and we need money. There is very few culture that leave out this, they all think they need money and they are poor.

People that believe they are lovable, hospitable, and caregiver has a better than normal chance of being what they say, they are…

A person says a long time what they think they are, before they become what they say.

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring

Hotel Empathy

Hotel Empathy
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 7, 2006

Does a hotel try to empathize with their clients?
I personally think they drop the ball, on a scale of 1-10, ten being a perfect score, and 1, being the worst. I would say the average hotel is about a 3.

Every person though that enters a hotel is different, and every hotel has a different priority, or a different type of client they normally service.

Last night I walked into the reception area and asked about ordering a Pizza to be delivered. The girl behind the desk had no idea, and has no desire to help. Eileen was not there, the one on is a stone face.

I think Eileen would have tried to help, the hotel is good, however not all person in the hotel are good.

The bottom line is this, I want to have my clothes cleaned, I only have 5 shirts with me, and I am in need.

This is a motel or short term hotel, it is not a Hostel, or place where people live for weeks, it more of a Motel. Although very nice, it does not have tourist on a regular basis, I think more of recreational use of rooms…. Hehehe

I purchased some laundry soap, back to doing the laundry by hand. Note, I asked the reception on the way out of the hotel, they said they would find one and tell me later...

Hotel Empathy

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 8, 2006

When I leave the room, my camera lens fogs over in the warm air and ruins pictures.

Air Conditioning is causing me many problems and one problem is escalating to a decision-making process level.

I think in terms of systems, my whole life is reduced to a system, some process that determines my behavior. In Philosophical terms, it would be determinism.

It was just before sunset, I decided to go to the market, then to the internet café. I went outside, caught a three-wheel trike taxi to the public market of General Santos. The traffic was a mess as we approached the market, therefore I decide to walk, I happened up on this bike taxi in the middle of the street.

I stopped, pulled my camera out of the padded or insulated bag and snapped off a couple of photos. I was the middle of a mass of flesh, people everywhere, a few Hey Joes and comments being thrown. The sun was going to set soon, not the time I like to advertise…

- I have a camera, big, if you wait for the sun to set; you can follow me, sneak up behind, and grab it in the dark. -

I have a need for speed, I am constantly aware of my surroundings, I think I can blame it on basketball, I think of who and what is happening around me at all time, I see or feel the presence of people.

So, I wanted to snap a quick photo of this man on the bike, now, I am annoyed greatly that I have missed the photo. Taking photos is like an art, you start to get too serious, I try not too, however, I am human, I strive to improve.

A photo is words, expressed in photos. I can say more; explain better, by well-taken photos. The culture can be explained in abstract terms and a person can see, hopefully feel what I feel, or get that vicarious moment up close and personal.

This photos that is blurred, as a result of a cold camera. I was in a very air-conditioned room, my insulated, or what I think or thought was a great bag, kept the camera cold. The zipper, everything worked against a great photo. The bag did not breathe; it did not become warm, when I pulled the camera out of the bag. The glass lens was cold, the air was hot, moisture or a vapor instantly formed on the lens.

I have a need for speed; I take two quick photos of something I really wanted to capture. Failure!

Not my idea of how to do something, I like a good completion high.

This is the bag that is not working with me, it is working against me, in many ways, it is my friend, last night it was a bad boy, and I am putting it on waver and now actively looking for a better solution.

Why? Ok, hard for you to see, understand, or know, but a photo does represent words.

I am in a trike taxi; the road is blocked by not one but two large trucks, trying to back into small warehouse. I am on a back street, not the main street, so not a big deal; however, a long line of traffic is forming. I can see the market in the distance, so decided to walk. As I walk along a long line of cars, trikes, taxis, and whatnot, I also see this bike taxi.

I am interested in the round steering wheel; it is like a car steering wheel and sort of out of place on a bike, unique and funky. (I will probably take more photos and put in the next newsletter on pages.)
This photo represents many things of the Philippines culture, more correctly of the men of the Philippines mostly.

1. The cigarette hanging in the mans mouth, they do this as if it is some sense of pride.

2. This man is blocking the traffic, arrogance and total lack of caring for anything or anyone.

3. Bike taxi, not the bottom of the evolutionary chain of taxis, but is on the fringes. A pull rickshaw with runners is maybe the bottom, the human powered. A bike rickshaw or this type is somewhere on the bottom of taxis.

