Certified Copy of Passport

Certified Copy of Passport

I opened up the Canadian governments travel advisory pages on Burkina Faso.

I the body of information it says,
"Travellers should always carry a legally certified photocopy of their passport's identification page"

I have never heard of this, only a certified copy of a Birth Certificate, never a passport.

I searched on because is slow or down because of the earthquake in Taiwan for these phrase with code to get better results.

"Legally Certified Photocopy" + Passport
"Legally Certified Copy" + Passport
"Certified Copy" Passport
A BAD Yahoo Answers to the question

In my rational, there is no such thing, it is just a good idea.

In the USA, I would go make a copy in front of a Notary Public and have him or her acknowledge that this is my statement, that this is a copy of my passport, that would be legal.

But who cares, that is only legal for the USA, a notarized page is only good in the country whereby it was signed.

IF I wanted a certified copy in Burkina Faso, I would have do whatever they do for the Notary thing in their country and sign a statement.

I went to get a Notarized thing of my signature in Canada, and realized. or finally discovered, I need to go to the USA Embassy to have papers notarized.

I am working on a tip on how to make a copy of your passport and then shrink, put plastic on it and then carry in your wallet or billfold or wherever.

I keep getting copies and they disintegrate over time, I need something in plastic.

An American Citizen or a Canadian Citizen can get away without a passport on them, yet a person from Ecuador, in Burkina Faso, better have their original passport on them all the time.

Note, I almost never carry my passport, except when there are military checkpoints like I encountered in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa.

Canadians spell traveller with one L and Americans spell Traveler with one.

Note: Any answer that is not obvious, is never a good answer. The idea of carrying a legally certified copy of passport is a bad idea and not feasible.

Certified Copy of Passport
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
Monday, February 5, 2007

This is one of my Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 pages, not sure of the priority or number. I am sussing out the criteria better this year and realized when I said, this list of for the true travelers and not for tourist; I knew this page must be included.

I think there are at least 312 x 312 needed pages to cover the Visa, Passport, Entry Visa, and Tourist Card and in the end, the question is, what do I need to do to get permission to enter a country.

97,344 combinations with a guess of 312 countries, enclaves, islands and autonomous regions.

Therefore, if you are from Ethiopia and you want to go to Chile, which is one combination question. The answers would change by the minute.

Now, does not give that specific of help, but I think it is as close as I have seen on any site. It will tell you

Embassies in the country, as an example, maybe the USA, England, and Germany have an Embassy, Consulate, or something that issues visas, maybe in the country.

Embassies abroad or where does the USA have Embassies, which countries does Ethiopia have Embassies in?

This person that made the site, I think from Denmark, has an extreme capacity for detail and organization, just a remarkable collection of information.

A little hard to find, but nonetheless a true guru type site, a bookmark, write down, never forget the link address when you travel site.

Knowing all the rules of entering a country is not easy, a rule of thumb, if they let you on the plane, you probably have a good chance of entering… hehehe

At the border, as Stellan my Swede friend riding a bike around Africa said, if you wait long enough, they will let you in, change of shift, etc.

Contrary to anything you think, most countries want you to enter, and will find a way to allow you to enter.

I do encourage this person to make a PDA version of this or computer version so I can download and use when I do not have internet access.

As a note, most Travel Agents has some computer way to show you whether you can enter a country, but beware, travel agents have to me a 50/50 success rate. Either they lie, or they do not know how to use, so you need to get collaboration.

Three down, seven to go.

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