4. Macho and no Macho photo. The Filipino men can be both macho and extremely friendly. The group around this photos is all excited, that I am taking a photo, however the many on the bike is both oblivious and at the same time macho when I start to take the photo.

5. Lazy, the women of the Philippines will talk of the nature of men in the Philippines, there is a part of this culture that revels in being lazy. The men sort of like to do nothing and have the women work. A I am too good to do anything type mentality.

Now, I had to be macho, get up in his face, I am taking your photo, maybe you like it maybe you do not, I took the photo. There is a price to pay by me, I have to also be arrogant, I have to be assertive, knowing very well, many people do not like their photos taken. I have to take a small risk, not big, but it is possible he will get angry. I do not like confrontation, I am normal; however, I am risking a confrontation. I paid the price; I risked a confrontation to get in this man face, up close enough to capture the look, the cigarette, etc.

Now, if I had a more powerful lens, higher zoom powers, I could remove myself far enough way, zoom in and he may never see me, then I could take a graphic program and cut the photo out of the photo, too much work, but possible.

I did not capture the photo, because I walked out of a very cold air-conditioned room, with a bag that held in the cold, kept the camera lens cold. I was not thinking about photos, I was going to the market. A photo entered my realm, I tried.

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation

Blog for Mom and Dad

Blog for Mom and Dad
GenSan Philippines Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 9, 2006

I thoughts these photos would be of interest to my parents, and not anyone else.

Bambee Trading

Graham Crackers

Blog for Mom and Dad

Philippines Salted Eggs

Philippines Salted Eggs
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 9, 2006

These eggs are purple, or maybe another it is another color, they are colored eggs for sure. As best I can tell, they are boiled eggs, and the color is to help the buyer to know they are not normal eggs. This photo was taken in the Public Market of General Santos; I am realizing if you asked for Lions Beach, you would be close to the market and in an interesting area of GenSan.

The English is touch and go here, it is not as simple as to ask a person and they explain in English, I stopped at many of the same type of egg stands and asked, why are they purple, however, they did not answer, finally a man answered so I took the photo. I am not sure; maybe they boil and soak them in Salt.

This is a coconut shredder in the market of General Santos; I just saw a shredder for the first time in Bandung, Indonesia. I am wondering if I have somehow ignored, or never observed one for year, it is strange, and however, the mass harvesting of coconuts is not very normal as a person would think on the planet.

Philippines Salted Eggs

Tupi Philippines Hotel in Mindanao

Tupi Philippines Hotel
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 9, 2006

I have traveled from General Santo in Mindanao Philippines to Tupi, Philippines; it is about one hour trip to the north.

I asked many people on the bus from General Santos to Marbel, if there was a Hotel in Tupi. The man next to me said there was a short-term hotel; however, he did not think there were any others. I kept at the bus attendant or the person who collected my bus fare money, and even though he did not speak English well, he did understand and helped me.

The bus driver, and the attendant would not let me de-board, or kept me on the bus in Tupi, in a nice way until they could take me back on the highway and to a hotel or motel called the 3 Inn or 3 Mile Inn or something just north of Tupi.

Sometimes help is worst than no help, they were very intent on helping me to find a hotel, so they dropped me off at the hotel, and saved me a taxi fare. I get out of the bus, and I realized, there is no easy way to return to the city or village of Tupi. That Inn is a motel; you need a car to go to this hotel. I did not even enter the hotel and ask; I just walked to the other side of the road and waited for a taxi, there is no taxis, however, soon a bus stops and takes me back to Tupi.

I asked a taxi driver or trike taxi for a hotel, he points at the Catholic Church, and I walked back behind the church. I ask around and the son of the small store walks me over to this very large home. Jo Jo comes to the gate, and walks me up to a room. I am in some paradise house, with a room for 600 pesos, about 12 dollars US, Air Conditioning, private bath and a TV outside the room with cable and HBO, CNN, and all the TV stations I did not have in the T’boli in General Santos.

The room is probably one of the best I have had in the Philippine and less than most in cost.

It is next to the protestant Alliance Church or across the street, it is a great place. Last night was Jo Joe’s birthday, and they cooked or roasted a pig, he came up and retrieved me, I went down and ate rice, pig, and a very chocolate piece of cake.

Tupi is a quiet place; they keep asking me if I am afraid, there is for sure a notice in this area to be careful of terrorist or conflicts.

People want to know why I come to Tupi, the answer is easy, I was in the village for one night and I was invited to eat Pig and go to a birthday party, if you do not understand, then stay in Angeles…

Tupi Philippines Hotel

TBoli Sebu Lake Philippines

TBoli Sebu Lake Philippines
Tupi Philippines Mindanao Island
Saturday, December 9, 2006

A map or tentative planning map to Sebu Lake for me visit the T’boli people, the blue is my known path, I am not even sure which one is the proper lake. There is a bus to Marbel and then to Surallah, neither name is on the map… The correlation between maps and cities is always a mystery; for sure, there is always a need for mapmakers.

The lady ask me,
- Why do you come to Tupi? -
I say,
- I like small villages, and there is no tourist. -

There is a couple of women I met in the road, they brought me a Pineapple to eat, I will eat them, when I find a knife, I am not carrying all my equipment, I do not have my Pineapple knife, but I now have a Pineapple.

They went through the interview, etc, and finally kept asking me what I am going to do, they finally realized, I have no plans. They say, I should go and see the T’boli or Tvoli people, they walk around in just a loincloth or mostly naked. Everyone seems to recommend this lake, yet, and then the woman says, I should not go alone, it is dangerous.

Then proceeds to say there are many cottages and tourist accommodations, and many tourist go there.

I said,
- I came to Tupi because there is no tourist. -

I think there is probably Filipino Tourist; I highly doubt there is many white tourist, or Hey Joe tourist. Mindanao is on every do not go list of the planet and every warning about terrorist.

I do no know, beautiful Philippine girls walking around in Loin Clothes, which is good enough motivation for me. Note, I do not think they are walking around like this, but it does sound good. I think my curiosity is mostly about how a person will explain a place and how it actually is, there is so little correlation, and it is as if the world is just a fantasy.

For sure, a person should go and see any place, shown on TV with CNN or BBC; there is an almost zero correlation about what you will see and what is there. Yes, you can find it, if you spend your whole life searching.

I told the to Pineapple women, I can see topless girls in Manila, I think pretty easy, I would think they have that type of bar, on second though, I am not sure.

Oh well, I will travel on Sunday to this place, I have a big concern though, I hope Jo Jo and Mrs. Espritu have my clothes washed, I risked allowing them to clean them yesterday. They do not clean clothes regularly, however, I am down to my last dirty shirt and shorts, I need clothes to continue.

TBoli Sebu Lake Philippines

Ants and Cockroaches

Ants and Cockroaches
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I am in one of the cleanest rooms I have ever slept in; I do not think it could be cleaner.

I do not think it is possible to avoid cockroaches and ants, I should work on accepting that I live with them, they are part of my life.

I turned on the light and a huge 1-2 inch cockroach goes running towards an undiscovered corner of the room. Then the ants, they are everywhere, they crawl into areas, they are the invaders. The Ants cause problems, the cockroaches give me a scare, as they are creepy, however not really harmful. Ants will crawl into my hair or onto my body and annoy me, and then sometimes a vicious variety will arrive that bites, leaving red welts.

I am sleeping in an exceptionally clean room.

Talking about ants and cockroaches is maybe the dirty laundry discussion of travel. We are supposed to, see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. To say or admit that we have cockroaches in the room is like saying,
- We are low classed people. -

Somehow, the upper class does not have the same problems, or problems… dysfunctional beliefs run rampant.

I am a hobo, the theme of my page is hobo, I do not believe it is wise to admit how nice some of the rooms are, and I am supposed to be sleeping in the gutter.

How to stop cockroaches, I do not think, I can, unless I would have to block every hole in my room, and never opened the door.

Hmm, I just realized, maybe the idea is not to stop them from entering, the idea is to repel them. There are sprays to kill, I need to read, and maybe says it works as a repellant.

(Boric Acid)

Ants, I think I can work on the idea of repelling; however than the problem is speed. I do think I can lay down a liquid barrier that would repel the ants, but first I have to kill the ones in the room. This starts to be a major cost, about five to ten dollars per room. I have never done this, I have never paid to exterminate the ants, I have purchased powder, but to spray and kill all of them in the room, nope.

Everything is about money and time, do I wish to invest one hour of time into killing ants, and than five to ten dollars US in cash, on a room I will leave tomorrow.

Ants do not like air conditioning, however when it is cold enough to repel them, it also makes me want to leave.

Ants and Cockroaches

Lechon Pig Roast

Lechon Pig Roast
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tupi is becoming the place to have a pig roast or hog roast, I was at a birthday party for Jo Jo and they had a pig, complete with head. Then the next day, here in the same hotel, or guesthouse there was a wedding with another pig. I took this photo at the wedding.

A man was quizzing me about, what is the difference between wedding reception in the Philippines and in the USA. The only clear difference was the pig, I never remember going to a wedding where there was a pig roasted or hog roast. The clothes, the table, the dollar dance, all were more or less the same, yet the serving of a pig was different. The culture or Christian culture here is very similar to the USA.

Lechon is the Tagalog name of pig.

Lechon Pig Roast

Philippines Taxi

Philippines Taxi
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have traveled less than 50 miles and the type of tricycle taxi has changed. I see the taxis in terms of production, how can they make so many types of bikes, taxis, and then manufacture cheap enough to stay in business?

Tupi Philippines Taxi

General Santos Taxi

I realized, these are sidecars and not really a trycycle.

Philippines Taxi

Wood Architecture of Philippines

Wood Architecture of Philippines
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

The neighborhoods here are laid out in quadrants, blocks, and very organized. There are older wood building scattered around the area, mostly along the river or streams.

This building has a protruding top area, which is covered by bamboo slats; the building is made of wood. 90 percent or more of the building in this area are of concrete or concrete block with a splattering of cement on the block to make smooth.

The bottom has a beveled area and protrudes out.

The bamboo slat are not for mosquitoes, I wonder if for animals, or why, it is a window, yet not able to open, or I cannot see how. Many times a window is opened and people will hang clothes outside, however not here.

Wood Architecture of Philippines

Lake Sebu or Tboli

Lake Sebu or Tboli
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have four maps.

1. Encyclopedia Encarta
2. Lonely Planet
3. Accu-Map
4. Some hocus pocus tours of the Provincial Planning and Development Office.

I suppose the number 4 is the best; however, the tours seem by far, magical mystery tours and more focused on sales and less on reality.

The Accu Map seems to have the city of Surallah on it, and that is a plus.

Number 4 list a small city by the name of T’Boli, and has a little symbol saying there is culture there or close.

There is too much tourist information on Lake Sebu, I do not believe it has retained a Tboli cultural influence, everything and everybody is talking resorts and other words. It is not to say it is developed too much, however, there is a tourist game or tour company game that happens. We go looking for real culture and because the tourists do not enjoy this, they give them what they ask for, it is difficult if you really want to find some normal culture, and not souvenir sale people or faked authenticity.

I am doing a quick perusing of the maps, keep them current in my brain, as I will leave in less than an hour for the small village of Tboli is possible, hope for housing and if not back track to Lake Sebu for sure there are hotels there.

I will not use the word Hotel, maybe Pensionne or Guesthouse. The word hotel make locals look for only the best rooms.

(Note, later I get a room in Tboli and the I ask the man, what is the correct name for his rooms, he says, - Lodging -, I cannot win with this.)

Lake Sebu or Tboli

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines
Tboli or T’boli Philippines Mindanao
Monday, December 11, 2006

Francis Lodging -

This is the entrance, hehehe, but some ok room for a backpacker at the end of the lane. Maybe the name should be,
- Do not block. -

A person can think what I just did is silly, unless you are personally going to Tboli, then you need to know, there is a room for you.

I am not sure 300 Pesos is cheap in my world of Hotels, but 6 Dollars USA is cheap for the Philippines as most hotels go for about 10-11 dollars or 500-800 Pesos.

I personally think cheap is one dollar per day, or the same number as what is below is poverty by the United Nations. I try to coordinate the room price around the daily pay rate, difficult to do, but possible. As a rule of thumb, 80 percent of the planet pays less than 10 dollars US per day; therefore, a room should never be more than 10 dollars. This is for developing countries, or the normal countries of the planet.

Ok, in the USA, if a person gets 6 dollars per hour, then 8-hour times 6 dollars would be 48 dollars in a day. Therefore one days pay is about the right price or maximum I will pay for a room in the USA.

Gene, a concrete worker told me about business hotels, I do not think I have ever had better advice on business travel. This is just too stupid, the best advice I may have ever received was given to me by a construction worker out in the field. We were sent to lay concrete for a tomato sauce place, and the boss put us up for one night in a hotel.

The business hotel price should not set the price for what is normal for a normal person…

Gene said,
- A person should live like they do at home. -

I think a resort is a place where you should live better than you do at home.

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines

Tboli Philippines

Tboli Philippines
Tboli Philippine Southeast Asia
Monday, December 11, 2006

Tau bilib: Tboli or T’boli
Those who live by the side of the mountain.

I am disappointed in the village of Tboli, there is nothing wrong with the place, friendly, nice people, and all is great. However, I saw some photos of Tboli or T’boli people and was hoping to find a more primitive area of the Philippines. It maybe is possible if I went up into the mountains, however, I am not sure how to do that, or sure, I want to in a place that could be dangerous.

It may be a place where I would get weapons to travel into the mountains.

Ok, the problem is this. I wanted to see the Ethnic group by the name of the Tboli people. They are the natives here, as I can understand before the coming of the Christian from the north to settle in this area round the 1930 to 1940s.

There is Tboli people, they live in Tboli, yet they do NOT dress or look like photos on the internet. They look and dress the same as any normal Filipino person. This is good; I would not wish anyone to stay primitive. However, not what I was thinking would be here or hoping for, sad, I was hoping for poorer people.. hehehe

I am told the illongga people came here and settled, I did not capitalize, because of Ilongga make the (I) look like L. has information on the Tboli people, however, my offline Encarta Encyclopedia does not, however it does show the city on the map. This is strange, I cannot find the city in normal viewing, however when I search for Sebu or Tboli I can find a reference to a map and see iit on the map, yet it does not normally exist, except in a search.

I am a big fan of encyclopedia, however, the although a great website is still not the best Encyclopedia until they give me and the rest of the world an offline version. I was told they was going to do this at the Wiki convention, yet never have heard or seen an offline version. I do hope there is one soon.

Hmm, I can download something; maybe it is possible to download the whole database.

I am going to leave and go to Lake Sebu, there is not much to do in Tbloi or nothing obvious, the market is ok. I suppose a gay person could find a lot to do in that strain of entertainment, as last night there were many of them standing on the corner, I am amazed at the number homosexuals in these small towns and the over all acceptance of them.

I do not force interesting life to happen, I just enjoy life as it happens.

Tboli Philippines

General Santos Philippines Hotel

General Santos Philippines Hotel
GenSan Philippines Southeast Asia
Monday, December 11, 2006

Anchor Hotel next to Public Market 850 Pesos.

A complicated set of thoughts made me return to the city of General Santo and not to Sebu Lake, in the end, there is just too much of the same same. General Santos has a huge market, a beach by the name of Lions Beach that has not been explored by me, and miscellaneous things. While I expect that if I visit Sebu Lake I will be in another Tboli with a lake, sort of boring, good chicken, fatter than the ones in GenSan, but still just another small city in the Philippines.

I am becoming ever aware, there are too many people in the Philippines and nobody goes to the beach. Most of the more primitive ethnic cultures are just now, Filipinos.

I was on the bus.
20 Pesos from Tboli to Surallah.
20 Peso from Surrallah to Marbel
40 Pesos from Marbel to General Santos.
20 Peso for a Motorcycle Taxi alone to the Anchor Inn.

Ok, I was on the bus, on the way to the Tboli Hotel and I just could not do it… The Tboli Hotel is nice, yet it is a Motel on the outskirts of the city or the highway, it is not in the center of the city. Maybe, I should call it a Taxi Hotel, you cannot just walk around, and you need to take a taxi all the time to go anywhere.

I am in the Anchor Hotel, almost a perfect location for me in General Santos, as it is next to the Public Market, just down the street from the Lions Beach, on the ocean or close. Then just a walk away from the PakMan Internet Café, or the one above the PakMan Convenience store, free internet if I have WIFI enabled computer.

Just is a 10 times better place for a man who wants to see the Philippines culture and not the inside of a Motel. A bonus is the HBO, CNN TV and the Hot Water, the bad part, is I must pay 300 Peso more, probably a next increase of cost of 150 Pesos, I deducted the amount of extra fees for taxis and time… hehehe, if I paid myself for time the cost is the same.

General Santos Philippines Hotel

Selling Luxury Travel

Selling Luxury Travel
General Santo Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I watch BBC and CNN too much, I really do not have any choice if I want to have a clue what is maybe happening in the world. I say maybe because there is little reality to watching BBC or CNN, more or an illusionary, try to sell controversy as News, when really just a slotted segment, scheduled weeks in advance.

I am watching now, and they are pushing Luxury Travel, there is some Luxury Market or something in Cannes.

Quote from Encarta Encyclopedia:
- Cannes, city, southeastern France, in Alpes-Maritimes Department, on the Mediterranean Sea, near Nice. A fashionable resort of the French Riviera, the city is built on an elevation that slopes to the sea and is sheltered by a range of hills. Tourism is the chief industry, but Cannes also has a busy port and is a trade center for flowers and fruit produced in the region. An important international film festival is held here each year. - (2)

Luxury Travel, in some ways is the same as going to a casino, they are selling dreams. A person goes to Las Vegas, or a big casino and tries to buy a dream, it they only put the right coin in the right slot machine, it will spill out a fortune and all their dreams will come true.

I am 100 percent in favor of luxury travel; I am also 100 percent in favor of a person getting the best value for their money. I am also 100 percent AGAINST trying to convince a person to gamble their lives saving away in Las Vegas.

It has been a moral dilemma, a quagmire of confusion for me, as I am, besot with advertisers who wish me to sell something I do not believe in, and would not recommend to anyone. I suppose they look at it as this, they will sell and they will recommend to anyone but their best friend, and for their best friends they will tell the truth. (IF they even know the essential truths.)

I suppose this is why I like the book and movie - The Beach - by Alex Garland so much; there is an inspired genius in this book. It is explaining about a map, where the other travelers are never to tell anyone, not even their best friends about the paradise call - The Beach. -

I try to find spotters, it seems like a travel agent would be a great spotters. I want a person to spot the great places to go, the place where they would tell their best friend, yet they would not tell anyone else. The reasons they will not tell anyone else are:

1. If they tell others, it will become touristy, trendy, and disappear.

2. They cannot make money as a travel agent on this location, because it does not yet have the built in commission and moneymaking opportunities for travel agents.

3. If they are smart enough, understand enough, they realize the best things in life are free. For example, the wonderful view of paradise, the love offered by a mate.

I try to get Travel Agents to drop their commission only brain, say; I will give you X amount of money to tell me your favorite place on the planet. They sadly are subject to their own hyperbole and always seem to recommend a place that has sold them on expensive luxury.

I think they need to separate their desires, I am 100 percent in favor or luxury travel when a good value. I like to be…

- Pampered, every creature comfort provided.
- Say you were there, the fame of travel.

However, this is good for a couple of days, then I want something real to do, maybe this is why a two week vacation sells so well, anyone with an sense would know after two weeks, a person can get very bored with luxury and needs some self enriching activity, they need to go home and do some work where they feel they accomplished something.

I wonder and think, movie stars, singers; millionaires will drink themselves to death, or just commit suicide.

I think they purchased the dream, and not a enriching lifestyle and where they are the master of their fate, and not just going where somewhere else says it is wonderful. I suppose this is often my quest, to find the places, which are real paradises.

BBC and CNN have big advertisers, and travel is the big money advertisers, they are trying to push a big ticket item to someone who probably cannot afford it, this is the emphasis, get a person to buy what they cannot afford, and for sure do not need, it luxury.

The best in life is free, however, it would be simpler to find if I could just pay for it, however, I cannot, it is my own journey to make.

Selling Luxury Travel

Newsletter Sent Tboli Tupi Philippines Mindanao

The newsletter on Tupi and Tboli Philippines.


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

Geopolitical Cultural Traveler

Geopolitical Cultural Traveler
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There are arrogant people on the planet, that believes they understand better than others do, they know, they somehow have learned about the geopolitical situation of the planet better than other people have.

I received a nasty email a few years ago, attacking me personally as an American; I suppose I should say, as a citizen of the United States of America. This person keyed in on the book or movie the Ugly American and went off on me, trying to explain that I have no understanding of the geopolitical situation of the planet.

The inference was, he did, and I did not, he was living and teaching English in Otavalo, Ecuador.

It was an interesting hate mail, as normal hate mail gives me zero way to track them down, this one was more transparent. I think about hate mail, as these are dangerous people living on the planet. A person, who will go to great lengths to attack a person, is maybe crazy.

However, I suppose I should thank him for in a sad way, he induced me to focus on the term Geopolitical. I never used this term, before he wrote his hate mail.

The question he posed or stated, was an assertion that I have never made, that I understand the Geopolitical situation of the world, although I by sheer countries visited believe I may know better than most.

Geopolitical is I believe, a subcategory of study of Geography, it takes forever to slice and dice these terms. Yet is interesting how Geography influences Politics.

But to have an understanding of the geopolitical situation of the planet, it appears to me, you also need to understand the culture. I see or feel this is one of the major shortcoming of the USA, we are blindsided, sometimes because we do not think in terms of culture, we are politically correct anal. Europe has a long-term experience in being racist and act racist without appearing racist.

An example of this is the European Unions denial of Turkey into the European Union. Half of this is just pure racism and illogical, than the rest is observance or knowledge that all culture are not presently compatible.

I guess, what is needed it a cultural imperialism whereby nations learn tolerance and respect of other cultures. When they learn this, then maybe there is a possibility of being compatible.

I have almost no desire to learn, or understand the inner city Afro-American Rap or Gang culture of the USA.

I then go to Africa and live with black people for three months, when I leave Africa, I hear and listen to anti-black comments by friends and what I thought were not racist persons. I will tell you what I like or do not like about a culture, I on the other hand will not enforce or pre-judge normally, I do give the person a chance. I can travel to Africa and live with black people with no problem.

I find many of my friends do not give Africa a chance, strange.

However, I see there is a possibility of a new traveler on the planet, the cost of travel has become cheaper, it is possible now for a person to know enough about three to four continents, Know enough about the Geography, Politics and Culture to be more aware, it possible to travel to over 100 countries and hang around.

I do not see gas visiting a country as important, I see hanging around long enough to nullify the first impressions as being valuable.

Darwin and Ferdinand Magellan and all these men, were maybe the same, they hung around enough to understand, it was the only way to be safe, they needed to understand the cultural motivations.

However, as the world has become safer, the need to know or understand a country has become less.

Geopolitical Cultural Traveler

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

I am being driven crazy by the small things in life, everyone pushes me to improve my grammar and writing skills. I some days am just trying to get the word out.

I sent my newsletter last night, I then came to the internet cafe to check today. I have no idea why, however, there are these A A things in my newsletter. I am hoping the English speaking world of the USA cannot see them, yet here on my computer, in the cafe... I can.

(General Santos, Philippines)

I sent from my computer, I am presently checking from the computer owned by the internet cafe, it is one fo them small things in life that can drive you crazy. We do work for perfection, yet the variables that need managaged increase as fast as we learn to manage them.

I was laughing, one advertiser was inferring that I did not know how to open a control panel, I am still amused. I have realized backend is twice to three time more complicated than the advertisers control panel.

This is all is the result of designing our own newsletter delivery system, because and google groups are not quite what we want, plus we become tied to them in a way that is not acceptable for the long-term.

I do like them, yet we are evolving and changing. has about 20 plus sql databases connected in many ways.

Oh well, gives me something to do, I cannot look at girls 24 hours per day.

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

2006 December 15 Entered Thailand

2006 December 15 Entered Thailand

I have entered Bangkok, Thailand leaving Manila, Philippines.

My Cebu Pacific Airlines left around 22:55 on the 14th of December and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on the 15th of December, 2006

2006 December 15 Entered Thailand

Philippines Cockfights

Philippines Cockfights
Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was in the General Santos city, Philippines, the public market and saw colorful collection of straps.

These are leg straps, used as a tether for Chickens used in Cockfights in the Philippines.

Now, I do know there are cockfights or chicken fights on the planet, yet when I looked at this display of strap for the chickens. I thought, this is a lot of them, if they have this many, than there is probably more cockfights in the Philippines than I imagined.

A man, with what I assume is his daughter; they are selling chickens to be used for cockfights. I keep wanting to say rooster, yet really, I am no sure, maybe they use both female and male chickens.

Philippines Cockfights

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 26, 2007

My two vexations, Non Governmental Organizations and the News Media, I am slowly learning I can earn money selling them photographs.

Let me think, what a good analogy is.

This is like selling condoms to prostitutes.

No, not a good analogy, the NGO and the Media should already have the photos they would need from me; I would be selling photos to a group that should already have them.

This is like selling Snow to Eskimos.

Still not right, hmmm…. It is too easy for an Eskimo to find snow, the photos I could sell are not as easy as finding snow. Yes, photos should be easy for the NGO… however not for the Journalist.

This is like selling cow manure to a dairy farmer.

Yes, this is a good analogy, and works really well for the NGO groups, however still misses the target a little for News Media.

Selling cow manure to the Vegetarian of the Dairy Farmer is the News Media analogy I need.

I do not like to sell photos, I have never sold a photo, and I try to give them away in exchange for some free promotion of my website. I am learning, I may be very slow here, but I am learning. The problem with giving photos to people is they can say,
- Andy of took these photos, and gave us permission. -

It is a tacit recommendation of their organizations, and to give a recommendation for an NGO or News Media is difficult. I suppose I should put the United Nations on this list of not to associate with, I am not sure, they are governmental I would guess. I suppose I can also sell to the government photos, and that is for sure big money.

I use Reeboks gym shoes and do not have a problem recommending the ones made in Indonesia, the ones made in Thailand stink; the rubber has a bad smell.

I have no problem saying go watch CNN, but I would not want my sister working for CNN.

I had another request to use photos of Philippines Street Children I took in Manila. I think I will offer to sell them, and somehow say they cannot use my name. I just do not know, I feel like I am helping a prostitute to find Johns or Men, makes me feel like a Pimp.

I think I had better just say they are not for sale, and cannot be used. The reason I said in the past they are free, is I know people steal photos off the internet, how can you stop them, so my theory was just to get some free links back to the site. This is really too complicated.

An NGO working with Philippines Street Children should have photos of Street Children. The News Media interviewing a person working for with Philippines Street Children should be able to get these photos from the person they are interviewing.

Hard to believe they want or need my photos?

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room
I am driving myself crazy. Manila has some perfect internet cafes that are opens 24 hours, AC and I can connect my computer. However, I cannot find a hotel with internet in the room, in my bed, at the room desk; I want a Hotel Room anywhere in the Philippines with high-speed internet in my Hotel Room, NOT Starbucks, and NOT, the common area.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.
Price should be less than 800 Pesos per night.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

I say this, and I get extremely insensitive, no listening skills, no ability to read, no empathy, and 100 percent American Naïve comments, saying,


Yes, a cake walk if you want to pay 150 US Dollars per night. My upper level of tolerance and only a because it would have Internet is 20 USA dollars per night, if I paid more than 20 US Dollars for a room in Southeast Asia, I start to say.
- Andy, you are a chump, I do hope you know how stupid you are? -

I say to people in Singapore, if you want a Western Country, would it not be easier to move home.

I am thinking about traveling across Canada, so I can live in the USA, a great way to piss off the Canadians, and good fun.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines
WIFI in the reception area is not WIFI in a hotel, this is the same as going to an internet café.

I think the Hotels on the planet are just plain stupid not to see this is the future, the first to offer good internet in rooms wins in the race to sell benefits, and such an easy one to provide. Note, ethernet wire is better than WIFI. This is an obvious successful tactic by Starbucks.

The price of room are already about 30 percent higher in price than most Southeast Asia countries, so do not say get a more expensive room, the cheap ones are expensive.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Andy of ---

I have called three Hotels in Manila, two have internet in the reception or bottom of Hotels, the other has internet in the rooms that does not work, does not know when it will work and is 60 peso per hour.

This service is maybe the best help, however just annoying, finding WIFI and not living in a Five Star Hotel is work.

The Malate area of Manila has this great 24/7 internet café just across from the Malate Pensionne, it has WIFI that is presently broken as of November 2007.

The Friendly Guesthouse has WIFI, however off my list of place in Manila, I think I have more entered the world of Expats and less the world of Backpackers, this is a good place for couples. hehehe

I do feel that 99 percent of the time, the talk about WIFI is just some mean joke. Yes, it works if you are a sit in Starbucks and pay 5 dollars for coffee person, which is not what I want, I get up at 5:00 am and work, I want to work. I do not want to drink extremely trendy coffee.

I fly to Manila in about seven hours and I think the 24-7 internet café is my best option, quiet, good chairs, and air conditioned.

It is hard to believe how stupid the hotels are on the planet, the Friendly Guesthouse in Malate are of Manila I hear is almost always full, he has a guest kitchen and WIFI, nothing offered that is hard to provide like a Swimming Pool, just a kitchen for guest to cook and WIFI that works I am told in all rooms.

No Good WIFI Hotels in Philippines

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